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Beep Egg Timer

Time has run out for people who ‘can’t even boil an egg’. This singing timer boils the perfect egg every time whatever your preference.

Beep Egg Timer - Beep Egg Original
Beep Egg Original
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Beep Egg Timer - Beep Egg Rock Edition
Beep Egg Rock Edition
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Beep Egg Timer - Beep Egg Hippie Edition
Beep Egg Hippie Edition
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

fun grejj

written by Rille, 18/10/09

Beep Egg is very good to have when you boil eggs. perfect results every time. The little funny about it is that it plays different melodies that tell how far the "cooking process" egg has co... Read more

Beep Egg

written by dodo, 12/11/09

Funny thing. However dispensed!


written by incognito, 23/11/09

One of the better stuff I've bought from here! How good whatsoever for munching eggs often!

Beep egg-perfect boiled egg

written by Sessan, 07/12/09

If you have difficulty getting the eggs so where perfect moderately loose or hard-boiled? Thought so? It is quite impossible-if you do not have Beep egg for your help to say! the little beeper egg is ... Read more

Not just a fun thing

written by , 29/12/09

To be a "fun thing" as is "Beep Egg" very useful. Then we bought one, we use it all the time when we boil eggs, always with the same brilliant results. It is easy to use and hard t... Read more


written by Teodor, 01/01/10

Hej! Köppte av er a so callas beep egg, I Mycke cool Grej stammer bra överens va med det står på bruksanvisningen äggens om och olika dissolve the Hårdh. Med att det blir en MELODI dissolved och med t... Read more

The gambling egg

written by , 03/01/10

I bought the egg for my boyfriend and he loves it! The eggs are perfectly cooked and moreover it is a little unusual gadget. We are completely satisfied with the product.


written by AD, 04/01/10

Works ok, but considering the price, I am not completely satisfied. Had expected a little more. Ok that funny thing, but the price should be lower


written by , 25/02/10

A great idea for a hostess gift or a small birthday gift.

Perfect eggs every time o for all the family

written by frissan, 18/05/10

Just so det.Varje time to get their eggs as you want it. Lite "plinkiga" melodies but it is clearly worth to avoid getting the eggs that you do not want them. In addition, you do not stand o... Read more


written by MissGudinde, 31/05/10

Think it's super smart with an egg that plays a song when they are finished ... it could not therefore be much easier .... Very niceeeee! Regards girl who now can boil an egg, even more at a time;... Read more

Super good!

written by SM, 18/08/10

Work perfectly! The eggs will be exactly as I want them. Great to be able to fix the other while waiting for the eggs to be finished. One hears of course when they are finished! The only thing I think... Read more

Super Fun and effective!

written by Julia, 11/09/10

It works perfectly and totally entertaining! Never again too soft or too hard eggs!


written by , 13/09/10

I have never before on its own initiative boiled eggs - because I can never remember how long it should cook. That I will not worry about that now. So now boiled eggs on the menu ..!

written by , 25/11/10

Although expensive but good! eggs are really perfect + after 2-3 test runs skin everything closely :) unfortunately, you can not switch the batteries + after about 1.5 years is END! whoever soft or me... Read more


written by , 08/12/10

Fun, works well when it comes to cooking time but the sound is very bad to hear just what song it is.

"Clock" clean!

written by Malin, 10/12/10

Indispensable for those who want the perfect egg. Have had mine for a year now and the eggs look perfect! This year I bought one for my mother too, as it always is for the hard-boiled eggs in their ho... Read more

Fun and Practical

written by Andreas, 28/12/10

Not only do you get a funny little tune played back separately, you get perfect boiled eggs too! Simple to use.

Perfect for those who are struggling with eggs :)

written by Thorz, 09/01/11

Anyone can cook eggs with this thingy

written by viola, 07/03/11

Fun o useful! The eggs were certainly right.

indispensable invention

written by Klausen, 07/04/11

The day improves sound quality is "a huge 5-figure": o)

Beep Egg

written by Egghead, 14/04/11

Bought rock egg and terrible satisfied. Works like clockwork and you get perfect boiled eggs. Slipper to keep track of time how long the eggs are cooked.

Beep Egg!

written by Sofie, 15/04/11

Really a super handy little thing. It's hard to know when an egg is ready. Especially when an egg is perfect for just that purpose, you should have it in. On a sandwich cake, or breakfast eggs, sl... Read more

it's that easy!

written by silje E, 02/12/11

love this egg, bought myself a last spring and has now bought it as a Christmas present. I've never been particularly good at cooking eggs but now they are always absolutely perfect !! fight usefu... Read more

Utterly brilliant :)

written by Fia, 21/12/11

Works as just that - brilliant for us who constantly forgets to take the time :)


written by Æggehoved, 22/12/11

- Everything went according to plan!


written by Linnea, 27/12/11

Helkul eggs! And when it shows that it is soft-boiled and hard boiled so it certainly :) A small minus is that the battery only lasts 1.5 years and that they are not going to change so we instead have... Read more

fin trade

written by , 05/01/12

and fun - everything perfect

Perfect eggs on the fun way

written by Hanna, 11/01/12

Really Works! The eggs are the perfect solution, medium or hard-boiled depending on which song you choose to pick them out of the boiling water. Fun and använsbar thing.

