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Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

100% leather wallet that is a copy of Jules Winnfield's (Samuel L. Jackson) wallet in the movie Pulp Fiction!

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet - Bad Mother Fucker Wallet
Bad Mother Fucker Wallet
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What is this?

good purse

written by MMR, 25/06/09

I have had the purse in 2 weeks, and I had used it every day, and there has not been anything I can complain about with it. It is made of leather throughout, and the pressure on the scrotum (Bad Mothe... Read more

Cool pluska

written by Walker, 02/07/09

Really nice wallet that does not take a lot of palaces in the back pocket. Very good pressure also seems more durable than I thought from the beginning, very satisfied.

Bad mother fucker

written by Larsa, 10/07/09

The wallet itself works fine if you do not have more plastic than 5-6 paragraphs. But that's not why you buy a pluska like this, but to see people's facial expressions, some looking at the wal... Read more

BMF Wallet

written by Niklas, 16/07/09

A solid and well-made wallet, albeit a bit small for my taste, but it is not very difficult to live with in this context. The double bill compartments make it easy to keep notes and receipts separated... Read more

written by AK, 16/07/09

Gorgeous and quality assured wallet. The only downside is that there is a coin slot, if one is looking for one. Liver was also handsome in a small box.

Cool with not as cool quality

written by Klas-Robin, 29/09/09

Very nice wallet, initially anyway. Took two weeks before the pressure began to drop. After whining and got a new pressure started even in this release. Sin on an otherwise very grymm wallet! As long ... Read more

King wallet!

written by Oskar, 29/10/09

Skitfin wallet, I'm quite happy with it! The quality of it seems good, cannon text is stitched instead it is printed, it makes enough that the text will remain for a long time. The only thing I fi... Read more

On the whole...

written by flickvännen, 04/11/09

the Bad Mother Fucker wallet grymm ... I have never seen my man so happy / satisfied with a wallet sometime. He fläschar with the party and in the shops. Can heartily recommend this wallet, only downs... Read more


written by Musse, 09/11/09

Awesome cool. Only that it is this wallet makes the overall impression amazing. Good with two compartments for bills and receipt and easy storage of the cards. Minus: larger notes stand out. Even thou... Read more

Fed purse!

written by Nikolaj Henriksen, 10/11/09

I have just received it. I did not quite wow experience, since I am a little tired of it is made of a shiny look. I think the picture is cheating a bit because it looks like it is dull as it is in the... Read more

written by caro, 11/12/09

Great success at the receiver (17-year-old boy)

Mother fucking nice!

written by Stina, 21/12/09

Met expectations, really neat. The man was glad her gift and penance immediately put out his old wallet. Hoping that the leather wear quite quickly so they do not look so new out :)

Bad Mother Fucker

written by , 29/12/09

Christmas Gift to pjkvännen was great, it has already begun to shape itself after the back pocket;) However so, it was not in the picture when I ordered it that the material was so glossy .. But all i... Read more

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

written by , 04/01/10

This wallet is a really good buy. Exact replica of the coolest wallet existed. Place several pieces of card and two note compartments. What makes it not enough for a 5th is that it lacks the coin tray... Read more

Really nice!

written by Carolina, 04/01/10

Really nice wallet which was delivered in a nice box. Finer than the picture! The only minus is that it has no coin pocket.

Bad Mother Fucker - Wallet

written by Pankow, 14/01/10

Have been many who said it was really tough. Pulp Fiction is the most seen and the rest may well take to see it. Good quality in general has what you need, nothing myntfacj but if you throw the coins ... Read more

Rock Hard plank!

written by Kuntan, 15/02/10

Perfect gift for our Pulp Fiction fan boss!

bath mother fucker

written by storjohan, 09/03/10

love the movie so love the wallet that is just so amazingly awesome!

