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Cat DoorBell

Now you don't need to make a hole in the door for a cat flap. Get this cat doorbell for your pussy instead!

Cat DoorBell - Cat DoorBell
Cat DoorBell
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Cat DoorBell - Batterie 9v
Batterie 9v
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat DoorBell - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat DoorBell - Batteriers AA 10-pack
Batteriers AA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

495 reviews

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What is this?

Bell the cat!

written by Henrik och Sofia, 28/12/09

The time is super! Practical and fun. Nice not having to worry that the cat is sitting there, waiting and freezes. Easy to install and use! Is widely used and it is always as cozy when the cat calls a... Read more

I have come to paradise!

written by Katten Lucas, 01/01/10

After that in a year's time had to sit on the steps and waited for someone to look out and see if I want out, I need to now just ask me at the door, it will open almost immediately. Will never be ... Read more

Make it shall

written by Casper, 01/01/10

Gives a slightly plastigt impression, and does not directly lavish and qualitative. But it does, it is for and it works well, it reacts to the cat without any problems and the receiver works throughou... Read more


written by Anders, 05/01/10

Top Stuff Works ... beyond expectations. I bought it as a Christmas present for our cats. It is really a treat. Host Varena crown, even though it cost around five hundred bucks. A little messed up to ... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Lars N, 06/01/10

I installed the batteries and put the transmitter over the entrance where the cat passes. The clock worked perfectly and the opportunity to choose different sound and lighting features were very good.... Read more

Homecoming made easy !!

written by Isolde Dillmann, 25/05/10

Cat Doorbell is a wonderful device. Our little cat at night is like to travel. But he also comes times for 1 to 2 hours home. Before we had Cat Doorbell installed my husband and I alternately stood up... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by I. Matt, 22/09/10

Promte delivery, very friendly advice. Can I recommend.

written by Morten Johansen, 27/09/10

Cat doorbell works really well. I would, however, wish that the sensor was waterproof. There will be water in it if it is placed outdoors, as well really is the point. It works well, however, if it is... Read more

CAT Doorbell

written by Simba, 30/09/10

Used "cat dorbell" for 2 months now and it works great. Fun sound and light, the signing never wrong, but get with the neighbor cat. Our cat passes this clock (or place) each time he will en... Read more

"Cat Doorbell"

written by , 01/10/10

Works fine.

Cat doorbell, a fantastic product!

written by Rebekka & Crispo, 08/10/10

This gadgets is unbelievably good! Works just as it should, and pus avoid shouting themselves hoarse to advise that he would like to enter. Highly recommended! :) Cat doorbell = a bill happy pussycat

Cat Doorbell

written by , 08/10/10

The "cat doorbell" I can every cat owner would highly recommend! I've been searching for a solution to allow my kittens to come into their protective home, without having to constantly w... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by , 16/10/10

The thing is working fine and served its purpose perfectly. Tomcat always wondering how I mitbekomme that when he sits in front of the patio door :-) and mice are now only eaten outdoors!


written by cat doorbell, 21/10/10

It is a pity that you can not even turn off the bell, only the sensor.die manual was not in German here, well it is a super pictures gibt.ansonsten bell, the bell meow, I like best, which is a color c... Read more

Works bell-rent!

written by Maria, 21/10/10

Installed this ingenious doorbell, and guess where the cats were surprised to avoid having to wait to be let in! Nowadays, we hear directly when they are there. The sensor has good reach and react iof... Read more

Superb bell for cats!

written by katthusse, 25/10/10

Have two cats now in the autumn would come in more often. Bought Cat Doorbell from Coolstuff. In addition to fast and smooth delivery, it was easy as pie to get up sensor outside the window! Works lik... Read more

A must for all outdoor cats!

written by Elke T., 04/11/10

A super invention! I can not imagine my life without this bell. She makes a life that much easier. No tiresome for Window watch more. Really great! It is worth every penny.


written by Siegfriedmax, 11/11/10

By chance on the Internet found. These small "alarm" for cats is ready sensationally and with little effort immediately. Inserting batteries in the transmitter and receiver and off you go. F... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by spikolina, 13/11/10

How fantastic it was, now that it was 25 degrees below zero and the cats were out so I could sit quiet, sagging run and see if they want to enter. It is only open for gentry when the doorbell rings. I... Read more

Cat Door Bell

written by sara3232, 14/11/10

Super comes highly recommended Works great !!!!!

Cat doorbell

written by Helen, 23/11/10

I'm super happy and it works great. It flashes and play when the cat wants out, very good when you live up there in the cold north.

