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Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste

No magic involved, you can both go to bed and wake up to the delicious flavour of bacon on your palette.

Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste - Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste
Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste
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What is this?

plastic taste

written by, 04/12/12

it is really bad because it tastes so much plastic and selt not of bacon! and it's also completely floating and the way it's not because I hater cool stuff but because I hater your bacon tooth... Read more

Dog breath

written by Hitman, 05/12/12

Tastes not so much perhaps with a hint of bacon. His breath smells like something reminiscent of what a dog is.


written by Hej, 10/12/12

Hello Cool Stuff, I bought a small gift for my friend where I chose to buy anything funny. I bought your '' Bacon Toothpaste '' when we should try it, we were very disappointed. YOUR B... Read more

Easy and manageable

written by Pia, 10/12/12

The acquisition went quite smoothly and without problems. A large selection of funny items for any occasion, especially package game with the firm :-)


written by Lkm, 14/12/12

Interesting idea, but it does not taste any good! But it's probably more intended as a nonsense gift than dental hygiene! :)) Perfect for bacon lovers! :)


written by Mathilda, 20/12/12

Bought the toothpaste to a friend. We were just taste it, but immediately tasted not of bacon. Here we were quite disappointed, but hope that the taste comes once you brush your teeth with it (this ha... Read more


written by Dana3676, 21/12/12

Everything great! I bought it as a gift! Any time! Great products! We recommend! Came good at

Not delicious or bacon-like

written by Andreas, Denmark 13/12/13

Bacontandpasten was a bit of a disappointment. Is a big fan of bacon, and this product tastes just not the bacon. Have some odd aroma that is smoked. But what should be smoked is hard to say. Strange ... Read more

Bacon Toothpaste - brilliant gag !!

written by j.s., Germany 16/12/13

I gave the Bacon Toothpaste my friend and she just came to super! Real bacon flavor is guaranteed! I can really recommend, not only to people who are on Spack, but also for a prank she is perfect: D

smoked meat

written by Trine, Norway 25/12/13

Bought bacon toothpaste, bacon toothpicks and bacon dental floss to my father who LOVES bacon. We were very disappointed on Christmas Eve when he opened toothpaste and smell it for the first time. It ... Read more


written by Lili Salén , Sweden 28/12/13

Was very happy bacon toothpaste. use it every day and always feel like FRACH of bacon smell. So recommend it strongly. Even as a fun thing to just have! ; D

Something different for everyone Bacon - Fan

written by Detlef S, Germany 02/01/14

The toothpaste was a gift and was well received. It is a taste of something completely different times as one knows that, but definitely tastes good to Speck. One must just not hungry in the evening s... Read more


written by Bacon, Norway 24/01/14

Enjoyed it very well but had little weird aftertaste :) But it delivers what it promises namely toothpaste with bacon taste :)

Funny but not for Bacon fans

written by Angela, Germany 23/06/14

The toothpaste smells cool by Bacon, but does not taste it. It is made not according to German standards for toothpaste, for example, no fluoride in it. So useless to life. Cool gift idea as a gadget,... Read more


written by m, Finland 22/10/14

Pretty spectacular! Smells right pekonille so was the recipient of tyädellinen birthday present! : D If you hold pekonintuoksusta worth a try, it can not say whether you forgot to fresh taste in my mo... Read more

Mjami, Mjami, Mjami ...

written by Jeanny, Germany 07/12/14

Hi, pity that you can not grab with fried eggs that stuff ... Is really something different ...


written by Elisabeth, Norway 18/12/14

Both smell and tasted hamburger back, and the nasty aftertaste put in the mouth for long. Perhaps fun to get as a gift, but went straight in the trash after trying it.


written by Theresa S., Germany 25/12/14

Did my friend presented it for Christmas and he absolutely loved it ... Tastes really after bacon and mint :) So I can only recommend !!


written by hei, Norway 26/12/14

This was a gift and I heard back that it smelled singed bacon and mint, and that it was not tried.

Conceived as a Gag

written by Norman B. , Germany 29/12/14

We had this item also ordered as a fun product to give away. There is really nothing for people with sensitive noses. The smell is very used to and I do not know whether it was through the strong odor... Read more

Not for bacon lovers, unfortunately,

written by JJ, Sweden 10/08/15

The toothpaste tastes smoky, but not of bacon. And the foam incredibly bad, so that toothpaste is not worth much.

genuine hammer

written by Otto157, Germany 14/08/15

Was first test purchase. If I want to give something completely madman, I try it before like myself out - is supposed to be no flop. This toothpaste is certainly not a flop! Tastes just like any other... Read more


written by Anna, Sweden 01/01/16

Funny, funny o disgusting, just as they had anticipated. Became a popular Christmas gift, which brought as many as retching laughter.

smoked toothpaste

written by Annika, Denmark 10/05/16

A fun product for Bacon fans. However, the taste is more smoky than the actual bacon flavor. Not a toothpaste that provides pleasant breath! BUT, as I said - very funny !!

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