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Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler

Easy and fast egg boiler for the microwave. Make a hole in the egg - Put it in the microwave 3-5 minutes - done!

Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler - Big Boiley for 4 eggs
Big Boiley for 4 eggs
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Boiley Microwave Egg Boiler - Boiley for 1 egg
Boiley for 1 egg
8 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

103 reviews

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as always, fast delivery

written by jr, 29/03/12

When the egg boiler was a gift I can for that reason not assess whether it works satisfactorily, but I am convinced. I often deal with coolstuf which has many "fun" gift ideas at reasonable ... Read more

Great! Egg boiler as good as if you were boiling on the stove!

written by Marielle, 22/06/12

An extremely good product when it boils the eggs just as good as if you cooked them in a normal pan! It gives you more time to prepare other things and for example if you are a student and do not have... Read more


written by Linda, 02/07/12

Actually quite convenient for us who do not have children and who may just want an egg at breakfast album before we run out the door. The egg is ready when you are finished cutting the slice of bread ... Read more

pretty-but impractical

written by Donna, 12/07/12

Pity the Boiley egg cooker see so funny from, the kids loved it. but I less after I have once fingers burnt it. Every now and then bursts and an egg in the egg cooker. The screwing of the egg boiler f... Read more


written by W.Konrad, 18/07/12

Price and performance of the product are super.Verarbeitung, material and appearance spitze.Einfache and practical handling. Eggs cook faster and more accurate than in conventional Eierkocher.Der ener... Read more


written by MadMa, 23/07/12

The first time I tested it so I took on lightly cooked, that is 3 min. But when I felt that the egg was not enough cooked. But when I cooked it on the maximum time (7 min) so funka the sublime. But th... Read more

Works under doubt

written by Snober, 25/07/12

Yes it cooks the egg, but it cracks mostly, or as it comes out of the hole you stick the egg .. have not yet clearly and make a "perfect" egg .. The idea is very good, and the concept is goo... Read more

Ok. but not so fast

written by Martin, 26/07/12

I was hoping to get a quick way to cook eggs to generate the same results every time. Unfortunately, it seems that it's a bit depending on how long the eggs needed. Ang speed, it takes four minute... Read more

Function <Design

written by Rasmus, 17/08/12

The design is jauntily, but the functionality is lagging. To follow the instruction ends up in something I do not dare taste. May be. customized with longer "baking time", so buy plenty of e... Read more


written by Arcanoe, 01/09/12

Boiley is just awesome! So easy to use and absolutely foolproof. If you want an egg in the morning just enclose Boiley for a few minutes in the microwave, while taking care of other things. No more wa... Read more

Just great

written by Birgit Wulf, 10/09/12

The design just great and what is most peculiar practice of egg pricker is equal here with. So Zack into the egg, then the egg cooker angepiekst and up over the hole with water and füllen.3-5 minutes ... Read more


written by Annelie, 26/09/12

I think it works great. I almost never eat eggs otherwise, although it is so healthy, for whom bothered to set up and boil an egg ... Therefore, this is perfect. I set it in the microwave when I get u... Read more

The fat product

written by Kirsti, 06/10/12

Works flawlessly and is easy to clean! In our microwave it should be slightly longer than the 3 and 5 min specified but it depends probably on how many watts the same microwave see my review on my blo... Read more

Boiley-egg cooker for ikrowelle

written by maxisebasti, 10/10/12

Shipment arrived super fast - everything is fine. get wax Soft eggs out, requires a great empathy - but it works. At 600 W 4.36 minutes.

Egg burst!

written by Sandra, 13/10/12

The first egg cracked in the microwave so it was quite a lot to wipe clean, the second egg was very soft-boiled even though it would be hard boiled ... Will continue to try and see if you succeed, but... Read more

"Egg Cookers Boiley Micron"

written by LOTTA, 14/10/12

I'm very happy with my Boiley It makes the egg as it was described the kommemer be used extensively yy I can recommend others to buy it

funny thing

written by Jonna, 29/10/12

Bought it for fun and because it was a bit cute. Tried anyway to boil an egg, was quite skeptical that it would even work but it gjøre it. But you needed to have it inside the microwave a little longe... Read more

Food in the stomach!

written by henrikke, 05/11/12

Hurray! In laziness spirit I ordered this and now I finally me a more nutritious breakfast than a chocolate. Simply because this is so beautifully simple that I bothered to cook me eggs :-D

super sweet egg cooker

written by Zaphiraw, 10/11/12

Boiley really works and the eggs were just perfect! I am very excited about the egg cooker for the microwave.