Cat doorbell

written by Andrea, 24/11/10

I have two outdoor cats (13 and 4 years old) who like also rumstromern outside at night. Eventually, they want to make then back in and had earlier by noise (mewl or scratch the balcony door) noticeab... Read more

the best thing!

written by Annelie, 02/12/10

because we live in Kiruna on it is too cold to have the door open ... so this is the best thing that happened both us and the cat ... he can go out when he wants and then ping it when he is on the bri... Read more

Yes, the devils work.

written by FJK, 07/12/10

Bought mostly as a fun thing, but actually works. Now I do not masa me off the couch and check outside the door all the time. Plug and play. Batteries so just did it.


written by sima, 09/12/10

The Cat Doorbell works flawlessly. Now we no longer need to look every half hour if possibly stands out half frostbitten kitten :-) The purchase has more than paid off!

Really good!

written by Big bopper, 10/12/10

Works really well !!! Funny signals that one can choose from and good that you also can turn off the sound and just have flashing lights.

Just awesome!

written by Gabriela, 13/12/10

I look up the cat bell now for several months and am just begeistert.Gerade now in the cold time, I'm glad I ordered this product! I sit a lot in the office on the 1st floor and had been always at... Read more

The cat's own bell.

written by Kjell-Thomas, 15/12/10

Cannon good product no cables to pull for it to work, It gets really uppmärksamad that kitty wants to get into.

cat clock

written by matte, 16/12/10

Hey! Have bought a doorbell to katten.Toppengrej! Now I do not check constantly if the cat wants from busvädret.Genialisk invention!

The one drawback

written by Kattedama, 21/12/10

is that one can not choose which color should flash when the alarm sounds (a trifle). The second drawback is that the "fixed" around the sensor loosened when I worked with it so I had to tap... Read more

Cat Doorbell - Super!

written by M. Hau, 02/01/11

Have our hangover the Cat Doorbell purchased and are totally thrilled. Finally made, sometimes in vain made climbing stairs, an end. The cat is coming up and the 1st floor, it will ring. The device is... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Margareta Schröder, 03/01/11

Cat Doorbell is a super solution without stress for cat and man. Very easy installation, even without German language instruction. For every cat owner highly recommended. Also processing via Cool Stuf... Read more

written by PD, 03/01/11

Nice gadget for the cat lover. Installation is extremely simple and easy to modify. The mobile receiver logs subtly yet unmistakably with music and color match. Whether the device is really useful in ... Read more

Super Cat Doorbell

written by Manfred Schröder, 06/01/11

The Cat Doorbell is a super thing. No more stress for cat and man. An absolute must for all cat lovers. Very easy to install, even without German installation instructions. By ordering through payment... Read more

IR Cat Doorbell

written by Anke , 12/01/11

On the whole, the cat bell is ideal. Installation was not as easy-some small screws. mounted side responds the motion on pedestrians and passing vehicles. The Ringtones are funny. The best we like Pin... Read more

Estimated gift for cat lover

written by yamamoto, 12/01/11

Spot gift for a cat lover who does not want a cat flap in the front door. The receiver flashes rapidly and fits great even for those with hearing impairments. The range between the sensor and receiver... Read more

Celestial good thing!

written by , 17/01/11

Cat clock works very well. It was relatively easy to install and scope is good. Now we do not run and look of kiss are sitting on the patio, but now we release them when the clock alarm. Good to have ... Read more

Supergod Cats Doorbell

written by Grethe, 17/01/11

I am very pleased with the Cat Doorbell I bought, and it lives up to my expectations of functionality. I can hear when the cat is "imminent", so now I'm free to run up at night to see if... Read more

So smooth!

written by Milo, 25/01/11

This is the solution to a problem I myself wondered. How do I get the cats to ring the doorbell? With Cat Doorbell'll fix it up. Extremely easy to turn on the sensor when the cats are placed, then... Read more

Superb cat bell!

written by Tacksam kattägare, 28/01/11

This great invention do that when I and my husband gone to us and our cat is out we will not have to keep us awake or run down and check OCM cat wants out. We can safely go to bed before we wake up wh... Read more

Enthusiasm openers and Fellnasen!

written by S. Sporrer, 10/02/11

We do not know how we could do without this Cat Doorbell the last years. It is one of our most meaningful purchases recently and works reliably and exactly as described. We have the tune set by the Pi... Read more

Now the cat can ring!

