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Brass Knuckles Mug

You can try writing "I EAT SKULLS" or "MURDER!" on your cup, but as we always say, a brass knuckles mug says more than a thousand words.

Brass Knuckles Mug - Black/Silver
24 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Brass Knuckles Mug - White/Gold
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

written by icematt, 11/07/09

total nice product .... function perfectly fine ... and look really cool out .... buy the ...

written by Olofsson, 28/07/09

The mug was clearly the coolest thing I've ever bought, gave it away to the boyfriend birthday.

A great quality!

written by Gahmen, 21/10/09

Great quality on this lot and a little funny text at the bottom; This is not a weapon;)


written by Åsa, 08/12/09

My partner should get it for Christmas, to then take it to the job. He and his colleagues will get a good laugh. Do, however, that mug section is rather boring designed - might have been a little cool... Read more

Mug with attitude

written by Anders, 30/12/09

I gave this to my uncle for Christmas, and it's so cool. It is large and spacious, a little larger than usual mugs are and have a knogjärnshandtag, what more need a man? =)


written by Jäm, 25/01/10

Funny thing to give away. It seems to be very solid. It is in any case quite large in size so it fits virtually all hands. (Or, yes, very big indeed, so it is suitable for those who like to drink a lo... Read more


written by zmaj88, 17/05/10

Another gift that I bought for someone. Really cool, really big, and hopefully it also bring a little more authority in the home. It tjabbar not someone who drinks out of this! ; D

written by Claus E, 08/06/10

It's a real gentleman mug !!! "The handle" match with a good stop lug, so as to keep the well. Moreover, it contains conveniently 2 normal cups of coffee ... / Claus

Huge men mug ;-)

written by , 02/12/10

Have this part paid my coffee cups-collecting sidekick. He has been happy. For Woman Hands of brass knuckles Henkel is not made very clear.


written by Nisan, 04/12/10

I gave this to my husband for Father's Day gifts. He loves it! The best thing about it is that it is so large and in good quality.

Fight Glove Mugs

written by , 07/12/10

Great design but Drab, one or more harsh logos had not damaged. This fall enough matter to the taste of the person receiving it.

Gift for a chef!

written by Banarne, 09/12/10

His eyes flashed when he realized it was the last day he would have to take crap from dissatisfied customers

Fighter Mug.

written by Fredrik, 18/02/11

Spot mug, has never felt so prepared for battle in the morning as the knogjärnsmuggen: D Can be a bit tricky to find a good grasp sometimes and I can imagine that people with small hands may have even... Read more


written by Anna, 25/04/11

Good kvalié and larger model of the mug .... well, satisfied!

raw message

written by Tom A. Larsen, 05/12/11

Great mug with a distinctive look. Good quality and good finnish.


written by Gaara, 13/12/11

Ascool mug! It will be a Christmas present for a tough chick! Guess my cousin will love it! Very large mug! Troubled good quality!

Ages Christmas!

written by Edit, 15/12/11

I am looking forward orntelig for Christmas, this is great for guys boys! : D Kjempefin cup, take it yourself, maybe ......

Fight Glove Mugs

written by Lone, 26/12/11

Perfect gift for boys' girlfriend! When I put on the website and looked for gifts for famous and beloved, and saw the kulle cup here, I thought at once; "perfect"! Is your boyfriend like... Read more


written by simon stabben, 26/12/11

big and cool cup

written by m.a.k, 29/12/11

very good workmanship

best Christmas gift

written by , 29/12/11

this fell properly in taste! and the cup was almost twice as big as an ordinary teacup, ordenltig male coffee cup take note !!

For a tough start to the day.

written by Danne, 02/01/12

Large mug, holds secure two normal cups with coffee. Was a huge success in the coffee room. Lovely to hold, comfortable to drink from.

solid mug

written by Bulletmaster, 12/01/12

A really hardcore coffee cup that is now self-evident at dawn. Terrible large compared to an ordinary cup, which is always a +


written by Liemannen, 23/02/12

Oh holy shit, here we're talking Coffee mug with an attitude that says, "Do not come here and came" To other fjollkoppar .. It is HARDCORE & so cool ..

not 100%

written by kimmy, 02/03/12

one cup had it skalett off so it was not something nice, or good and drink.

The ultimate cup

written by HATEMSTER, 06/03/12

Quite incredibly stylish & cool mug, best quality .. Fits so cruelly well with my Darth Vader bathrobe .. then talk about Mug with so cocky tough attitude .. It is clearly signaling "Fuck off... Read more

Super nice mug

written by Dorte, 22/03/12

Super nice mug and quick delivery :-) However, little animals in transit but otherwise very happy with the purchase


written by Mirre, 13/06/12

This was a nice riiktigt mug. A little bigger than I thought, however, but it is no less because you get the only place with even more coffee!


written by Zebran, 16/07/12

A real coffee cup with space for myyycket coffee! Additionally celestial stylish that fits into the kitchen perfectly ..


written by laubfroschberlin, 18/08/12

of coffee, came to really super. this is the cup for men. must also reorder the same. optically the hit and the size of the content is also ideal.

the really cool

written by siaa, 12/11/12

Dødsrå cup that fell very popular among man of the house. Great cup, which holds much drink. "Battling glove-holes" were large, as a grown man has no problem with getting your fingers in the... Read more


written by Jonas, 15/11/12

Large and spacious mug and is also comfortable to hold. Some things to consider: 1) Do you have rings on his fingers so maybe it is not as pleasant. 2) May according to the package not be washed in th... Read more


written by Jonttu, 16/11/12

Cup volume will give a plus. There is room for more coffee mug (other desired drink) as normimukiin. Mug is a heavy good state of mind, not just by swinging each table overturned. The only downside is... Read more


written by Lene, 20/11/12

Have not tested some of the products I ordered, but enjoyed very much "fighting glove mug". There is a Christmas present for my brother that fits very well to him.

