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Blow Monkey

Blow Monkey devotes its life to drying your nail polish! It sits there all cute on a shelf until you place your fingers on the monkey's small banana plate, then it immediately begins to blow your nail polish beautiful and dry.

Blow Monkey - Blow Monkey
Blow Monkey
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Blow Monkey - Batteries AAA 4-pack
Batteries AAA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Blow Monkey - Batteries AAA 10-pack
Batteries AAA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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477 reviews

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What is this?

written by Lizette, 15/06/09

When I opened the package with my sweet little pusteabe, it was even cuter than the pictures. And when I threw the batteries, puffing on my nail polish dry in no time. Not only that it is mega cute an... Read more

Brilliant toy.

written by Putte, 17/06/09

Seen as a whole, '' blow-monkey '' a brilliant invention. For the woman annoys not often, the nail polish that has long tørre'tid where you repeatedly blows and range - to achieve ... Read more


written by Claes Johansson, 25/08/09

Hey! Ordered this product for my girlfriend's daughter's behalf. She wanted her mother would be a cool thing when she turned. And I can say that it went home with her .. She was so happy :) MV... Read more


written by Sanna, 02/09/09

Whole great ape that helps to blow dry the nails after they enchanted to the nails. Funny and cute to look at is of course a big plus ^^.

Grim funny monkey

written by Cowman81, 11/09/09

This blåsapa is funny as hell. Perfect to give as gifts in a kit with nail polish to a girl. I promise it will be appreciated :) 5 stars to blow monkey

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Ludvig, 13/09/09

I bought this product as a gift for my mother. The wind blows pretty much making the nail polish dries quickly. However, it is a bit misleading, as the monkey does not blow with your mouth, but just a... Read more

Much appreciated

written by Snsoken, 30/09/09

For a person who has trouble sitting still while the polish dries, this is an excellent gift! =)

More like a fun thing

written by Emmie, 30/09/09

I'll get my nails every week and thought that this would help but it's pretty useless but as I said, it's a fun idea and a fun thing.

Nice product, but it floundered a bit with the order

written by goran, 03/11/09

Podukten was for my wife, she was surprised, but a small error on it. Got a quick response from customer service for a new one, good response time.


written by Lisa, 06/11/09

This will be a Christmas present for my boyfriend's little sister who is 9 years old and who like nail polish. What the cute monkey works perfect complement. Very charming and much larger in size ... Read more

funny stuff

written by Sara, 21/11/09

A very cute monkey who blow dry their nails after painting. Maybe not as fast but does make it! I was happy!

written by Ebbe, 27/11/09

The monkeys we first got did not work, but after 2 after deliveries we got some that worked so there were no more problems.

It will be perfect .. :)

written by Rebecka, 03/12/09

It will be perfect for the person who will get it .. she paints her nails every day in a new color .. so it will fit nicely .. + that it was really sweet.

Fun and Practical

written by Perra, 07/12/09

A very fun and appreciated Blåsapa that my girlfriend got a gift. She is thrilled with it and give her even a smile when she uses it ..

perfect gift

written by Michelle, 22/12/09

Perfect gift for her sister. She really enjoyed it and thought it worked well. Can clearly recomend it!


written by Kjell, 24/12/09

A perfectly ok nail dryer. A bit too loud but it seemed to work. Otherwise, a cool ptyl.

"Pusteabe Nail Dryer"

written by , 25/12/09

Negletørreren is pretty good (according to my girlfriend), when you are busy and must have dried her nails, so it is highly recommended.

Blåsapa-drying nail polish

written by Carina, 25/12/09

A product that is good, practical and at the same time irresistibly söt.Mycket user.

written by , 25/12/09

Fast processing and delivery. Would be fine

written by , 26/12/09

the monkey is super! He conjures up a smile on the face and looks sensational :)

Cute little monkey

written by Mette K., 28/12/09

It's a cute and fun little monkey, but think you have to arm themselves with much patience if it is to dry the nails on 10 fingers. The fan simply not very much.

written by Johanna, 28/12/09

Super cute nageltorkare. Gave it away for Christmas, much appreciated!


written by calle, 28/12/09

it is really funny as hell they go after not stop skaratta when you see it


written by Thias, 29/12/09

I gave respective Blåsapa to my teenage daughters for Christmas and it was your spirits at the opening! ;-) It works well, but has a tendency to "turn off" times. Then it is just to "ro... Read more

Blue fingers?

written by , 31/12/09

This had been a very useful device if it were not for the slow button! Because of the sluggish button will blow monkey just a fun gadget that is never used.

