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Borat Mankini Swimsuit

It needs a man with balls to fill a mankini, as the acclaimed Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev proved. And we're not talking about the bulge in the crotch, but pure mental courage.

Borat Mankini Swimsuit - Borat Mankini Swimsuit
Borat Mankini Swimsuit
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What is this?

written by , 09/06/09

super fast delivery and item is in perfect condition is highly recommended super seller

borate mankini

written by David, 15/06/09

The most bell-like party upplivaren! Running through a reception hall with this, there is probably not a dry eye (of joy): P

not as hairy as Borat, but it sits right fine anyway!

written by nodde, 16/06/09

So far, after a couple påtagningar and little manekängande sits fine, until one bends forward because they can happen that things o things fall out ... but it will be soon badpremiär in it, seems prom... Read more

written by , 17/06/09

Sørgeligt jeg ikke can have tisseren in dragten :( Klunkerne hænger ud :-D og dragten you too long .. so shell have syet stropperne lidt op. Dragten as becometh less :) but Ellers meget hyggeligt :-D


written by Gurk, 08/07/09

It shines and really shines, it makes people happy. One size works fine even for the shorter / thinner :)

Mankinin makes party !!!

written by Jocce, 07/09/09

Fits like a glove. And it made the whole party to a very successful event ...

written by , 09/09/09

Dn is super fun - and bold; o)


written by Nickson, 09/09/09

as nice to get as many blikar on the beach :) all girls baa whoo BUY!

Cool and not at all trendy-home!

written by Gunnar, 11/09/09

Mankinin are spot. People smile everywhere except in my own children, I think e incredible pinasm :-) The purchase went quick and painless :-)

The perfect wedding Briefs

written by Henrik, 11/09/09

Wow completely k ... t where it was great to be married to the inside under.

Already a classic ...

written by Knuten, 24/10/09

Can it be more successful than a mankini at the party?

The birthday gift for my dad!

written by Malin, 16/11/09

Hey! Now I've finally got Borat Manbikinin. It took time for them in the mail did not find the package due to it was so small. But now, a few days ago so rang them and had found the daddy :) My bi... Read more


written by pola, 23/11/09

Really fun product for a cheap price :) The only downside is that it is not possible to swim in, anyway it says that it is not made for it ...

They'll be laughing on Christmas :)

written by Rebecka, 03/12/09

I think they'll be laughing on Christmas Eve when the package is opened :) personally think that the va really fun .. :)

written by Jimmi K, 07/12/09

It was a hit. Was used to serve deserten in the mens lunch :-) problem is probably most of the images people were busy to take with their mobile. :-)

Gift !!!

written by Kasper Birk Jensen, 16/12/09

CoolSuff in is brilliant! I ordered "Borat Mankini" which must be a gift for my father. I know it sounds a little crazy to give it to his father, but do not know him. Have talked with his wi... Read more


written by Jesper, 27/12/09

I had purchased 2 "Borat Mankini", one for my father and one for my older brother as a Christmas present. The point of it was to get a good laugh out of it, and we got it too. =)


written by Blottaren, 29/12/09

Yes what can you write about this eminent summer outfit :) The fit is perhaps not the best, but good enough. I bought the best to use when my teenage daughter have found on someone new fool-style so I... Read more

Ingenious Christmas

written by CK, 02/01/10

Clear prelude to our Hawaii X-mas was this gift. Just great

Sau cool part

written by coco, 05/01/10

I'm totally impressed how much fun part of this is preparing (especially if male it herschenkt and does not have to put himself

Took too long ...

written by Jonte, 01/02/10

I was delighted over the package. It fits perfectly and came in a nice, easy little package. BUT. The package had been stuck at the post office in Gothenburg for over two weeks and I had to call custo... Read more

written by manikini lover, 21/06/10

Borat Mankinien sits really well. It sits entirely perfrkt at me and it will also make the others - it is very easy to get on and tightens do not know the buns. It does indeed that they are better and... Read more

Excellent for a bachelor party!

written by Kompis_till_killen_i_Mankinin, 15/07/10

We bought a Mankini and put our good friend at his bachelor party, which of course was a hit! At least for everyone but himself;) Was some nice pictures as his future wife can too! * Really fast deliv... Read more


written by Jeppe, 06/09/10

Super delivery! The coolest product! The best money I have long used! Used it to my 9th grade fool picture, and it was a reasonably good laugh all around :-D Surely one party maker that can fire up fo... Read more


written by Molkom Borat, 16/09/10

Did entrance with honor, talk about success !!!!

quick delivery

written by Borat , 22/09/10

received item quickly and easily. No direct payment on the spot when you pick up the package. about 1-2 weeks for payment. good serious side. book book


written by Calle, 01/10/10

I think that it was easy host! The liven up the party, and all went well with shipping and so easy a 5th! : D

Perfect mandelgave

written by Louise, 03/12/10

The funniest almond gift for a gentleman Christmas party :-)

A sure winner

written by Illuminator, 15/12/10

I bought Borat Mankini as a Christmas (hate) present for my cousin when we have a competition running every year to find the worst gift to the other. Only slight twist is that in our competition, MUST... Read more

Yagsjemasch !!

written by pasviking, 30/12/10

The king at the beach this year ?! You will in any case noticed ..

There is a mankini

written by Toff, 03/01/11

as the headline suggests, then there is a mankini, really fun, but not something I'm going to use on the beach with the first :-)

written by Rikke, 03/01/11


Super cool

written by Jakob, 04/01/11

Super cool gadget - and it is seriously one-size :) very good entertainment to give the gift, especially if you can get a bet up and running on any. to take it on in town!