Really Bad Mother Fucker

written by Fia, 16/05/10

A really neat sick and cruel wallet! You just want to go and show it all the time. What pulls down the rating from 5 to 4, the lack of coin compartment but it was only disturbing in about 5 minutes. T... Read more


written by zmaj88, 17/05/10

Real cool wallet, not much more to say about it really. Good materials, moderate with pockets, no pocket for small money but it would be no Jules Winnfield wallet if there were pennies in it. ; D

Great mother fucker wallet!

written by Fland, 02/06/10

A + No coin pocket, but who uses them anyway?

And I Shall strike down upon thee ...

written by - S.A, 11/06/10

Have always been a fan of Tarantino's films, and this is an absolute must-have for real fans! :) Scripture is sewn into, not just printed on, and it keeps well, with room for the important things.... Read more


written by Alek, 16/06/10

You will be 100% bad ass with this wallet! It is not for anybody geek with a lot of small coins just for Ritch bitches you now.

Really cool wallet!

written by DXter, 21/06/10

Now you feel like a genuine, fucking badass when to pay! Torrential Beauty! :)


written by Lillelarsen, 28/06/10

I can not allow myself to be disappointed with this good purchase, purse seems to have a quite reasonable quality and has no mistakes. Thanks for a good and fast trade.


written by Anders "Bad Motherfucker" Kristo, 01/07/10

Excellent quality of stitching, embroidery, materials and construction. Wallet provides a solid and "real" impression, clearly the best replica of the "Bad Motherfucker" -plånboken... Read more

Well, IT DOES say Bad Motherfucker

written by Winnfield, 08/09/10

The purse has a cheap and plastic-like appearance, and I find it hard to believe it actually IS leather. The surface is very smooth and does not have the rough and soft feeling as you would expect fro... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Ole, 13/09/10

Very good copy of Jules wallet. Solid and very OK price to be such good quality, it was exactly what I was looking for. The only con is that there is no suitable space to store coins, but it is the no... Read more

fast delivery

written by inger, 13/09/10

my husband just wants the wallet like the sharply


written by Bad motherfunker, 21/09/10

Comes in a nice box, fine quality wallet.

Super cool purse

written by Levesen, 25/09/10

I received the purse yesterday and it is really a hit. It's great to be in the supermarket and pay, then when you pull such a wallet :) Coolstuf, dk must oz have the credit for the quick turnaroun... Read more

wallet from Pulp Fiction!

written by Ullis, 28/09/10

Excellent just such a guy wanted. Too bad, however, that no coin pocket is.

grim wallet

written by SvaNtaS, 30/09/10

Giving this as a gift to a buddy who wanted it for long! He seemed thrilled and box on each delivered in was right nice =)!

Mine's the one att says "bad motherfucker"

written by mathe1337, 11/10/10

I ordered a new purse for a couple of weeks ago and two days later was a note in the mailbox from the mail Denmark, so it is super fast shipping. Post Denmark then just messing around in it, and do no... Read more

I became..

written by juppe, 29/10/10

bit cheated by the picture, the actual commodity itself is considerably brighter than the picture shows. Otherwise a cannon wallet of great quality with plenty of space for both cards and bank notes b... Read more

Completely raw wallet

written by Barbastark, 22/11/10

Better than the previous model, which had just push, now is the embroidery = more genuine impression. Father was happy on his day with the favorite in the replay, when the former was totally worn out.... Read more

written by , 22/11/10

a beautiful replica and really handled better than I expected ... will recommend it in any case continue

Everything great

written by hvangel, 26/11/10

.... Delivery, quality, price is right ...

Not that I expected

written by Grunde, 29/11/10

Got my plank today, huh Helshysst first impression when I laid eyes on the little Gobiten!


written by Grunde, 29/11/10

Helshysst was the first impression when I laid eyes on the plank!

written by , 29/11/10

class b

"Bad Mother Fucker Wallet"

written by Fabbe, 30/11/10

Really solid and affordable wallet in good quality .. myself was surprised at the quality for so little money!

written by Jeffwald, 01/12/10

The skin va bit lighter character than the one in the picture and the seams eh not very smooth. But the wallet serves its purpose! Bad mother fucker simply.

violent gift

written by christian, 06/12/10

I ordered the wallet because I've been looking for a gift for my brother in law who turned 50. Was a little unsure of how it would be with the quality, it would be as nice as in the picture? When ... Read more

written by Helena, 13/12/10

Had to provide this as a very early Christmas. Good quality and I think it just looks better when the skin is torn a little. :)

Cool "bad-mother-fucker-wallet

written by , 16/12/10

Really cool Christmas gift TLL a 14 year old guy. I copied the text from the item description about the origin of the wallet and put into the wallet. Perfect Christmas gift for cool guy!