written by Tini, 14/02/11

Our little devil is pitch black, in the dark before the patio door he had never seen. And unfortunately, his little voice is so quiet that you only hear it when everything is quiet as a mouse and that... Read more


written by, 16/02/11

It was nice that when my voucher not coming to the time I got an extra with (a nice amount) and I am very happy with my last as I buy something another time again

cat doorbell

written by , 17/02/11

An incredibly clever invention. With the cold winters that have been in recent years, so it's great not to have to stand on the stairs crying kitty into. It makes an impression on others who come ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Anita, 23/02/11

The Cat Doorbell works well, exactly suited for what I wanted it. However, the motion detector reports any movement, so no matter whether animal, human, or fallen leaves. Therefore possible place in a... Read more


written by , 07/03/11

Does that what it should do ... However, as with previous speakers already - would be great if you could turn off the receiver separately


written by joey, 08/03/11

Cat Doorbel is Great (emphasis Agend!) Great idea !!!! am satisfied and our four bee also ;-)

works great!

written by naini, 21/03/11

super happy! Product as described.

written by Mette, 28/03/11

Kattedørklokken works super fine!

Cat Doorbell, note 1 with Stern.

written by 19fossil, 12/04/11

A super invention! Did not know that so many have the same problem with the "aufrumpeln nothing", ie look for cat haben.Funktioniert great. Unless that the cat just curious is right next to ... Read more

Just awesome!

written by Nicole, 26/04/11

The Cat Doorbell Cat bell is one of the best purchases of my cat! Finally the waiting and looking at the balcony door is over and I can return completely relaxed on the sofa to watch TV! The cats bell... Read more

great idea

written by Marie, 16/05/11

Finally quiet again schlafen.Seitdem our Mariechen her come may announce through the Cat Jingle home, sleeping mistress good again !! Great idea and highly recommended for concerned cat owners. Delive... Read more

Great Cat Clock

written by Gimpen, 24/05/11

Cat Doorbell is an awesome smart thing for cat owners with outdoor cats. Easy to use / install and works great. Now I can sit watching tv to when my cat is tired of being out and he comes to the door ... Read more


written by , 01/06/11

This is what every cat lover needs ..... PERFEFRT

Cat Doorbell

written by Bim, 30/06/11

Extremely well. Easier for both us and the cat. No longer need to sit up late if the cat does not please come in. Take time to bed and watch flashes and sounds when he wants to get into. Recommend it ... Read more


written by E. Förster-Pohl, 08/08/11

Our cat is no longer long before closed doors. Once he sits in front of the terrace door, "ringing" he. He marvels then, why do we always equal to open the door. We have the motion bolted di... Read more

Cat Doorbell Cat Bell

written by Gabi Heim, 22/08/11

Cat Doorbell is great, simple set up various settings just perfect. Battery goes in and off

Cat Doorbell Cat Doorbell -geniale invention

written by GoKie, 23/08/11

to no longer constantly go to the door to whether the tiger is out, is very much worth it! This cat doorbell one saves an enormous amount of unnecessary switching and Hergelaufe. It is extremely easy ... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by cf, 28/08/11

a really nice product, it warns of course also for the two-legged visitors, you can quickly check this, the cat's are gentle and do not need to check periodically, to order the product was easy an... Read more


written by Corinna, 09/09/11

The cat doorbell works. Have them mounted on a balcony railing. Our cat goes forth under it when she gets home. Good are the various sounds to trick our dog .... :) Last day we had storm, and thus unf... Read more

Folds !!!

written by , 22/09/11

Super-duper. The cat would be, and all are satisfied with the cat bell.

Almost very good

written by catwalk, 05/10/11

The Cat Doorbell serves its purpose quite well. Only two things I would like to complain about: must order zuwechseln the battery in the sensor to this dismount again. It would be nice if you could tu... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Carola, 06/10/11

I can really recommend Cat Doorbell if you want an alternative to the cat flap! Our cat is an indoor cat, but may be absent when we are at home. Now that it's getting cold outside, this product is... Read more

Cats Jingle Cat Doorbell

written by Eva Kühn, 07/10/11

Bin with this bell super zufrieden.Hat everything promptly folded. Short delivery time is highly recommended -echt super.Klingel.

written by KBroda, 08/10/11

The Cat Doorbell works great. One of our Norwegians discovered after 2 days the relationship. Ringing it in the house after a certain melody comes mummy or daddy and opens the door. He had to test equ... Read more


written by bm, 21/10/11

Excellent fine product! Bought it for my mother and she is very happy! Usually ho a window open all year round to cats, but now rings and flashes only cat doorbellen when they will enter;)

Great idea, but still improvable

written by Frau85, 26/10/11

I have two cats that can normally an in and out windows. In summer, this was not a problem, only to fall back, I can not let this open as long. Since I have only partially in view and the cat by the g... Read more

ingenious part but open to improvement

written by jupp roggen, 28/10/11

super in ausfühührung ... because there is nothing better ... BUT ... it's too bad that the receiver is not turned off and the volume level - although it is "very" quiet is still be hear... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by sara3232, 31/10/11

knowing very calm when they are coming. Dinner not wait to come home. Night felt 1000 times auftstehen let in them.

