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Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

Interestingly enough, this bottle comes in a package that looks like an outhouse privy, as a reminder of where you could end up if you eat too much. Tasty sauce with habanero and capsicum peppers.

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce - Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
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Hot and cruel!

written by Angelica, Sweden 08/01/15

This was a Christmas present for my dad who LOVE spicy food and he was thrilled when he tested it. It is very strong, and just in his taste. Then to the packaging, the outhouse is incredible ball crea... Read more

Ass blasts

written by scoville ftw, Sweden 26/06/15

Ass Blaster ... they're not lying ..

Ass Blaster Sauce

written by annea, Norway 04/01/16

Pestle Hot sauce that fell in taste, cool bottle and funny wooden box. Nice gift for those who like to spice up everyday.

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