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Baby Mop romper suit

Toddlers are very cute and all, but they're not at all helpful. Until now! Dress your child in the baby mop romper suit so they clean your floor wherever they crawl. Look after your kids AND do the cleaning!

Baby Mop romper suit - Size 74
Size 74
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Baby Mop romper suit - Size 68
Size 68
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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perfect doppresent

written by Sofia, Sweden 16/01/15

This was bought as a christening gift for a friend's child who was the third child, that they already have everything. During the gift opening, it was the one that got the most laughs and was appr... Read more

Review about the product '' Baby Mop ''

written by Inger, Denmark 08/04/15

From what I've ordered, I can come up with the conclusion that I am very satisfied. The product looks exactly like what you had ordered, without that there has been something about it during shipm... Read more

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