Very convenient

written by , 04/11/11

Recently I bought this bell Kate and I'm happy about this practical invention! Frankly, I find the price for a simple motion and a bell violently, but when not technically assessed woman I depend ... Read more

Cat Doorbell is phenomenal!

written by , 08/11/11

Our cat is happy now that she will not have to wait to be let in. she will not freeze and we will not have to wonder and go and check out unnecessarily, because we know that she is there with security... Read more

Great device, relaxed times :)

written by C. Fischer, 11/11/11

Finally not run continuously and see if the kittens want somewhere warm. The relaxed immensely. The doorbell works perfectly. The battery life I can not judge, however. Especially with the increasing ... Read more

Cats have staff

written by Susanne, 15/11/11

by the doorbell has our Mausi now their very own strike. The bell is just great. Now we no longer go to the door in vain to see if she is sitting in front of it or not. The sensor can be super align. ... Read more

Well, if one (s) has the right tool

written by Tobse, 18/11/11

The packaging was similar with a razor blade open. Probably the screws (English Star Key System) were removed and replaced by conventional (available in Germany) Phillips screws. Unfortunately this si... Read more

Very satisfied

written by S&M, 18/11/11

We have selected the ringtone Pink Panther, quite fun & get unexpected visit !! =) Our cats are out a lot, so it's much better to know when they themselves want to go in, instead you yourself ... Read more

Meow, here I am!

written by , 20/11/11

I have some time speculated on how to fix a chime for cat mi: it tends to jump up on a table in the front window next to the terrace door. So ... how you place your pushbutton there? But then I got th... Read more

Super Cat Doorbell

written by Ilona Hetzel, 21/11/11

The Cat Doorbell is the best thing ever invented now I need on cold days no longer dwell on lassen.Wir on the first floor and our cat always comes over the roof once the bedroom window he sits at the ... Read more

Works great

written by SW, 24/11/11

We were a bit skeptical about whether such a would "cheap solution" really work. But it works - quite excellent even. The motion makes a fairly good impression, we hope it will be a while do... Read more

Perfect part

written by AnitaP, 02/12/11

Finally our black cat no longer needs we wait in the dark until he stumbled seen sitting by the window. The Cat Doorbell works flawlessly! Installation easy. Stupid thing is that the thing also then r... Read more

Good alternative to Cat Doorbell

written by unbekannt, 07/12/11

For those who may not installing a cat flap or want the bell is an alternative. The bell is working well and the sensor are in each room signal. It is positive that the ringtone can be switched off wh... Read more

Works perfectly!

written by Anissa, 09/12/11

Since we do not see my cat and hear when standing in front of the window and we have down the shutters or let's not have degrees in the living room, which is a great invention. Bell and lights and... Read more

Just great

written by Jenny, 11/12/11

The Cat Doorbell is really great and also a fun accessory. My cat has been understood that this is their bell, it also makes like to clamp males. Too funny. Highly recommended.

Poor construction quality, but it works as expected

written by Tallyman, 18/12/11

When I sit in my office and work on the second floor and have at me so it is not always ringing when kitty stands on patio door and you should be very careful with the screwdriver when to take it away... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Hicksi, 19/12/11

Something I've been looking for. Real handy since we can install any cat flap Owner ago. However, as cats are, it rings constantly and the cat will not go in yet. Super but if he really wants in, ... Read more

Ideal solution

written by G. Gebauer, 20/12/11

We had desperately searched for a solution, as we can mount any cat flap. We are absolutely happy with the cat bell and can only recommend. The different ring tones are amusing.