Little girls toys!

written by novavita, 02/01/10

Cute Geschänk for Teenes. Unfortunately, the air does not come out of the monkey mouth but from a small opening below the mouth. Something a little air which blows the monkey since. Despite a bit of f... Read more

funny thing

written by Dennis, 04/01/10

Bought it as a Christmas present for my boyfriend mostly because it looked like fun. She thought it was cute but still blows the warm air might not be good to know ... I'm happy anyway :)


written by Linnéa, 04/01/10

Gave it to my sister for Christmas, much appreciated! :) The button, however, was very slow but otherwise it was very good!


written by Sim_95, 04/01/10

Great idea!!! The nails dry completely already after a few seconds! Really a lohnens- and VERY cheap buy !! Moreover, it is in the form of monkeys very cute =)

so Sööt!

written by ida-marie, 04/01/10

A cute little monkey that blow dry your nail polish. = O) Be the first bit skeptical but work great. The only thing that bothers some is swelling so, hum but it is probably impossible to avoid. = O)


written by M, 04/01/10

Both sweet and efficient!


written by Amanda, 05/01/10

This had to be my Christmas present for my sister. Very cute and bigger than I first thought. Had trouble getting it to work at first, but after a little feuding with batteries went there. However, as... Read more

cute gift

written by Sara, 06/01/10

I've got this little cute thing by my equally cute boyfriend. I love to keep on with nails and why it was absolutely perfect for me. I have nail polish that dries quickly by itself but also those ... Read more

Unnecessary, but sweet

written by Hilda, 06/01/10

A really cute little thing that blows properly, but feels awfully unnecessary. Today's nail polish dries so fast anyway. But it was unnecessary safety factor that got me to buy it, for what you bu... Read more


written by HSA, 06/01/10

A really fun thing that makes you laugh for both users and onlookers. It serves as the utility gadget even if it does not have the best efficiency, but it separates the big prize for beauty salons pro... Read more

written by Kertan, 08/01/10

Damn funny thing that I bought for my brother's daughter, 3 years old, who appreciated the mkt. Make nail painting very good fun.

written by Michi, 09/01/10

Super Original Gift ... at Kam very good. Cute design and good functionality -> Recommended!

Funniest gift!

written by Chris, 09/01/10

Maybe not quite as functional but otherwise a clear spot gift! was rated the most beautiful Christmas present ...

Blåsapa Nageltorkare, a real treat!

written by Patrik, 12/01/10

The ultimate gift for her. This blåsapa cute, sweet and incredibly useful. Moreover, it is inexpensive and easy to store. Suitable as a gift for his niece or grandmother whatever the occasion, from bi... Read more


written by , 01/02/10

Super cute little monkey who achieved success as a present! Very good and quick handling of the order and delivery of! Got the goods the day after the order (as opposed to another company... Read more

Funny unnecessary thing!

written by Åsa, 18/03/10

My daughter loves to paint her nails, and then let the monkey look after drying.

written by Sylvia wulff, 10/05/10

The monkeys are to use even blow dry the nail polish, I hät not intended but it actually works.

written by Elin, 17/05/10

disappointing when it does not blow at all well, and the wind coming so far down that it is useless for the nails if you do not turn the nails / fingers in an inhuman manner ... a fun thing but unfort... Read more

Blåsapa nageltorkare

written by Therese, 09/06/10

A great Mother's Day gift. According to the mother works excellent.

Blow Monkey

written by Silvio, 18/06/10

My girlfriend (29) has just got this little gift. It's just really something different and in addition looks very cute. Definitely an eye-catcher on the shelf. Although I must say that the Blow Mo... Read more


written by , 16/07/10

Bought monkey to my best friend when I thought it was a funny idea (she loves to paint the nails), but was a bit disappointed. It was very difficult in the long run, as you can not sit and push with y... Read more

A cool gadget!

written by Milla, 09/09/10

It's a fun thing. Blow Monkey is perhaps not the most essential must-have product but I like it. Nice design and cute monkey with a nail drying function. Prima!