Very good!

written by Moe, 08/01/11

This was a Christmas gift for her boyfriend to my sister. When I gave it to him and he saw what it was he laughed so much that we had laughing for about 10 to 15 min. I lay on the floor in pain and la... Read more


written by synk, 11/01/11

To my friend's 18 year I gave him bla. this. He put it on during the evening and scattered happy grin among all! : D so nice. Very good for 18 years. It really is a great gift :)


written by , 14/01/11

almost feels like it is for a woman package fårlixom not Platts in mankinin

Borat Mankini

written by Mukjo, 03/03/11

I gave the gift, my friend was crazy glad the xD

borate swimsuit

written by niklas, 05/04/11

had it before the whole cast of stag and if you want to be the toughest on the beach ..

I've got blisters on my sisters!

written by Okvin Axelsson, 15/04/11

The most successful garment I meant! NOTE! The package may not quite place .. VG +

Delivered late

written by Alexander, 25/04/11

standing up to 2 days delivery and had them for max 2 days when I needed a gift for a friend I traveled to Thailand with got the first after 3 days so I could not take it

The best 18 years!

written by Mette, 28/04/11

"Borat Mankini" was a gift to a friend on his 18th birthday. We gave him the wrapped along with a card which we had written a few conditions he had to perform! It was one of the most fun we ... Read more

Greece - Here we comes!

written by Dawwe, 09/06/11

Then I'm right card size seems to be a little big. I will leave it to the mother so she can sew it in.!


written by Sara Rolland, 26/08/11

Very good product, I am very happy about it. If I hear some missing some things that you have, I would definitely recommend this site.

very nice

written by Memo, 11/10/11

Had purchased mankini to my friend as fun birthday gift. He was very fond of it. And there was laughing a lot! After I ordered it, I could just download it after 2 days and it was also fine

very nice

written by Memo, 11/10/11

Had purchased mankini to my friend as fun birthday gift. He was very fond of it. And there was laughing a lot! After I ordered it, I could just download it after 2 days and it was also fine

fast delivery

written by Tina, 18/11/11

quick ordering, fast delivery - HOW: o)))

Super Sexy mankini

written by Pieter, 23/11/11

Highly recommended - all love, including yourself when you have it: D

written by Kurtan, 05/12/11

... A little small otherwise top notch :-)

fun gift

written by kim, 08/12/11

Used it to pack play. It was a super hit.

fun gift

written by kim, 08/12/11

Used it to pack play. It was a super hit.

written by Sabine, 03/01/12

It was very positive to patronize you have a large selection at fair prices, an extremely quick delivery. All in all a really good place to shop.

Fast delivery goods einwsandfrei

written by Gerne wieder, 23/08/12

Thanks for the quick delivery, goods was flawless. Become happy again Order Greetings from Munich

Glad to have abroad

written by Anders, 08/09/12

Will be a success in Alanya now when we go there with some friends ..;) do not know whether those Turkish citizens will appreciate the we should have on us ..

It is too fat

written by Christian Nygaard, 23/10/12

The borate is like in the film. crazy bold and it attracts mega much attention with it on. can only recommend it to others who are considering buying

Borat mankini

written by ADA, 17/12/12

"Swimsuit" was intended for a Norwegian man. And not the greatest either. But mankini was too small :( Otherwise I am happy with the experience.


written by Bella, 25/12/12

I ordered a mankini, Borat style !! It came fast on my buddy tanning almost to death when he got it !! :) Thanks Coolstuff !!


written by jollege, 04/02/13

Borat Mankini was given as a 40th birthday gift: It worked, it gave smile at the receiver!

Top nice mannkini

written by lene riis wind, 12/02/13

it's just super delicious cheeky and fun delicious color soft and is a total hit as a gift for a 30 or 40 year birthday

Super hate gift :)

written by Jakob , Denmark 06/01/14

Fine, fun things like for-fun-gift (hate gift). Ok price, really fast shipping and it looks like a real borate costume, even in fine quality. Quite excellent.

Completely perfect

written by Daniel Maass, Denmark 16/06/14

The product was as expected, was sent lovely quickly and has actually nothing to complain about, I have no reports of having to order from cool stuff again!

nice gift

written by Fru gaustad, Norway 01/08/14

I gave this to my brother in law at the wedding of my sister. It gave great laughter among the guests. Got to see him in it one day later and yes the funka. Great gift idea for the man who has everyth... Read more

Everything is alright.

written by TH, Denmark 18/02/15

By the book. Fast, safe and efficient ordering and delivery. The product corresponds to expectations. Everything in perfect order.

always fun

written by Epi, Finland 22/04/15

Paljussa birthday spent in the damp evening the crown and the birthday boy liked the gift. Is likely to be a single use, but the handicap?


written by Tanja, Denmark 06/12/15

It's hammer brilliant, we had much fun with the package the game. Alter clumsy also, together with some "drinking glasses" :) !!

fine product - fast delivery

written by Tine, Denmark 14/12/15

Fine product -liver fully up to expectations - good fit regardless of size-fast delivery


written by Parapent, Germany 07/01/16

All good, you must have carried him to know it! You will :-) him travel to you from the womb I'll see you on the beach!

Coward has not tested it yet

written by Mac, Sweden 14/05/16

Gave this to a colleague on his 50th birthday, but he has not dared to test it yet ... Really fun gift, anyway according remaining colleagues: P

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