Beard Ski Mask

Look cool while protecting your ears, face and neck from the cold!

Beard Ski Mask - Merlin Long Beard
Merlin Long Beard
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Beard Ski Mask - Big Country
Big Country
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Beard Ski Mask - Easy Rider
Easy Rider
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Beard Ski Mask - Black Pearl
Black Pearl
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written by Banäna, 13/10/12

Bought a respective beards to me and my partner. It saw the cool out and so, but it was so damn big! Both on him and me. Tension in the neck thing slid down all the time, even though we both went abou... Read more

Cool the slopes

written by Fallihoe, 22/10/12

It was really nice but a little big chair in oak but it is no problem. Have not used it "for real" yet, but will probably be the top.


written by Sacke, 02/11/12

Cannon fun with such a practical thing that Beardski, which you can wear in the winter, both on the slopes and the town in the winter cold.

Too good to be without!

written by Jonas, 14/11/12

This beard cap will put ideas into the heads of the ladies at my job this winter, ha ha. This, combined with Yoda-hat = unbeatable. :) It's warm too! And you can shock his wife!

Hammer part!

written by Flocki, 22/11/12

A really sensational part with an envious glances are guaranteed. Top quality and a real eye-catcher, whether on or off the slopes.

Works well

written by jericson, 06/12/12

Bought this when it arrived and have been waiting for winter is now here and it works really well. It spans just ate it on bakhuvet and not down the neck so that it sits smack. It could have been a ne... Read more


written by, 24/12/12

fine idea - great gift idea for skifolk. Our son is funny hats and the like inside stuff. He did well enough ænsket in orange, but it was already sold out in early December when we ordered. But better... Read more


written by Monika, 25/12/12

Have it to a passionate snowboarder has presented, which his own beard always freezes when boarding in very cold weather;) Came very well. Is actually processed very well. Great warm material and high... Read more

Excellent !

written by Roman, 26/12/12

Very ingenious part, well made and really something else. That will certainly not be the last;)

funny Christmas

written by Curt, 26/12/12

Very fun and appreciated gift, how functional it is remains to be seen. A fun stuff even if it will be used in the feedback. Can take the opportunity NGN masked otherwise.

A funny feeling of pleasurement.

written by Tessa, 27/12/12

I gave beardski for my girlfriend for Christmas, he has to hit the slopes in February and the boys want to make some fun out of this skiing holiday. He was really happy about it when he saw that it wa... Read more

Perfect for ski

written by Amalie Larsen, 30/12/12

Beardski do just your skioutfit bit more wacky, as well as being a practical function. It keeps your face good hot and the beard goes down and covers the neck.

ultimate cool

written by CharlyBrown, 01/01/13

Although the "mask", unfortunately, only in "fair" was available, they had to serve as a Christmas present - and was a complete success! It is well made and looks, in combination w... Read more

Christmas present!

written by Edith, 01/01/13

Together with my partner, I gave this to his little brother. Very fun and appreciated gift! Highly recommended!

Great fun gift!

written by Tone, 03/01/13

My nephew who is active on the skis were very happy for the gift. Not only was it fun but it was convenient too. And super fast delivery right before Christmas.

Fed advent gift

written by 123kaimer, 06/01/13

Got a lot of attention to skiing :-) Works completely as intended. Holder face delightfully warm up arouses a lot of attention on the slopes.

Good mood

written by Cowfoot, 28/01/13

Good humor - fine product for the price - incl. the laughter coming out of it on the slopes :-)

Cool gift

written by Danny, 05/02/13

Have the BeardSki paid a friend Birthday! He was super happy about it and supported him at the weekend after that! Not only looks Hammer, also keeps warm and is a real eye-catcher !!! Highly recommend... Read more

Good Product!

written by Jeppe Andersen, 18/02/13

The product works surprisingly well and keeps your face warm. Additionally, it provides a lot of attention on the slopes. All in all, a really cool product which I will clearly recommend.

