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Bacon Mints

Mints that smell and taste like bacon. Does it get any better than this?

Bacon Mints - Bacon Mints
Bacon Mints
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What is this?

Not directly bacon

written by Becca, 27/12/12

They taste best mint and I do not think you can sense some bacon flavor if you do not make an effort. But they work as usual mint lozenges.

Not edible

written by Stinakins, 02/01/13

The here mint mints I bought the package game and I think it was a fun gift for those who love bacon, but they do not taste or smell of bacon. They lie there on the table and will not be eaten. Howeve... Read more

soooo disgusting

written by Azza, 02/01/13

Funny to give to someone who loves bacon .... but they were soooo freaking disgusting haha ​​.. Do not dare think how Bacon toothpaste would taste haha ​​..

tasted bad

written by jens, 03/01/13

Bought these Bacon mints and they tasted directly poorly and have never ever seen the shadow of bacon or mint flavor they tasted more of medications not recommended

Nice idea, but absolutely disgusting taste

written by Tim, 03/01/13

These mints are per se a nice gift idea, however, are, at least in my opinion, more disgusting than it sounds. At the beginning they almost only the mint flavor in the mouth but then a very unpleasant... Read more

Deliver 100% up to the description

written by lINEd, 03/01/13

The product is exactly what I had expected, fun and bacon tasting. :) They taste of bacon, but they taste good, I leave it up to the individual :)

Deterrent "fragrance"

written by Troll, 08/01/13

The smell of baconpastillerna struck me even when I opened the box from Coolstuff, the polluted air for the other the presents in the bag and scared the hell out of the little sister, who otherwise lo... Read more

Decent, I guess?

written by Joachim Syrrist, 13/02/13

It smelled very bacon, but the taste was very nauseating. It was fun to buy a box just to try, but never in the world to eat the whole box. It has been at the same place for over 2 weeks and just lyin... Read more

fun flavor

written by Ivalo, 16/02/13

They taste funny, but actually tastes of bacon and mint. Quite a fun gift to give to people who love bacon.

bacon mints

written by carsten, Denmark 20/04/13

they taste a bit like licking the back of a pig who is not dead yet :) I vision they are not so good but it surely taste: P

Perfect for a bacon lover

written by Sussi, Denmark 08/08/13

Gave this gift to a good friend and he was very excited. A good buy for anyone who loves bacon :-)

Oink oink!

written by Lunde, Denmark 11/10/13

Right fun idea for bacon lovers. But add Rejoice not too early. They taste just as crazy and disgusting as it sounds. So go only for crazy value!

Baconmints: D

written by Viktor, Sweden 21/11/13

I think that the product was just as good as I had expected it to be. Fast and secure delivery straight into your mailbox. Top notch!

no thanks

written by iben, Denmark 09/09/14

There is no mint in + the little bacon flavor was was too smoky. The only thing I like is the idea of ​​bacon.


written by Iben, Denmark 18/11/14

Forfærtlige tasted and not of bacon. but it's not cool stuff sake, they were good enough staple.

Not bacon flavor

written by Svein Arne, Norway 07/04/15

Tasted well not bacon thereof. They used in a taste test on a family day at hytta.i Easter. No one who thought something that it was bacon flavor. Disappointing

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