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52 Weeks of Romance

Contains 52 cards with 26 romantic tasks for her to perform and 26 for him!

52 Weeks of Romance - 52 Weeks of Romance
52 Weeks of Romance
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52 weeks of Romance

written by Natalie , 07/01/13

The product's funny, I look forward imot scratch ticket, exciting indeed! Fun to do something new with their partner.


written by Nicola Neble, 29/01/13

This gift is a good idea if you want to have fun with her boyfriend! Many thanks for your fun and exciting product :-)

Goodbye gray everyday!

written by Sanna, 31/01/13

It has been almost five weeks since we (me and my partner) started with "52 Weeks of Romance ', and so far, we think it is fun and cozy. When everyday life is like that hard gray as these sma... Read more

Much appreciated gift (at least so far)

written by milly, 18/02/13

I bought my sister a birthday present o date (after two weeks) has been positive. I will not disclose any of the assignments ---- but the first took my sister perfectly (she would perform himself) and... Read more

lovely romantic suggestions in everyday life

written by romance, Norway 02/05/13

fun to draw cards from the black bag and fun to scrape up the text. my husband visual task for men is more demanding than the ladies get. but I'm not totally agree. I loved being asked out on a da... Read more

American romance

written by Linda, Norway 29/05/13

Is not finished the whole bag yet, but is ok satisfied. Very Americanized, some of the cards led to more laughter than that it was made somewhat. But very fine for couples where one will have romance ... Read more


written by Ankan, Sweden 01/07/13

We have only been using the product for a month, but so far it has kept what it promised. Some projects require planning, while others can be performed at any ... Me and the wife take turns drawing a ... Read more


written by Jennifer, Sweden 12/09/13

The product "52 weeks of romance" is a really funny and good product. I bought it because I wanted to try something new with my boyfriend. There are things you can do for each other. However... Read more

Fine ideas, BUT

written by Daniel, Denmark 04/02/14

The idea of ​​them are sweet, and there are several good. But once in writing that the tasks do not include sex, I must protest. Admittedly, I have not even gotten some are referring specifically to s... Read more

Stress in everyday life!

written by Lisa, Sweden 11/02/14

I can really recommend 52 weeks of romance! Partly because of the excitement to go and wait for what your partner are planning for one and then for those cozy moments created regularly. To draw a card... Read more

Exciting everyday!

written by Sommerfuglene er tilbake, Norway 24/02/14

Scraped plumb every Sunday and it is almost the highlight every week! We look forward to a week starts and surprises waiting! Great action in a hectic schedule with long hours and children, vigils! Ab... Read more

love to a thousand

written by Rosa, Sweden 24/02/14

We have only picked two cards so far, but it's really simple but loving card so you can give each other a chance to show appreciation. A card was love slave for a day and the other was showering t... Read more


written by Heob, Denmark 26/02/14

Some very funny and simple tasks. Easy to perform :)


written by Mbording, Denmark 27/02/14

You know you should be doing many of those things you forget it just. Here one is reminded of it, and come back a little in the honeymoon period stage.

52 weeks of romance

written by Johan, Sweden 28/02/14

I am not satisfied with this product because of the smell from the cards. Me and my wife feel bad whenever we smell for this product. The cards are certainly convenient for a relationship with the car... Read more

Short bag smelling.

written by Rp, Sweden 28/02/14

It smelled of naphthalene. We dare not open the card bag, the smell is too strong. It understands the whole vocal sheet unfortunately.

