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Balloon Lamp

Balloons are happiness on a string. Add a little happiness to your home with this balloon lamp. It uses a LED bulb in shifting colours. Ideal as a decorative feature in the living room or as a night light in a child's bedroom.

Balloon Lamp - Balloon Lamp
Balloon Lamp
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What is this?


written by Emilia, Sweden 29/08/16

It can only light up in green red blue and purple are no white light. The balloon is so uneven in some places is thin and where the light is very strong and the other is the thick so the color looks b... Read more

Good for all rooms

written by Cea, Sweden 29/08/16

Have it in my TV room and it is nice to light in the evening. Will probably be used as a night light when the nieces and nephews come to visit

Cord must be connected for the LED to shine!

written by Lotta, Sweden 31/08/16

Nice lamp that glows in nice colors. I thought the lamp was charged when it was plugged in the USB port. It does not. Cord must be connected for the LED to shine, the cord is short - which means it ca... Read more


written by syd, Denmark 02/09/16

it is the most obese lamp I have long haft.den have something good light also as hyggebelysning.Det is delicious there are several colors to choose from

Superfine lamp

written by Lord Mark, Sweden 09/09/16

The lamp is completely okay. The right size and easy to use different colors. A nice eye-catcher. The only minus is the relatively short cable and that it will acquire elplugg himself. This could be o... Read more

Fine but USB

written by Anra, Sweden 09/09/16

Bought a lamp to his son, and it looks fine. Size and appearance pssar window in barnrum.Dock has no regular contact without USB which is not clear. Had I known it had I thought about EVT. This pulls ... Read more

Balloon Lamp

written by Dennis, Sweden 12/09/16

Balloon light came home quickly and smoothly and was just as promised. Good packed and everything completely. I am very pleased!

Super Stylish lamp!

written by Allirea, Norway 27/09/16

Got lamp post, bright fun and not least colorful! Lampa is due to white, with red cord. Ein can connect this with, for example. USB connector into the socket. Has two functions - there eine is nice tr... Read more

Super light!

written by Psimon, Germany 11/10/16

The balloon lamp is a fun gift idea, they are nice (though not particularly bright), colored light. Pressing the button can be any color "fixed" to adjust, otherwise "thread" the c... Read more

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