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Beardo Hat with Beard

Attractive and practical hat that's guaranteed to protect both the head and face from the cold! The beard is easily removed and put back on with Velcro.

Beardo Hat with Beard - Viking Black
Viking Black
46 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Beardo Hat with Beard - Viking Brown
Viking Brown
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Beardo Hat with Beard - Grey / Brown
Grey / Brown
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Beardo Hat with Beard - Black / Brown
Black / Brown
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Beardo Hat with Beard - Black / Red
Black / Red
90 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Beardo Hat with Beard - Grey / Black
Grey / Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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There you go

written by Jeremy, 12/12/12

Cool hat. The fun of beard, but embarrassing to have it in town. Better suited to the country where there are so many people. Without the beard, however, the hat a little over one and do not always co... Read more

Fun and warm hat with beard

written by smd, 25/12/12

It was a gift for my adult son and all incl. he felt it was really fun and good warm. Will enough picture of him on Facebook.

Game cool hat!

written by Lunde, Denmark 11/10/13

Is not it just cool that in a snap to bring full beard, just when you are 13 or older? And so you avoid cold cheeks and frozen chin. The hat itself is really cool, and can be turned into extra bold, s... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Henrik, Sweden 11/10/13

Have not used it yet but have had it in me to try and have to say that it is very good at his head, however, that is not enough beard to cover "under the" pick and because it has the ability... Read more

Not good enough

written by Kalle, Sweden 14/11/13

The hat looks cheeky, but unfortunately it is not good in reality. I thought that I could avoid scarf and feel warm while cycling, but it was the opposite. This hat blowing it straight through, and &q... Read more

Beardo Beard Hat

written by Robin, Sweden 27/11/13

Very fun and useful cap. Bought this hat to protect the face from the cold while cycling to and from work. Unfortunately, the rather "rough" knit as it blows straight through and it gets col... Read more


written by Seb, Sweden 29/11/13

The hat was nice and warm, and if you are an attention whore, you get looks and comments on the town: P However seeing the real foam out if you already have a beard. I give it a 4

purchased Bart

written by lenchen, Germany 18/11/14

The hat with beard is really megacool but also really expensive, but the beard is not always left it. but quality is top.

Very fun scam but it falls apart

written by Rico, Denmark 10/12/14

I bought the brown bearded and while it is fun and warm to wear beards fall apart after some time. Figured it was a little more durable for the price.

cool hat

written by Beardo, Sweden 02/01/15

It is a comfortable hat that heats bra.Även beard heats. Unfortunately, you get a lot of lint from his beard in his mouth but it is no big problem.

fun and useful

written by Amy, Germany 27/01/15

The package arrived on time. The beanie is well made. It was a present for somebody And They liked it!

Fun and appreciated gift for my 11åring!

written by Kerstin:), Sweden 24/09/15

Funny gift, a different hat now for the autumn / winter for my 11 year old. A little easier to argumnetera to just have on the hat!

Perfect on a cold winter day!

written by Simpa, Sweden 30/11/15

Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of both the hat and the beard. Go to the flashing if desired. Warms really great!

Very horny cap

written by Urmel, Germany 28/12/15

Super cap with spark Effekt.Sehr good quality and super weich.Gesicht remains definitely hot very well in cold Wetter.Versand and contact.

They sent the wrong item and hat is really bad.

written by ikke_fornøyd, Norway 06/01/16

Hat is so cheap hat and beard sticking using two buttons that sit on the cap and trees through holes on the beard (just like buttons on a jacket). This works simply because beard often fall off. Highl... Read more

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