Brass Monkey!

written by Punkrockbarbie, 14/09/10

Felt a bit plasticky at first, but once you put the batteries worked perfectly. It's mostly a fun thing. I think it takes almost as much time by yourself blowing on the nails, but it's amazing... Read more


written by Chris010, 17/09/10

Hab gift to my sister (16) and she was happy! It's just a bit noisy.


written by pajo, 17/09/10

... Appearance but the blow to the side. Fun and funny gifts but not so good.

very cute. but so much more lies not behind it ... unfortunately

written by , 20/09/10

I have written a blog report about ^^


written by Majbrit, 20/09/10

you have to press too hard and it breathes not much s:

Poor blow ..

written by Jocke, 11/10/10

Bad blow on the monkey ... bad blow in the light and difficult to hold down the "button" as it blows while you try to wind the fingrarna..Njaaa no picnic but a cool gadget

short rapture

written by timo, 14/10/10

at the first nail polish dryer Blow Monkey we have ordered, we unfortunately had only a short joy. my little schester, for them the nail polish dryer Blow Monkey was determined, had been very pleased.... Read more

written by , 19/10/10

So I am very happy with the product. It is exactly as I had imagined. And the delivery was really fast and I had to pay no trouble! All in all ... great!

written by , 21/10/10

Is ne funny idea, unfortunately, very noisy.

written by , 21/10/10

Is ne funny idea, unfortunately, very noisy.


written by Minna,, 22/10/10

I ordered a blåsapa and got it after 2 days, really fast delivery. It works really well and is incredibly sweet, now has an honorary place on my dressing table and I'm really happy :)!

fun experience

written by M, 26/10/10

Nail polish dries a bit faster, great fun way to dry the paint on;) A little less that one keep my fingers down all the time to get it to blow ...

its awesome

written by peter Nagy, 08/11/10

sorry if i'm writing in english, its just that i cant speak swedish Anyway I liked the product very much its a very brilliant idea and it worked perfectly as a married thanks

funny thing

written by eisenschmid sonja, 16/11/10

This nail dryer is really a funny thing. Of course, totally unnecessary, but as a gift idea for nail polish fanatics a "must".


written by Emma, 18/11/10

I had expected that the monkey was quite small. Such as the fact in the picture :) When I opened the box I am pleasantly surprised - it's much bigger! The plate, you put your finger on is appropri... Read more


written by ReLkicH, 19/11/10

A funny thing that entertains but makes his task, and that is to blow dry your nails.

Fun monkey!

written by Emma, 23/11/10

Tough monkey, perfect gift with a fun nail polish. Looks cute on makeup shelf, and blowing on the good!

Paint monkeys in Test

written by Artfully, 26/11/10

When I arrived the nail polish dryer Blow Monkey at home I was very happy about this very sweet design. Then quickly inserted batteries and check them out. I have my nails painted with an otherwise sl... Read more

Blow Monkey Blow!

written by Tina Madeja, 29/11/10

I got by Cool Stuff to test your package. Specially selected I have the Blow Monkey. He should blow the nails dry after painting. I grundsetzlich problems with my fingernails. I mostly any quirks in i... Read more

written by JoHaNNa, 29/11/10

I was very skeptical about this little gadget. Can really a monkey nail blow dry? But oh how wrong I was ... It could, but took a bit long! But what does it do? So much fun to wipe nails with a blow m... Read more

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer

written by , 29/11/10

He should let the nail polish dry faster, which I find amusing and practical invention. Especially in this style you have something but have easy and I get something anyway not over ^^ How it works: T... Read more

Sweet Monkey

written by Susi, 29/11/10

Does not dry much faster than without, but as decoration, it is super! My girlfriend loves the breath noise that sounds like a Minifön :)

Cute little monkey!

written by Sandra, 29/11/10

Works well if you do not want to blow themselves completely dizzy ... Takes a little time, but the cute monkey does its job!

Funny nail dryers

written by canano, 30/11/10

The nail dryer is really "Affenstark" :) Substituting the painted finger on the button with the banana blows the monkey nail dry. The rodents dries really much faster and has simultaneously ... Read more


written by Ciran, 30/11/10

So I find this 'nail polish dryer' does not help much. it is nice to look at and also emit, but not the nail polish .. this is a great pity. I did it once tried and in about 3 minutes of nail ... Read more

OK - sweet as decoration

written by Yassi08, 30/11/10

Super fast shipment! Good! Some complain that the air does not come out of your mouth, but if they come from this height, they do not come to the nail, so I do not see this as a big deal. However, it ... Read more

