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Big Face T-shirts

With a pleasant 3D feeling, your favourite animal looks out from your torso creating an effect both cute and absurd.

Big Face T-shirts - Pug L
Pug L
73 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Big Face T-shirts - Pug M
Pug M
100 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Big Face T-shirts - Pug S
Pug S
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Big Face T-shirts - Pug XL
Pug XL
48 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Big Face T-shirts - Guinea Pig S
Guinea Pig S
16 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Big Face T-shirts - Guinea Pig XL
Guinea Pig XL
23 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

72 reviews

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What is this?

Awesome t-shirt!

written by Emelie, 20/12/12

I bought the guinea pig t-shirt and it was just as I had expected. They saw that it was supposed to be a guinea pig.


written by Pernilla , 24/12/12

The daughter of 11 years got a chiuaua-shirts and she was overjoyed. Beauty is there as well and looks really funny on different with only facial scene. Big plus for coolstuff who called the day after... Read more


written by Stefan, 31/12/12

These very funny shirts are big in size. Bought a sweater in the Large which rather looked like XL.


written by Lena, 31/12/12

Funny T-shirt, which corresponds well with the description. A little further model, sitting nicely. The color of the pig sweater is slightly dark, I would have preferred that it was a bit more pink.

fun shirt

written by Sven, 31/12/12

The sweater was quite okay but the picture is not quite as dynamic as it appears on the page. But okay anyway.


written by Christine, 01/01/13

Wonderful T-Shirt. This one falls determined everywhere. My daughter was very happy about it. Gladly again !

T-Shirt seeing

written by Göran, 01/01/13

Cat motive was appreciated by the 20-year-old, who received the garment. The quality of the fabric feels good. Hope that the fabric and pressure will be the same even after washing.

Funny T-Shirts

written by Johanna, 01/01/13

These thought I myself saw the fun out and it was a very fun and appreciated gift. The children were of course super happy.

Big Face T-shirts: Cat Designs

written by MGB, 01/01/13

Fun motifs to choose from. Good quality of the shirt and the fine print. Estimated as a Christmas gift to her partner with cat motif.

Funny T-Shirts

written by MJ, 02/01/13

The t-shirts big face was quite big in size, unfortunately. Have not had time to wash it so it might shrink a little.

Beautiful T-shirt

written by hanne, 02/01/13

t-shirt corresponds precisely to the description. Good quality. Mogtageren was very surprised and very happy.


written by Mikael, 02/01/13

Amazingly funny t-shirt that seems to be of good quality. Have never gotten so many comments on a t-shirt that I have received for this. :)

Big Face T-Shirt

written by LenaGN, 02/01/13

Very nice shirt, just seems good quality but oh, what great colors! Ordered L and XL, the size I usually order, but had probably passed me with S and M instead.

Big face t-shirt

written by Stina, 03/01/13

Ordered t-shirt for my 9 year old daughter - who loves dogs, and found a picture of a dog's head almost similar to our own dog = perfect. But had doubts about the sizes - whether it was child - or... Read more


written by Mej, 03/01/13

Okay, do not think size is so excessive, it was actually quite moderate in the size I usually have. Medium was good to an adult who has medium else in my opinion. Pig shirt is dark pink and the pig is... Read more

Not quite as expected ...

written by Jessica, 03/01/13

Thought it would be more 3D effect. Especially when I just held up the sweater in front of me so it looked pretty boring out. But with my (Labrador ownership) Attached inside gave it a completely diff... Read more

great success

written by marianne, 04/01/13

was almost like winning the lottery. Great success in both recipient and the recipient's cat .. it had almost packed litterbox to leave home.


written by Lotta, 07/01/13

Super satisfied with my Pork Tee! The delivery was quick and the sweater is wonderful! The will I use a lot and I will definitely buy more from Coolstuff.


written by AG, 07/01/13

Back 3D effect and look cheap, however, is still funny. had been reasonable that the cost type 90 bucks for it looks very cheap!


written by milla, 07/01/13

Guinea pig looked very real. Very nice!! I would argue that t-shirt model is a little male and quite large in size.


written by milla, 07/01/13

Guinea pig looked very real. Very nice!! I would argue that t-shirt model is a little male and quite large in size.


written by Mia, 08/01/13

A t-shirt of good breed standard and with good proportions. Manageable and with a nice exterior ... dog owners dregglar of jealousy!

Big Face T-Shirt

written by Nilla, 16/01/13

Good colors of the shirts. Fine print. Yet only used and washed them one time, so in terms of print durability I do not know much about yet. What I object to is the washing instructions. To those who ... Read more

Some extenders str

written by Steinar, 29/01/13

We ordered XL a little big man, but it was almost a tent .. Okay if it is stated that str is a bit larger than normal. Otherwise shirts funny!

