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Bird Nesting Box With Camera

What do birds really do all day? Find out with the bird world's answer to the Big Brother house!

Bird Nesting Box With Camera - Bird Nesting Box With Camera (EU Plug)
Bird Nesting Box With Camera (EU Plug)
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Exciting product for a bird friend

written by RealRebel, 22/01/13

The product looks solid and usable out. Slightly disappointing image quality of the camera, but hopefully good enough to get a glimpse of the birds 'secret' life. It remains to be see whether ... Read more

Birdhouse with camera

written by Kafffegök, Sweden 27/05/13

Meets expectations well. Good picture, even in the dark. All that remains is to get tenants in the nest,


written by Isa S., Sweden 13/06/13

Very fuzzy camera image. Very fuzzy camera image. Very fuzzy camera image. Very fuzzy camera image.

Nesting box with camera

written by Rhs, Norway 05/07/13

Very good and fast delivery. Should be interesting for the whole extended family to follow through on what happens inside the bird box. Going to hang it up at the cabin. Home a we frightened cat Sofus... Read more

review score

written by Björn, Sweden 13/02/14

The box was ok. However, your payment routines rejected. If I buy that business so I naturally want to have the invoice sent to the company. Then you take the credit on my private! Stop it! Bear

Birdhouse with camera.

written by Bette, Sweden 11/04/15

Ordered a birdhouse with camera for Christmas with my in-laws. They did not try the camera until it was time to put it up this spring. It did not work. Was very well greeted by the cool stuff, returne... Read more

Splendid product

written by Leksa, Finland 23/09/15

Excellent product and delivery. Really plug and play kit. Good picture. I really can give a recommendation. Anxiously waiting for spring and nesting birds.

Nesting box with camera

written by Manu, Germany 11/01/16

The delivery was very quick and everything was as expected. Due to the weather we could the nest box is not housebound hanging but the camera is already in the feeder in action. Very satisfied with Co... Read more

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