Sweet idea dries the nails, but not much faster

written by Maja, 01/12/10

When I ordered the nail polish dryer, he came to soon and I was very happy. The dryer looks exactly like the pictures and I think it's really cute design. Batteries were not there, which is why I ... Read more

written by fornøyd kunde, 01/12/10

HAHA! perfect gift for the younger generation! my sister (14år) felt it was perfect! all girls / young women should have such!: D


written by , 02/12/10

It is really cute and breathes fine. However, the one mistake, it can not be switched off! So when the nails are dry batteries must be pulled out. Whether it is a general error or me who have been unf... Read more


written by ivi, 02/12/10

Just great. Just a few days after I got the confirmation e-mail, even came the package. Great product, really! Genuine buy recommendation. Not only the design is super sweet, the actual function of th... Read more

Nail Polish Dryer Blow Monkey

written by , 02/12/10

Price: € 7.90 normally in function: drying aid for the painted nail application: you press a finger at the "banana face" and below (not through Mäulchen as I would have thou... Read more

Cute but loud

written by M L-A, 03/12/10

My friend who got it as a present was so happy because she loves quirky things. But for the purpose of allowing the part and does not blow as strong and as easy as I thought. But it is very cute and s... Read more


written by Amelie, 03/12/10

I was only one of Fuen points! I gave this product to my sister for her birthday. She was very excited and tried it immediately. And shon there was the monkey on his mind. Although he was still blowin... Read more


written by vyvy tran, 04/12/10

This nail dryer worked fat! My nails were dry faster than expected. But there is little sucks that you have to "touch" fingers down all the time, but it's just the way it works. It's... Read more

Review Cool Stuff blow monkey

written by Beauty Engel , 05/12/10

Hello everyone, today there is the review for Cool Stuff nail polish dryer. Pro cute appearance helps to dry the nail polish faster great Christmas Contra very loud LG Eure Beauty Angel

My little monkey

written by elschummi - Elke Behrendt, 05/12/10

I was totally surprised and not really thought that, as a little monkey sometimes just dries the painted nails. Hab deceived me and am very satisfied. A great thing this Blow Monkey Nail Dryer. Class,... Read more

Very good!

written by Sofia, 06/12/10

I ordered a blåsapa, I'll give my little sister for Christmas. Coolstuff has given me a great impression, I got blow monkey day after I ordered it. Worked well did it too. Highly Recommend!

Really sweet !

written by B.B.B, 07/12/10

The order came quickly to my door. However, it is not as strong in blow-strength but tilgengæld is the incredibly cute and works c ")

Brass Monkey

written by Jenny, 07/12/10

So nice and avoid blowing yourself, waving or wait forever. There is only one thing and say: Girls buy the little monkey, it is very helpful. Fast, efficient and super comfortable. / http://jennyloves... Read more


written by, 07/12/10

"It blew me away" cute little nail polish dryer with large "blowing force" good price too


written by karin, 09/12/10

it was fast delivery, well packaged. thought it would blow a little more from the monkey, but it was still okay with that it could achieve. happy with what I got. as a whole outweigh the positives, wi... Read more


written by, 09/12/10

Ingvild: I think this was very sweet and cheap, and not least: it works! :-) The only thing you do is take your fingers on the plate with bananas and press it down - so windy monkey nail polish dry! N... Read more

written by julia, 10/12/10

The monkey is really cute and working perfectly, but if you have to wipe all of its 10 fingers and have two layers, so it may well smell a bit burned, like an old and overused blow dry.

the lacquer becomes really ugly

written by , 11/12/10

Those who studied nail care / manicure know that you should not blow on your nails or waving his hands to get the polish to dry. It is namely air bubbles in the varnish. Despite this knowledge, I boug... Read more

Blåseape nail wipe my!

written by Marie Lunde, 12/12/10

Blown Apen my I have chosen to call Tor. Not only is he the sweetest I've ever seen in my entire life, but he funka sovereign! As the description on say, when you've painted your ... Read more

Very funny gift

written by xxx, 13/12/10

A super cute monkey and moreover very decorative! Just great! And work it does too! So manicure makes much more fun;) As a gift a super idea came to great.

