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Carnivorous Plants

Watch your carnivorous plants sprout from nice little seeds into ruthless fly eating monsters in their own custom-built terrarium. Plants versus Insects, there can only be one winner!

Carnivorous Plants - Carnivorous Plants
Carnivorous Plants
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What is this?

written by Kristian L. Madsen, 01/02/10

Everything was as it should be ... Just now my plants in the refrigerator. Then we shall see how it will go when they go out. As so far is good review

Carnivorous plants

written by Morten, 13/03/10

Carnivorous plants are undoubtedly the coolest plant I've ever had. Carnivorous plants normally live in an environment where there is not much nutrition in the soil, and has for a long time develo... Read more

Slowly but good

written by JannieE, 27/05/10

Our daughter got these as a gift at the end of March. She had a good time to plant them and now it is beginning to sprout in the greenhouse. Patience is a virtue when it comes to this product. But it&... Read more

carnivorous plants

written by K:H, 14/07/10

cool stuff is a very good website and they deliver very soon the plant was good a small greenhouse some seeds and soil and small blue stones very well

Quite as expected

written by Lars, 10/11/10

The small seeds are now in køkeskabet and I have them in the next 8 weeks. This information emerged quite clearly on ColStuff's side, so that I did not get surprises. Nice .... Regards Lars

Mega brilliant gift!

written by Pernille, 16/01/11

I ordered this plant, and it came just two days, which was really good and quick delivery from plant must be given to my father birthday gift here d. January 22, so now we must see if it ... Read more

Did not

written by Frederik, 17/01/11

Was a gift for my brother, but unfortunately it did not grow up through the soil. My brother is not exactly the most green fingers, so it may be his own fault. I have chosen to give the 4 forward, as ... Read more

written by Kristian, 15/02/11

The idea to plant his own carnivorous plants in a small greenhouse is actually very good. But the problem is that there is now gone over a half months ago I planted them, AND THEY ARE NOT COME UP AD E... Read more

Does not work

written by Pernille, 03/03/11

The very idea is really, really cool, and I applaud, but it's been two months, and you can not even see the plant yet .. It has been looked exactly as it said on the package, but nothing happened ... Read more


written by SimonL, 14/04/11

It's been such about 2 weeks now and there is still no sign of any plant. Self. I eagerly await and see if it turns into anything. The description on the box was exactly.

Carnivorous plants

written by Amalie, 25/04/11

In the beginning when you had to plant them did it all very easy, but I thought the instructions were confusing. There should be no such blue stone in ... I would recommend that you NOT put them in be... Read more

no character

written by emil, 28/05/11

We have sown the seeds for 2 months ago, but nothing happened. Do not believe that they come now.

Carnivorous plants

written by Jossan, 27/06/11

If you are interested in a long term project with a really awesome results are the carnivorous plants are a must-try! A few minutes of preparation, and then it's just waiting for them to sprout. S... Read more

written by B. Nilsson, 31/10/11

Thank you for quick delivery, it is not the last time I buy from you, super good.

"Carnivorous plants"

written by Katarina, 06/11/11

It takes lååååååång time before it starts to seem a thing that grows there even. would have been more fun if you could buy a carnivorous plant that is already fully grown.

Kødædene plant

written by musvitter, 06/12/11

Something of a project that we will probably wait a bit to put in the time. The gotta fit.

Fast and good service

written by Finn Jensen, 02/01/12

There have only been posetive service, everything worked perfectly, with fast delivery. Thanks to trade.


written by , 02/01/12

My niece 6 welcomes game for the little beasts catch flies and other edible. A different thing :)


written by , 05/01/12

Kanon fast delivery and an excellent product. Thanks

now passed about 14 days ..

written by Martin T. Hansen, 26/01/12

now I have so enjoyed the plant in about 14 days ... and there still have not recovered any green thing yet but I hope when they come .. if not, I'd better buy some small plants .. but the "g... Read more

Cool plant

written by Janne, 08/03/12

Streamlined ordering and fast delivery from Collstuff. Complete kit with greenhouses, soil, seeds and good description on how to get started with the cultivation. It only remains to see when the small... Read more


written by tb48, 27/03/12

I will give one star for product / price, but will in turn give 5 stars for order processing and follow-up. Straigth service. Looking occasionally at your range. So many exciting products. Acting like... Read more