Taking time to get acquainted with

written by MVWJ, 12/11/12

Egg boiler is fiery, but it is a warning. Thought to give this to an old uncle who has just received microwave, but it is just not. Small text in "Manuals" and completely unmanageable for ol... Read more

Fun and works

written by Pernille, 14/11/12

Boiley looks cute and works great! I gave the egg and Boiley 6.5 min. (At 800W) in the microwave and so was the egg hardboiled. Nice!


written by magnus, 19/11/12

Not so much to say on the other that it is a fun, simelt product son also has a fun design! Recommended!


written by Karin, 19/11/12

Works just fine. Easy to use, easy to clean. May appear to be unstable but it is not.

great smooth

written by Anna, 22/11/12

Perfect if you fancy eggs but eat breakfast before or after the hysteresis of the family. If you want the eggs between thus it in six minutes!

not quite as good as promised

written by Per Egtved, 30/11/12

If you do that in the instructions, 3-5 min. you get a soft boiled egg, at best, smiling. If one gives æget more time, crack it, and you get squeezed egg white out of the hole you have to do.

Egg cooker for micro

written by Michelle :-), 04/12/12

This was a fun thing. Followed the manual that came with, and the fuknet as it should. Delicious dropping to boil water :-)

Not so good

written by Johan, 10/12/12

Worked about half the time, and when it works, it is still complicated and only marginally faster (7 minutes instead of 9) to get hard-boiled egg with Boiley compared to the saucepan. When it did not ... Read more

Only for wimps!

written by Gordana, 11/12/12

I found the idea of ​​Boiley toll.Vor especially for 1-2 person households, where sometimes you just want to make a boiled egg, so the product would ideal.Leider one is from reality quickly a better b... Read more

The metal in the microwave

written by Ted Johansson, 16/12/12

First, you have the metal in the microwave which should huh ok but I do not feel completely comfortable with. Secondly, it was my first three experiences with this: First: Sunny eggs, barely cooked at... Read more

Is working

written by Tina, 17/12/12

The times are somewhat inaccurate. You have to make to try a little of how much time is needed for their own microwave, so that the egg has the desired consistency. The beiligende Anpiekser is helpful... Read more

It Works!

written by Anu, 19/12/12

Egg is really good about this, remember to rinse with cold water after cooking for best results :)


written by leija, 20/12/12

Egg Maker is yes, but requires a longer cooking time than indicated in Guide. That is a 6-minute kypsennysjalla get semi-hard egg. A similar or less than the eggs in a saucepan if Keitai same time. co... Read more

Missing info on Danish

written by Heaika Skum, 24/12/12

- The product was to be lacking info in Danish. Had søke online banquets info on how bruke product

an egg egg cooker

written by Frank, 24/12/12

as in the manual are ages calculated on 1000W ovne.Min is 650W so you have to calculate about 8 min. the hard-boiled eggs.

shitty service sans display

written by maria, 24/12/12

difficult to understand when there was no Swedish instructions. Micron received a nasty blow when the chicken template apart ... then worked on and the egg was half cooked

bit disappointing

written by H, 25/12/12

Had enough great expectations but it will probably not get much easier than to cook it yourself, you must still fill the water and pierce. So it also takes just as long as boiling ... funny parallel

sick poor

written by Jonas, 26/12/12

After 4min of 1000w, it had not happened at all .. :( not at all as it was promised in the description, the cooking time is approximately equivalent to the stove, so I see no point in using this ..

Not as expected.

written by Nisse, 27/12/12

Is now in the second egg carton in our efforts to succeed boil the eggs edible. So far, all eggs irrespective code epoch burst and water mixed with egg white. It makes itself probably better as Easter... Read more

Cool gift

written by kati, 01/01/13

... The recipient was very happy and it works fine & also looks funny :-) Beautiful gift idea ...

