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Cash Stash Keyring

Smart waterproof canister made of hardened aluminium that you attach to your keys. Fold up a banknote, stick it in the cash stash keyring canister, screw on the lid, attached it to your keys. And now you'll always have some money when you need it!

Cash Stash Keyring - Cash Stash Keyring
Cash Stash Keyring
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What is this?


written by sperling, 18/11/09

A discreet hiding money .. no sense that you have spare cash in your key ring .. much needed when you forget wallets book.

Good to have

written by Håkan, 23/11/09

Fun and quirky product that can be "nice to have". However, people are not so much more than a hundred in it, and you can fold it countless times. But the works for other things, like small ... Read more

Useful panic hiding

written by Brum, 07/12/09

Like this little gadget much. Good to know that you always have a few extra pennies with them if something unexpected happens =)

"Cash Stash"

written by Lex' Driver, 24/12/09

Great idea! Very convenient! Shipping faster! Always my pleasure!

cash Stash

written by Freddy, 03/01/10

BRILLIANT! I have already been rescued by 2 times, and it's only 2 weeks ago: P thanks thanks

Appreciated gift!

written by Frida, 04/01/10

Köppte this to my partner who has everything! He was super happy about it and put it away in his keys. And now it is used flitit every day to and from work. Good shit!

Cash Stash

written by Sim_95, 04/01/10

The Cash Stash is a successful invention, but in my opinion it could also be a bit bigger, because at that size if ever fits only a folded bill.

Happy customer

written by Rick, 30/01/10

There is not much to add "Cash Stash Keychain" is simply a perfect little hide money that can easily carry with them in your key ring.

written by WB, 25/02/10

Very good. Does not take much.

Cash Stash

written by Peter, 29/03/10

My thought on this is that I have stopped in 100 - and a stamp and a note with the name and address so they can send it back I lost the key.

Cash Stash

written by Big B, 13/04/10

Small but nice. At the gas station really helpful if the card does not work wiedermal :-)

written by, 04/05/10

It's a fun little thing that is easy to send. Postal deliveries are prompt. But the small pipe to the money is too small for Danish banknotes. I had to send 200 kr.- the tube to a confirmand gift ... Read more

Fun as hell!

written by DXter, 21/06/10

Really small and convenient! Recommended! :)

Much less than you think

written by LZ, 10/08/10

Cashstash seems to be a great gadget to have on your key ring, if you do not interfere in that it is extremely small. How to succeed to bunch down a single note in this is a tricky story. Feel like it... Read more

cash Stash

written by Basecamp, 13/08/10

Ingeniously always have a note on it!

Cash Stash

written by Nortdkoster, 14/09/10

Perfect to have in your key ring, never without money in unexpected tavern visit. Sheep without much trouble spot with a 500 call.

Extra money if necessary

written by Beamer, 14/09/10

Perfect way to bring extra money & that sits in your key ring.

Super duper

written by K. D., 16/09/10

It works great - I use it actually to keep pills, so I always have them with me.

Things you (n) does not need

written by Sebastian W, 10/10/10

but funny too expensive gadget

My Cash Stash

written by Pe-Su-Ki, 17/10/10

Hello, for some days now I have an own cash stash and even if I use this not for a bill, but as a pillbox, I can testify that it is a very nice product. The size fit hevoragend on the keychain and he ... Read more

Always prepared with emergency cash

written by anebane, 01/11/10

This little gadget has removed the little debilitating thought "what if I lose my wallet or visa card"? It happens actually quite often that I find visa card but emergency cash that I have c... Read more

Does its job :)

written by JemKem, 25/11/10

Yes, it does what it should :) A few millimeters more in circumference might have made it easier to slip to come into it, but it's actually not that difficult. I've had it a week and has alrea... Read more

Small and good

written by Tina, 07/12/10

This little keychain is both tough and handy and you almost forgot you have the key tied, but glad you become when you remember that you always have an extra penny when you're out! :-)

Stash you cash!

