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Beta Inkless Metal Pen

Pen and tip made entirely of metal. It lasts a lifetime and never needs to be sharpened or refilled. It can write on all types of paper, in all temperatures and in rain and stormy weather.

Beta Inkless Metal Pen - Pen on keychain
Pen on keychain
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Beta Inkless Metal Pen - Pen only
Pen only
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65 reviews

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What is this?

written by Louise, Århus, 10/08/09

Generally, this Beta Pen an excellent product. The keychain is very small and hard to hold on if one is equipped with sausage fingers, but it is perhaps also prepared for when you buy it, as illustrat... Read more

fin service

written by Manden, 18/08/09

Fin service - poor product. Does not live up to expectations.


written by , 15/09/09

Hello!! Gave away the pen to my soon prospective partner who is crazy about all sorts of different pens !! Much appreciated pen that can be used for everything !! Self so I was a little disappointed t... Read more

Beta Pen

written by kotten, 05/10/09

A pen for all crossword / sudoku solver that works no matter how you lie in a recliner. A must to acquire such a pen when you go on holiday!

written by Sejr, 07/10/09

Weak / light font unless you push hard. Glider bad on paper.

Bright streaks and too short for man's hands

written by Lillis, 19/11/09

It's super tough to not have to fill in with ink or pencil though it gets pretty light tone, though one can not have everything. I had not thought of dimensions as closely as when they arrived, I ... Read more


written by Anton D, 23/11/09

I gave it away as a gift, but we discovered that it was very difficult to write with it. It fits many substrates do not really, soft ground is just to forget. Hard surfaces must be, and then you have ... Read more

Too short to hold!

written by Jessica, 21/12/09

Worthless with a pen that is as short as you can not hold it. It said on the website that it was 8 cm, but it should still have been clear that the pen was too short to stay in. And then I still have ... Read more


written by , 25/12/09

I wanted it just do not believe - it works

Beta Pen

written by Mathias, 28/12/09

Looks like the pencil and I still have no idea how it even gets a text. You have to press a little harder and the stalk is short so there is no pen to write with on a regular basis. Rather like spare ... Read more


written by Markman, 08/02/10

Tar's not at all material, but works ok on plain paper. Is a bit awkward to hold if you have a little more going on, but you should just write a little each time so it works ok. Have not tried any... Read more

Beta Pen

written by Johan, 13/05/10

Yes, the beta group fulfills its function, CSA far to write with it is going to do. How much and how long any time. The only thing is that it is too short. Nothing to write an essay directly. So there... Read more

Unexpected tygnd

written by Jonathan Gryveken, 17/07/10

There are not so many words one can use to describe a pen. It does exactly what it promises to do. It writes on almost any paper material. And it looks like you write with a pencil. It surprised me, h... Read more

Very great product :)

written by , 29/11/10

I find it very interesting how small is beautiful this Beta Pen is and in spite of a metal mine writes! From my blog, I have a detailed review including photos Read more

Beta Pen: A very good Christmas gift for eternity

written by Ines Schröder, Sallolli, 30/11/10

The beta-Pen is quite small and is heavy in the hand. I find that very pleasant. The letter with the pen but first some getting used to, because you already have to press pretty Doll to gain a good re... Read more

beta pen

written by jegskalige, 16/12/10

I have briefly tried the pen and think it is good, however, it is written a little blurry - but still readable. The pen should be given as Christmas and I'm quite sure it will be a hit.

metal pen

written by thunderhart, 24/12/10

for all pen lovers who want a cool pen for life

written by , 27/12/10

works to write on almost anything. however, is a bit too small and the writing is weak.

written by Robin, 27/12/10

Cool pen, but so incredibly short that it can not possibly keep it relatively convenient and write with it. This will just be somewhere and look pretty.