Good purse for film lovers

written by pox, 16/12/10

great wallet in good quality! bought this for my friend for Christmas. The wallet itself is a little small and can not fit as many cards but it does not, given that it is from pulp fiction !! Will buy... Read more


written by , 20/12/10

hey cool stuff I am very satisfied with the product I have been delivered and the time that went before I got it. Everything is alright.

written by , 22/12/10

I am very satisfied with quality and delivery speed

Perfect Christmas gift for boyfriend

written by Nancy, 28/12/10

Bought this wallet for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. We each ate at a steakhouse, among a lot of other bad motherfuckers yesterday and guess whether he was proud when he got to throw out... Read more


written by , 29/12/10

Cool wallet !! very appreciated by her boyfriend, who is a huge fan of pulp fiction: D he immediately changed their old tiger wallet and walk around and look proudly at his new. would, however, warn t... Read more

Not a good copy

written by Ingemar, 30/12/10

Not just a shadow over Coolstuff but rather of myself that are not checked out the pictures better. The images reflect the wallet is good but in my opinion is not "an exact copy" as it says ... Read more

written by Elvira, 31/12/10

I bought this wallet for my brother for Christmas, he was very satisfied! The va much nicer in reality than it looks to be in the picture! Only plus! :)

written by BMF, 03/01/11

Gorgeous exchange that the boyfriend got for Christmas, he was very satisfied, very hungry for a self. The only negative is that there is no coin pocket, but it is in the product description.

Torrential Beauty wallet!

written by Sebbe H, 19/01/11

Spot wallet in really nice quality! One of these must be the only all Tarantino fanatics have. Comes in a nice little box. Only minus is well that the wallet does not have a coin pocket, but otherwise... Read more

written by Finnen, 24/01/11

How fat anywhere, seems to be how cruel quality anywhere! Really satisfied!

My first purchase of Coolstuff - BMF wallet.

written by Simon, 25/01/11

Bought me a "Bad Mother Fucker" wallet from the cult movie Pulp Fiction from Coolstuff. One of the best replicas on the wallet as I way. The order went as it should. Quickly and smoothly, no... Read more

Wallet (from Pulp Fiction)

written by Anja K., 27/01/11

Property me a few days ago for fun the wallet from the movie "Pulp Fiction" bought. The delivery has not even lasted a day! Was not a must but very commendable! The wallet was lovingly packe... Read more


written by Kenta, 14/02/11

The color of the wallet does not match the picture on it, and that the so-called. quality is faint plasticky and far from like leather or whatever it should resemble. The wallet ended up directly in t... Read more

very bad

written by schlecht, 20/02/11

corresponds keinsterweise the original from the movie is too dark and of poor leather has also macken on.

written by , 03/03/11

short and sweet: nothing to complain about!

Well, not really satisfied!

written by alex, 10/04/11

Disliked product. In the pictures it looks crap unremarkable. But well in hand looks just a cheap and plasticky out. One of the worst purchase I made actually. Do not think this will be long-term use ... Read more


written by Anne-Margrete, 14/04/11

A good purse to my big brother. He likes the performance and the text on it.


written by Maria, 15/04/11

Gave it to pojkvänen as a birthday gift. Loved the facial expression he gave me when he saw it. Fullträff !! And he was so happy :) A really cool wallet, maybe a little glansigae than the display pict... Read more


written by Gurksus, 20/04/11

Ordered the wallet about two weeks ago. Really fast delivery in 2 days. The only downside to the wallet is that it is a bit stiff, but softened with time, I guess.