written by Elusive, 06/01/11

When I first got the product in my hand, I felt it a little bit bigger than I understood at the pictures but the design is stylish, the key ring that comes with easy to attach to the second key rings ... Read more

Smart banknote storage

written by Jessica, 26/01/11

In the small container is a "fake" note with instructions so that you can clearly see how to fold the bill to make room for it. Otherwise, a neat little containers which solves the problem t... Read more

written by , 21/02/11

I bought a cash stash that is really great, you can fix it well to a keyring without that it disturbs. The shipment has unfortunately taken a long time, after consultation, the article is then passed ... Read more

Good quality

written by Mattias, 24/02/11

This product seems to be robust and of good quality. It will consider the most is how it works or is a year in which the key ring is heavily exposed. I think the screw device, key holder and container... Read more

Good to another

written by h0psi, 26/02/11

The note that is supposed to crumple up the container is not exactly sexy afterward, I use my instead of three caffeine pills which I have a greater need! While other tablets, medicine, etc. goes well... Read more

Cash Stash Keychain

written by cgiertz, 07/03/11

Small and flexible but difficult to tighten with a bigger bill in, then locet be into the container. It would have been better if the lid was attributed the outside. Otherwise good to always have an e... Read more

works out to what it should

written by frøken , 27/03/11

Keychain works as oppevaring for a bill to it's good, but it looks a bit more fancy in the picture one it is in reality, does not seem like the quality is so good either so I would not use it unde... Read more

Cash Stash Keychain

written by , 11/04/11

Bought a Cash Stash Keychain and was very nöjsd both the material and the fast service I got. Small and handy and serve their purpose well. Small innocent and through it I'll never forget nowadays... Read more

Cash Stash Keychain

written by Raul, 29/06/11

It is a good produckt, deliver what you promise, it is finely made but it would be better on the product was a bit longer and it had a little more uttrymme for a little more money or else, I think it ... Read more


written by , 12/07/11

keychains arrived supertoll

stylish funtionalitet

written by Fingol, 23/07/11

Perfect for the purpose of having a 500 ready. Has my spare as gasoline when I'm out and about MC. Has stood at the gas station far far away where the card reader was broken and dropped in the sou... Read more


written by Thilaka Schou, 11/08/11

I am completely satisfied with the deal with cool stuff, food was delivered as agreed.

Cash Stach - brilliant as pill box

written by Laila, 26/09/11

My son of 18 need pills, it is life threatening if he did not have them on him. I have long been searching for a "pill box", but who wants to walk around with a grandfather box in his pocket... Read more

Smooth thing!

written by Boobie, 08/11/11

Awesome easy thing, especially for me, that is a little sloppy and often forgets wallet in another jacket or så..En femhundring got easy place if you folded it into three pieces lengthwise and ignored... Read more


written by Hedde, 11/11/11

It is invaluable to always have a hundred available if you go from home and forget your bag, wallet or purse! The keys have of course, förhoppnignsvis always with him! Brilliant Invention!

not so good

written by strahlenmaus, 15/11/11

much too small on the illustration it looked bigger'm a bit disappointed by the size you get hardly any geldschein pure pity

it is oka

written by timm husted, 18/11/11

fun little help object. works just fine and is ik so susceptible to scratches, yet at any rate. all total bargain

Happy customer

written by Nöjd kund, 27/11/11

Very small which was the hope but that means of course that you can fold the bill just like the fake bill included. Sheep place with a 500-patch and it is well everything you need in desperate need to... Read more

verrrry satisfied

written by Johan , 07/12/11

An incredibly good product that does not take place at all in your pocket. It has always brought it because it is in nyckelknipan. I have a 100 kroner note in my Cash Stash and it has happened that yo... Read more

cash stash

written by Larss, 08/12/11

as expected. very happy

A safe journey home!

written by Marc therkildsen, 19/12/11

The reason I chose the cash stash was in mind to often short of money for the taxi when you've been in the city. And with my new smart money container I always have a 100, - by hand if necessary.