Equally cards.

written by Sara, Sweden 03/03/14

Was super psyched on this "game" and the first two weeks went fine. Then my partner exactly the same lap as I did the week before. I thought there were 52 different tasks to do, so it went p... Read more

Satisfied with the product

written by Vic, Norway 27/08/14

Some things are a bit boring and we're already making some of the things to normal, but some things are funny and nice to do :)

mega good

written by Ditte Johansen, Denmark 26/11/14

Have tried it in small 14 days and found it is fantastic. We are beginning both think more romantic

Very strong scent

written by Veronica, Sweden 01/12/14

Like the idea but a very strong smell of paint thinner / turpentine really takes the edge off the experience. It disappears not: - /

Perfect for couples!

written by ann, Sweden 21/12/14

Super good!! fun to do something more for each other than usual. Got started a little more sparkle again. No hard data on the cards, simple and appreciated by both parties

unoriginal stuff

written by Tried, Norway 29/12/14

Certainly not happy with 52 weeks of romance. Would not recommend this to anyone. Steer away! Plates !!

Funny thing, but the smell destroy

written by Isabelle, Sweden 16/02/15

I think the thing with this "game" is great fun. Unfortunately, what people have written before that it smells very bad. There is a strong chemical odor. I put the bag with the cards in a ca... Read more

funny thing

written by medusa, Sweden 23/02/15

A very fun and enjoyable thing. But according to some as "stink" cards of any kind of solvent, one that I can tell you is wrong. Have had the cards in two weeks, lying open on the table and ... Read more

Perfect reminder for retaining the romance

written by Cecilia, Sweden 26/02/15

Small cute card with good and clever message that awakens the imagination to keep the romance in a relationship when you sometimes let everyday life just spin on. Would highly recommend this.

Good inspiration, though on a cheap basis

written by Ekeros, Sweden 26/02/15

Includes 52 cards, but took 26 and gave my partner, and did (do) 26 weeks in a row, one thing a week for her. Every Sunday, she draws a card, that I will perform during the next week. Some are simple,... Read more

52 weeks with romance

written by Tina, Sweden 27/02/15

Sometimes you need a little help in everyday life to find some romance. These cards are a little fun even if they are not always going to follow so get some help with the romantic way of thinking. I g... Read more

Fun with the tip!

written by Jennie, Sweden 28/02/15

Do this right so fun to get some tips o ideas! Having just had the cards in two weeks, but hope that we'll do this all year!

Not for teenagers in love

written by Elin, Sweden 28/02/15

Pretty sad if you are newly in love. The game stinks. You can not have / scratch in the bedroom for example. But still fun.


written by Karin, Sweden 01/03/15

So far it's been positive :) Not only is it fun to plan their own "activity", and secondly, it is exciting to wait for what others will think of!

Fun for couples

written by Emly, Sweden 02/03/15

Fun thing to do together with their partner! My boyfriend and I scratch a card every Friday, they are great fun, just because you get various tasks to do Annt no at once or over the week. Would recomm... Read more

comfortable Cards!

written by Mari, Finland 19/03/15

These have been nice shopping, even if not every week, please be sure to scrape them. A single card had been lost to a typographical error in the devil, but c'mon, it's going to harm :). Tasks... Read more

binding fun

written by Patrick, Denmark 27/03/15

She was pleased with it, and look forward to every week where we draw another random card. The only drawback is that they smell very reasonable, but otherwise it is a good, inexpensive and personal gi... Read more

Little circum

written by Erica, Sweden 05/05/15

All comments about the smell ect is terribly exaggerated. Yes, it smells a little nail polish. However, some describing it as intolerable and can not be indoors. That is not the case. Has so far only ... Read more

Good for those who are struggling to find things

written by Ole, Norway 14/07/15

It's nice to give each other little surprises, but the world as difficult it may be to think of anything other than cinema, dinner or flowers. These cards can kick your creativity a little start. ... Read more

Good buy

written by Venla, Finland 27/07/15

We had time to scrape 5 cards, and so far, the product looks good. Tasks have been nice and achievable, although the top of us, there were slightly repetitive tasks. I think the best of all is to plan... Read more

52 Weeks of Romance

written by miciomus, Denmark 09/01/16

As the name states it's 52 weeks of romance and we only just started, so I can not say much about the tasks we're given yet. Selvom, as another person også writes, there is some sexual involve... Read more

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