Boily Egg Boiler

written by Bente, 01/01/13

Egg boiler is very difficult to use. Heating Degrees and time do not match. When the yolk is firm albumen is quite fluent, contemporary with the yolk separates itself from the albumen. It seems as if ... Read more

egg boiler

written by Beamish, 02/01/13

Estimated Christmas gift, great, work well, easy to use Simple way to cook eggs, also looks like fun

too difficult

written by Henning, 03/01/13

There is too much work: water, cleaning etc just an egg. Unfortunately. The post content in the container no matter who is pierced.


written by Lina, 03/01/13

I tried to boil it for 3 minutes, very loosely cooked, runny yellow. Would recommend to boil it for at least 5 minutes.


written by Munaaja, 04/01/13

Action a couple of times, in principle, as it should be, except that for the second time egg came off to get a piece of. Third try the whole contraption exploded in the open after approx. 4 minutes 10... Read more

Booking from Cool Stuff

written by Isabel Kind, 04/01/13

Was very surprised products I ordered, everything was okay and came with fast delivery, I come definetivt to act more here! Also very good quality products! Very happy customer, he he :)


written by skaja, 04/01/13

Small to fine in the microwave, huh eggs everywhere. Should not entirely blame the product as it may have been me that did not do well enough holes. Now it's broken anyway.

genius butter dish

written by mp, 06/01/13

the device looks funny and makes in no time really perfect breakfast egg. My girlfriend loves the thing and use it every day now. I am now considering buying another of them!

best Christmas present

written by Karin, 07/01/13

Bought it for my dad for Christmas and when he after having tested it in the days between exclaimed that it was "the best Christmas present for a long time", I knew I ticked the right. The e... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by JSebastian, 07/01/13

It works brilliantly. But be sure to read the instructions. Unfortunately, it does not take more eggs, but then you do them just individually.


written by Karina, 14/01/13

It was very disappointing. We could not get it to work. We tried Us to give them more time than standing. but nothing helped. They were very hot, but they were still raw inside, and sometimes exploded... Read more

My egg

written by, 15/02/13

1st attempt: I have my breakfast egg placed exactly 4 minutes my microwave and it did not work out. I'm still trying to figure out what was the reason ... I wonder if my wattage is too low? Or if ... Read more

Boiley - egg cooker

written by Ulf, 27/02/13

The egg cooker works perfectly. After 4.5 minutes the egg is ready. A German description would be nice.


written by katnip, 04/03/13

The children could cook an egg without the hassle I thought, but this gizmo, but it was a bit so-so with it. It was apparently difficult to screw in gene I got egg all over the microwave! The time tab... Read more


written by Jose, 15/04/13

This is a great product if you want an always cooked eggs .. But do not bother it takes too long or that you have to get hold of pots or anything .. I first bought it for a single egg, but they tastes... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Kajsa, Sweden 24/05/13

Good if one doubles the "cooking time". Recommended time in the microwave does not. After 3 minutes, just outermost layer of the white set. You can not scale. After 6 minutes, the soft-boile... Read more


written by pedro den almektige, Norway 31/05/13

ingenious thing for us who are so lazy that we can not be bothered and put eggs in saucepan. Work well and uses mostly 12min and get hard boiled eggs! Fits perfectly with the shower in the meantime.

SYYYYYYKT KUUULT .... * * * Kabooom must wipe the inside of the microwave *

written by Shan Amin, Norway 21/06/13

It is not as easy to use as instructions claim. It is not always the eggs are completely cooked through, or "container shell" if you do not puncture the egg right ... Insanely cool idea, but... Read more


written by Nadine, Germany 08/07/13

The egg cooker for the microwave is really awesome. long since we have no more egg cooker and my family was thrilled when I prepared the first breakfast eggs for her in this funny Boileys. It is simpl... Read more

save energy and time

written by Anke, Germany 12/08/13

At first glance the Mikrowellenei looked cheap. Only plastic, Made in China - I had not found, but would not have been surprised. The times are somewhat inaccurate, man should so test first time. It d... Read more

Works and is clever

written by Kokeilla kannattaa, jos tarvetta, Finland 18/10/13

Yes, this works pretty well and is very handy for boiling one egg. But need a little bit to learn how to get the best for themselves aamiaismunan. In fact, I do so that I'll make sizeable dick tho... Read more

Top part

written by Jochen, Germany 24/10/13

Highly recommended is working properly !! Who wants to cook eggs in the microwave has exactly the right tool.