Very fine.

written by Julie, 14/12/10

Breathe monkey is actually better than I expected. True, it takes a little time to dry the nails with it, since it does not blow so hard, but it takes longer to dry the nails without the use of blowin... Read more

Little witty friend

written by Kim, 14/12/10

I have tested the nail polish dryer Blow Monkey himself and think he's great! His sweet appearance is of course only the icing on the cake. Just when you night want to go away, but still needs to ... Read more


written by Vikkan, 17/12/10

It was great :) sweet and description applies to the product, but had not done anything about it given by batteries :)! Cream

Everything great

written by Maria W., 17/12/10

Fast delivery. Class service.

need not necessarily!?!?

written by pinky, 17/12/10

It sounds very funny and looks funny. My beloved is mine: that is something that the world does not need ... however, I do not think so, I have been waiting for a nail polish dryer monkeys when he now... Read more


written by bettan, 20/12/10

A fun thing to someone who always paints her nails, and already have everything. Then this is the perfect thing for


written by louise, 20/12/10

A really cute nails dry. Breathe ability could be better but considering the price it is worth the money and highly recommendable.

fun gift

written by Linnea, 21/12/10

A very fun little thing. Bought as a Christmas gift for a friend, but after trying it, I have concluded that I probably would not like it myself when it sounded quite a lot and was bigger than I had i... Read more

nail dryer

written by kaja, 21/12/10

it's a small monkey, which is when you place your fingers on a small plate in front of the monkey, blowing the nail polish your dry with her mouth. Then you'll go around and wait for your nail... Read more

funny thing

written by ravve, 25/12/10

but unfortunately very poor quality. Is in the 3rd monkey now ...


written by Lena, 25/12/10

Very fun and practical little monkey with bladder function, battery-powered. Can recommend it to anyone who wants a cute and functional product.

written by , 25/12/10

Donee 46 years was overjoyed about the monkeys ... :-))

Do you really need this ....?

written by , 27/12/10

Yes, it has! Jesus, for a silly invention, but come on how it spreads joy! :) Love my little monkey, and it stands up front on the chest of drawers!

Fun, but loud

written by Max, 27/12/10

Lattjo little gadget, which are very cute, but unfortunately noisy it a lot when to use it.

Cute and functional

written by NicA, 27/12/10

Gave this sweet little thing for my niece who äääälskar to paint the nails. But rarely have the patience to let it dry. So there was layer upon layer of semi-dry nail polish. Now that she has this to ... Read more

Funny monkey-rat!

written by Annie, 27/12/10

My sister's persistent users of nail polish so this was a natural choice to give as gifts. A "Blåsapa" to a "Blown monkey" (joking of course, it must be done with siblings ^ _ ... Read more

breathe monkey

written by Miriam, 27/12/10

Lovely little thing but broke when I put dead batteries in. The practice of crap!


written by ..., 27/12/10

Fast delivery but when I took the batteries in it began to breathe instantly. The button you should hold did not, was quite annoyed. The only way I can use it on now, put the batteries in and when to ... Read more


written by , 27/12/10

it was smaller than expected, and you have to press hard on the plate to get out air .. but otherwise it was convenient and charming!

Christmas fun

written by Dan, 27/12/10

Estimated Christmas. A bit clumsy perhaps, but otherwise fine arrangements.


written by verena, 27/12/10

Although the Little makes a lot of noise, but it looks cool. Although he did not really make sense, it must, at least on my bedside table sit & evil spirits wegpusten!


written by caroline, 27/12/10

Funny thing, but is much smaller than you think, and the wind is not so strong. It will not be used excessively, unfortunately,

A little fun, but not much more

written by Jonas, 28/12/10

You must press the button very hard for it to go on, it gets tedious after a while. Then there's no hurricane strength on the vent either if you say so.

Blow Monkey!

written by Kristine , 28/12/10

This "Blow Monkey" blowing nail polish dry and diseased effectively. Now we do not need to either sit still very very long or shake your hands in the air, this love only matter gotcha. It ta... Read more


written by , 30/12/10

fast delivery, good software, anytime again! :-)

Pops Gift!

written by DJ, 30/12/10

The breath monkey is really a hit. Woman can not except it to love one another ...


written by M. Reinecke, 30/12/10

Slight delay in delivery by snow chaos, otherwise all the best!

cute and funny

written by jojo, 30/12/10

fight cute and fun gift :) noisy bit, but guaranteed a gift that makes you smile. may have a self hehe

Super Christmas gift for your sweetheart!

written by daLe, 30/12/10

How so every year the question arises for the right Christmas gift .. By coincidence I have the Blowmonkey, discovered as a little sweet "Myself" and also ordered immediately. My girlfriend ... Read more

Abe nails dry

written by , 31/12/10

Yes, I believe that it is something my friend will come to thought of as she loves to put nail polish and always complaining about it will not dry. I am excited to see what she says ...