small and flexible

written by ficklampa, 19/12/11

Was a little difficult to judge the image how great the product was. Once back in his hand, it turned out that what smaller than I thought. No disadvantage perhaps, but it holds only a banknote. So th... Read more

No :(

written by C.S, 23/12/11

We thought you would not have to fold the allowance so much but yeah. The product is really small and we are certainly not satisfied with the sadly: /

Not satisfied, poor quality!

written by Viki, 24/12/11

Unfortunately, I had unpacked the keychain and thus destroys the packaging, otherwise I would have sent him back immediately. The processing is in my opinion very cheap, the lettering faded and the ru... Read more

Smart but small

written by Maya, 26/12/11

The product is incredibly smart. Since I will soon be backpacking trip I thought this Cash Stash would be perfect to use when I go to the beach and swimming. I am happy with the product, although it i... Read more

Smart gizmo

written by Liselle, 02/01/12

Bought this for my little brother who has an annoying tendency to have loose cash in their pocket, so he can be sure to always have a note on themselves if they suddenly need to take a taxi or the lik... Read more


written by , 02/01/12

Can be used for Danish banknotes, but they must be folded very well. The screw cap is a little rings made - but again, you get what you pay for.

cash Stash

written by Vips, 02/01/12

Bought 2 pieces. one for each of the children, so they may possibly. use it (money in) to a taxi home from a party or otherwise. Cool Stuff has many good things, would certainly shop here again.

not only monetary

written by SørenLP, 03/01/12

Smart, however, could well be just a few millimeters wider in diameter. I use it to store pills for allergies instead.

super go

written by dd, 09/03/12

much go and nyttetig hvae by hand so but ik so go when you have to pay with selder at a petrol standre as Selde's club much so, but or go

very happy

written by dippeduppa, 14/03/12

Very satisfied! Was initially a bit disappointed, because it was so small that it looked like it got the room for any notes at all. But after finding out how to unfold it, I've got room for 200-sl... Read more

He was pleased !!

written by Åsa, 19/03/12

Bought this to an 11 year old boy who was on a trip! Charged with the travel money. Liiiiten but sweet good !!

Fine enough ...

written by Matilde Hjorth, 05/09/12

The game good is it, could not get a bank note into it, and so I thought it was much bigger. But good idea! :)

good to have on the

written by Emil Pedersen, 28/09/12

I spend most other Danes almost only credit card, but in situations where this is not possible, it's nice just to have a 500kr-note tucked into his key ring. all Danish banknotes fit in the small ... Read more


written by Kim, 01/10/12

I thought it would be bigger, can not fit as much money. But otherwise keeps it tight.

Very small

written by Madeleine, 19/11/12

Small and convenient, a little too small .. May only place with a note, maybe two. But as I said, small and useful!


written by Narmasil, 25/12/12

Good thing! The sleeve is 44mm long in outer dimensions. 14mm in diameter. I got into a 500kr bill without major problems, just fold and roll right. It is very small, the whole point so that you can h... Read more


written by Sofia, 27/12/12

Works well as money to hide and son just said helfräck, mom! Could have been held a little more than one.

Completely rejected!

written by Camilla, 27/12/12

Completely rejected! Not even a 20: gets a place in it.

Difficult to fyllla

written by Fredrik, 28/12/12

Hard to put in his bill, but we must see it as an advantage, that one has to always have extra money with him to the taxi, the bus ride home, or if you are super hungry town. It should of course not b... Read more


written by Karina, 02/01/13

A good idea when one usually uses his credit card but sometimes encounter places that do not take your card or the machine is broken! Enjoy!

Function perfectly

written by Sindre, 06/01/13

This is smart and has saved me so many times. Lost bankort in town and still had peng and get me home. Stood in Lillehammer last night before we were going home from the Russian hits with no money in ... Read more

Game good!

written by Crime dog, 07/01/13

There is a super smart small matter to deal with. It has already helped me 2 times since I ordered it 2 weeks ago. It is easy to use, but you could just fold the notes properly together. I personally ... Read more


written by Linda, 22/01/13

Have only had it a week but is very pleased that it is waterproof. Small rubber ring where it is screwed together. Have had 200 and 500kr in it. Just roll the patch such manual says! ingeniously

Small and handy

written by KL, 21/02/13

Now I have always 50s on me. Thought it was to sit in my bag zipper, but it is not bigger than it is now in my key ring. Perfect.