Fast morning eggs -

written by ohoy, Denmark 14/11/13

The small Boiley Egg Boiler is completely fine for singles who just need a single egg for themselves (there is probably also a larger version for four people, but there are time gain flute). One must ... Read more

Ordered goods came undamaged even if the packaging looked kärsine

written by Elina, Finland 15/11/13

Ordered goods came undamaged even if the packaging looked injured. North Tapiola Siwa felt strange package search the scene, I always shopped closer Heikintori mail.

egg boiler Tss

written by Rebecka, Sweden 12/12/13

Was probably the worst ever !! need to be at least 7 minutes, preferably more. Execute but if you want loose and takes less = scalding and can not move in 15 minutes. so easier to actually cook on a p... Read more

happy but ....

written by skyfly , Sweden 16/12/13

satisfied but before I had opened it as it had begun to lose the text that stood in the back of it, but but

Egg Cookers to micron

written by Äggkokare till micron, Sweden 25/12/13

Practical small egg that's fine to have arrived in the kitchen, convenient when you need one egg. Can itself.

Cool but hard

written by Emma, Sweden 26/12/13

Thought this was really smart because I often boil eggs but sometimes maybe you just want to do as this would huh smart. However, it's not really good to time in the microwave is not at all true. ... Read more

Cool idea but useless!

written by Johan, Sweden 26/12/13

The only mistake me the order I did was I bought several of them! More electricity less totally useless!


written by Erica, Sweden 27/12/13

Really Practical and smooth those early mornings when you do not really have time to watch a äggtimer!

Perfect eggs from the microwave

written by EggMan, Germany 31/12/13

The Eggman says it's a perfect egg, if it is soft on the inside and the outside fixed. By Boiley this is possible in about 5 minutes in the microwave. Works exactly the BigBoiley, as well as with ... Read more


written by MF, Denmark 31/12/13

Quite simply the most brilliant and sweet egg boiler for use in microwave. Mother in law was very excited about getting it for Christmas and the first day of Christmas was celebrated with a perfect eg... Read more


written by Tina, Denmark 01/01/14

It works! When I considered buying it, I was indeed a little skeptical. You've always been told that eggs and microwave is the worst combination. But ok, when suddenly without kitchen, you are wil... Read more

Light-boiled eggs

written by M.Sabroe, Denmark 24/01/14

Felt it is really good and works just as described. Have succeeded in both making soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs in it without problems ..

Works well!

written by Jejja, Sweden 24/02/14

To those who complain that you have to have more time to cook the eggs. The time is in the instructions are for micro power 1000. Works very attractive!

Miss lungs

written by Bernd Koch, Germany 10/04/14

Hello, unfortunately, I have two eggs in two attempts burst. I'll soäter try again. Gru? Bernd

Working 100%

written by Martin, Denmark 28/04/14

Not much to say. It works perfectly. Boiled eggs in no time, I'm a fan. You just have to find the right length in his microwave oven, but after that. So play it just

Exploded and destroyed the microwave

written by Fynbo, Denmark 18/06/14

With proper use egg boiler exploded and destroyed the microwave. It was a somewhat costly to cook eggs in this way.

No problem

written by Ekblom, Sweden 18/06/14

I'm very happy with my egg boiler. Super easy to fix the egg in the morning now and it is much faster! I understand that the cooking time varies depending from micro to micro but after trixat litt... Read more

Is it worth the fear.

written by Eggis, Sweden 01/10/14

It says that it is important to ensure that pierce the yolk, but how can you know for sure ..? Some fear it will "egg" splodera in the microwave, but it has not yet happened anyway.


written by britte, Norway 14/10/14

I was not too happy with my product. When I got the product saw it used (text and paint was feidd away) and it was filthy. When I used it in the microwave, it took some time when the microwave suddenl... Read more

Total ....

written by Mia, Sweden 31/10/14

Useless! Takes longer than to cook eggs on the stove, and you have to peck them at the same time we must ensure that the yolk is cracked, which also takes some time, eggs were moreover not even evenly... Read more


written by Ellinor, Norway 03/12/14

I eat 4 eggs every day is stressful to cook this when I have little time for it in the morning. this egg boiler takes a few minutes and the eggs are as they should be, this is one of the best inventio... Read more

Egg cooker for Micro-wave oven.

written by 358160, Norway 22/12/14

Egg cooker worked fine it, actually better than expected. So now I use it almost every day.