Very cool mug!

written by jani, 23/11/12

Incredibly cool! Only negative I can say about them is that they were sent in filthy condition. So a trip through the dishwasher had them before use. Otherwise, super!


written by Mattias, 28/11/12

It was really big and nice it was too! : D minus was that there was dirt on it when I got it, but could not wash away easily ..

Manne Mug!

written by Espen, 01/01/13

Large and sturdy tough cup for boys / men! Delighted with the product is in use daily. Was also a hit as a Christmas gift this year

Coffee with attitude

written by Sofie, 02/01/13

Cool cup with space for a lot of coffee! Some pity that it can not be washed in the washing machine, but it is so cool that it makes up for this.

Rating of Knogjärnsmugg!

written by Tobbe, 03/01/13

This product was "AWESOME". Real cool and go to hold. But however it was very dirty, but it was just to wash away.

Super cool

written by Dreambig, 12/01/13

Really cool mug that was a prized Christmas gift to the old man who wants to look cooler than what he is! ;) Bigger than I thought it would be, but larger = violent or? =)

Good Stuff

written by Ruben, 26/02/13

large and cool, fast delivery and good price. could have packed a little more carefully, but all in all a satisfied customer!


written by Masse, 26/02/13

The old familiar nyrkkirautamuki found a new home and place nyrkkirautamukin-hole (of the previous four years served, and subsequently caused a broken mug) my husband's heart.


written by Ine, 05/04/13

Huge, cool and keeps at least the other people from my cup! It holds a cup of coffee a day now;) Perfect for me anyway so :)

Funny, cool and comfortable mug.

written by Martin, Sweden 05/06/13

My absolute favorite mug. You always happy faces against itself when using this mug at work. Plus knogjärnshandtaget makes it extra comfortable to hold the cup. Was going to buy more that I could have... Read more

visual power

written by mike, Denmark 07/06/13

there is no one in the office that is in doubt if it's me, with Knojerns mug that has the last word in the office ...


written by C, Sweden 19/07/13

Spot product, great and lovely to hold, have small hands so it is not as comfortable to hold.

class surprise

written by LkLhaZe, Germany 21/10/13

As gift items Hit :) even greater than I had presented to me (not in the microwave; o))

Better than what I expected

written by Maikki, Finland 01/11/13

Exquisite, gorgeous and just the kind of mug of what I wanted to order! Father's Day and I do not try in any point wait to get my husband this gift !! Certainly the likes!

"Fight Glove Mug" - hmmm ...

written by MB, Norway 19/12/13

I think I've gotten used "Fight Glove Mugs" or poorly stored. The cup was covered with lots of dust and had multiple abrasions. At one part of the cup was varnish erased. Therefore I can... Read more

super gift idea

written by Anna_J, Germany 09/01/14

Unusual idea, my big brother was very happy and I will soon take on with work.

Super nice!

written by Latinmama, Sweden 09/04/14

Real cool mug, was njöd with the delivery and it was great. Too bad it can not be washed in the dishwasher, but otherwise super-tough and beautiful.

vulnerable handle that is broken :(

written by tzari, Denmark 11/06/14

Cool see the disgrace and you get the impression that the handle is metal of some sort. This is not the case instead of an extra durable handles that can withstand to use the mug where you work is jus... Read more

very satisfied

written by Gil, Sweden 09/12/14

Robust quality mugs. Good tygnd of the porcelain and the handle. Solid feel in the hand. Seemingly normal size but can hold a lot of liquid.


written by køber, Denmark 18/12/14

I have not even used it as it is for a Christmas gift, but fast delivery and it looks really fine and it was in good shape when I received it. I do not know if it says in the description, but the pack... Read more


written by Louise, Denmark 19/12/14

Bestile 7 different items on 2/12 and had it delivered on 3/12. Great products and extremely fast delivery. Definitely not the last time I order from Cool Stuff !!! :)


written by flickvännen ;P, Sweden 05/01/15

Giant fine copper and large above all .. thought they would be less. but my partner every really happy with them: D fast delivery so I'm super happy. bought one of each


written by Boulkizz , Sweden 11/02/15

Tough mugs, the tough guys ..... good quality, and comfortable to hold. You lose they do not, it is clearly


written by Jennifer, Sweden 19/11/15

A large and stable coffee mug that will give you the respect of his colleagues on coffee break or put fear in the family;)


written by Grethe, Denmark 18/12/15

I am extremely extremely happy and can always recommend knojernskruset. That's great gift idea !! Merry Christmas out there!


written by Foxxy, Sweden 29/02/16

Super handsome mug and you feel awesome with it in your hand every morning at work. Mim mug was sadly frayed in color otherwise fantastic.

Cool Gifts

written by Shooter, Germany 22/06/16

A friend is celebrating his birthday on the grounds of a Rocker clubs. As I held the cup for Fair! I am amazed that I have no problem to put my fingers easily through the rings! large enough for fully... Read more

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