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6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

Build a solar-powered boat, dog, car, plane or any other design with this clever and fun solar robot kit of parts you click together!

6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit - 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit
6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit
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What is this?

great fun!

written by lillemor, 07/06/10

bought it on pure impulse in here .. but the guy was beaming .. 6 toys in A .. that really worked just fine .. the guy has built all 6 and all worked great. great fun for a cheap price .. a little &qu... Read more

"Thumbs down" :-(

written by Sus, 21/06/10

6-in-1 did not live up to expectations, as it largely does not work, even if it is in full sun (has good enough not tested with a halogen lamp). It is somewhat complicated to assemble and is intended ... Read more

Solar Robot

written by Televinken, 14/07/10

When I looked at the website it looked okay in size but when we wake got it so cruelly small solar panel. It was a little disappointing but otherwise it was a cool toy

written by , 11/09/10

it is impossible to assemble. The parts are too small and it is too difficult to get the leads to be working, so it we were unhappy with.

Solar toy - Quite nice

written by Tom Techniker, 23/10/10

The solar toy 6 in 1 Solar Robot is fast and arrived as ordered. Packaging and contents make an Asia Ware typical impression. From high-tech certainly far away but at least in this goods for 19,90 Eur... Read more

"6-in-1 Solar Robot"

written by bmh, 25/10/10

Very cool thing became very popular right away, gave it to a 9-year-old who has everything but who like to knock together saker.Även father of the family was impressed by so little, but with so much c... Read more

Really fun!!

written by Mads Jensen, 10 år, 28/10/10

Mk think it's great fun clipping along on researching ways and see if the sun can cause it to run around.

Severe but good

written by Jesper, 10/12/10

The gearbox is difficult to assemble, but not impossible. However, this requires that you are patient and deft. When gearbox is assembled, it goes easier, but it is an advantage to have experience in ... Read more


written by Sven, 22/12/10

Well, it got a new one once when we got in the first time. The others were, unfortunately, just as frail. It took my big halogen work lamp to get the engine to spin. However, after becoming such a hot... Read more

Simple but fun

written by Elliot, 22/12/10

Great Christmas gift for 5-9 year old. It was smaller than I thought, but easy for children to assemble and versatile. Great Christmas gift for someone you do not feel so good, perhaps. A bit imperson... Read more

incredibly kul½

written by jees, 28/12/10

This solar-powered "toy" was given away to a 70-year old man. As the person in question likes to potter was Solar Robot something new that was a great joy and building fun. After a few hours... Read more

6-1 solar robot

written by Miish, 31/12/10

The package could gladly received contain some parts, the parts are very small. And the engine is often fairly loose, making stuff easily fall off. Otherwise, it was nice and fun to see my brother pla... Read more

Shit Stuff

written by Morten Poulsen, 03/01/11

This shit is not working. Neither the motor or the solar cell operates. I have received two packages and none of them works. How can you be selling something bad?

written by , 03/01/11

Interesting Rototer, but you have to have a lot of imagination to "build" the together (plug together).


written by Nancy, 28/01/11

It was so, as was to be found in some of the comments that one has the impression of a Chinese model kit. From the technical point, the product is supi, but the material it can be forgotten. As a Surp... Read more

6-in-1 Solar Robot

written by Mat, 23/03/11

There are several problems at the 6-in-1 Solar Robot It works largely, it has difficulty using the sun as energy (which is expected) In addition, it is difficult to assemble the small parts and the in... Read more

Did not work!

written by Bill, 11/04/11

I bought 2 sets and the family was looking forward to build some different things. The solar cells did not work. 5 numbers for Cool Stuff for order processing and delivery, but the product did not liv... Read more

versatile toys

written by Orkide, 08/06/11

I bought two pieces Solar Robot one for each of my nephews of 7 and 9 years. Although the product is recommended from 10 years, they could with a little help assemble the motor unit and solar cell com... Read more

a very fun gift idea

written by lone.j, 03/10/11

It is a fun gift idea to spend many hours to assemble and use

Briiiight light

written by Rikke, 05/12/11

As such a fun idea, but to be quite bright light in order to get the dirt to work ... We tried only the windmills, and only the simplest of them we can get to snurre..og only if it is kept completely ... Read more

Gyro Gearloose

written by foensbritt, 26/12/11

It was given as a Christmas gift for my 14 year old nephew. It was a hit even without being assembled and tested. Just the very idea and conceptet, aroused cheers of the recipient.