Seems like it should.

written by Anne-Dorthe, 14/01/12

Egg Watch works exactly as it should. We get perfect eggs.

The cooking of soft-boiled eggs and smiling.

written by Christian Wiik, 16/01/12

We have used the Beep Egg for 2 years for cooking soft boiled eggs and smiling. The eggs have always been cooked perfectly.

Soft boiled egg

written by Christian Wiik, 16/01/12

We have used the Beep Egg for 2 years for cooking soft boiled eggs and smiling. The eggs have always been cooked perfectly.

Beep Egg - Egg Clock

written by John Nandrup Nielsen, 20/01/12

What is more annoying than to look forward to a nice soft boiled eggs - and then be disappointed! Previously it was always exciting and subsequently the large samtalemne when we had guests for Brunch ... Read more


written by , 26/01/12

Really tough egg boiler! One can fjante around while and SUDDENLY sound is music to one's ears and BAM there's fucking eggs! Recommendable :)

"Beep Egg"

written by , 16/02/12

Perfect when to cook the eggs. Then it plays a melody when the egg is done, you can do other things during the time, and you do not watch the pot with the eggs boiling, with a timer. You hear a strong... Read more

super fun but also efficient operation

written by, 12/03/12

a really cute and funny little things that just works. eggs are perfect, but remember to take into account whether it is large or small eggs :-)

gambling eggs

written by Gunilla, 15/03/12

Works very well, plus Funniest :-) The songs are heard well, so you do not have to stand at the stove and fit the eggs. I am very pleased


written by Ingvildar, 08/04/12

Excellent results, we want our home to have our eggs in loose little different hardness degrees and has had little trouble getting to this. With Beep Egg can now without a murmur;)

Beep Egg

written by Gims, 12/04/12

They work just as they should! Nice with some music, moreover, it is easy to get perfect eggs kokta- every time !!

beep egg

written by Jette Jensen, 18/04/12

absolutely fantastic invention. Now you can cook eggs without keeping an eye on it and while you are in the bathroom.

Lovely product that does what it says

written by Riskok, 18/04/12

But it is a bit plasttig and feels a bit cheap :) But it is a great product! You get exactly what is said!

Very useful as long as it worked

written by Tobias, 10/06/12

Beep Egg is a really funny idea and I had the advantage of it as long as it worked. Unfortunately, the egg ended play songs after about 6 months. I do not know if it is the battery which ran out or an... Read more

Beep Egg

written by Sinbad, 28/06/12

A PERFECT ÄGGTIMER! Be sure that you stop the cooking of the egg at the right tune. You get a gourmeriskt boiled egg, with the exact consistency you want as a reward! I was introduced to the egg of my... Read more

Super fine

written by Charlotte, 07/10/12

Here you get exactly what you expect and pay for. Working as intended. Easy to use in practice. Player 3 times by soft, 3 times in between and 3 times by tough, so you can easily track you in on when ... Read more

Really fun!

written by inessa, 08/10/12

My last hen still works after 1 1/2 years, even if the sound is now low eggs are perfect. Fun gifts for all ages and highlights seen hard morning mood for the better ...


written by Frida, 19/10/12

I ordered the Beep Egg for my partner's birthday. He wants his eggs hard-boiled when he wants them on the sandwich and I want my little inbetween. Hard Rock was a disappointment, so I laughed when... Read more

A sly egg :)

written by Daniela, 19/11/12

I am very excited :) of the egg It works really great. I give the eggs and the Beep Egg already at the deep end and can already at 2. Killing me softly again take out, because then you get nice medium... Read more

Glad that works!

written by Linda, 21/11/12

For a family with different requirements of boiled eggs, this indispensable! :) You do not fit the time without lyysna the melodies!

So easy with egg

written by Lina, 03/12/12

I should not worry about when the egg is finished, it tells the tune me coolest invention

Perfect soft-boiled eggs

written by cecilie, 03/12/12

; O) This little gizmo - a plastikæg that follows the temperature inside the egg that you are cooking and plays a tune depending on how soft / hard egg is - stops all moaning and groaning that morning... Read more

Error melodies

written by M, 24/12/12

I bought the original egg and have only tried to cook hard-boiled eggs so far, but they were great. I think I will use the Beep Egg much. The only negative is that the egg does not play the songs that... Read more

Beep edge

written by Veronica, 02/01/13

Fun spontaneous gift to the in-laws. Works great, bought "Rock Edition" to ourselves :) We must "learn" at which playback of songs (clips played more than once) to suit your own ta... Read more

Beep Egg

written by Inge-Lise E.Olsen, 04/01/13

Funny product that caused great amusement. It's not the last time I visit Your website when I have to find special gifts.

melody Egg

written by Kurt, 05/01/13

Absolutely fine works as promised. Tires a little too high price when you can get a whole egg boiler for about 99 SEK which is not dependent on any battery.


written by Birte, 07/01/13

Nothing less than brilliant. I am considering actually buying more, in the case of the I bought the man should break. Never has it been so easy to cook eggs ...!

