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Batter Dispenser

The batter dispenser easily measures exactly the right portion for your cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, etc. without making a mess!

Batter Dispenser - Batter Dispenser
Batter Dispenser
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What is this?


written by L8P8, 17/07/12

This is probably great for little looser batters but the muffin batter that we tested with was a bit småkrångligt - you got and push on. But - after all - no waste and that was what was the point so i... Read more

clueless stickers

written by Hans Jonasson, 20/07/12

There are two giant stickers on the container. They are made of plain paper and sticky glue. Thus, they do not tear off, so you must spend the first 10 hours to peel off adhesive residue. Far more mes... Read more

Perfect Macarons!

written by Zip, 20/07/12

I used my batter distributor to make macarons and they were very similar in size. The deffinitivt could have been bigger but it's also good that it is easier than a batter bowl.

Birthday present

written by gungun, 26/07/12

I know nothing about it, gave it away to my grandson in the birth gift on she was mighty pleased with it, that's all I know. Sincerely Gungun

Super good!

written by Mira, 01/08/12

Super good! Easy and smooth and no mess! I use it to the most-mess, finally when I made chocolate mousse, I poured it into the batter distributor and then dispense it in fine glass, looked really prof... Read more

No mess!

written by Anna, 16/08/12

Batter dispenser is good when the batter is not so thick, muffin batter can sometimes (often) be quite thick and then you just tired of waiting for it to drain into the molds, otherwise a great produc... Read more

indispensable Teigportionierer

written by Schlemmerstation Berlin, 14/09/12

Who really easy to handle for a, easy to clean and indispensable device to bake looking at is who has to get the Teigportionierer of Cool Stuff. I bake privately (very much) and professionally (well) ... Read more


written by Missy, 27/09/12

Worked well much better than I thought. Have used it to both pancakes and muffins and talk about it facilitated ...

No more mess

written by Nilla, 05/10/12

It is easy to bake some muffins if you have unexpected guests and have no buns at home but how careful you are, success is always dropping the upper edge of the form, either becomes tanned and the ugl... Read more

Super great.

written by Line, 25/10/12

Good for the distribution of dough medhensyn for pancakes and muffin, and the mess MUCH less. Easy to clean. Can be recommended.

great gear

written by Cupcake, 05/11/12

yes, I am really pleased with this product, so easy to use, and it will be so much batter that I want in the molds, a - is that it does not pass when the dough is viscous, but then will do the old spo... Read more

Top Fashionable!

written by Boel, 07/11/12

Batter manifold is a top thing to have in the kitchen. Facilitates the baking such as cupcakes and pancakes. I do not want to be without it!


written by Jossan, 08/11/12

I have just bought / tested batter dispenser with making pannkokor so I do not know if it works equally well with heavy batters, but with pancakes, it worked great! I thought it would be very much at ... Read more


written by Sandra & Sebastian, 17/11/12

Batter-distributor works ok! If you have a little sluggish batter (thick muffin batter) so it takes a long time to run through and are faster to use two ordinary spoons!

Smart invention.

written by Muffinsbagerskan, 24/11/12

Have not made that I have been able to do without this wonderful invention when I bake muffins. This is the end of everything called spoons.

works perfectly

written by Henriette, 26/11/12

No more muffin batter over the place, must also be brilliant for pancakes and fritters, but has not been tested yet

"Batter Manifold"

written by Hans, 26/11/12

Very pleased with this product and the price! Merry Christmas o Happy New Year My youngest son has a bakery training and will have much benefit from this "batter distributor"!

Absolutely superb !!

written by Milli´s Tårtor och annat, 27/11/12

Has long been dreaming of something like this but did not know there were so when I got home that I was overjoyed. Fell in love immediately and the color was really nice and of course fit perfectly in... Read more

Batter Distributor

written by Emelie, 29/11/12

It was the best tool I had but after two weeks, so it is broken! The delivery was quick, because you get 3dtjärnor

for baking

written by Goggo, 07/12/12

Superb stir advantages that make you drop everything spill when making eg cup-cakes and muffins! Have also tried it on waffles :) Must go there !!

Great gadget.

written by Elin, 24/12/12

Can greatly recommend Dejfordeleren !! Brilliant stuff. Connect with dough over the stove, floor or where otherwise there are traces of pancake or æbleskivedej when I otherwise baker. SO easy!