Delightful (scarf)

written by Frosken, 18/02/13

Beardski is absolutely super and use of the throat, also sees it a little cool out. No knotting, only Velcro neck, easily and quickly done and get on and off. Simply brilliant ...


written by fosteronline, 19/02/13

Taugt insulation against the cold and have a great fun factor. Initially one should ventilate the thing a little, so that the plastic smell will disappear. Would I buy again.


written by Ola L, 21/02/13

Bought his beard to avoid getting a face full of snow when I run my snowblower. Think that the beard was less in reality than the pictures on the website. A bit difficult to get it to sit well + the f... Read more


written by Hyvä ostos, 21/02/13

The mask really good, fit and warmth brilliant. The only minus comes reippaanlaisesta size (myself a big head and labels still quite pin). I do not think suitable for pienipäisille

Neck Gaiter style

written by SirLisidor, 12/03/13

Rouhea collar either skimbaamiseen or motorcycling. Really warm. Covers the nose, mouth, ears and neck. Guaranteed to arouse attention, and will not leave you indifferent. The opening is carried out a... Read more

Hot beard to the beard-free

written by Jannie, Norway 25/04/13

The product is both gøyalt and stylish, while still being practical. It heats well. Minus is that it sheds little. This is truly a gift to suit the person who has everything and does not know what he ... Read more

Works properly

written by Sebastian, Norway 24/06/13

Great product, works properly. Indeed, even not experienced problems with his beard. Has even won a contest this occasion. beard. Absorb welcomed by others and generally look cool out. 10/10. + Cool +... Read more


written by matti, Norway 26/11/13

The package came super fast, and his beard was classy. Pleased though I did wrong beard compared to what I actually ordered.

Beardski "Biker"

written by srgulli, Norway 06/12/13

The product answered certainly to expectations. Fun eye-catcher on the slopes, and in addition, good and warm :-) A decent "must have product" to spread a little humor and joy around him dur... Read more

hot uppseendeväckare

written by malinj, Sweden 18/12/13

Beard got more than a ski slope to turn his head. One of the guards left the lift a Christmas wish to Santa Claus. Funny. The wind-swept at the Landes good but not at all with BeardSki on. Despite nin... Read more


written by Sebastian, Sweden 27/12/13

Looks very cool and hot. The fit like I was a little too big. But better that than too small.

The best one can get a

written by Robert, Sweden 22/01/14

Not just super fun and startling piece of clothing, but also very andvändbar for winter sports and outdoor activities.

BeardSki keeps you warm and gives new identity - CooL

written by Kim H, Denmark 26/02/14

Super delicious and wonderfully warm. Only problem was that the small Danish children in the lift wanted me to take it off - I so dangerous out ;-) Or even worse - I looked like Mr. Beard or a brownie... Read more

Superb - but a little impractical

written by Dan, Sweden 24/03/14

Cruel response of the hill, great fun! But - does not work in some way without goggles; when you see FUSSY out. The fit is not spot on, but works. Got hairs in your mouth for a while. But everything n... Read more

Thank you guys

written by Ingebork, Germany 17/05/14

Hi, thanks for the publication of my image (red beard) !!! If you ever want to see something funny, searches on YouTube by Bruno wide Klops. There is a beautiful World Cup video and live video with Ba... Read more


written by Tony, Norway 19/06/14

This was just tough. His beard was not as big as I got the impression the pictures, and it's just good. Perfect size. The mask set slightly loose around the nose but otherwise good fit.

clearly approved

written by JL, Sweden 05/01/15

It was a little thinner and less "fluffy" than it looks in the picture. But otherwise really good. Clearly approved the purchase! Recommended.


written by rriQ, Finland 12/02/15

Awesome scarf, which turns heads on a slope. I myself mortgage is the right size, although it is quite moderate smallish head.

Top mask

written by maikel, Germany 27/01/16

Sitting super, air supply and discharge also top, is naturally moist from the inside but dries very quickly. Ensures a stir on the slopes - promised * grin *

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