A really great invention

written by Sandra, 20/03/13

Finally I get my boiled eggs so forth as I want it. For me, it had long been a major problem my eggs to cook as I would like to have it. Mostly they were either too soft or too hard. But now all is th... Read more

Beep Egg Rock Edition

written by Lisa, 27/03/13

Fun to use, the eggs are perfectly cooked. Good "give-away-gift" fits most. Good noise, clearly heard.

Be a good egg ...

written by Jeo, Sweden 01/07/13

My second äggtimer of this kind. First, I received a few years ago and now when the battery ran out, the choice of buying a new course - the best äggtimer I ever had! Good and consistent performance a... Read more

perfect eggs

written by maria, Denmark 19/09/13

The eggs are perfect with Beep Egg. It takes just a few prøvekog before the identification of the melody that gives eggs to suit your personal taste. I take mine after the third round of "killing... Read more

Egg-timer with audible and understandable alarm

written by Hansen, Denmark 02/10/13

The clock is placed with the eggs in the boiling water and it plays tunes as the cooking process progresses, so you can monitor how much time passed. When the appropriate melody sounds stopped boiling... Read more

Fun and cool gadget that actually works

written by Tore W, Norway 18/10/13

Bought rock edition of Beep Egg two weeks ago. Have used it several times and the result of egg-cooking is absolutely impeccable. The egg yolk is described in the manual. Then it is easy to forget tha... Read more

Rock tune egg

written by Niels-Jul Yrvin, Norway 30/10/13

Fight fine for children and adults. I gave my eggs No. 2 to friends and they love it. Just put it in the water simultaneously with the eggs so it plays a song when the egg is ready. Soft boiled song, ... Read more

Äggstra fun.

written by Kjell, Sweden 26/11/13

We needed a new kitchen timer and thought this looked like fun. It's actually really fun and one can only hope it lasts a good long time.


written by Teo, Sweden 02/01/14

I bought a Beep egg for Christmas and it was a very popular and fun Christmas. Fast delivery and a funny thing.


written by Korppu, Finland 23/01/14

I expected better. The melodies are unhappy beeping, of which a little imagination to recognize the tracks yes. The eggs do not mature in the right spot on this device. I have not listened to the last... Read more

beep oak

written by erik, Denmark 10/03/14

Is still very happy with my eggs have used it for several years, it is NR3 I'm doing and it will be perfect every time and a little something more is the battery life keeps the one promise I'm... Read more

A fun product

written by j, Finland 13/03/14

Works as advertised. Funny, although it is useful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


written by Tollan, Sweden 13/05/14

Hooray, reaching it was suddenly fun to cook eggs! Bought rockn'roll version and have not regretted it iota of my purchase. Add the egg to the pan along with the eggs are cooked, it will not be lo... Read more

Beep edge

written by Jacqueline, Sweden 13/06/14

Kanonbra small thing for us as never succeed them perfect eggs. Now my eggs just like I want them then it gets the more fun to cook them too! The asking!

perfect eggs

written by annette, Denmark 03/09/14

although small egg-timer, as you boil along with your eggs. There are several different ring tones depending on how cooked your eggs to be. It's super smart. You can get the eggs into the pan befo... Read more

perfect eggs

written by Per Tore, Norway 17/12/14

We got in his time such an egg from the Blind and have loved it. When the smoke had to acquire a new one. It boils along with the eggs and alerts cooking time by playing different tunes for the amount... Read more

egg-timer with music

written by pia, Denmark 20/04/15

It is a perfect clock that plays music afhænig of whether it should be smiling soft boiled or hard-boiled.

great egg-timer

written by Else, Denmark 28/07/15

The clock works fully as expected, and makes it really easy to boil an egg in exactly the way you want it. It is a minus, you can not change the battery on the clock, which according to the instructio... Read more

singing eggs

written by H E, Denmark 29/07/15



written by Helle, Denmark 01/01/16

"Can barely boil an egg" .... Well, if you buy this BeepEgg so you will be world champion to boil an egg :-)))

Very good

written by fredrik, Sweden 02/01/16

Very attractive product! Eggs are now a piece of cake to make. In the water, eggs and beep egg in a pan and turn on the plate, now you just need to wait for the right tune.

Countdown versus Beep Egg egg-timer

written by JS, Denmark 14/03/16

I went after hard-boiled eggs and followed the instructions carefully. When I saw were pill eggs at work for my lunch, cream yolk out. Next time I tried then to give it just a few more times with the ... Read more

Does not work

written by Joan Broberg, Denmark 25/03/16

Bought a Beep Egg, but it does not work. Do not get a soft boiled æg.Har purchase one before this, which I threw out, as it did not work. Sent mail when I felt that I could not be the only and unlucky... Read more

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