Good assistance for school children and others

written by Pirpana, 11/04/13

Cash Stash keyring can be found there, as well as their own keyrings (and has saved me during the operation a couple of years, as well as janolta that caused the loss of a bus ticket to contemplate a ... Read more

Cash Stash

written by Seba, Germany 23/04/13

Optical seals very well and with a rubber ring of the locking mechanism. And once it is open, even 5 stars coming out ;-)

If you are forgetful!

written by Mikkel , Denmark 02/05/13

Very small! But there is ample space for one hundred bill, so you can not completely empty! Its size is good, and seems as if it is sustainable. Just in case! ; D

really handy!

written by Thomas, Germany 03/06/13

The Cash Stash Keychain metal is practically right one can be described as tablets, money or do other daily. Habs tested whether it really is waterproof and lo and behold everything dry. If someone is... Read more

Cash Stash as emergency money container

written by Peter E J, Denmark 04/07/13

Quality of Cash Stash is quite magnificent, although it is a little loose in tollerancerne. It can be used both as a money container (just one note at a smart little metal clip that helps to fold slip... Read more

Good idea

written by Porrpung, Sweden 26/12/13

Good idea, good quality. The minimum team as it barely enters a note in the tube. Can be savior one day!

less than expected

written by Dan, Denmark 06/01/14

It is ok to use it for some pills or something else ULTRA small. Could not scroll any banknote into it. Had course not expect to be able to put some of the larger pengesedeler in, but not some of the ... Read more

Very happy!

written by Thomas, Sweden 16/01/14

If the Cash Stash had been anything less would still easily fit a femhundring, but it is certainly not ponderous great in any way. After a month in the key chain, I got this weekend finally benefit fr... Read more


written by Trollet, Sweden 12/02/14

Bought these for the purpose of if I lose the wallet I'll always be able to take a taxi home (if I managed to keep your key of course). Do they serve their purpose well. Looks discrete on your key... Read more

Cash Stash tip top

written by N, Denmark 03/03/14

smart and durable little "stash" that helps to remember my medication when I go home. very convenient to always also have money when going out. I am very happy for it. so I also bought two f... Read more

Cash Stash Keychain

written by Fredrik, Sweden 13/07/14

Well, this I think I was not entirely happy with. I was not able to accommodate a 500-kronor banknote in it. With a bit of trouble, I received place with a 100-lap.

Very good

written by JoPa, Sweden 02/10/14

Misunderstood dimension of the image, it was hard to figure out from those specified dimensions. But I am very happy anyway !! And a good product!

Useful packaging!

written by L, Sweden 21/12/14

Small o smooth as promised. Moreover packaged in the "plastic container" that can store things in.

Very pleased with this product.

written by Thomas, Sweden 22/04/16

This article was super, it came with an extra waterproof box / box that the product was packed in. Two products for the prices of a .... I like it!

Real happy, perfect size

written by Ad/Hd, Sweden 03/05/16

I was actually pleased with the diss, the size was perfect for f.ex. to put on your key ring. You had to place a note, I have putted in a 200-lap, then I think 100 - is too little, and 500: - do I bec... Read more

always money with

written by Milla, Sweden 03/05/16

usually do not take the wallet to the job so they good to have this little they have all appropriate dog ring with me if want to spontaneously buy from the kiosk or otherwise.

cash stash

written by Britt, Denmark 06/05/16

Key rings with room for banknote was very very small and I could not use them for the intended confirmation present. I saw no goals in the keychain on your website, it was perhaps a good idea to futur... Read more

Smooth but small

written by Anita, Sweden 05/09/16

Think it is ok. It does not take much space Print function is very solid. Coins may not fit, unfortunately,

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