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Beer Chiller Koozie

Clever design that cools your drink and keeps it cold for up to five hours. Thank you Beer Chiller Koozie!

Beer Chiller Koozie - Beer Chiller Koozie
Beer Chiller Koozie
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What is this?

Simply brilliant!

written by Lundgren, 14/06/12

User tjilleren every day to soda cans, bottles and ordinary glass. It does exactly what it promises, namely cools your drink. So when I take out box from the refrigerator and put it in tjilleren will ... Read more

Chilled beer during the tournament!

written by heftig Frank, 18/06/12

Yomyo makes it once again possible. With the ingenious Beer Tjiller the constant running around us is spared to the fridge and you can enjoy the EM to the fullest !!!

Beer Tjiller - Beer Cooler

written by joggy, 25/06/12

the beer is actually cooled, however, only fit small bottles in the size of 0.33 ml pure wine or beer bottles larger go not (as described in the description), so that the intended use but is very limi... Read more


written by Linda, 02/07/12

My husband forgets ALWAYS adding things cold. So instead of drinking warm beer, put him on the tjilleren and getting colder beer than in the refrigerator a few Stakset!

Works only with bottles

written by Hans Jonasson, 20/07/12

I was going to use the product for glass but little surprising have to fit the mold to be perfect. Is it too small, it becomes sladrigt and too large may not fit. But apart from that, it works fine.

Beer Beer cooler Tjiller

written by Fati, 23/07/12

It's perfect for all the years of tide most of the summer, desåtom can take it with them to travel, keep the beer cold for 5 hours, perfect


written by Ter, 28/07/12

The works SMASHING must only have the right type of glass when used! (Do not use with curved bottom etc, or odd pages, without saying really.) All of soda cans and beer cans fit PERFECT, especially sm... Read more


written by oleeeeeeeeeee, 02/08/12

geeeeeeeeeeeenialt is sinsykt good to work perfectly is highly recommended to all who intend to order!


written by katrine , 18/08/12

Sent this as a gift to my friend, and wrote that comment when I ordered it, they would not leave a note in which stood a little personal message, and then I wrote what was to stand. SUPER cool that th... Read more


written by viggo34, 30/10/12

It just works. Easy and works to keep well. Holder as promised and cools your canned beer overraskene quickly

Advent Gift

written by KSJ, 10/12/12

My girlfriend was very pleased with it, and it keeps the can cola cold long, plus he talked about the likes of roar! :)


written by a., 11/12/12

This was bought as a gift so have not tested it myself, but it looked very simple and straightforward out. was rinelig cold even though it had not been frysern yet. think it will keep its promise and ... Read more

Alkis or Gamer

written by LionFire, 12/12/12

I'm very happy with this, it is not too big so you can hold it in your hand without any problem, it is temperate on the outside to IS COLD inside. this product I recommend highly. purchase minimum... Read more

Cool Cooler

written by MarieCarro, 13/12/12

The cold was so good that I could feel it through the carton when it is operating outside the mailbox. It was even a bit chilly when the person I gave it to the opened package. This was about 1 week a... Read more


written by Kung!, 28/12/12

Not a single bad thing with this invention. Quite simply perfect! Just the right size and a funny look :-)

Love it

written by Angélica , 29/12/12

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love it, just love it :-)

Just works!

written by Jonas Laursen, 07/01/13

Fat design, okay cheap price. It seems sturdy and durable and my brother sitting very front of the computer screen was thrilled and use it every day :) Can good answer for this product!

The world's best!

written by Helene Erichsen, 15/01/13

Two weeks ago I received my "Beer Tjiller Beercooler"! Could not have been more pleased. Use it almost every day to keep your drink my cold! And it stays actually cold more than five hours. ... Read more

For those who like cold drink

written by Lisbeth Holth, 09/02/13

They bought as a gift, but they first tried himself. Keeps its promises, and then some. Recommended all, as they can be used anywhere.

Funny thing!

written by R.W.G., 01/03/13

Seems better than one might think! :) Half an hour in the freezer, and it keeps the beer cold for several hours. Recommended! :)


written by Petter, 13/03/13

The product I have seen for a long time and missed long, Excellent for all kinds of drinks in cans. This is a MUST HAVE MORE OF THE PRODUCT. Only that limits the number of this home is the space in th... Read more

Really good!

written by Anders, 15/03/13

Ordered 2 pcs for this summer .. I have tried them a few times and really impressed! Highly recommended!