Really cool plank!

written by jocke, 23/04/11

Ordered a home like this, and it is surprisingly good quality, and you get a lot of attention and it is never wrong: D

4 years and just as nice!

written by Therese, 24/04/11

No, maybe not quite, but I've had my every day for 4 years and it is good enough yet. Both the wallet itself and the pressure has been worn in a neat way. Almost better looking now than when it wa... Read more

written by , 27/04/11

Cool as hell, even the bad is that there is not reached coin compartment

Bad Mother Fucker!

written by Kaal, 12/05/11

It's not always people notice your wallet. After I bought BMF wallet, I have received many comments. World coolest wallet in REAL leather. It draws down is that it has no coin pocket :(

Purse with class!

written by Martin fra p, 16/05/11

Purse is delicious, though a bit large (I do not see as a problem) "Bad mofo" -pungen are made in China (SURPRISE) it can not be seen or felt on the quality. Nice to handle, and filled with ... Read more


written by Scholfa, 23/05/11

I think this was better than the shops I've done online. The first few days seeing the wallet a little plasticky, but a few days in the pocket so it submits itself and it thus becomes a "Bad ... Read more

Fun but kvalitetslös

written by Sisu, 26/05/11

The wallet is fun in itself, but the quality can be discussed. "Made in China" says well itself. But, but, do not regret the purchase at all and I use the wallet!

Cool plank '

written by A, 13/06/11

Fat wallet nice :) ok to have in your pocket, fits well. However, you have to live up to your "Bad Mother Fucker" reputation as guardians of the queue to the pub looking obliquely at you: P

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

written by Anton, 05/07/11

Have got my Bad Mother Fucker Wallet and keeps its promises. I had predicted that the text was printed on but then the text will disappear much faster than the cool stuff now that are sewn with text.

The King in the checkout.

written by Henkeman, 25/07/11

Clearly a cool wallet to throw up in the checkout! It is, as others write, quite smooth and I had probably wished it was a little dull on the surface, but it will be the only time. Good with compartme... Read more


written by Daddy - O, 28/07/11

Bought a BMF wallet for approximately 2 weeks ago. Kjempefornøyd with your wallet, only minus is that there is no coin pocket, but it was something I was aware of. Fast and seamless delivery! = D

written by Torje, 18/10/11

Definitely worth the money. No coin pocket, but who would have a tonne coin in your wallet?

written by tetra, 15/11/11

Completed brilliant.

horny dingen

written by , 23/11/11

well finished. Meets the dude absolutely. there are no times for money to dress, but cult is still a cult)

Thumbs up

written by NiMi, 02/12/11

Good imitation, good quality, incredibly cool. Perfect gift for a Pulp Fiction enthusiast.

written by , 04/12/11

It is slightly brighter than the pictures. Unfortunately, it has, like the photos can be seen, no pocket for coins. For my Pulp Fiction fan it is a must, but not necessarily useful. The processing see... Read more

Good product:)

written by , 06/12/11

Levede up to expectations

It was "Motherfucker" good

written by , 14/12/11

Super delivery -

Exactly as described.

written by Julie, 02/01/12

Item exactly as pictured and described. Seems like good quality, will look for some use, but all in all very happy with the order :)

fine purse

written by Rie, 02/01/12

Seems it was super and very inexpensive. Would really like to have given more money for it, and so got a good quality. It's so cool and was a super gift, but it had been bolder with a real leather... Read more

Very happy

written by , 03/01/12

Quick delivery. Good quality. Trades happy "Cool Stuff" again. Very happy =)


written by Bagarn, 08/01/12

The wallet feels a bit plasticky at first, but if you have been carrying around that for a while it looks much better. Buddy has had his for about 2 years and it still looks good. The pressure is sewn... Read more

Pulp Fiction Bad Motherfucker wallet

written by HenrikN, 09/01/12

This is a good wallet with partial space, the only thing missing at this fine wallet, a small pocket to have coins in, but if you prefer notes and cards (something I think most do) then this has not s... Read more

"Bad Mother Fucker Wallet"

written by Cal-look, 09/02/12

The wallet looks better on the pictures than it does in reality. It looks really cheap and plastic-like out right out of the package, but is certainly "upscale" when it gets a little worn.