Cat Doorbell

written by Jostein, 26/12/11

Works just fine! The package does not contain batteries, but it does not matter. Is important to keep the sensor with direction straight down, if it is pointing straight ahead it will record anything,... Read more

Seems exceptional

written by Ben West, 28/12/11

Can be compared to a Securitas motion detector, intended for cat and who create custom sounds when cat kitty standing outside :) Recommended! Here you get more than what you pay for!

cool gift

written by Pusekatten, 30/12/11

This case was incredibly funny, it was given away for Christmas and are now used. It is possible and change ringtones on this, 10 different, and lights brightly lit and well. All in all, a product tha... Read more


written by smule, 02/01/12

Is very positively surprised by this, easy installation and good effect. Hooked it up about 30 cm above the floor by the door where damsels are waiting to get in and it has so far not failed.

Good product!

written by , 03/01/12

The CatDoor Bell Cat Doorbell is a great invention and is functioning properly. Inserting the batteries is somewhat difficult and requires tact. If this is then managed, there no flaws to verzeichnen.... Read more

well ,, I have recommended

written by , 04/01/12

Very happy about Cat doorbell. It saves a lot of additional programs to the door. I see 2 disadvantages: 1. Depending on the suspension of the transmitter is the Abstellknopf difficult to reach. to ac... Read more

This I have been waiting for

written by Stein, 04/01/12

Tired of never knowing when your cat is outside and will enter? Not interested in mounting the cat flap? Then this is perfect for you :) mounted outdoor unit just outside the front door, just turned i... Read more

Works great!

written by Katta, 04/01/12

Gave away this Christmas. Now, I recognize a happy cat coming faster into ;-) There is no need to feel bad about that cat has waited aaaaltfor long out. Now it rings in alarm and pus coming in, o luck... Read more

A smart solution for kitty

written by , 06/01/12

This doorbell is a really smart invention. It works just fine. Kitty will not have to sit outside to freeze when it will enter. The alarm goes so fast cat comes near the sensor out. But the cat must q... Read more

written by , 09/01/12

Within 24 hours the cat bell has already been delivered -very great- We had inhabiting several floors in our house often running around to see the whether our cat is sitting on the patio door. By Cat ... Read more

Fantastic "Doorbell"

written by Bente Glesner, 12/01/12

It works perfect, a really good idea. Works both on the "little adorable kitties" newspaper boy and the other approaching - so you can ahead of time to consider whether you bother to open.

Very useful

written by Kira, 12/01/12

The Cat Doorbell works great, but you can at night do not forget to turn off when your own cat is inside. Otherwise you will eventually awakened in the middle of the night because a strange animal sit... Read more

cat doorbell

written by sara3232, 16/01/12

works perfectly!!!!!

bell for cat

written by pedagog, 23/01/12

This is a great thing that works fine. Now we release to see if the cat sitting outside and waiting. Especially nice after dark has arrived. Recommended. A negative remark is that the battery deterior... Read more

written by , 13/02/12

This is the second time we have. We have become so accustomed to having a watch that we need to get a new one when the first one stopped working after about a year. Unfortunately draw at much battery ... Read more


written by Ulla, 16/02/12

Finally an invention which is scary not only convenient, but also has entertainment value and was reacted nice and solid. Thanks also from our cat ... He is pleased every time much that he does not ha... Read more


written by Angela, 20/03/12

The Cat Doorbell is a hit. Easy to install even without German instructions. Works perfect. Now I have no more x-times run to the door to let in the cat. I have installed the transmitter at the bottom... Read more

We recommend

written by Franzi&Leo, 20/03/12

I have an attic in which I never can install a cat flap. For product: Different ringtones from churches ding dong, about barking dogs, elephants roaring, chirping birds, Katzenmaiu to my favorite of t... Read more

Smart product

written by Børre, 15/04/12

This works great. It only took a few days for the cat to find out that when it illuminates the sensor will drop in soon.

Sooo genial!

written by Bengten, 09/07/12

Now I will not have to crawl out of the covers to shout into the kitty before the night, and he will not have to stand outside in the rain and wait for me. Easy to install, super easy to use! And an a... Read more

Smart solution for pus: "Cat doorbell."

written by Britt W., 12/07/12

It has been in use for 14 days, and works fine as intended to alert when pus will enter. But it works also as an alarm if an unauthorized person sneaks near the window, whether the visitor has 2 or 4 ... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Katarina, 03/08/12

Cat Doorbell is absolutely super if you want to let the cat and then close the door. Only minus was that you needed a very narrow and long Phillips screwdriver to open the cover so you could install t... Read more

Now I can go in whenever I want!

written by Whisky, 28/08/12

After my own bought bell to me I can get in without and scratching and screaming in front of the door! I walk up the stairs and suddenly she comes and opens for me - an excellent product.

