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Airhole Facemasks

Protect your face and throat from the rain, sun, wind and snow all while breathing normally. And it looks really cool! From the snowboarding world's leading manufacturer of facemasks.

Airhole Facemasks  - Shark
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Airhole Facemasks  - McCallister
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Airhole Facemasks  - Monkey
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Airhole Facemasks  - Insane
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Airhole Facemasks  - Lion
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Airhole Facemasks  - Bones
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Vigorous facemask

written by Irene, 27/12/12

Synest face mask looked tough, how it is in use do I know not when it was ein gift. But it looked good and hot out, to that it was Velcro attachment liked eg well. The person who fekk it was and disco... Read more


written by Natti, 28/12/12

Have not tried it out in the cold, but my boyfriend got ia this for Christmas and thought that was cool :) Soft

really brazen

written by paulina, 29/12/12

läbbigt looks out of place, great fun for someone who is out and about in the cold, but this really has everything ... fun fun

Airhole Facemask

written by Pepp, 31/12/12

Totally cool !! Soft fabric makes it properly while it is fun. Suitable as a gift for everyone in "the difficult age".

Extremely bold!

written by Mads Jespersen, 16/01/13

Extremely bold! Face mask is incredibly cold resistant, and warms lovely lot! I used it here for a couple of days ago and it was -27 degrees! I felt no cold on my neck, nose, cheeks or ear! Can defini... Read more


written by Sverre, 18/01/13

King product, fat design! Protects good ground. It would have been ideal with holes for the nose as well, but it works well without it.


written by Espen, 09/02/13

I wear a helmet in the downhill slope and because of the giant Velcro in mind, I can not use the mask. If you breathe with your nose, as people do, then it will be quite humid in the mask after a shor... Read more

Perfect for MC drive

written by Mike, Denmark 07/06/13

The mask is perfect for MC Driving with open and closed helmets, the small hole for breathing makes a big difference Velcro closure at the back is a little too big ...

Grim good mask

written by Adam, Sweden 10/04/14

Ordered one of these airmask before the ski trip and I ordered it on Monday night when we would go on Wednesday and it arrived in the mail just before we got in the car to go off. The product was amaz... Read more

No more "normal" scarf

written by Jocke, Sweden 28/01/15

Covering just what you need to keep warm (and nice and warm it is!), Neither more nor less. None abundance hanging everywhere or be tucked into the jacket. Quick and easy to put on, just the right siz... Read more


written by S.Lübbe, Germany 17/12/15

Looks really great - the extent to which it is also a real protection, I can not say in our "winters". Looks upon application from not so, as in the photo, depending on what motive you have,... Read more

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