Great product!

written by Mikaela, 25/12/12

It was very good and easy to use for both those who are strong and weak of pegs and at a good price too. It was also fast delivery and they were very good :(

Great product!

written by Mikaela, 25/12/12

It was very good and easy to use for both those who are strong and weak of pegs and at a good price too. It was also fast delivery and they were very good :)

stir benefits

written by bente irene, 26/12/12

I'm very satisfied with stir manifold which I bought release the messy one gets when using a small ladle when making muffins,

Quick delivery and good product

written by Chris, 27/12/12

Bought a batter distributor online, received a text message that it had arrived in the mail two days after. Very happy with my order. The product itself works great, no unnecessary mess spirit, never ... Read more

Ingenious device

written by Annette, 27/12/12

Actually, he should only be used on the Christmas market in waffle baking, but now I have also a concern for the home. The scoop is working properly and not just waffles but also pancakes and muffins ... Read more

good thing

written by mikegnorp, 28/12/12

The very idea and use is good and deserves high marks but there is room for improvement in those things down, drag down the grade. Design Miss: When you wash it in the dishwasher so it turns it upside... Read more

Works fine!

written by Jesper, 02/01/13

It works really well as dejfordeler, but this is really a minus that it must not get in the dishwasher. Otherwise good gift idea for others - It created both happiness and some amazement to July


written by Pannkakslagaren, 02/01/13

I bought the product mainly to have when I fry the pancakes but it was unfortunately not particularly dashing when it was difficult to see how much batter that came in the forehead at each pressed and... Read more

Excellent for baking :-)

written by Mary, 03/01/13

A great divided whether to bake muffins and cupcakes :-) easy to use. Highly recommended! :-)

estimated Christmas

written by micho, 05/01/13

my sister got this from me when she was at the same time our mother got a flat iron so the gifts went hand in hand and appreciated. have read the various reviews that it works best to pannkaksmet and ... Read more

great product

written by Armin, 09/01/13

I had long been looking for a device that helps eg at filling of dough into small muffin tins. Previously, I had resorted to a normal hopper, but what I was too cumbersome in the long run. This Teigpo... Read more

Pestle good

written by Merete, 13/01/13

Absolutely brilliant. Less mess and much easier to distribute pipe! year birthday gift from us to everyone we know.


written by Alexandra, 15/01/13

It works great when we make American pancakes to be a certain size. Using it to regular pancakes and runny muffins (the batter will not be too hard)


written by Ostseeschwalbe, 29/01/13

something I have long sought, it is just great and not just muffins but also biscuits, s, w,

no mess

written by Emmelie, 05/02/13

Batter dispenser was great, the kids could help in a whole new way. One piece of all the mess everywhere :) Worked top of muffin batter, a little slow on the end when it was almost over. The negatives... Read more

Just awesome!

written by Da Vinci Babs, 06/02/13

Since I bake for my Cafe often and much, I ordered this Teigportionierer. I am thrilled genuine. It's super simple, clean and fast for example. to bake cupcakes. Also suitable for waffles. Easy to... Read more


written by Fia, 14/02/13

You have to have sagging batter. When baking with smaller children, the cabin of the soul can "pour" batter into the molds without a lot of mess. It is great for pancakes oxå. you get a smoo... Read more

Virtually good

written by Julia, 15/02/13

Really more than practical. Just when you make muffins which is clean with the work. Easy to fill and use. The dough comes cleanly out below and you can make to the use without problems clean. I would... Read more


written by Hans-Peter, 15/02/13

The Teigportionierer is easy to use, and it does not drip. Everything bleit clean, the dosage is just always right amount.

everything great

written by Ahna, 22/02/13

The scoop has a beautiful color, is not hard to use and we really like. We have presented it to a "hobby confectioner". Since man is in our case would perhaps other colors nice, it did not b... Read more

No mess!

written by Tailwaves, 03/03/13

Very pleased with this product! There is no mess on either plate or shape when using it.

Good idea

written by Kerstin, 18/03/13

To provide a device is a good idea. The scoop is easy to operate and relatively easy to clean. to get the batter into the pan or on the waffle iron is much faster and cleaner than with a trowel. So le... Read more

Fairly good.

written by Linda, 21/03/13

I've only used it one time and then I made muffins. but the muffin batter is very thick so you had to help. But otherwise it's actually super :)


written by Anita, 26/03/13

This was super smart. No further spills muffin. Was smart to pancake batter too. Not tried to batter but seems certain as good there as well. My daughter of 8 enjoyed it for now she can make muffins t... Read more

Dishwasher safe, but ...

written by maggi, 01/04/13

Dishwasher yes, but not dishwasher safe! The spout is not clean in the dishwasher and then also contains dirty water. Rinse by hand is quicker and everything is clean then. Just add hot water with was... Read more


written by Cappuchino, 10/04/13

The unit is well made and stable, but definitely works not with muffin batter. The dough should be firm and just hangs in portioning. The figure includes muffins is unfortunately misleading. The same ... Read more

Batter Distributor

written by Foxen, 15/04/13

Really Simple with no mess !!! Good product and really easy to use! Worked to much and is worth the money!


written by Lise BS, Denmark 06/05/13

It works great and as expected, makes it easy to dispense amount no mess, for example pancake baking el muffins


written by Kalu, Germany 27/05/13

Saves you a lot of time and a lot of plastering work in retrospect. Great product, can only recommend it!

