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2-In-1 Gift Wrap Holder

It’s the thought that counts! This gift wrap holder is a cover that holds gift wrap together carefully when in storage. It makes it easy to roll out the length of paper you need and then cut it carefully with a blade in a simple and safe manner!

2-In-1 Gift Wrap Holder - 2-In-1 Gift Wrap Holder
2-In-1 Gift Wrap Holder
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What is this?


written by Sanna, Sweden 09/05/16

Bought 3st to the mother who was thrilled. No paper that rolls up into the cabinet and passed the addition of quite brittle paper of both paper and plastic. Need to buy them for myself too!

Good but expensive

written by Nattski, Sweden 18/05/16

Fun product that really keeps track of the papers presented. Smooth with knife making straight cuts. The price is a little generous for my taste, not like that it is possible to have a holder for all ... Read more

ingenious gadget

written by PeO , Sweden 09/06/16

A little tricky gadget that really helps to get good-looking package. Admittedly, it is easy to move, but I still think that you need a couple of pieces.


written by Maria, Sweden 14/07/16

Working properly. A little tricky to use but when you come on the technology is invaluable. Two thumbs up!

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