Me gusta, mucho!

written by DeLaMoncha, 14/02/12

Very good wallet. The leather is both stylish and durable enough. The text itself "Bad Mother Fucker" is embroidered (or whatever you should call it) and feels very authentic. A good purse f... Read more

Bad Motherfucker

written by Jonas, 22/03/12

Extremely fat wallet! Had read some of the other reviews about the scrotum, to the leather should have a "shiny" look - It's not exactly a problem when the wallet is incredibly bold yet.... Read more

Best plank I had

written by pungen, 27/03/12

Really cruel plank. Perfect size, the tie with two note compartments, beautiful card slot. Good durability too. The pressure is a big plus;) Recommended!


written by Malthe, 13/06/12

The purse is monster bold! It's so cool to run around with it and just pull it out! : D Haha! Good and fast delivery!

fine purse

written by C. Jensen, 19/06/12

Pros: many pockets and small hiding places for different things plenty of space to become just a bad motherfucker when you walk on it. cons: it is liiiiiiiige large enough for the public pocket. there... Read more


written by Krhavin, 07/09/12

May only good response (ok maybe not the girlfriend). Will adding more one-liners when it arrives. Cooler accessory is hard to find :)

Cool stuff motherfucker !!!

written by Jonas, 07/09/12

Good and fast service ... super nice wallet. Is pleased, there is actually nothing to moan at. Combination motherfucker !!

Bad mother fucker

written by Jocke, 03/10/12

Fuckin nice wallet, good with the trade and feels like a real quality product. You will not be disappointed!

Cooool bamf wallet!

written by Jonna, 26/11/12

I bought wallet as a gift, and the person who received it was how happy any time! I found myself plank was rotten from, good quality!


written by HRLN, 11/12/12

Composer not of quality unfortunately. Looked good on the pictures, could have gladly paid more for better quality and same design.

Delicious, meeeen!

written by Nadja, 27/12/12

It is ok, but there is a pocket for coins. It must also wear a little before it looks like the right thing '' Bad Motherfucker '' purse. Fast delivery, even though Christmas, which pul... Read more

Plasticky but okay

written by Peber, 04/01/13

When I think of a wallet in leather, I think I really do not think it will give a varnished look. It made this wallet. No coin box, which I think is positive, but it gives an impression plastigt toy, ... Read more

Get sexy!

written by Gwill, 11/02/13

The wallet has no coin pocket, but I've figured out that one should never need to have more than seven coins in your pocket at once, up to 4 penny pieces, max a five, no more than one tier, and a ... Read more

Super good!

written by Sead, 18/02/13

The purse is super good, I use it daily, very fast delivery and super quality. Very similar to that of film.

Stylish but plasticky

written by Ellen, 19/02/13

Still extremely difficult to believe that the wallet is made of 100% leather. It feels super plasticky and smell strange. However, it is the best-looking wallet ever. I love that Pulp Fiction is might... Read more

Good but could be better ....

written by sonja-theworldofchange.blogspot., 19/02/13

Mir the photo, the wallet very well, the leather is very nice but unfortunately there is no small change, therefore only 4 out of 5 stars

This plank!

written by Bad MF, 26/02/13

A funny thing! Ordered one to his brother who turned 22. Glad it was real leather too. Good pockets and room for 10,000 - piece in it too;) a cool (money) scrotum simply! Fast delivery!

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

written by mea, 14/03/13

It got an awesome birthday gift for the guy! Good quality text, no loose threads lr so. Fine quality of the skin oxå, it says that it is authentic and can swell to say it smells like it anyway :) reco... Read more


written by Fessemeister, Denmark 02/05/13

It is brilliant. Is the one who has the fattest wallet among friends, but a little hard there is no room for coins

Cool wallet!

written by Falck, Norway 17/05/13

Very stylish and cool wallet! What you see in the picture is what you get, but things could have been mentioned, and that is that "glow" has a vinyl feel to it that makes it very "gloss... Read more

Bad Motherfucker

written by Ted, Norway 31/05/13

Compulsory purchase if you are fan of Pulp Fiction. Manger Square to mint tea, but they are okay in a banknote pockets. RECOMMENDED!