Beer Tjiller

written by Rune, 02/04/13

I've seen products that can keep paa cold. Kjoepte only 4 pcs Beer Tjiller when I was a little unsure if they held in Thailand. It gjoer those promised. We kjoeper more for the next trip. Great gi... Read more

The solution

written by Erik Schiager, 04/04/13

This is a good solution to a known problem summer; The drink you standing by your side while splitting firewood, turn the grass or painting a house / cabin wall stays cool with Tjilleren even in blazi... Read more

Icy drink anytime

written by Jannie, Norway 25/04/13

Would highly recommend this product. Whether for yourself or as a cool birthday gift. Bought it myself to my loved ones who are particularly fond of a cold Pepsi as helgekos. Now he can both indulge i... Read more

Good father's day gift

written by Kolakiksen, Denmark 27/04/13

A little fun father's day gift, but the flamingo in the bottom seems a little fragile. But otherwise it is a really fun and enjoyable things :-)


written by Henke, Sweden 03/05/13

Good in all its simplicity! Shall be given as a present to my father so he can have a cool beer on the patio in the summer (hopefully a hot summer time ...). Will probably be much appreciated!

Not tried yet

written by Kornettist, Norway 05/05/13

Tend rarely drink from a Burk yourself, but think this cooler to function well. Users must be aware that such a cooling of activity is very dependent on the ambient temperature. A handsome gadget to o... Read more

Cold drink

written by Violan, Sweden 06/05/13

Absolutely perfect for cooling the bottle or jar in. Will follow with the motor home (in the freezer) for the summer! May seem like an unnecessary invention, and sure; I can survive without it, but a ... Read more

beer cooler

written by anja, Germany 16/05/13

The beer cooler does what it should, and you can still feel him very well, that is, the cold is kept well away from the hand. All in all a good object and also good service and pleasant handling.

Beer Tjiller beer cooler

written by Christina , Denmark 21/05/13

I bought it for my husband who was 25 years and he was really happy about it. It also got a lot of attention of the male guests to his party. It's a super cool things that certainly got boy ass up... Read more

Keeps drinks cold!

written by Sissel, Norway 02/06/13

Sitting here now with a half-liter can of beer and was very impressed. It has remained icy, and I mean ice cold for many hours now! Does it located right at his laptop where it comes some heat from th... Read more

Super service

written by Rikke, Denmark 10/06/13

Super service and fast delivery. Can be recommended. Good and fast service. Acting like here again.


written by Niklas, Denmark 21/06/13

It works and it's not something there in relation to the delivery, and I was enraptured with respect to that I ordered several products and got them all in less than two days :)


written by Sebastian GS, Norway 24/06/13

On unless you are on holiday or have just returned home from booze cruise to Sweden, so is not this necessary. Very few glass fits the shape of its, so one can safely say it is for a special audience.... Read more


written by Erik Sogn, Norway 26/06/13

Beercooler who keep what was promised. Got cold beer for at least 5 hours. Did not have to use the one I have in reserve.

Keeps long!

written by Maria, Norway 06/07/13

This keeps your drink cold while! Is room for both beer bottles and large soda glass. Highly recommended!


written by .., Sweden 14/07/13

When I got home my so was the little yellow on the bottom but did not think it was anything special but once I had it in the freezer and would use it the longer I had it in front the more leaked it ..... Read more

A Beercooler was disrupted

written by Jarle, Norway 17/07/13

Ordered 2 Beer Coolers. One was ioden the other was leaking and there was a lot of mess in the package. Awaiting feedback from customer. Guess I receive a new fairly quickly. Unless you hear from me a... Read more

bad stuff

written by Sven, Norway 25/07/13

The lacquer out coolant. So this was not a good product. And condenser was all too short in relation to beer cans.