funny guy

written by , 31/12/10

Things that do not need the world, but are still funny and fun. Those who opt for this motto for the little monkey will be happy about it ...


written by katrine outzen, 31/12/10

inflate the monkey was given as a gift and aroused joy. it was not just something sister knew she wanted or missing. I am still waiting for feedback on it is used. even tried the effect of the wind be... Read more


written by caroiz, 31/12/10

First I must say that I love the design, it is so cute! It goes on bateria, you put your finger on the banana album and then blowing it nail polish dries. Slightly negative about it is that it can be ... Read more

Amazingly cute and fun unnecessary gadget

written by Jessica, 31/12/10

Bought a blåsapa to my ten year old who likes to paint your nails - and little to me - as tired of having to help to dry nails for her :-). You could say that so it is fairly unnecessary, wonderfully ... Read more


written by Nalle, 31/12/10

I am disappointed with my order on this page. When inserting the batteries into the bladder monkey as you can not turn it off, but it just blowing on whistles and spins around. Also ordered a Screamin... Read more

Blåsapa nageltorkarre

written by Johan, 01/01/11

PERFECT! Quick lev. Product met expectations. Cannon!


written by Jarlan, 01/01/11

Absolutely perfect thought my wife, great to sit and paint the nails and then let the monkey blow dry.

Super arrived!

written by Sandra, 01/01/11

Did it bought sister getting on the waiting time after the painting complained gift my adult. Arrived totally great. The waiting time is thus not substantially shortened, but certainly funny and enter... Read more

More a toy

written by käkben, 03/01/11

Very loud with fairly bad effect on the vent but considering the price it's a pretty fun gadget anyway. Sweet is the At least.

written by Em, 03/01/11

Very cute and fun to give away but I thought it sounded very loud, thought it would be quieter. But clearly fun to give away :)

Practical nail dryer!

written by, 03/01/11

Blåseape nail dryer is a practical and very sweet things. It is small so very easy to take with overalt.Men the board you put nails on could be a bit bigger. I was shocked at how powerful the blow, co... Read more

written by , 03/01/11

The sweet monkey approached me mainly because of the nice appearance. The delivery was quick and I was not disappointed. Although the nail polish does not dry as fast as thought, and you have to find ... Read more

Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by marie färnman, 03/01/11

Blow Monkey ............. A perfect thing to give away or have to himself really, a fun thing for painting nails to avoid bladder and puts his hand over instead and the monkey get the job done and blo... Read more

Very nice to do business with you: o)

written by stina bjerregaard, 03/01/11

Lovely fast and really easy to do business with you - you are stars on the web: o)

Estimated Christmas gift!

written by Macke64, 03/01/11

Had a bit of IDE dry before Christmas and decided to buy an opposite Blåsapa to two familiar girls in the 20-year age. They were very excited and thought it was a fun thing, like them before they got ... Read more

Very good!

written by Sophie, 03/01/11

Works though, can even blow a lighter out and do my cat scared !! While My nails become dry! :)

written by , 03/01/11

Super part is also well received, as a Christmas present


written by Rossa, 04/01/11

Yes .. What should I say .. Firstly is not working and the button .. I have to take the batteries in and out when I should "use" the strength of the second drying it does nails and noisy mas... Read more


written by Mathias, 04/01/11

The product was ok, thought it would work a little better. She received it was happy.

written by Kü, 04/01/11

Funny, but not blow as strong as expected: D

written by Bo, 04/01/11

Produkten fungerade inte, utan att man var tvungen Satta Batterier i varje gång man skulle Starta blåsandet, vise versa, the Batterier ut för att avsluta blåsandet. mvh Bo Lönnbäck


written by Nicolas, 04/01/11

It works against everything to be dry on the nails. And not just neglelag. Did any faster than letting his hand down to my "Go 'nail" ... may be recommended, but remember to buy batterie... Read more


written by Tom, 04/01/11

5 points (so full marks) from me for the funny monkey you blowing the nails. Powerful lungs blow drauflos so the tour can begin ... A funny gift for nail painting people. Tom


written by Ola, 04/01/11

Blow Monkey did not live up to my expectations. When the first time would be used so it worked reasonably well. When Christmas gift opened so it did not work at all. After trying to get it going witho... Read more

Little monkey is sometimes in a bad mood!

written by Jonna, 05/01/11

The pressure plate where you put your finger ... it is loose a little. But usually works fine! It's a blast gift !!