Beta Pen

written by Sabine, 28/12/10

A gift for someone who has almost everything! The pen is handy, unbreakable, fits in any pocket and fuktioniert properly. The packaging is great, one does not equal what's splashing around. The pi... Read more

very interesting

written by Carolin Schwarz, 28/12/10

The product is packaged in any case itself very beautiful and the design like anyone who is on simplicity and stainless steel. However, I am not quite sure if the material really does not wear out. Af... Read more

written by Lale, 03/01/11

My friend was thrilled :)


written by Yaouzo, 04/01/11

Was a Christmas present for my brother. The pen has a high cool factor :) You try again and again if he actually wrote. And as a key ring you this Practical part always. Must me on occasion even one s... Read more

Friend is thrilled!

written by Maja, 07/01/11

...what more do you want! :) Yes, ok, it looks a little "Bleistifftmäßig" on the paper! But, as I said, my friend has the gift very much, so I'm excited about the "Beta Pen"!

Beta Pen

written by Sturla Sæther, Oppdal, 07/03/11

My in prikk..Det is difficult with a ballpoint pen on the trim items in winter. Beta Pen has solved my registrations trim records ..


written by Laube , 09/04/11

The beta-Pen has appealed to me about the matter the same as the pen, I have been dumped in the car, were always empty when I wanted to use it. Unfortunately, my tip is broken from special alloy. Perh... Read more


written by K.i , 15/04/11

So First read emotion nil but that's not actually the he worst is just about only about 8cm ie for me too small to write and Währe actually been his main task Well all in all a funny thing but can... Read more


written by , 16/05/11

This is the thing for all those who have felt the need to write something when it rains or up against a wall and then ends the pen to work. Or there is something important going on, and so you can not... Read more

Small and practical

written by Jasna, 23/05/11

I'm really surprised at how well the beta Pen writes, although he really is completely made of metal - I could not quite imagine me before. One must initially still used to the slightly scratchy w... Read more

written by André, 29/06/11

Works really well in all weather conditions. The only problem may be that there is no paper that works in quite as many weather ... anything Coolstuff to start figuring on maybe? The text is a little ... Read more

beta Pen

written by Jane, 13/07/11

My son bought Beta Pen as a birthday present for his father. Both father and son are happy pen. Delivery service also impeccable. Thanks!


written by Lila, 24/07/11

Works well in all weather conditions, very easy to deal with on your key ring!

Finally a pen you can use anywhere!

written by ØL, 12/08/11

Genial pen that you can use unison anytime .. writes on wet paper ... Only minus e that it should gradually SLIGHTLY longer .. a bit difficult to write with it if you've got some big hands ..

Something too short

written by Simone, 26/08/11

This stylish pin comes well packaged in a beautiful box. It is (due to the material) quite heavy and, unfortunately, very short, the write something more difficult, because it is not as good in the ha... Read more

Already broken

written by Simone, 31/08/11

Addition to my first review: The pen is now once fallen and already the air has dissolved and the thing is broken ...

written by Torje, 18/10/11

Handy to have in your key ring, but not go to print with ...

Beta-Pen metal pin

written by , 19/11/11

Positive: - The pen writes well visible on paper - Very interesting and fascinating - comes in beautiful packaging - delivery very fast Negative: - The pen is relatively difficult - when writing it sc... Read more

Beta-Pen metal pin

written by dennis, 10/12/11

super brilliant thing which one can actually write ... you should always have with them because it's worth it.

well well

written by elisa, 14/12/11

Kam definitely quickly, tried the same ... Is just quite small, but writes are not bad when you get used to it. For people with large hands is not really what. And the nearly 20 €, even conditionally ... Read more


written by Jannicke, 16/12/11

This pen was slightly smaller than I had envisioned, had known forgot to see the size of the description. But it is perfect for the car / pocket / purse - and it seems ALWAYS - just like the ad says. ... Read more

Beta Pen

written by ts, 21/12/11

Beta Pen - it works like magic but with these metal mine can really write. A very attractive and exceptional writing instrument, I can only recommend. Previously I had frankly my doubts whether that r... Read more

It's perfectly alright

written by Joe Cool, 23/12/11

Have the pen bought so I finally no longer classified at home got the empty :-) quality is really good, looks very noble made. However, it is quite small, so it hatnicht the normal size of a coolie! H... Read more

Review of BetaPen

written by Mathias Littau, 23/12/11

First of all, high praise for on their super good service (got my items 1.5 days after ordered) When I first saw BetaPen I thought for a second that I had ordered it with key ring, but so... Read more

written by Kjokling, 26/12/11

Pen that works in all Slagter weather!

