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Lumibrix light

Piece together your own lamp in any shape you like. Your imagination is the limit! The lamp consists of 240 building blocks that can be arranged in an infinite number of ways.

Lumibrix light - White
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Lumibrix light - Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Lumibrix light - Green
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Lumibrix light - Pink
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Lumibrix light - CoolStuff Batteries AA Alkaline 10-pack
CoolStuff Batteries AA Alkaline 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Lumibrix light - CoolStuff Batteries AA Alkaline 4-pack
CoolStuff Batteries AA Alkaline 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Right disposed Info

written by Beermann, Sweden 24/11/15

A little bad that it is not clear that one does not get with the contact part to USBsladden, lucky to have a mobile charger you can steal the contact from.


written by Susi, Germany 08/12/15

Great idea, parts fit together very well. Always find a new arrangement. Toll would be other colors.

Fun, but requires strong fingers

written by Caitlyn, Denmark 14/12/15

Works great and is super fun to build, and build on, except that the stones sitting wild firmly so it can be hard to get them apart again.

Super great gift for "big" guys who like to build

written by M. Voigt, Germany 17/12/15

Have the lamp for our 16 year old boy brought as a gift and it arrived super. The lamp can be rebuilt as a Lego box repeatedly. The light is very bright and adjustable through touch function. Comes ve... Read more

Fun lamp!

written by M02, Sweden 18/12/15

Is very pleased with this lamp! Feels hefty, keeps construction eager fingers. Glad you also can buy in other colors o build together! Good price! Two thumbs from me.

really Funny

written by moas, Sweden 26/12/15

Giant Funny thing, even for a 13 year old guy. If you have byggarfantasi and also is interested in building Lego without templates so it is really funny.

Block Light LED

written by Maria, Sweden 01/01/16

Block Light LED looks like a skyscraper with lights fixed, you can build on to what you want. I found that the Block Light LED was very nice but I thought it would shine more, so I wanted to know how ... Read more

Cool - but difficult to rebuild

written by Jeanette, Sweden 05/01/16

The lamp was amazing! With different brightness and touch on / off it went really home! However, the blocks a bit too "hard" and the guy at 8 years who received it had broken a few when he t... Read more

good light

written by Amanda, Sweden 07/01/16

Jättefint light with three different strengths which gives nice light. LEGO pieces set so tightly together that it is very difficult to break them apart to build new forms.

Gift arrived super

written by Käuferin, Germany 30/01/16

I have the Block Light LED paid my nephews 13th birthday; He is very enthusiastic about his new "cool Lego Lamp". Since I wanted to know how I look, they can first send me and then sent on. ... Read more


written by Peter, Sweden 21/03/16

The product is clearly brilliant! A little pricey, but a good LED lamp, which has three different strengths. The only thing missing is a power cable to the lamp, it had concluded that had become my ra... Read more

My nephew loved the

written by AP, Denmark 04/04/16

The lamp works exactly as described, but when the light is not always up to the top (depending on how you "collect" it). It was soon forgiven because my nephew was so happy for it. One each ... Read more

bedside lamp

written by Milla, Sweden 03/05/16

bought blue with white as extra. la vita around its pilot as it gets stronger light. only blue became darker. shame that can not move its pilot to own position. otherwise fun thing to build on from ti... Read more

Gift arrived super!

written by Ida, Germany 22/06/16

We bought LumiBrix as a gift for our 15 year old nephew and it arrived super! He is thrilled and has tried a few variations. :-)

Nice idea

written by Gregor, Germany 17/08/16

Would be very cool if there were, for example devices with LEDs. A microprocessor in the main module, executing a program, with which, for example, the LED modules turned on and off, may be dimmed, or... Read more

Lumibrix - was a great gift

written by Marianne Jessen , Denmark 24/08/16

We gave "Lumibrix" as a gift for a 10 year old. She immediately started to gather light. It was super easy, so it was assembled in no time. There was even batteries, so there could be light ... Read more

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