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The Blowpipe is easy to use. Everyone can have fun with the Blowpipe, because there's virtually nothing to learn, plus the major challenge to continually improve your accuracy!

Blowpipe - Blowpipe
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Blowpipe - Accessories Blowpipe Mouthpiece
Accessories Blowpipe Mouthpiece
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Blowpipe - Accessories Blowpipe Darts
Accessories Blowpipe Darts
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written by Mikva, 02/07/09

A fun toy to pass the time, works well indoors and out, young and old, winter and summer.

Super fun!

written by Emilie, 10/09/09

Aningens tricky to "recharge" the tube with the arrows - they either get stuck or fall through the tube but when you got up right bobble and you have great joy of blow dart! :-)

written by benny, 04/11/09

Very precise and powerful! Shot through 300 pages of a phone book!


written by Gitte S. Kristiansen, 01/03/10

Works stable and robust. Is easy to use and easy to breathe in.

a whiff

written by IM, 10/09/10

Can really recommend blowing the pipes, an accurate activity. Easy to cope with the basics, then you just have to practice. The degree of difficulty increases with both distance and with their own min... Read more


written by Christer, 23/12/10

A blowpipe is wrapped in Christmas paper to a grandchild when visiting a playground always begin and end the visit with blow darts. After Christmas, he can do it when he pleases - under adult supervis... Read more


written by christer, 23/12/10

A funny thing that always aware where it stands on the table with a bottle in! Suitable especially in a home where someone's hobby or proffstrollare. Can stand in front still - it embarrassing at ... Read more

supreme blowpipe

written by SH, 28/12/10

This was really fun. The top quality of the blowpipe and arrows. I recommend the target too. Whoever buys this will certainly not blown (heh, heh, heh yeah OK joke was bad but the blowpipe is good).


written by Bente, 23/05/11

Fast delivery and nice product! We've had a lot of fun with blow pipes for a company event, and it is a "sport" that most do not know about in advance. Next time I need fun / different a... Read more


written by wez, 20/06/11

Easy to meet with this tube. Beware the eyes of them sits down hard keys.

Super Great Product!

written by Phelp Phetz, 21/06/11

The straw came one day after I had ordered it - super fantastic. It was used as a birthday gift for a friend, and I have subsequently learned that his enthusiasm for it has only increased. Super nice,... Read more

Super entertainment

written by Errow, 18/07/11

It is certain that from now on, the blowpipe a regular event at summer parties and cozy evenings - everyone can participate - darts are passé! And the product is just 10-4!


written by Karped, 07/10/11

We got a super operation of Cool Stuff. Fast delivery - good communication. The product lived up to expectations.


written by P. Hansen, 23/11/11

The product was delivered within two days in good condition. It's very entertaining, simple and safe to use. Can be recommended as an alternative to darts enthusiasts

Perfect Christmas gift :-)

written by Charlotte, 08/12/11

Perfect Christmas gift :-)

fine toys

written by Jan R, 11/05/12

It's fine toys give it to your 5 year-old child and some glasses to protect the eyes it can certainly not be used for anything else.

Affordable blowpipe

written by Thess, 02/07/12

Affordable blowpipe which more than met my expectations. Very easy to use. Had with the competitive element of "adult party" and was much appreciated.

This is not a toy

written by tidligere syvsover, 11/07/12

I bought this blowpipe and it works great but be aware that it is not for kids arrows is about 1mm thick and 10cm long they go without problems through the side of a tennis ball they hit so hard that ... Read more

Just works!

written by Friis, 01/10/12

Super fun to shoot with, it requires good enough any lung power to send the arrow go, but if you help it a little way, by pushing the arrow a little further into the pipe, one can without problem send... Read more


written by Wille99, 15/10/12

It was a good move, hold and you can shoot well with it. The description was fitting / joined in. Recommended by William 13 years


written by Tom, 31/12/12

It was surprising how strongly and accurately you can shoot with it. And it is doing it for a dangerous weapon, which can be treated with respect lissom air rifle ... But a pleasure to sample - we&#39... Read more

Better than expected.

written by bulgurboy, 31/12/12

It works better than I expected! Shoot straight and with the right good drag.oroar miglite the day I lose a needle, they were very sharp. Positively suprised!


written by UG, 02/01/13

Good kvallité on both pipes and arrows. Funny thing to compete with. Easy to use, but beware of the sharp arrows.


written by Rane, 03/01/13

The straw was a super good gift and the receiver (boy of 21 years) was wildly happy for it. If you use it outside, one should however expect that the arrows disappear easily.

You must know?

written by Må da nok sige :D, 18/02/13

Mega cool to shoot with but there could have been some other arrows in the bargain too;)! super fun to shoot with otherwise!

Purchase of blowpipe

written by Dennis, Denmark 17/06/13

Fat product and fast delivery. Fat product and fast delivery great product and fast delivery

Robin Hood

written by Alexanderkehn, Denmark 02/08/13

It is good to make a Robin Hood (Arrow through arrow) When the arrows do not break it. And so it also affects very precisely, but it is not a toy and you have to be really careful to hit someone with ... Read more


written by utu, Finland 19/08/13

Really good, and a heavy-duty gaming, I ordered at the same time from one movement for another blow pipe (pretty decent game / hunting store) tube there was more expensive and quite lousy, really happ... Read more


written by Crazy mom, Denmark 30/09/13

Bought a blowpipe with their arrows for my son who was 14 Fine quality but was nevertheless surprised arrows quality. They are definitely not for children and super sharp. Can strongly recommend that ... Read more


written by malin, Sweden 11/01/14

very enjoyable pastime. tube feels plastigt and weak, but still works very well. cheap entertainment, but the arrows you buy to feel dyra.roligt to give away as everyone can use it.

Feedback blow pipe.

written by Harri Karttunen, Finland 23/06/14

Delivery was completed according to plan. I am happy with the product. Price / quality ratio is correct.

Feee ...

written by mawola, Denmark 17/09/14

Slipper my inner kid in the garden and amuses me to hit a dartboard - it created a total success since we were a bunch of some wine which enjoyed a summer evening in the garden - highly recommended!


written by Karinca, Sweden 06/03/15

In the family, we have already 2 blowpipe so this will be a happy surprise as a gift for a young couple in summer


written by Justus, Sweden 20/03/15

Incredibly good quality shoot incredibly hard and has a great shooting skills. The only thing is that if you do not purchase additional arrows are only 12 and it feels a little bit arrows. Luckily, I ... Read more


written by irene Larsen, Denmark 27/10/15

as it was a birthday gift. I can not say other than it did very happy and it was immediately taken into use. My grandson really like about it. blowpipe also really great. Would like to recommend it to... Read more

How fun!

written by Rolf Axel, Sweden 10/03/16

Better than my high expectations. Samples fired at a cornflakes packet at home, full of flakes, and the arrow went straight through! Amazing to sniping at darts. The only small downside is the few arr... Read more


written by Ralf, Finland 08/06/16

Blåsröret pilar fungerar med mycket bra. Lätt att ladda the arrows denna på modell. Lätt to keep the level DÅ man Blaaser iväg the arrows.

Awesome streak!

written by teiska, Finland 10/10/16

The device is a good little playing for club and game. If you still should care because of the small pipe clips, which can each be used oneself, then this would be perfect.

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