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Bacon Toothpicks

Although these bacon-flavoured tooth picks are mainly to be used after meals, you can fiddle around a bit to get the lovely flavour of bacon at any time!

Bacon Toothpicks - Bacon Toothpicks
Bacon Toothpicks
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Fun gift for grill friend

written by Gludcity, Denmark 17/05/13

Was perfectly happy, they were used as a fun gift for a go (grill) friend, and was well received. The taste is not the best.


written by Mikkel D, Denmark 10/06/13

The box is very very small, and the smell of the toothpicks is absolutely horrible, but a good thing to give as a gift hate.

Perfect for a bacon lover

written by Sussi, Denmark 08/08/13

Gave this gift to a good friend and he was very excited. A good buy for anyone who loves bacon :-)


written by Trine, Norway 31/12/13

It was the worst smell I had known. Smelled NOT bacon. Perhaps the smell dried meats / cured meats. Absolutely awful.

Bacon is not equal to smoke

written by Joe, Denmark 02/01/14

Fun novelty to baconentutiasten, but its flavor and fragrance leader more reminiscent of whiskey and Big Tasty. SMOKE is the key word here, not bacon. Still fun for the price, just one is with the abo... Read more

funny gift

written by Doro, Germany 06/01/14

Very funny product. Smells just amazing to Bacon. The recipient was very happy as large Fleischfan.

bacon toothpick

written by acon , Norway 24/01/14

Seems not this product was so good considering that it should not only smell bacon but also taste it. Do not think it keep its promise when it tastes just like plain wooden toothpicks. But toothpick i... Read more


written by Tirkeme, Sweden 27/05/14

Some fun and smell the bacon but it gave no FRACH mouthfeel ordinary toothpick making ...

Ideal for any Bacon Freak!

written by Jeanny, Germany 07/12/14

This stupid Bieser taste something of Saulecker ... Then you could almost be the Vegie Bride ... But only almost. Ne, had never been so brilliant toothpick. And the packaging ... Super Schön! Thank yo... Read more

Pretty good

written by Jacqueline, Germany 18/12/14

The toothpick came from the idea to very good, but the smell is too intense, which is also very disturbing.

not quite what we had expected,

written by Louise N, Denmark 09/04/15

The taste was very artificial, and tasted more of "bacon chips" than the bacon. Most of all they recalled bad bacon aroma: - /


written by Vilde, Norway 26/11/15

This item is decent, what is it you really can expect a bacontannpirker? It has a peculiar smell of bacon, but it has a certain artificial flavor. Can be a bit nauseating at length. But it is perfect ... Read more

Speaks to any Bacon-lover

written by ChineMoon, Germany 10/12/15

A funny idea that was very well received. The toothpick smell strongly of bacon and taste with a smoky flavor actually afterwards, so you constantly want to chew on it. The packaging is also witty and... Read more

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