Beer Tjiller beer cooler

written by Morten, Denmark 25/11/13

It is the best $ 79 I've spent a very long time. It's perfect for keeping your drinks cold. Looking forward to get even more pleasure from the summer :-)

Not more diluted drink.

written by Adrian Højfeldt, Norway 29/11/13

Beer Coolers I am so far very pleased with. Have used it a few times now and keeps drinks cold long and it is very nice to have to think about ice melting and water out there drinking. Beer Coolers st... Read more

funny thing

written by findusens, Sweden 04/12/13

Funny thing to someone who already has everything. Works equally well with cola cans beer. It will be exciting to see what the receiver likes.


written by Rocky, Sweden 23/12/13

Have not tried the product after it is a Christmas gift. But it looked really good and I think they will be a successful Christmas

Can Coolers of beer or soda

written by Kylare till burköl/läsk, Sweden 25/12/13

These should we take with us to the warmer place where your drinks are hot right away. Great when it's hot.

Seems a little disappointing

written by Jacaranda, Denmark 06/01/14

It received a grade 2-3 because it still needs to be tested a few more times. But the first time was a little disappointing. Beer tjilleren is cold after a night in the freezer, but Cola can is most c... Read more


written by malin, Sweden 11/01/14

unnecessary gadget that takes place, but fun gift to give away. cool drink very well and quickly, keeps the cold well

beer tjiller

written by kahuku, Sweden 17/02/14

OK. If approved effect. Looks a bit dull in reality with a plastic cover printed to look like metal.


written by John, Denmark 06/08/14

I have used it a few times after a few nights in the freezer. The losing Unfortunately quickly his power if there is hot outside.


written by Elin, Sweden 24/11/14

really cool drink and keeps it cold! Have tried with both cans and glass, cool as good at both, high glass can (of course) need to be stirred, but never hot "Plains"!

Perfect for just this!

written by Egil, Norway 11/12/14

Kjempeflott cooler for beer when you drink from the box (and corresponding beverage cans). It keeps the beer cold and delicious. You must have space for it / them in the freezer and drinking beer from... Read more


written by Hilde bergseteren, Norway 15/12/14

Superbra and adhere actually icy in 9timer and it will not be wet marks or stains after cup as I call it!


written by dotter, Sweden 30/12/14

bought for my father, and he is happy. "It does what it should," he says. to consider the size, a standard beer can fit in but may falter a bit of glass / jar is less than cooler

Did not meet expectations

written by Erica, Sweden 06/01/15

Was quite disappointed with this product because only the lower part of the jar / glass becomes chilled. do not feel that it keeps cooling the hours standing in beskrivningen.Hade cooler been higher /... Read more


written by joshi, Norway 05/02/15

Think this was better før.Var wider but kept longer on kulda.Ser better in design.Men quality should be bedre.Vil regain the broad category.

Very good

written by haldor, Norway 19/03/15

Has received Beercooler earlier. Works very well heads cans good and cold long. Has bought several pieces. Can be safely recommended.

fine product

written by Daniel Christenen, Denmark 16/06/15

The product works as expected, so there are no fingers to put on it. However, I would argue that the outer frame is made of polystyrene, should be changed. It seems easy as if you can get to destroy i... Read more

Not the same as the last: /

written by Sissel, Norway 18/06/15

Several years ago I purchased this. When was the much thicker edge (more solid), as well as slightly lower. The size Oppi was perfectly box / bottle. It was starting to leak, so I ordered just this he... Read more

not Bad

written by Super Cereal Secret Agent, Finland 29/06/15

Reasonably good works. A little cheap oloinen structure, etc. And the price but so so let's not complain. Shrink on the surface of the plastic film, polystyrene trays below it. The bottom of the s... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by Marleeb, Norway 07/07/15

Keeps beer delightful cold! It is a little low and wide for bottles, but then acts and. Perfect for cans!


written by Tina, Sweden 10/07/15

Did exactly what it promised! Have tested many similar products that have been really bad, but this is the best I had! Using the most to soda and beer, perfect fit, if you want to use glasses, it is t... Read more

Poor quality materials

written by Adriana M. , Norway 30/09/15

I have not tested it to see if it works due. it is a gift but material looks pretty poor quality. I will not recommend it to anyone!


written by Susanne, Denmark 03/11/15

Ølkølerne is a good thing in the summer months and can keep canned beer and soft drinks cold for a long time - they are not to miss. Super product.

slightly disappointed

written by Camilla, Denmark 17/12/15

It was probably me as having too high expectations, but I do not really is something special .. I might just take my beer down in the freezer and it would be a bit of the same


written by Kati, Finland 09/06/16

This juomanjäähdytin works! Contact the can / bottle cool in the summer heat. Radiator quickly grow cold winter to the inner aluminum section, thanks.

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