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Cassette to MP3 Converter

Simply connect the cassette player to your USB port and then with just the click of a button, your dull cassette is conveniently converted. You can convert cassettes to mp3 or convert cassettes to CD.

Cassette to MP3 Converter - Cassette to MP3 Converter
Cassette to MP3 Converter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cassette to MP3 Converter - Coolstuff Batterier AA Alkaline 4-pack
Coolstuff Batterier AA Alkaline 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cassette to MP3 Converter - Coolstuff Batterier AA Alkaline 10-pack
Coolstuff Batterier AA Alkaline 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Small but technically gifted

written by Stickan, 12/01/11

Yes, I think that my purchase of the cassette to mp3 was a very good buy have provided many cassettes in my computer it is really very technical and easy to store music that you love with a simple way... Read more

Easy to install and use - and fun!

written by JR, 13/01/11

Bought "Cassette to MP3 Converter" to finally take care of my almost 40-year-old cassettes where myself as 3-year-old talks. It was very easy to install, and then use the player itself as we... Read more

that's the way to do it!

written by Claus, 03/02/11

It was quick and easy to patronize Coolstoff and it will hardly be the last time! The product works perfectly.


written by målarn, 07/03/11

finally a converter for my MC.Tyvärr was the oldest kasetterna already run (1975), but the rest was perfect återgivning.Tack for quick and safe delivery.

Not satisfied with the purchase of cassette to mp3

written by , 14/03/11

The quality is far from its price. The player with varying speed, so that way is useless. The software is Audacity for recording, but then you have to download a converter from a completely third webs... Read more

not impressive

written by Henrik, 02/06/11

It's more complicated than that to set the computer and program for recording and, in addition to the Internet to download an additional mp3 converter program ... But the worst thing is that the m... Read more

good product

written by NL, 03/07/11

Good and simple product.

Cassette to mp3

written by Egil, 18/07/11

Ordered a "music cassette to MP3" player with software. Ordered item was delivered within a few days and both hardware software works as expected. The only negative was that the manual was a... Read more


written by KarinBeng, 15/08/11

Worked wonderfully well! I'm so glad I finally got into my 20 year old tapes into MP3 format, so that I can continue to listen to them :)

cartridg to mp3 converter

written by judith, 22/08/11

product was complicated to find out, and when it finally was properly installed and running, so it worked out very poor, in addition to the tape recorder began to hang up after a short time. Clearly t... Read more

Super fast delivery

written by Alex, 01/09/11

A good and easy trade. Highly recommended.

Excellent hardware and software

written by Magnus, 06/09/11

What surprised me the most positive was the included software. And the one I used most was the noise reduction. There is almost always a noise in the raw copy that is regularly and very annoying. With... Read more

Cassette to MP3

written by Willy, 09/09/11

Work perfectly and are easy to use.


written by HansO, 09/09/11

I've messed with stereo systems and inputs on different sound card in the PC and tried to find our way with transfers of old cassettes. I have a couple hundred saved since the 70's onwards. No... Read more

Old songs are new songs

written by Anders, 02/10/11

Fantastic to be able to convert old tapes lovely songs to mp3 files. Feels almost unreal and I surprised my brother to send over old demotejper from garage band via email. Absolutely incredible. Howev... Read more


written by Berven, 03/10/11

It is easy to use and Manuals tells what kind of settings you should have in the program supplied, so it's just pushing the red button on your PC and play on the cassette player and then wait an h... Read more

kit Software

written by Minnie Mouse, 14/10/11

The apparatus, tape recorder, works flawlessly. But junk software EZ Vinyl Converter Tape belonging to it can only convert to crappy iTunes program. Have not had time to test than if it is possible to... Read more

cassette Player

written by Bosse, 17/10/11

I am absolutely satisfied with my product that I bought. Cassette player as well can be used as in the old days, stopping in the tapes and then listen through the headphones or partly used to burn the... Read more

Cassette to MP3 Converter Made in China Model No. RC 2765

written by Lasse Dator, 17/10/11

Carefully follow the instructions supplied and by that I mean really closely. When you manage to record both sides of the tape provided the play-mode selector is correct. Do not touch any buttons when... Read more

Cassette to mp3

written by Nilla, 15/11/11

Good with Swedish manual. Easy to use and great results.

From old to new

written by VIoLA, 03/12/11

A perfect product when you want to transfer from the old analog kassetband to the new digital MP3 !! Really enjoyed the good advantage of this! The sound was actually fuller and seemed much brighter t... Read more

Cassette to mp3

written by Snusse, 19/12/11

Finally, you can get the benefit and enjoyment of their old cassette recordings. Marvelous "invention". Simple and including easy manual.


written by Eli, 28/12/11

Cassette to MP3 sounded very smart out, then you usually have a lot of tapes lying. I ordered such to give away for Christmas, but then it turns out that it is not working properly. The benefits uneve... Read more


written by Eva, 15/01/12

Bought this to transfer cassette tapes that I inherited from my father who passed away a few years ago with his own recordings when he plays the piano. Unfortunately, not the result that I had hoped a... Read more

MP3 Converter

written by Borsudd, 03/02/12

Stunning good product. Easy to and install and use. Bundled Applications must be accompanied by addons that can be downloaded online to be able to save music in MP3 format. Then you have to plug in th... Read more

Good recorders, software poorer

written by Ann, 13/02/12

The recorder works perfectly to save the contents of the old band. The program is unnecessary hassle if you are not already running with iTunes, but the tape recorder is excellent even with Audacity, ... Read more

tape recorder

written by Göte, 30/03/12

Searched a tape recorder to get over my interviews to the computer. This succeeded after many ifs and buts for too short files. They were only a few seconds long. I would like to have at least fifteen... Read more

Works, but with quality shortcomings

written by Petter, 03/04/12

The recorder does its job. Quite ok for the price, too. But one must reckon with a clearly audible humming. If you can not live with it should invest in higher quality that is more expensive tape reco... Read more

Good thing!

written by eson, 12/04/12

Great Stuff, which gives me opportunity to update my old cassette. Has already given me many wonderful experiences. One thing I would however hope that the installation be done. Download the MP3 encod... Read more


written by EBj, 14/06/12

Fantastic easy and fast way to convert an old cassette tapes to MP3 file, or burn it onto a CD. This gadget should I bought a long time ago! Good price additionally.


written by Nöjd kund, 25/08/12

That it would be so damn good quality sound with this thing I thought was not possible! Awesome happy with this product!