Nail dryer

written by , 05/01/11

Seemed very lethargic and with very little 'air'. It was most tank that was fun.

Lovely stuff!

written by SnyggCrelle, 07/01/11

Gave it to my mom for Christmas and it became an instant succes! The air flow is fine, and if I understand my mom right so it works pretty well!

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Me2, 07/01/11

Ok, need to be pushing pretty hard for it to blow.

So cute!

written by Sofi, 07/01/11

Works pretty good, nail polish're taking a little time to dry. If you do that in the middle of the night in the room next to his friend so noisy it a little, but not enough to wake him. :)

funny gift

written by Kolivogel, 07/01/11

everything was great. The nail polish dryer as funny monkeys should be an extra Christmas present. Delivery on time. Unfortunately, one of the monkeys was defective. But here was absolutely the best c... Read more

Great gift !!

written by Marre, 10/01/11

My sister got this for Christmas and was overjoyed !! Super Gadget o sweet is the oxå :)


written by Isabel, 10/01/11

This product is graded Distinction from me. Really cute little monkey that blows your nails. How can you not love such a thing? = D It was smaller than I thought, so it does not take up much space, wh... Read more

Blåsapa nageltorkare

written by Nettan, 11/01/11

Super Fun and cute monkey! Now we change the nail polish often!

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Ulla-Britt, 11/01/11

Could not resist this product. I ordered several pieces that were given away for Christmas and furthermore appreciated once they understood what it was. One might think that there is a clear unnecessa... Read more

Blow Monkey

written by Ruhrpottschanuze, 12/01/11

just looks super cute from D = ic lieeb the monkeys .. I me regularly nails paintshop I'm happy about this blashilfe: D as a gift a super thing :) would many girls sic pleased .... I think I will ... Read more

written by Johannne, 15/01/11

My friend and I bought two blow monkeys and there is a small error on both and noisy fair much. I violated not the really quite optimal, but they are still preparing in nothing self. But still a good ... Read more


written by , 16/01/11

a fun thing for nail painting girls ... good price o o annorluna a fun gift to buy ...

Blow My Monkey

written by Rune, 19/01/11

Ingenious device! It brought smiles and happy stumder - kool gift for the girly girl who has everything.

A little but effective

written by Bella, 25/01/11

Super cute little monkey. Did the job that you would expect without any annoying air bubbles.


written by Smedius, 25/01/11

I think that it was very cute and it blew so that the nails dry faster, but it sounds awful lot and after a while it starts to smell iron. Not really worth the money. : /

written by Elin, 27/01/11

Honestly, the monkey is not as good as you wish. It sounds very bad, and the nails dry faster with the usual "waving hands" - way. BUT, who does not want the cutest monkey at home in the bat... Read more

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Mammut, 27/01/11

Unfortunately corresponded probably not the product that I expected current efficiency. However, I think it is cute and fun to have on the dressing table or on the wash basin. My grandchildren loved i... Read more

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by , 27/01/11

Bought this for my girlfriend thought it was very cute. Apparently it works but was relatively loud. Perfect if you want to shorten the drying time by about half ^^

Blåsapa '

written by Micke, 31/01/11

One fun thing I bought for my girlfriend after she each time after nail painting suddenly is disabled for 5 minutes. She appreciated it, and it has been used quite frequently! Expect not that it blowi... Read more

BEST gift for the person who has everything

written by GULLIG!, 06/02/11

This was a Christmas gift to a woman who "has everything", and using nail polish. Göcharmig monkey and it really does its job and blow the paint dry in a short time. It is small and easy to ... Read more

written by Barbara Stobbe, 15/02/11

just right for the little ladies, as the nail-painting makes twice as much fun.

Will not work for bananas!

written by Munch, 15/02/11

I bought this cute little fellow as a gift for a friend who is nagelteknolog. Glad to mind: I packed up the little primate and provided him with batteries, however, to discover that he took his job a ... Read more

super gift

written by Taba, 25/02/11

I gave the Blow Monkey my girlfriend and she loved it immediately. But the monkey also looks really sweet. Unfortunately, you can dry more than 2 nails and whether it goes by really much faster is que... Read more

What I think about nail dryer.

written by Cammiiz, 02/03/11

I think that blow monkey was insanely cool, and I loved it it was small and cute to actually worked. I'm insanely happy that I ordered the