great gift

written by SaDaSi, 29/12/11

Looking for a gender-neutral Wichtelgeschenk I found the beta Pen metal pin. he immediately caught my attention by his extraordinary Mine. A pen I wanted to give away under any circumstances, but this... Read more

destroyed his

written by , 30/12/11

pen that would work in any weather could not bear the pressure when I tried to write with it. then the tip broke off before I got started. after it wrote nothing. it was like scratching into something... Read more

written by Adi, 09/01/12

very nice toy :)

good to have as a backup

written by Emil Pedersen, 28/09/12

Beta Pen is not the perfect pen, it is great to have in your pocket for an emergency and then fills it not very much. all in all I am satisfied with the purchase :-)

good but small

written by redred, 30/10/12

the part writes very well, makes a fine, gray-colored dot. Unfortunately, it is so small that you can hold it only good, not very good in the hand. therefore 1 stage trigger.


written by Fredrik, 31/10/12

Right disappointed with the pen. I bought it for girlfriend because she solves crosswords but it does not bite the newspaper materials. If you type in the printer paper is a bit more robust (ie pappte... Read more

Must take in

written by Sådär, 14/11/12

Must take in pretty much to even get noticed on a paper. Do not know if it's a Sunday copy or not, but yes ... have to take in some ... sometimes the paper apart.

Christmas present

written by Miimii, 25/12/12

I gave this a Christmas present for my father, and I am very happy with my choice. First, the product received very fond of wondering that what is this? At that point, had to explain a little bit how ... Read more

nice thought

written by CasCa, 29/12/12

It's a nice thought behind the pen, some sort of eternity pen. The problem is that I bought a Christmas gift to a poet as a symbol of eternal writing and when he tried to write with it so it does ... Read more

Printer for indistinct

written by Viking, 30/12/12

Was intended as a Christmas gift, but did not qualify to be placed under the tree. The pen gives an impression of quality. The functioning properly, but the line it writes in such a light gray color t... Read more

That deserves a beta review ;-)

written by Seba aus der Ferne, Germany 23/04/13

Yes, yes, that's for a pin which is working well, and where the air does not break off, need not be replaced and ... is loving not alpha-moderately! And writes well ;-)

Limping quality

written by Skäggapan, Sweden 17/05/13

Bought beta button on a keychain. The rubber strip between the key part and the pen went off and came off the first day. I guess that is why the pen screwed out of himself into his pocket and came off... Read more


written by Silke, Germany 22/04/14

I was in the order really skeptical that the pen really works and does what it promises?!? Lo and behold ... he does it! Small, handy, practical and thus always with you! Super gift idea by the way :-... Read more

Trade safely with cool stuff they deliver in a ruff

written by Mona, Denmark 05/01/15

I am extremely pleased with the deal in Cool Stuff, they live completely up to their promises, good and fast delivery.

very fine writing instrument

written by cojiro, Germany 11/01/15

In short: this pen is great !!! I can write very well with him, he is good in the hand (if you get along with shorter pins), looks nice and makes a durable impression. Clear I discovered breits scuffs... Read more

Works perfectly, writes like a pencil

written by Taisia, Sweden 29/05/15

A bit hard to keep it from my fiancé, I have to buy one for him. As the key is always with me.

gift for dad

written by Tytär, Finland 13/11/15

Father's Day gift I bought a pen and yes it was delighted. I could think of a suitable product even better outdoor people such as runners or the hunter!

Good gift for your partner

written by taisia, Sweden 24/11/15

It does not matter that it is short, clear that it is not made to write novels with it: D Writes the pencil.


written by Riffraff , Germany 04/01/16

I hope this pen writes really everywhere. Typeface little weak, more gray. But great idea. Blitzversand.


written by Gregor, Germany 11/03/16

The idea: Super, I hope he writes a lifetime, then there is a star now. Functionality: writes gray like a pencil, that's ok. Handling used to, as a little too short, but ok. Price / Performance: t... Read more


written by D, Sweden 09/05/16

It was good. The text is that of a pencil. However, the text is best on white paper. Not so clear on cardboard or newspaper, then it becomes more then that to carve with a knife. But you have to watch... Read more

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