Kanon fun gadget

written by Nete, 03/09/12

Previously purchased 2 of these home to my parents' house, not only does the cat is deeply grateful, they also revealed a suspicious person sneaking around the house, he simply walked in sensor tr... Read more

Straight to simply ingenious

written by frodus, 10/09/12

Works surprisingly well. The only "problem" we had was rain and wind will move activate the sensor. But with a little fine tuning the position of the sensor is now a perfect solution.

Super satisfied!

written by Anna, 18/09/12

I am really pleased! The product is working properly and at a human price. It was a gamble that I bought it, but it was much above my expectations!

good product

written by jmoelholt, 24/09/12

Good product and works flawlessly, perhaps a little too well. The sensor outside has a large range so they also captures the neighbor who goes in and out :-)

Great thing

written by Heike, 26/09/12

With the purchase of rings has changed for us a lot. We do not need all the time the patio door to open to look up whether our cat is nearby. The can now just ringing all alone. That's great. The ... Read more


written by Jennie, 27/09/12

Works bell (!) Clean! My kitty, Uncle Tilt, will be as amazed and delighted every time I open the door as soon as he steps onto the bridge, now he will not have cold feet, and shout themselves hoarse ... Read more


written by A.Werner, 27/09/12

My cat does not have to be cold and I have not ever look to see if they already pure want. The motion detector is mounted externally, which placed the receiver in the apartment ... and there you go. V... Read more


written by MissCrazyCatLady, 28/09/12

I rent and have no way to drill holes in the door to the cat flap. With this gadget thingy I can keep the windows closed and have to sit inside with park dress and hat and freezing my ass off to make ... Read more

great bell

written by catwiesel, 04/10/12

I have the Cat Doorbell discovered by accident on the internet and am thrilled. Since we have no cat flap, our cat always comes to the patio door to be let in, and often had to wait. This has changed ... Read more

Good solution !

written by Ingrid Keller, 04/10/12

Hello !! Cat Doorbell is a good Lösung.Möchte that my cats are indoors at night, so I'm often on the balcony door to see if they want to clean. With Cat Door everything einfacher.Wenns bell I get ... Read more

Perfect for winter

written by Nilla, 05/10/12

We have had problems in the past winters, not to cats, two pieces, come home after evening walk (?) Before we were supposed to go to bed. It is minus 10 degrees outside you do not want them to have to... Read more


written by Nicada, 07/10/12

The Cat Doorbell is great. The sensor is in my planter, because since my cat has to climb over it, if it wants through the window home. So far, the sensor has already strayed a few times rain and take... Read more

the perfect solution for me

written by Saby, 08/10/12

Since we live in a rented apartment and so can fit any cat flap and also no "gifts" want of cats, the cats bell for us is the optimal solution! Kitty sitting in front of the door and when an... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by BB, 08/10/12

That's great product. Works every time the cat approaches the door where the infrared sensor is mounted


written by Syndrom, 09/10/12

Works flawlessly. It is a pity that you can not turn off the receiver separately, which is not personally is dramatic with me, because the transmitter is located on the ground and is not fixed, so you... Read more

cat doorbell

written by jørgensen, 09/10/12

It's just as perfect as it can be, how brilliant it is better than a cat flap, so us and our little Emil'm just so happy to highly recommend you to those we know. Sincerely family Jorgensen in... Read more

Cat Doorbell Cat bell.

written by R. Müller, 09/10/12

The Cat Doorbell is a super product. It has right away everything works. The outdoor sensor, we have not been installed. He wanders out with our cat and pure. No always open to patio door more, and no... Read more

Finally a solution to my problem!

written by Jessi B., 10/10/12

Only times briefly in front: the Cat Doorbell does what it should. If the cat sitting in front of the door, it signals that reliably with flashing light and sound. I could also find no significant fal... Read more

... better than expected ...

written by katzenfreund, 11/10/12

By chance I came across the cat bell. We have a hangover, stay on the 1st floor and have no chance of a cat flap or incorporate similar. So we are so far down the stairs at irregular intervals for ent... Read more

Our cat would be

written by changbob, 15/10/12

I have purchased the bell, as we have a cat flap in our rented apartment on the roof terrace, although access to the garden but keien possibility for installation. Works well when the cat comes home r... Read more

works perfectly

written by Lucifer, 15/10/12

Now you know always my servants when I want in, I'm very satisfied!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total fat

written by Miriam, 16/10/12

that's the best thing I've ever bought, we no longer need every few seconds. run to the terasse door rigid / to look at what our sweet cat or where they will remain even if we are traveling in... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Anke, 17/10/12