Like product

written by Bittan, 07/10/12

and the instructions were easy to read and clear. But there was only instructions for Microsoft Vista or XP and have Microsoft 7. Did not follow directions on the sound so I had no sound during copyin... Read more

Just as it should be

written by Fredrik, 29/10/12

It's a cheap cassette player, but works make it then. 100% plastic buttons etc. but feels OK to use. Everything works until now ... have used it a few hours in total.

decent quality

written by Marie, 05/11/12

Formatted old audiobooks on cassette to MP3 files and was happy with the result. The product does what it promises.

Good idea.

written by erland, 08/11/12

fast service, I think the quality is not the highest, but one must be careful with den.Själva The idea is great, so I will get the benefit of it.I have been able to pay a few hundred pieces to if they... Read more

Cassette to mp3

written by Blåklockan, 05/02/13

Have not started using it yet. Are difficult to install, and it does not seem to be the drivers for Windows7?

so disappointed

written by Mumin, 25/02/13

Was so disappointed with this thing, feels plasticky and fragile. Plug-and-play, it was definitely NOT. Feel as if you have to be a sound engineer to get a recording that is even reminiscent of the ca... Read more

Cassette to MP3

written by IH, 28/02/13

Has worked just fine! It was easy to installeraoch description that came with was sufficient.

works well

written by bea, 23/03/13

When I first looked in the manual so it seemed very complicated, but after a while it turned out that it went well. There were detailed step by step instructions. However, none for Windows 7, but only... Read more

Cassette to MP3

written by Gunnar Snipsøyr, 24/03/13

Cassette assisted steering was not of the same brand as the depicted product in the ad. Medfølgjande software (which is a usual free software online) is not completely easy to interconnectedness for u... Read more


written by Hans-Gunnar, Sweden 06/05/13

Fortunately, I find manual online to both parts of readable text for me that looks dåligt.För us older wishing to little more detailed guidance.

Very satisfied customer

written by Tron F. Ekeberg, Norway 11/08/13

Long have I waited for a device like this that can transfer data from tape to MP3! The device works perfectly. Having had the device for a little while and is getting acquainted with it. Have not yet ... Read more


written by Knud K Petersen, Denmark 02/10/13

It was Ket purchase and the product worked fine, and the price was almost ok if you pull invoice fee and freight from. There followed a CD. It was a mini CD, and when my CD ROM drive sit upright, fell... Read more

cassette conversion

written by Anna, Sweden 06/10/13

Works great! Easy to use. Instructions on settings that were not needed or even dodged the first, however.

Waste of money

written by Elisabeth S., Norway 27/11/13

This cassette deck is basically a good idea, but when the quality is poor, the product is useless. Some tapes went so tolerably, but other recording was almost incomprehensible (and of course it was j... Read more

Worked great!

written by Johnsa, Norway 09/12/13

I have some old recordings from radio to tape as this product remade digitally. Surprisingly good results.

lacking stereo

written by CG, Sweden 17/12/13

Works easy and good but lacks the ability to record in stereo. Maybe it is, but in the manual, I can not find anything ...

working product

written by Sverre, Sweden 12/02/14

Fun product for my needs fulfills its role to the full satisfaction. Some preliminary work by downloading and installing the latest Audacity, but then I sent but the simplicity of my old tapes to CD.


written by Betina, Denmark 10/11/14

Thanks for the food, it was just what I should have and the delivery was as it should, it was quick and it was easy to order.


written by Sören, Sweden 01/12/14

I have not had time to start it than it is scheduled to take place during the Christmas holidays. Come back when you should be told

cassette mp3

written by eva, Sweden 07/01/15

Order quickly realized, however, does not work the CD ROM that came with. You are welcome to submit a new one that works MVH eva Lagerlof

Only mini CD

written by Henrik Hall, Sweden 19/02/15

Warning to those who have Mac (or other data that can only be read normal sized CDs). The CD that comes with a mini-CD, which can not be used in most Macs. I made the big mistake that still try to ent... Read more


written by FGB, Sweden 28/05/15

Unfortunately, bad product. Not easy to install (Win8), and it also failed. The recorder does work but gives very shaky sound. So if the installation had succeeded the disappointment would still be gr... Read more

very attractive

written by Julia, Sweden 04/01/16

My guy was so happy for this Christmas gift. He has spent the entire vacation spent playing the old mix tapes and fabulous band that remained waiting for some kind of solution. It seems to work great.... Read more

Well ..

written by Kaptein Kråkebolle, Norway 11/02/16

The product is basically quite ok, but felt that neither batteries or USB managed to drag the player fast enough. Here it should be accompanied by a power adapter (3V 500 mA) Had luckily a present, an... Read more

works :-)

written by Annie, Denmark 14/06/16

The medføgende software did not work and the program closed down due to errors. Repeatedly. Searched the web and found a newer version of the software. With the new software, it seemed perfectly :-)

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