Carnivorous plants

written by cora, 30/03/12

Hello I these plants I bought because I am a big plant lovers and also by carnivores :-) The set is really nice and everything is described in great detail by culturing to care. Decorative material wa... Read more

Carnivorous plant

written by Titti, 21/04/12

This product is very exciting and contains both information and approaches so you know how to get the plant to grow in the best way. However, I miss distilled water, then I do not have any idea where ... Read more

Carnivorous plant

written by Stephanie Munch Johansen, 20/06/12

I was really happy with my purchase of carnivorous plants inside at Cool Stuff. There resulted an easy manual, which was foreseeable to follow. It was not long before I had made my plant.

carnivorous plant

written by L, 25/07/12

Good instructions on how to do and take care of it later, easy care, just to keep track of the hands slightly

looking forward to the plant appears

written by michael potempa, 03/09/12

there are now just over 2 weeks and look forward to happens a little more with my (Snappy) carnivorous plant.

has not come up yet

written by michael potempa, 29/09/12

I do not know what has gone wrong with my plant -it's all performed to the letter-it has not come up yet-read your other mail who has written -that someone has got 10 seeds-but I've only got 6... Read more

Mega well and quickly

written by Ivalo, 14/11/12

I ordered them and got two days they were at home, mega good service! The plants were easy and plant.

What a dissapointment

written by Elias, 28/11/12

I bought this cool thing a year ago as a Christmas present for my little brother. We followed the instructions and waited a year! But nothing happened. I'll have to buy two gifts this time to comp... Read more

A popular gift late.

written by us, 14/01/13

I gave my son this kit in which to plant their own "meat eaters" are not particularly expensive, but absolutely the most appreciated Christmas present.

Plan Tern is ..

written by mischa, 04/02/13

They grow so not now so you can see them .. But is also that it can take up to 3 months .. but quite popular


written by Vesko, 15/03/13

Of the 20 pieces. Seed has only 4 pieces. cave. The package I ordered via the internet gave a positive result. The second, which is purchased in the store (Malmo), a nil plants. But in any case I can ... Read more

a hit with his nephew

written by Katrine Outzen, Denmark 02/06/13

I quickly got my order and could easily reach to delight his nephew with a gift that he had told her mother a few days earlier that he wanted for his birthday 6year. Do not think he figured something ... Read more

Fantastic customer service and wonderful service!

written by Stamp-E, Sweden 06/06/14

When my son's plant refused to grow, so I contacted customer service. Although I had not either order number or receipt left, they looked up my order, and only a few days later I had a new product... Read more

Patience is a virtue

written by Dennis, Denmark 15/11/14

Just as in the know, take it then up to one year before you can see frøgene spigere. Remember to check ALL of the plant inside write a review;) But really good service and delivery from Cool Stuff, ju... Read more


written by Felicia G, Sweden 15/12/14

There were very few and small seeds in the bag, so I'm afraid it does not show up a few shots ... Lizard which came was also much less than what I had imagined myself but my little brother was hap... Read more

Waiting for the carnivorous Fliegentod ...

written by Jessi L., Germany 25/12/14

A very funny "kit" for his own small plant monsters. Construction is easy, with the only Erdebrikett it takes a little until it softened and thus ready for planting. After the seed is scatte... Read more


written by Silvia, Germany 31/12/14

Carnivorous plants had a great gift and my daughter tears have driven in the eyes, as they had wanted this for so long. Now we hope that flourish and live quite a long time also.

goods reception

written by Niels Krag, Denmark 05/01/15

The product received ok. Gift, process udklægning igangsat.Modtager my granddaughter 11 years old. Game happy gift. The process under full control of the parents. Sincerely, Niels Krag

not grow

written by Melot, Sweden 23/02/15

Although I have tried to get these little rascals to fester without any luck whatsoever. I followed the instructions to the letter and only watered with distilled water. I have also purchased a LED li... Read more

Does not grow!

written by Jessica, Sweden 25/04/15

I bought this for my daughter as a Christmas gift. We planted it in early January and it still has not started to grow (end of April). The planting process is a hassle. It wouldhave been more worth it... Read more

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