Cheap but fun

written by syndromino, 04/03/11

When I open the ugly angebeulten cardboard comes first a looking after a fairly cheap China scrap Platikteil revealed. The processing is relatively poor in any case, there are still partially intake e... Read more


written by Sarah Gundersen, 07/03/11

I'm not very fond of this blow monkey. It was smaller than I thought, and I find it a little annoying that you have to push down finger on the plate for the air to come. I thought that air came ou... Read more

A bit disappointing ...

written by Polish-lover, 08/03/11

I had læænge wanted to have such a pusteabe. Unfortunately it was a bit disappointing. It only works for about 10 seconds at a time, so be it for about 2 hours to get 10 seconds again. The trade in Co... Read more


written by Sara, 09/03/11

it blew no good, and when I got it was the color of it away. as a non worth buying!


written by , 16/03/11

funny product which quite well fulfills its target :)


written by Lava Dawood, 17/03/11

When I was ordering things from I had to have blow monkey! It was so cute, and looked like a good investment since I'm not good at waiting for the nail polish my will wipe. When I fin... Read more

written by Hanne-Marieolm H, 28/03/11

Review product! I shall then reviewing a product, is nothing special product, but it is then a blåseape. It works by taking two AA (A?) - Batteries, and then press the courts of one / two fingers. The... Read more

We helped just ad.

written by Katrine, 06/04/11

It is ualmineligt cute to look at and great entertainment value. The function is not really the best when blowing force is not so great, and you have to press a little hard, but it lives shame still u... Read more

Gift for girlfriend

written by Elias K. O., 08/04/11

The monkey is really cute, and his girlfriend was really happy with it.

Super smart

written by SUME, 14/04/11

Super smart and cute monkey. It also makes what you expect of it: nails are quick drying. And then give it always smile on laberne.

Hmm ...

written by Niita Myrting, 14/04/11

It worked fine as soon as I got the ... However, after very little use, blowing it even if you do not hold it down.

: D

written by , 21/04/11

It was actually a gift but it was super good and she was glad for it as it can be recommended

Funny idea

written by Melanie, 22/04/11

I have the monkeys away to Jugendweihe and am arrived super! Especially with girls at that age can be so that I think do anything wrong! Very cute and funny idea !!!


written by Josefin, 23/04/11

Very sweet and "unnecessary" must-have gadget! An awful good girl-thing simply! : D


written by Anonyme mig :), 24/04/11

I think it looks super cool, and then you admit that .. This is just pretty cool;) But I think it comes very little air out! So it would be faster even to breathe or hand waving like a dolt. And! So n... Read more

Cute little monkey that does the work

written by Nath, 25/04/11

The little monkey is wildly cute, and yes it is perhaps not very powerful but it works when :) Can be recommended;)

Pusteabe Nail Dryer

written by Josephine, 03/05/11

It works super well, especially in relation to it is not very expensive, so it is definitely recommended if you often go with nail polish and think it might be fun to have. However could the air well ... Read more

Nail Polish Dryer Blow Monkey

written by Bohn, 08/08/11

Here I was a little disappointed. Although the little monkey looks funny and sweet, but is not suitable for drying fingernails. He always blows only a nail and also more bad than good. Now I have give... Read more

written by , 09/08/11

The nail polish dryer is probably meant more as a joke. The monkey just looks cute but the air that comes out is only very weakly. The recipient, however, have enjoyed.

Misfornøgd of "Blow Monkey"

written by Malena, 13/08/11

I was very misfornøgd of this product. We had to press your fingers very hard on this button in the middle on came not so much air out so it decisively helped not really so much to dry nail pol... Read more

super sweet - good performance

written by , 15/08/11

the Nagelpuster is a great thing. Have it away to open a nail salons and has since been used there also daily ;-)

Funny thing.

written by sk, 15/08/11

Bought this monkey to my girlfriend. But the key to press to get the monkey to blow huh quite bothersome. You had to use a lot of force, to get the monkey to blow, and even had to put your finger on a... Read more


written by Chiara, 15/08/11

Breathe monkey is very cute and looks great for my room, I just think that the noise much. It's also annoying that you have to push quite hard at the plate for the wind begins to blow: / But other... Read more

Funny gift!

written by Nora, 06/09/11

This is a pretty cool invention that makes it properly. This color will be dry with no need to blow on the fingers themselves. The only thing that I had to draw down on is that it is noisy little. Get... Read more

Humorous nail dryer

written by heyfisker, 06/10/11

Straight to your bag or just as a humorous touch to the room with a practical anvandelse. A great find.