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Bacon Candy

Classic striped hard candies that taste like bacon!

Bacon Candy - Bacon Candy
Bacon Candy
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written by F, 16/11/12

I bought them as a fun thing to a colleague, and it gave the course a few laughs. However, no one ate a whole candy, all spit and threw them. Might be worth knowing, but in my case it worked them perf... Read more


written by MH, 26/11/12

I do not like what I had imagined, but the taste was not as expected ... However, they are fun to share at work, people got funny facial expressions as they expected mint sweets ..


written by Meowchen, 26/11/12

So I took the candy terrible. I was thinking that they taste ONLY by Bacon, but instead they taste like sugar stuff AND Bacon and the combination of both is terribly disgusting. .__.


written by MeiBacon, 28/11/12

bought this to fool friends to eat them because I thought they were tasting bacon. but they taste more that's been smoked than bacon!


written by lili, 28/11/12

funny and cute box of ink! but the box was smaller than I thought :) was also a disappointing relative to taste, if I do not proved that there was bacon flavor which I had probably not noticed anythin... Read more


written by Hitman, 05/12/12

Do not know if you can say that it tastes so much bacon, if anything maybe rancid bacon that is extremely sweet. Tin can to stand in front as decoration and a little fun thing.

Bacon bonbons

written by Algorithmus , 10/12/12

Absolutely beautiful and fun gift! Small but beautiful and a nice package! Since it is a gift I can not say anything about the taste.

bacon sweets

written by Christoph, 13/12/12

They taste not quite as you expect but they still taste pretty good, the problem is when you have eaten a so sitting just taste in the mouth. And another problem is you do not eat all 12 in a row but ... Read more


written by Hp, 15/12/12

Go and fun gift idea! It tastes like bacon chips. It can really anbefaldes for example. Round birthday. The box is very small, I would say at first øjefald it was a little disappointing.

disgusting funny

written by Ljummen0, 17/12/12

It's not good anywhere, but well appreciated, anyway to those who gave them. Could not eat them but once a good laugh.

Everything great! Thank you:)

written by Dana3676, 21/12/12

Price POWER ON ratio is right! Any time ! I bought it as a gift! Kam super to;))


written by Runar, 24/12/12

Naturally box is awesome! Most were why I bought it. Have EiT cool design, the box can be used for so many things. Naturally DROPSA is individually adjustable wrapped, and there are a total of 10 drop... Read more

Just as ugly as hoped

written by Andreas, 25/12/12

This is not an attempt to create a candy that tastes good and at the same time have bacon flavor. Here they have something that looks like candy and bacon taste is just cruel here. Just like you want ... Read more

Fun idea, but clammy flavor

written by Hjortensimon, 28/12/12

It's a very funny idea, but if you are a little fussy, so it's probably not the money worth. It did not taste particularly good, and it was certainly no delicacy.

Tasted not well

written by Natti, 28/12/12

Gave this as extra gift for Christmas to a mate, got feedback that it tasted really bad. Lite plus too cute metal box, minus for taste.


written by Birte, 07/01/13

- But not edible. Have could not bring myself to taste, but the son who received the gift tasted it. Acc. him they taste like bacon, but he could not unite with it was a piece of candy. Is frequently ... Read more

no bacon flavor recognizable

written by ISO, 19/02/13

The candies taste unfortunately nothing. Too bad, the taste could be extremely interesting

For some bacon

written by D, 25/02/13

Funny thing. However, not so much bacon flavor I had hoped for. Moreover, they were very sweet and not salty as I expected. Neither good or disgusting. Fairly bland taste indeed.

small, but credible taste

written by ea, 03/04/13

As shown, but smaller than I thought they would be right. According to those who tested tasted the bacon, the sweet ... then as bacon sweets should taste. Cool can!

Bacon Drops ..

written by Bitchy Vampinella, 05/04/13

The excitement was great when multitudes diaper opened, Tasted good, but since I love bacon, I think there could have been more tasteful. Went straight home with the kids :)

No bacon flavor at all

written by Mc, Denmark 09/05/13

Had bought various bacon thing to gift .. Unfortunately, there was no bacon flavor at all .. And then a little of the idea of ​​..

Not good, but cool box and cool concept!

written by Tuttings, Norway 04/06/13

Very fine boxes and cool come on! The children in the street LOVE bacon, but bacon mints fell not in taste - still get the top score for gimmick :) (as with bacon beans!)

Perfect for a bacon lover

written by Sussi, Denmark 08/08/13

Gave this gift to a good friend and he was very excited. A good buy for anyone who loves bacon :-)

bacon candies

written by Kitsune, Sweden 24/10/13

Yes, when it says bacon candy would think that it should taste like bacon but Nope, it can forget eh .. they are not so good either, but my daughter liked them but they do not taste the bacon ...


written by Jonna, Denmark 03/01/14

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 My son and one of my in-law got these bacon caramels and they said, "it was the worst they had ever tasted" and they eat otherwise everything with bacon. But you shou... Read more

Helt okey

written by Tomas, Finland 30/01/14

Märkliga. Men mycket goda. Cards that märkligt manner: P Nog någonting kan man kopa men inte heller någonting som below Lär Gilla. : P Men till som din kompis gillar bacon är det en garanterad Fullträ... Read more

"Bacon Toffees"

written by Sigrid, Denmark 26/12/14

"Bacon Toffees" boo they taste the head not of bacon! I think it is snyd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read more

Super good!

written by Emma, Denmark 05/01/15

It was some super good caramels I got, and they tasted really good! The only bad thing was that they broadly all together were broken. It was a little shame.


written by Loppan, Sweden 08/01/15

A super fun gift for my bacon and candy-loving partner. He and three friends think they taste best bacon in the beginning, then smoky mixed with candy flavor. However, the taste was too much after a w... Read more


written by Camilla , Denmark 17/12/15

It's a very fun gift to give, but bacon it tastes it not therefore say .. I will say if you look at the price then it's a pretty good price for a "for fun" package and do it not so m... Read more


written by Juli , Germany 25/12/15

All the best, very nice box, great, taste not been tested to give away. Gladly again


written by pegonii, Finland 20/02/16

The package was fine, but the candies themselves were not pekoninmakua seen either. Candies tasted just mud. But a funny gift idea was yes!

Hmmmm .....

written by Østergaard, Denmark 22/02/16

Does not taste bad, but certainly not the bacon. But the idea is fun and carton caramels are in is really nice :)


written by Kimbärli, Germany 18/04/16

For Bacon Bonbons are somewhat sweet, and also do not smell really after but are ok. The can is great;)

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