Very handy when you bake ....

written by Postorderknarkaren, Sweden 26/06/13

... The only thing I can say is that the batter must be a smooth batter, may for example not be morotskakssmet because then it will not look through the small hole. Otherwise a fun and useful gadget t... Read more

Batter dispenser an amazing gadget

written by Peter, Sweden 05/09/13

Discovered batter dispenser in a magazine and thought that this must be a great gadget if it worked. Ordered it and have used it when we made pancakes and my wife was thrilled. I will order another 2 ... Read more

Fantastic bake sale!

written by Emma , Norway 24/09/13

This stir manifold made baking a breeze! Not to talk about the cleanup! No spills or mess and it takes half the time to fill up forms :-) Now we quarrel about who will pour in batter. There have even ... Read more

Good for kids

written by Thybo77, Denmark 21/10/13

Dejfordeleren is pretty good for my children can help to bake, and it goes quickly and no waste on the table.

Batter Distributor

written by TH, Sweden 04/12/13

Smart thing but not quite easy to use. It is a bit difficult to get the same amount of batter each time and it must be pretty loose or runny batter for it to work.


written by GüMo, Germany 05/12/13

fast goods delivery, product is very good, my wife is thrilled the price is a little too high, otherwise everything ok MfG Günter Moser

Batter dispenser

written by Linda, Sweden 12/12/13

A very clever product that makes it more fun to bake muffins. No mess and unevenly spread batter into the molds. Let My good and practical!

Small wonder weapon

written by Michelle, Germany 16/12/13

This device facilitates really the portioning all types of dough. A real silver bullet in the kitchen.

Little smudge

written by Henrik, Sweden 23/12/13

Became a drop where you put it, but no running beside it tends to become. I did however miss also to believe that they could shake it to mix on what was left (the lid is not tight) and smeared the ent... Read more

handsome but not so technical

written by tommy, Norway 27/12/13

Hi, thanks for the invitation to consider the purchase. We think it looks ok, but I tried to squeeze the handle and saw what happened to the opening. It appears that the seal under the small valve is ... Read more


written by KH., Denmark 27/12/13

Dejfordeleren is really smart. We made waffles and muffins with it. Particularly at the muffin is brilliant. Hold the manifold over the mold and open. The dough lands in the form, not on the plate. Do... Read more

For small hole

written by L, Sweden 30/12/13

Does not work for example muffin batter. Just gets messy and extra work because the hole is too small. Really bad buy

perfect Christmas gift

written by Sessan, Sweden 03/01/14

Bought this as a Christmas gift for a picky mother who loved it and already used it several times. Much appreciated!

Cool Stuff is one of my favorite shops

written by Conny, Germany 03/01/14

I purchased the Teigportionierer in a Christmas campaign. In this action it had cost only half the price and I found adequate and good. Unfortunately, he had suffered during transport, the lid was bro... Read more


written by mj131, Sweden 03/01/14

Unfortunately not put rubber packing quite jug leaked. Tried to get it in place but then went the plastic face. Cruelly disappointed.

batter distributor

written by Erik, Sweden 06/01/14

my daughter has got batter distributor of me is very happy. Previously she had difficulties to distribute the batter evenly between the molds. Now it is no longer a problem

Good to julklapps game

written by Pernilla, Sweden 07/01/14

Bought this batter distributor to have to julklapps game on Christmas Day. Many liked the idea and thought it seemed like a good product. Unfortunately, I can not say how well it actually works when I... Read more


written by Fanny, Sweden 07/01/14

Giant Suitable and efficiency improvement gadget when you get to grips bobble. It feels a bit plasticky when inspecting it first time, but seems to be of quite good quality. Tested to fill it with wat... Read more


written by Fanny, Sweden 08/01/14

Giant Suitable and efficiency improvement gadget when you get to grips bobble. It feels a bit plasticky when inspecting it first time, but seems to be of quite good quality. Tested to fill it with wat... Read more

ingeniously :)

written by Tutta, Norway 10/01/14

Absolutely to recommend! The product was even better than expected. Now it's less mess and more effectively to bake muffins and pikelets!

Incredibly easy thing

written by Plexis, Sweden 20/01/14

This is probably among the best purchase I made when I bake a lot. Instead of using spoons to keep in a bowl so it will not drip on the plate then this batter distributor incredible to use. I first th... Read more

While the pancake batter!

written by Ia, Sweden 25/01/14

Easy and smooth! No spills and drips. I have, in addition to the muffin batter, used it to pancake batter, too. It is very easy when you have the "right knycket". I am very pleased!