Difficult to build but it's fun anyway

written by MiDi Musik, 02/01/12

Because the price is not high drop the components cheaply in the heading and despite your delicacy from the diecast plate trigger itself and with a file or knife or rework. An experienced modelers wit... Read more


written by Oskar, 02/01/12

A good idea into a product, but poorly implemented, when it was plasticky and had really bad fit. According to the user manual was needed immediately solljud or a lamp of 100W to power the engine. We ... Read more

Cool Stuff keeps its promises.

written by Peter, 05/01/12

Ordered a product that would be used as a Christmas gift. The product came as promised. It's not the last time I buy from Cool Stuff.

Bad quality

written by besviken, 06/01/12

The kit is considerably less than what one gets the impression of the site. The fit of the parts is bad, it required a sharp knife (scalpel) to put together as intended. The solar cell gives too littl... Read more

Fun - for technology interested

written by , 15/01/12

Used as mandelgave. The recipient of 6 years was mega happy but should have his father's help - who also thought it was hilarious!

solar Robot

written by Corinna, 13/06/12

A great gift for children. Even older kids have funny thing. It is easy to assemble, looks funny and is of good quality. I plan to order more of it and can only recommend it. I can only say positive t... Read more


written by Stefan, 16/11/12

This kit is easy countryside but with a few caveats: 1. Harnesses need to be soldered together at the ends so that they do not sprout as damn. 2. The solar cell requires a lot of light. I'm sure t... Read more

it does not work

written by Andy, 31/12/12

The 6 in 1 Solar Robot is indeed a nice idea but no current flows through the built part ... No matter what you do. but not necessary therefore nice idea


written by Mona, 02/01/13

Great. Fun and fast to build! Worked well in the lamplight, have not tested in the sunlight yet! Can not recommend this.

Just genius :)

written by Nadine, Germany 08/07/13

The 6-in-1 Solar Robot was a birthday gift for a 12 year old boy. He was super happy about it equal unpacked, put the solar cell for charging on the windowsill and assembled his robot in the meantime.... Read more


written by Laursen94, Denmark 08/07/13

Cool robot, with lots of fun :) it's a little too bad that it is solar powered. But otherwise the super bold and there are great many ways to use it on!

A fun gadget but has its flaws

written by Samuel, Sweden 07/01/14

A fun thing for those who like to figure and building but it needs a really good source for it to work. Have not tested in direct sunlight when the season does not really bjudigt the right weather, bu... Read more

Solar Robot

written by Mk, Denmark 20/01/14

The solar cell only works in direct sunlight outdoors. It can not pull the shaft / reels; the engine is too heavy. The "arm" of the solar cell to be put on diverse is not ok; the grip is too... Read more

Great service !!!

written by Schmeißner, Germany 06/02/14

The faulty equipment was replaced quickly and easily !! Great customer service !!! Device is quick and easy to assemble ... !!

Funny tinkering, working fine

written by Gerbil-Fan, Germany 12/05/14

We have built the solar-dog together. The guide was indeed tricky in some places (for some models need the short cables. For other longer in the general instructions for the solar panel, which is the ... Read more

funny thing

written by Kocken, Sweden 27/08/14

It was a funny thing, but the solar cell was poor, had to hold it near a lamp to make it work

Highest rating

written by Benny Erixon, Sweden 19/12/14


Everything superrrrr !!!!!

written by Roman Fritzler, Germany 26/12/14


Robot 6 in one

written by krümel, Germany 01/07/15

fun little toy. The fun is worth the money. I am satisfied and can only recommend it.

useless junk

written by Natur/teknik læreren, Denmark 08/07/15

This product, as the pictures look really exciting and fun out is a disappointment of the larger. After unpacking the product from you will be badly disappointed, toy miniature version of what insinua... Read more


written by Martin, Sweden 28/12/15

Inexpensive plastic-mek with bad instructions, so my 11-year-old got tired quickly. We need enough real good summer-sun also because they work.

6 in 1 Solar Robot

written by Schnu, Germany 28/12/15

This robot does not like it so completely. Simple build together? Nope. An insane fumbling. Then it's awfully small. Once was not paying attention and you're in a zertretten. The description i... Read more


written by Bita, Norway 18/03/16

The product is not as it appears on line. Had I bothered I would send it in return immediately. The picture shows a solid shape while when you get it is just a plastic-like game being øddelagt on day ... Read more

6in1 Solar Robot

written by Riitta Seikkula, Finland 31/03/16

I bought a gift lapsenlaoselleni 6 - solar robot. It did not respond in any way for your product presentation. Parts were very small. Extremely difficult to assemble, instructions very vague, almost t... Read more

Quick and great.

written by Anne, Germany 25/04/16

Unusual selection. Great product. Fast shipping. Very happy again! We have ordered the product for confirmation, and there was great.

Unfortunately it does not work

written by Niklas , Sweden 17/10/16

Unfortunately it does not work. Otherwise, the product of my expectations regarding the design (color, size, shape, etc.)

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