Good tshirt but very large sizes

written by Wilhelm, 07/02/13

Cool t-shirt, but the sizes were very large compared to what T-shirts usually have in business. 3D effect is really nice in the distance!

super fast delivery

written by Ben-G, 07/02/13

my sister was very happy o satisfied! Quick response and fast delivery. gladly buy again! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Much appreciated gift!

written by Ida, 07/02/13

And all giggles when tshirt is on. Better gift could I not given my dear partner, as ploy gift on the 40th day! Fast delivery. Better in reality than in the picture. That alone makes it all worth it.

pug Tshirt

written by Morsaja, 08/02/13

Gift for one who loves all animals especially Pugs, where she is very proud of the gift, I been jealous'll have to buy me one himself.

Not so good

written by Max, 08/02/13

The size would be narrow but it was rather like M !!! The T-shirt see clearly cooler in pictures than in reality

Good print quality and comfort.

written by Ole-Morten, 20/02/13

T-shirts of this type may have a tendency to get a little "plastic fantastic" and will then tend to be a bit stiff and irritating (scratching) and that the flaking ... But NOT THIS! It is so... Read more


written by MissM, 25/02/13

Spot T-shirt! However, very large in size, more like a xxl than xl tyckter me. It looks otherwise like the product picture. Fun gift to give away.


written by Cilla, 25/02/13

My partner wants so much to have a dog again, he is even active in the dog club despite being several years ago our dog passed away ... Also whines he that he does not move as much when he did not nee... Read more


written by carina, 26/02/13

Really nice t-shirts and other things. top shop. Will buy more nice things. Also fast delivery.

Pet Sweater

written by Vov, 04/03/13

Top Nice sweater. Good quality. Good fit. Many designs to choose from. Both adults and children.


written by Maggan., 13/03/13

I bought a cat t-shirt that was much appreciated by me! Good brand, bought this brand in a store förrut so I know what it is for !! Lovely picture of a giant cat face ..! T-shirt shrink almost nothing... Read more

Chihuahua T-Shirt

written by T5, 14/03/13

Chihuahua t-shirt really comes to life when you are moving, leading to many smiles on the town. Vädigt popular among my friends.

Very happy!

written by Trubbnos, 25/03/13

Was so pleased! Both were jättefina. Great quality, cool and airy. Bought a pug and with the kitten. The kitten as a gift became very popular, amazingly cute! Hejnöjd!

Fine T-Shirt

written by Olof, 29/03/13

First impression was that the ecological dyeing smelled stall, so after a quick test of fit (it is loose-fit) was right in the wash. Washed once was the smell neutral colors are not affected by washin... Read more

The world's coolest sweater guinea pigs

written by Mia, 29/03/13

Thanks to previous reviews, I ordered a template. It was good, it is stooor in size. The quality amazing. The pressure is set slightly askew, but this is definitely a sweater that leaves no iberörd. R... Read more

great quality

written by Jane, 08/04/13

Fast delivery. Very fine quality. Over forventning.Flot and professional print. A really nice gift.

Super Quality & Lifelike !!

written by Cool Cat, Sweden 25/04/13

We bought this T-shirt for our daughter's birthday. She loves cat and this T-shirt was wonderful as a gift! Very "lifelike" We love it!

Very good

written by Robin, Norway 23/05/13

I bought a t-shirt with a pig. T-shirt looks good. It was very comfortable to wear. Quality was top notch. It does not itch or something. That's fine. Getting those who want a little fun and speci... Read more

fine product

written by Dorthe Thorhauge, Denmark 04/06/13

T-shirtsen looked as expected, the one with cats face, that is, as you could see on the picture. However, I think that it is a great size small. T-shirt works as a whole performed as it is not just ca... Read more

Large Sizes!

written by Finnepinne, Sweden 10/06/13

Coolstuff Description: ■ "Big Face T-Shirts are loose in the fit. You want tight fit so choose one size smaller than you usually have" sizes are very large so I recommend choosing a T-shirt ... Read more


written by Maria, Norway 05/08/13

Incredibly funny T.shirt gets noticed in training or party hard not to draw a smile!

Really nice t-shirt

written by Labbe, Sweden 26/08/13

Is pleased with Big Face T-shirt I ordered. Ordered black Labrador, which was fun as there is often only yellow '' lab-ice '' on things. Good quality and fit nicely (betällde a larger ... Read more

Pig T-shirt

written by Matilda, Sweden 26/08/13

Not quite as "3D" as in the pictures, but fun enough. Maybe slightly overpriced for what you get. Much appreciated gift!


written by Mopsan, Sweden 01/10/13

I wanted something with my favorite dog and ordered this big beautiful t-shirt that I can have on me when I'm free.