Batter Distributor

written by Cadeba, Sweden 06/02/14

A simple design that works just unbelievably good. It was worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to bake the muffins but dislike spill off the molds.

not as I thought

written by jenny, Sweden 07/02/14

did not work in the heavy smears that muffin batter ,, do not need it on cake batter and think a shaker is better to pankakssmet. no it was not a good köp..kommer just gather dust in the cupboard I su... Read more

Practical device

written by Kuehbo, Germany 24/02/14

The Teigportionierer supposed to be a gift, why not tried. First handling promises a good success.


written by Pocahontas, Norway 19/03/14

This is amazing !! Now there is no problem filling muffin molds with eggs - without grise :) Recommended!


written by LS, Denmark 07/04/14

I have long been lacking such a device. No more mess when the batter must be poured into muffin cups !!!

Nice and easy to use

written by Louise, Denmark 22/05/14

This product makes it easier to chew. I use it a lot and are really happy with it. Can certainly well recommended.


written by Tine, Norway 09/06/14

I very fond of making muffins think that this eggs manifold is simply ingenious. It's easy to take the batter Oppi without grise so much, it is great to shovel into the muffin without grise on Muf... Read more

works great

written by Monika, Norway 19/11/14

I've used it to make muffins once, and it works great. There's no mess, and stir outside :)

Full satisfaction!

written by Fanny, Sweden 04/12/14

As usual, super fast delivery from coolstuff. Moreover, I love batter distributor. I use the most for pancakes where it works great and it's not nearly as messy as it would be if I used a såsslev ... Read more

NEVER MORE spoons!

written by Angelica, Sweden 16/12/14

Have checked a long time on this and wondered if it is something to have or not. But now that it was the door so I hit. Was inaugurated today. Whipped up the batter as usual, the molds were ready at t... Read more


written by bakeelsker, Norway 22/12/14

booked this after too many unsuccessful attempts to avoid spills when I make muffins, and it is exactly what I hoped for. I will not let the spill and all the unnecessary extra time required to wash t... Read more


written by Chrisi , Germany 27/12/14

Very good device. Finally no more mess. Recommended. Super fast shipping. Gladly again.

.. It can not keep

written by tina, Denmark 02/01/15

to much, the handle broken before came into use, was sent to a new one, without a hug and effortlessly returning.

Function: impeccable

written by kaisismus, Germany 03/01/15

This item has kept his promise. It works flawlessly. However, the processing could be a little more robust. For the Dish of the article is not suitable.

Works pretty well

written by Jojjo, Sweden 05/01/15

Think it works perfect for pancakes but as soon as it gets a little thicker batter so it will be difficult to get it without having to push on


written by Linda, Sweden 05/01/15

Super smart and simple machine .. really be content both I and my sister who used it .. only drawback we think is that it is a bit slow at the end when making muffins batter, but it's such a small... Read more

So amazingly good!!!

written by Erica, Sweden 06/01/15

Bought one for me and my sister. We are toknöjda and uses the most for pancakes. A must in the kitchen!


written by Fatima, Denmark 15/03/15

Highly recommended for cupcake lovers. Easy to use to distribute the dough on a clean and fun way. Though a bit small for large portions but Well it is still good

so smooth

written by Sandra, Sweden 25/03/15

Spent batter dispenser 1 time so far and think it's great! Used it when I made muffins. So now it's quick and easy to distribute the batter into the muffin molds and avoids all the mess. Easy ... Read more

Smoothly for baking

written by Emma , Sweden 30/07/15

Very pleased with this gadget. You do not mess and can dispense the appropriate amount depending on what you should do. For muffins, it worked like clockwork when I would make blueberry muffins. First... Read more


written by Katrin, Sweden 16/08/15

Why, I have not bought one of these before, smeared nothing! Went very easy to use!


written by Ruth, Norway 15/09/15

Here in the house we make often banana pancakes or muffins on the weekend, then this absolutely brilliant to drop spills and to portion correctly.


written by Fru Andersen, Denmark 04/01/16

I used dejfordeleren as mandelgave. When you got 3 for 2's price, I bought the course 3, so that each family went home with 1 dejfordeler that hopefully will be used extensively to pancake batter ... Read more

Very good

written by :), Norway 05/01/16

Works just like the description says, much less mess and makes it easier to make muffins or cupcakes. Seems like it is in good quality.

Batter dispenser

written by Sandra, Sweden 05/01/16

Hello, This was good but one of the three batter benefits were ragged edge. We did not see this until after Christmas you this was a Christmas present.

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