Egg cooker for the microwave

written by Eddilein, Germany 29/12/14

The best product that I have purchased a long time. So boiling eggs is a cinch, and saves a lot of time and equipment.

Maybe so so good!

written by Rulle, Sweden 05/01/15

I thought it was difficult with the times, and it was super hot and difficult that in a sensible way because of it getting out of the microwave, down into the sink and rinse with cold water in order t... Read more


written by Limpan, Sweden 28/01/15

It seemed like a very good idea, to be able to cook only one egg in the morning, and in addition very short time when you are stressed. Too bad it does not work. After three attempts to get my eggs co... Read more

Boiley Egg Maker microwaveable

written by Mari, Finland 23/02/15

A fun way to cook an egg in the microwave. The Finnish instructions would have been good, but they can be found on page Coolstuff. Works kivana ornament in the kitchen when does not produce eggs. Egg ... Read more

works great

written by Per Tomas, Norway 23/02/15

Works very well, just be careful to puncture the yolk before heating ... Regret that I bought it with 4 eggs ...

My favorite product!

written by Annie, Sweden 24/02/15

We absolutely love this thing home. Have a home, I have one at work and with his partner. How good any time of course! Easy to use. The eggs will be perfect every time. One does not suit them. And som... Read more

Can be recommended but !!

written by Louise, Denmark 10/04/15

Super easy and fast eggs just when you need them. But however you have to give them a little longer than is described. But otherwise it may be recommended :).

Hard to control

written by Gruyere, Denmark 17/04/15

One must remember to puncture the yolk before you boil the egg. However, the supplied punkternål is not always long enough. Then use a long skewer instead. Until now it also failed for me to get smili... Read more

Dead easy

written by Stefanie, Germany 21/04/15

Have the egg cooker been tried once. Was curious ... and lo and behold: It has the same works great the first time :-) Would have thought you needed a few more tries, but the eggs had to 6 in the micr... Read more

never run out!

written by ck, Germany 29/04/15

I love this egg boiler! I have my already, then purchased several years in USA, and have now bought a new, because my daughter has moved the old with in their dorm room. It is the fastest and unaufwen... Read more

Egg Maker is convenient

written by Elise, Norway 07/05/15

very handy when you only to have an egg to tomato soup or the like, it must stand a few minutes after it is "done" so it becomes real hard-boiled. But otherwise it works fine :)

Boiley for microwave

written by Ole Skytte, Denmark 20/05/15

Do not argue. Everything was as it should be. The product I have recommended to other people. Regards Ole S.

It works!

written by Joan R. Jensen, Denmark 15/06/15

Egg boiler works as it should. Easy and quick. Requires just a few "test-rounds", but then you have no dehydrati, water, stove and kitchen timer soft boiled eggs for breakfast


written by Kerstin, Germany 24/11/15

You have to experiment a bit, but if you once out, soft-boiled eggs breakfast, nothing stands in the way.


written by Kerstin, Germany 24/11/15

I wrote it as early as the previous review .... Everything was perfect! The breakfast eggs succeed.

Boiley is great!

written by Rena, Germany 28/12/15

Bin absolutely satisfied. the egg cooker corresponds fully to my expectations. The device is very suitable for the microwave. Can only be recommended by design as by use ago.

To make egg cooker fun!

written by Gruschi, Germany 22/02/16

I was very skeptical, but was positive "disappointed"! The whole "Geeiere" with the Wasserabmessen 1 - 6 eggs, soft to hard deleted. Since my microwave has 600 watts, I have the st... Read more


written by Supermario, Germany 26/04/16

All in all, it works quite well part, the length of time for cooking you have to find out after 2-3 Try one knows how to do it. Disadvantage: This thing is literally boiling hot, so always pretty care... Read more

Ease of Use

written by Karolina, Sweden 27/09/16

Got to try with two eggs before I was satisfied with the egg. Now Super satisfied, works great for breakfast when you want to get involved with other things. Takes about 6 minutes to make the egg in m... Read more

Works flawlessly

written by Momolisa, Germany 05/10/16

Unless you cook soft-boiled eggs for the whole family, this Boiley is ideal. In 5 minutes in the microwave the eggs are perfectly cooked soft, without much effort. My microwave creates necessary also ... Read more

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