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Beer Tracker

Beer Tracker is your best friend when the beer has made you too tired to perform mental maths. The inexorable tracker's display records exactly how many bottles have been opened.

Beer Tracker - Beer Tracker
Beer Tracker
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What is this?

Much appreciated

written by Elin, 07/01/10

My brother got "Beer Tracker" for Christmas. He was very happy with the product as he sometimes hard to remember how many beers it slim down the day before!

Perfect ovve accessories!

written by Tashy, 11/06/10

Bought this for my boyfriend and I like to go for student travel. It is a perfect accessory for the overall so we can keep track of how many beers it really was you drank during the voyage ..

blast student gift

written by A.S, 21/06/10

Cannon Fashionable some horseplay and kul.Bra gåbortpresent instead of a flower.

super fun gift

written by marie , 10/11/10

was going to a party where we all have a fun gift and I won the men went up into that one could count how many beers they drank mega good invention :)

Fun with Beer Tracker!

written by, 11/11/10

We've had a lot of fun with this one yes, and his girlfriend has skryti mass to friends about how tough this here. Fun to see how the evening went considering alcohol :)


written by Bella, 22/11/10

+ Fun when the feast + Now I have a bottle opener;) -Not exactly. When we opened two bottles ended up counter at 4

Beer Tracker

written by Julia, 24/11/10

This "Beer Tracker" is just a fun thing to have with you during the party to see how much you / you are drinking. Totally worth for fun!


written by Louise, 03/12/10

Absolutely necessary for the Christmas party

Motion for laughter muscles

written by niesch, 17/12/10

Beer Tracker was a great success as "exchange gifts" at "Chefs Boys" Christmas party menu and was extensively used. The buttons always an extra arrow down, to see the effect.

package-rent gift

written by Ms christensen, 27/12/10

Bought this "beer tracker" for the family package-rent and was later a hit with the guys! Thank you for quick delivery.

am thrilled

written by , 30/12/10

very quickly and arrived on time'm thrilled good price-performance ratio

fun idea

written by krister peterson, 03/01/11

but work out tabling further, as soon as bottle opener was touching a cap without even opening it had already shown a figure forwards so it counts more beer than you actually opened !!!

Fun Öltillbehör / Beer Tracker

written by LochLomond, 05/01/11

Bottle opener Beer Tracker is a beer-lover's best friend. It keeps track for you and notifies on a small display how many "cold" you wrapped. Superbly necessary for most of the beer king... Read more

Cool but weak

written by Kiimie, 05/04/11

Ölräknaren was made of plastic and feels like it will be broken when opening the bottles, otherwise very appreciated gift!

written by Sanna, 18/06/11

Okay product. A fun thing to give away as a "joke gift". Gave it to a friend who had just taken stundenten. It worked like that. When he would open the first bottle was 5 pieces of the opene... Read more

written by Sara, 20/06/11

Funny thing that the boyfriend got to the student so I kept the full track of how many beers drunk, the bad thing was that as soon as it came into contact with the cap counted it, so it could count se... Read more

written by Wic, 31/10/11

The bottle actually count the bottles opened. However, you have to watch it, to put not twice at the bottle caps, otherwise your results will be incorrect. Do we know, however, to the problem, there a... Read more

Almost perfect :)

written by MMChristensen, 11/11/11

Super easy to order, super fast delivery. There is nothing to complain about in relation to the service :). However, I will say however that the bottle opener counter "fast" in the bottle op... Read more

good gift

written by , 21/11/11

I did not become clear from the description in the shop and on the product, whether or batteries in need or not. I have therefore taken it inconvenient from the package and found after opening a bottl... Read more

Works fine

written by Rabbe, 22/11/11

It works great and is fun and use. We've Friday café at our school, and is fun and see how many beers you can sell a few hours (:

beer counter

written by M.Pfannkuche, 23/11/11

because a very good friend of mine die hard beer drinkers is the beer counter to its G-party was a complete success ... Any time again ... M.Pfannkuche

Beer bottle counter

written by Edith Langer, 29/11/11

Quaint gift, so that one is always up to date, how much you have been drinking. Works perfectly!

Beer Tracker

written by Monica Aalykke Jensen, 01/12/11

is not quite so happy with what I've got. it is not quite as good count as it is intended for and that is disappointing. hope you can do something about it. The wrapping was fine and otherwise sat... Read more

good overview

written by Silje , 21/12/11

Contributions va a giant fun gizmo! So, one can follow the choir many beer or soda you have drunk all my life - or just Reset 'it every night when visual figure has been too high for a weekend;) T... Read more

no battery

written by simon stabben, 26/12/11

not supplied with battery. do not know if it's anywhere on the page, but va sucks not getting tested it on Christmas Eve.

funny but faulty

written by , 28/12/11

a funny gift, however, the counter remained at 3 ... are made in china just!

Good to keep count during Tv sent football matches and economy

written by Beer bob, 31/07/12

Advise as a fun thing to anyone who likes beer or think that someone needs an extra float look hehehe

Funny gift idea

written by F. Sitte, 31/12/12

The beer bottle counter is a fun gift idea for all sorts of occasions. It works flawlessly and is each open beer. Unfortunately, the numbers are displayed in red font. In low light, the figures can ha... Read more

Product great, but Mahnbebühren are ne impudence!

written by Anja, 07/01/13

The bottle is a fun product. Does not need one, but a nice gag. The manual is a bit poor. It would be helpful, for example, if would be somewhere, what to do in order to reset the counter. The counter... Read more

Class gift idea!

written by Sven S., 08/01/13

The Beer Counter is a great gift idea! The only problem, which I unfortunately had to realize was that if a woman makes use of this device, the bottle partially multiple counts - since they must now a... Read more

Very funny gift idea!

written by Merkkari, Finland 28/10/13

That is, indeed, a friend my birthday Tallassee You did get hard when you have the beer with filler. A fun idea to do this that remains accompanying invoices and the next morning still Memories: D


written by Darius Venclovas, Germany 03/01/14

Idea good conversion bad. What most bothers me that it is so unstable after 11 Flsche it has given up the ghost, and the plastic is broken. Had the whole stable, it would have given me the score of 5!... Read more


written by Lasse B, Sweden 22/12/14

Cannon stylish must hide it from the old woman will soon reach the 44 st, my friend thinks he will have time before me to 100, gotta go home and work on

Do what it should be ...

written by NoNameAtAll, Denmark 12/03/15

About the number of drowning beer is beneficial for the party is not known, but it does what it should and if nothing else, you have a more expensive bottle opener than your friends.

Do not lose count

written by Ruth, Sweden 02/01/16

Funny thing to give as a gift when you are invited to the barbecue or sauna evening. With the "beer tracker" will not be lost if the bill sauna evening will be a bit longer than usual.

Beer Tracker

written by eva, Sweden 07/01/16

My grandson wanted to give away something funny to her father for Christmas and was overthrown fond of ölräknaren. Equally disappointed he was when the father opened the package and it turned out that... Read more

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