Just Suuuuuuuper !!!!!! We've been so long looking for a cat bell on where our cat must wear a collar with sensor. It's not very harmful to the animals when they might thus outside stuck somew... Read more

Very good invention !!

written by Pia Kjær , 17/10/12

Both I and my cats are surprised how well a product it actually is. Since I have read in other reviews before purchasing terms that the sensors are not waterproof, (which it really should be), I wrapp... Read more

great product

written by Laura, 17/10/12

Everything great. The bell is working properly and we are very happy with it. Just as our hangover does not have to freeze in winter :-)

Cat time

written by Hasse, 18/10/12

Very good product. Now we know who or what stands outside the door. Cat boy learns not freeze to death in winter.


written by sensey, 18/10/12

Just great! The instalation is quite simple, for the installation of the battery but you need watchmaker tools (very small Phillips screwdriver). As Singnal you can choose between light, different sha... Read more


written by robpfi, 21/10/12

Super fast delivery and flawless execution. I totally loved the cats bell. Have the same 2 pieces ordered, since we have two inputs terrace. Works as described. Easy handling and mounting. With the ca... Read more

Cat Doorbell Cat Doorbell

written by Roja, 22/10/12

The product is absolutely amazing - since we are outside installed outside the door, we get to whenever our kitty out there waiting to be admitted, even if we do not have the door in view. It comes si... Read more

Jazzy Cat Bell

written by S.N., 23/10/12

These cats bell is just great. I can sit relaxed in the warm and when the "Small" is coming up, the selected by me melody plays. Great thing. Highly recommended. Prefer not to miss.

No waiting! : D

written by Roxi & Teki, 26/10/12

Now we avoid standing outside the window and stare, without being admitted. Mistress instructed, once we are there, we really appreciate now that it's starting to get cold. :) That's great tha... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Anna, 30/10/12

Great thing that we'd acquired long ago. Saves the heat in the house when we do not need to have the door open to free entrance to the cats. Very smooth when it is wireless and the inner part is e... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Mia, 31/10/12

Great !! New avoid our cats sit and wait for us to let them in, we hear now that they want to get into. Simply the Works!

Cat Doorbell

written by Josefin, 01/11/12

The doorbell works perfectly! Our little misse make direct how to behave in order to get in. We are very happy with the product. For information you need to have a very small and a long screwdriver to... Read more

Cat Doorbell Cat Doorbell

written by Ciara, 03/11/12

I find that these cats bell is a great product! My cat sits silently at the door when she wants pure. So I always had to run to the door to see if my cat is already there and again would like the hous... Read more

Super invention ...

written by Sabrina, 04/11/12

So far we have always leave open to a gap the front door, so that our two cats were able at any time to the house. In winter, however, a problem because of the cold and because I came to the Cat Doorb... Read more

CHIME for cats

written by TomOle, 05/11/12

Genial chime which is activated by a motion sensor. Could have avoided a oppklort and destroyed terrace door if we had known that this is on the market. Highly recommended.

Cat Doorbell

written by Ulvo, 06/11/12

Perfect for my half cat crazy mother with three puser which shall at all times and out of doors. At different times of course.

Just great

written by 19fossil, 07/11/12

without the cat bell goes no longer so. Is already my 3rd! Have already recommended. Great idea. thank you.

Review cat doorbell

written by l-o, 12/11/12

cat doorbell solved the following problems after they had let the cat out at night did not know when the cat wanted to come in.produkten talking about the cat sitting at the door and wants to come in.... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by wolfgangsgarten, 12/11/12

The doorbell works great. So far, no malfunction (one week operation). Our cat often sits down when she wants to clean the bathroom window. Right there I installed the sensor. The bell is in the livin... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by sassa, 13/11/12

The Cat Doorbell is really cool (cool stuff stop ;-)) man must be so imagine something like a baby monitor! we have now for about 2 weeks and when night meows the bell (the way you can adjust so) I ge... Read more

Just awesome!

written by Maruschki, 14/11/12

As it is already become quite cold, I wanted to keep the window where our cat meows always closed. The Cat Doorbell is a really great alternative to cat flap. The motion is very simple and quick to as... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by unnerton, 16/11/12

This part is really awesome. My "guuute" cat can roam in peace now and I calmly schlafen.Sie must not be positioned right on any mat and laying of cables thanks sensor and radio also not nec... Read more

Super invention

written by Jonas, 18/11/12

I live in a rented apartment on the ground floor and have no way to install a cat flap. If my Leo was there, I always had to leave a window open. In winter, of course annoying, because the heating for... Read more