Badass wallet

written by Evi, Norway 17/06/13

My boyfriend has always loved your Pulp Fiction and wanted this wallet. After a huge search of a similar purse on eBay, I was tipped off by a colleague on their side. Soo happy I am for it! The wallet... Read more

Bad Money

written by Jean Baptiste Moore, Sweden 28/06/13

Cruel wallet feels a bit plasticky, but fulfills its function. The money to burn in the pocket with this.

Bad Mother Fucker!

written by Magnus Helsing, Sweden 19/08/13

Good and affordable gift for my son. It was completely under the photo on the website. Very fast delivery! Increased the lead!

Super gift :)

written by Evelina, Norway 06/09/13

Good quality, exactly like the picture, cheap and fast delivery! Absolutely delicious :) is no coin pocket, for those who possibly wish for it, but it is also not in the film. Is probably not the last... Read more


written by Klas Kent, Sweden 13/09/13

Guaranteed the coolest wallet I've owned! The text is very nicely sewn on the front of the wallet. The only downside (which I personally think) is that the skin has a very glossy surface, this is ... Read more

Cool. Purse

written by Jonas Ø, Denmark 19/09/13

Good wallet in good quality needs now is a coin compartments But do not think it does anything as it is an evening cally American wallet :-)


written by Marek, Germany 28/10/13

I am very pleased with the wallet. Were any problems with Lieferung.Habe Consignment received quickly. So all in all, I can recommend ordering here at cool stuff.

BMF wallet

written by Andreas, Sweden 17/03/14

Meh, was quite disappointed. But for this price it was alright. If you see the first image so the bout for matte fabric. But in real cases it's like a giant shiny surface. Stupid as I am with, I l... Read more

Fine, so far

written by Isak Johansson Fager, Sweden 18/08/14

Have only had it for two weeks, but so far it has been good and reliable, comfortable in your pocket and from the course. Two minus, however, it is the lack of coin compartment and the big money as fe... Read more

Coolest wallet!

written by Bad Mother Fucker bitch, Norway 24/12/14

The wallet was exactly like the picture! Too bad that one can not have coins in it, but it looked one the the pictures. Come in a nice little box too :) Very quickly delivered, will definitely shop he... Read more

asgött! ä fiercer me new plank!

written by Snajdarn, Sweden 31/01/15

as easy to order as stealing snacks from the kids! and it came as fast as a Jas Gripen planes. fat worth asså!

Fun wallet that does not hold in the long run

written by Sofia, Sweden 20/02/15

It's fun and the best va mien when my boyfriend opened the package and saw it. However, an ugly "leather" color, poo mustard buff type. And in the long run it will crack, but is not that... Read more

superb delivery

written by Ploxx, Sweden 23/02/15

Very fast delivery, very impressive :) Ordered on Friday and had it in the mailbox on Monday.

Snabbt hemskickat, good företag.

written by Håkan Ljungryd, Norway 09/03/15

Jag fick my deputy snabbt hemskickad, good price och no kritik Despite this one färgspecifikation bye varit good när man Köper matters online. Nice plånbok, wierd färg.


written by Maria, Finland 30/03/15

I ordered the BMF-wallet for a couple of weeks back, and delivery was fast. Payment was easy directly from your online bank. However, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the product might be ... Read more

100% quality

written by Bad motherfucker, Finland 19/11/15

This lompsalla get street cred quite guaranteed. Fast delivery and a great product. stylish and good-looking leather. Could not be more pleased with the wallet. Big thanks!

Really good

written by DanneB, Sweden 01/02/16

No I'm not Gothenburgers but this plank is really "good." Can absolutely recommended to Pulp Fiction fan or just someone who wants a really from the wallet. Does it to be 100% leather, I... Read more

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