Pug meetings mops

written by Cams, Denmark 10/10/13

Got a picture taken of me where my pug sitting on my knees and looks the same way as on the T-shirt. Fantastic effect. Especially when you are overweight, get T shirt to his right (big belly and breas... Read more

Stylish cat sweater

written by Anki, Sweden 22/11/13

Really nice shirt. Incredible Cat! So neat and looks real when you look at it as one sees a cat watching us!

Big fuss in the guinea pig lover

written by HermineH, Norway 06/01/14

As a "nonsense gift" for Christmas I bought a guinea pig t shirt for our 15 year old guinea pig enthusiasts daughter. She thought it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Unfortunately the little excessiv... Read more

wrong to be

written by Henke , Sweden 06/01/14

Yes I received the wrong T-shirt, but it had to do because of a shortage of time for Christmas. Otherwise everything was good .With Sincerely, Henrik

Got the wrong product

written by Johnny, Sweden 21/01/14

Did not get the t-shirt that I ordered as gifts. But was pleased with the response when I called you. You must repay the money and t-shirt, we got to keep if we wanted

Big Face T-Shirt

written by Lena, Sweden 31/01/14

Bought the T-shirt with the black Labrador on. Cool but size Large was larger than I expected. The picture is not much 3-D prescribed, but super delicious nonetheless!

The product never arrived!

written by Bromma2, Sweden 11/02/14

The product never arrived. Encountered customer service but got no response within days. Had to call twice which one I waited for 8 minutes without getting an answer. The second time, I got answers an... Read more

Pug T-Shirt

written by Helen, Sweden 26/02/14

Great fun gift! Nice print, but very big in size! Ordered L but should best M. So take a size smaller than you normally wear.

Great Dog Shirt

written by Graf vom Hochsitz, Germany 03/03/14

Truly a great T-shirt. Even my dog ​​did not recognize me. So a great friend, he had not yet seen. One can only further. Shipments also tip !!!

Fun and good quali

written by Smartekanin, Norway 10/03/14

My bigface t-shirt was quickly delivered. Good quality, nice color, but slightly large in size. Fun and comfortable to wear, one höjdare ;-)


written by Maltin, Germany 23/05/14

The shirt was a gift for a friend who has also very pleased. It looks great fun! Unfortunately, it is quite big to her, even though I bought it in "s".

Pig T-Shirt

written by Fredde, Sweden 25/07/14

A highly regarded 40-year gift, the pressure really resembled a pig. The quality of it is not possible to judge when it is probable way will never be used.

Everything as it should

written by A.D.B., Germany 01/12/14

I think the T-shirt really awesome. I ordered it in the Pug variant in XL and have to say, excited the pug with its rolling eyes, and looks exactly like the photos. In addition, the size fits (Xl fall... Read more

Christmas gift!

written by Pottittwoman, Norway 15/12/14

To my best friend because she will love it! Funny t-shirt that will grab some attention. But what does that matter ??

Good service

written by Sabine, Germany 25/12/14

The Short was exactly as advertised, everything fits perfectly! In addition still the excellent service - I was completely satisfied!

The Mountain - Big Face T-Shirts

written by Wheegee, Germany 04/01/15 hyped! These t-shirts are amazing, I can only recommend! If purchased as a surprise and the new owner no longer draws from ...

Fast delivery!

written by Ann Christina, Denmark 05/01/15

We are satisfied with Cool Stuffs phone service and delivery was excellent. The last star is missing because the t shirt was very large. Could have wished for a child-sized or x small. For an 11-year-... Read more

Superfine shirt top quality

written by Annlaug, Norway 20/03/15

I ordered this in XL to a good little friend who gåve. It came after a short time in the mail and I see no why it is worth the price of NOK 300 which is of course a part of ein t shirt. Press, seams a... Read more


written by Mobbelmalen, Germany 01/09/15

Good things ...... fast delivery .... highly recommended ... .................... beautiful patterns and selection

Big face

written by Lena, Sweden 05/10/15

Super Cool comfortable sweater with great fit, fast delivery. Kept the form o color well in the first wash. Only ++++++++


written by Silje DA, Norway 10/12/15

Very funny and sweet product. The printed pattern on the jersey was terrific, and it seems like it's going to look good even after many washes. Bought it as a Christmas gift for a friend who loves... Read more

everything perfect

written by socke107, Germany 24/12/15

all as described, top ware, shipping faster, be up again, highly recommended.

Super T-Shirt for Pug lovers

written by Neukunde, Germany 28/01/16

Fast plastically comes across the Pug face. The T-shirts have a stable quality and a good cut. The delivery took place at the 3rd working day after ordering. Everything was great - highly recommended

funny t-shirt for my wife

written by Willi, Germany 18/05/16

The T-shirt has a good quality (thick fabric, seams are well made, the pressure is properly) And it smells nothing to chemistry. , , how many from the Far East :-)

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