No waiting at the door for the cat

written by biggi, 18/11/12

The Cat Doorbell is worth their money. So far I have repeatedly ever looked at the front door if our cat sitting in front of the door. This is now no longer necessary, since the cat bell makes now not... Read more

Cat Doorbell - the best invention!

written by Isabelle, 19/11/12

The Cat Doorbell is just great! We have a cat door, but we were after some time to load, because our cat is constantly brought alive / half-dead mice and birds in the apartment and then "killed&q... Read more

Super bell

written by Ines, 21/11/12

Simply awesome ... best alternative for cat flap and very funny as an additional bell at parties. Warning ... traffic signal is not working at the search for the ring tone, thought at first it does no... Read more


written by Jan, 26/11/12

Previous reviewers have written about loose hold. But when one knows if it is, does not so hard. Otherwise clock functions 100% Pusen let sit getting cold. Otherwise owned vote all guests that is both... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Maunzi, 28/11/12

Cats bell has been well and meets my expectations. Thanks to the next order.

Cat doorbell

written by Ingrid, 29/11/12

Simply brilliant ... it works fine ... and I can finally do what in the house alone, without having to run continuously to the door ... just ne great invention. I have the sensor just stand out on the... Read more

Great idea

written by Elke, 03/12/12

Super idea, this cat bell. My cat has previously always just stared at the door when they wanted to clean. Now I get it inside with an optical effect (A small device that flashes in different colors) ... Read more


written by Katten Barzic, 05/12/12

My wife was somewhat skeptical when I bought this "childish" product. But she has now admitted that Barzic are very pleased to let stand outside and freeze. And it provides quite a few hilar... Read more

Just awesome

written by Stevo, 06/12/12

This bell has saved us literally to sleep! We would otherwise leave the balcony door open or, as I have done for a while, stay awake until the cat comes. With the cats ringing this problem is in the w... Read more

Cool part

written by Charly1360, 06/12/12

The Cat Doorbell is really good! Works flawlessly! Man does not have to stare whether the cat is coming!

Cat Doorbell, simply ingenious.

written by dw, 06/12/12

The Cat Doorbell is just awesome. Cat no longer sitting hours in front of the door, because we do not see or hear. At the latest after the second ring one takes their butler and opens. Good also that ... Read more

Works just like I hoped

written by helene i gbg, 07/12/12

We have set it up just 1 meter at the side of the front door and directed diagonally downwards. Works great when our dog houses, and we do not want the door open out in the cold until he is back from ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Jennie B, 10/12/12

Super smart investment that really works. Living in a big house, and now avoid all running your door to check if Pyret is there and wants to enter. Quick delivery without hassles.

Functional, but not perfect

written by Bjarke, 10/12/12

I'm just glad for the product, but it has some shortcomings that pulls down. * I have heard people say that it is not waterproof and it is also my impression without I actually tested it (since I ... Read more

Just great!

written by Caro, 12/12/12

The Cat Doorbell is a 'MUST HAVE' for every cat owner. It works perfectly and the poor fur noses now have to get no cold paws more before the locked patio door. I simply put the sensor on the ... Read more

Usable part, but could be improved

written by Manfred, 14/12/12

Reliable functioning motion detector, which can be used during the day and at night and ankündgit any visit, which is located in its vicinity. In so far as useful, even for the cat to back into the wa... Read more

Sovereign thing!

written by Psychonaut, 17/12/12

Gave one to parents early Christmas present. It is tremendous for them! They live in an apartment building, and the cat often run in with eg the postman or anyone else, and go to sleep under a stairca... Read more

Works fine

written by Tina, 17/12/12

The radius of the motion is great. My cat always arrives at the patio door or the kitchen door when they again want pure. The cats bell was mounted such that both areas are covered. The sound is some ... Read more

The ideal gift for the cat who has everything!

written by Sabrina, 18/12/12

Our cat has a cat flap but often sit and to enter through the terrace door when he can see we sit on the couch. He's hard to see when it is dark. But after we set kattedørklokken up, we are in no ... Read more

cat bell

written by tamino, 24/12/12

The cats jingle is totally suppppper. I could not imagine without. ringtones are great, you can make loud and soft so 10 out of 10 points.

Calling Apparatus for cat

written by Tove, 24/12/12

I have not yet been fitted up call appliance, because of complicated system that requires special screwdriver to get to in order to put the battery and mount on the wall. Mounting wall requires "... Read more

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