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Cat Money Box

Put a coin in his bowl and press the button. Before long, you will hear him timidly meowing as he takes a peek outside the box with his little peppercorn eyes right before he puts out his paw and takes the coin into the box. He is so cute; you will want to do it over and over again.

Cat Money Box - AA Batteries 4-pack
AA Batteries 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat Money Box - AA Batteries 10-pack
AA Batteries 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat Money Box - Cat Money Box
Cat Money Box
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

127 reviews

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What is this?

written by , 11/04/11

Broke down after half an hour was not much to have.

A absoluy Manufacturer Info !!

written by Lisa, 15/04/11

I gave it to my niece of 5 years, but could easily have kept it himself. It is simply so cute little cat comes up and steals the coin :-D


written by farmor, 15/04/11

Great fun product and an incredibly fast delivery. I wrote that it was urgent and suddenly there was the package to download. Good work!

written by , 02/05/11

The girlfriend loves it. Giant Clever little gadget. Less that it does not take Swedish bucks so good, and the engine is a bit noisy.

extremely bad quality

written by Anders, 09/05/11

Hey Hey My son bought including a money box with claws, I thought actually that it cost a lot of money, so if now be able to perform its function for more than 2 days, it could perhaps pay for themsel... Read more

awwww :)

written by Jennifer, 11/05/11

I have saved so much money up now that I almost can retire soon: D I'm really happy for her, love cats, so it's just me .. only drawback is that it can not tolerate 5-kroner due to the perimet... Read more


written by LD, 16/05/11

Very sweet and lovely but sounds a bit much when opened, so you can not hear properly "jamandet".

Gun Cat!

written by , 16/06/11

The girl was excited about the money box, thought it was sweet a fun! Unfortunately, the engine sounds almost more than "cat-sound" but clearly fun gadget + it is so Japanese it can be!

Cute and small

written by Leena, 13/07/11

Very cute moneybox and it appealed to kids, but so little then! Not in exterior dimensions, but because of the mechanism down in the houses not fit a lot of money. I would rather called this a toy.

Funny money box!

written by Nisse, 16/10/11

My girlfriend enjoyed it! As others probably already pointed out, let the little engine pretty much and some coins (such as 10s), it is difficult to take. Anyway, a funny thing! Everyone who likes cat... Read more

Money Box with claws

written by Trine Bomholt, 18/10/11

I bought a cat piggy bank to a friend as a gift. She was glad for it and it was really cute. It says, however, a hum / mechanical sound when you use it and I think that's a shame.


written by Burnout81, 21/10/11

Funny money box, works and provides for a laugh or two


written by , 22/10/11

A very cute piggy bank for each cat friend a nice gift

written by D. Meier, 30/10/11

The cat speaks Chinese and can hardly be seen. I find the can corny and not funny.

A must ;)

written by Hummel, 02/11/11

A great Moneybox, real toll.Habe me the money box for my business gekauf, even the customers that would otherwise never did tip, can now jump times a Euro, see only the paws.


written by Elisakatt, 16/11/11

Cute and fun money box, fully hosted in the end, even if the engine is very Palomar. The person who got it from my gifts seemed not to care when it's just a fun thing. With it's still plastic,... Read more

written by , 16/11/11

Megageil !!! It really pulls the money !!!


written by lilly, 18/11/11

works fine, is very sweet and a great gift. the plastic is now not totally thin. Everything seemed very solid. you can buy safely also. :)


written by Chris, 19/11/11

So on the whole, the product was a success for me. Was a gift and as such it is really arrived super. In that respect I can not complain. Otherwise, I thought the price was a bit high (which one but p... Read more

incredibly cute

written by Chiosa, 29/11/11

the money box is totally sweet I'm on the coffee table standing you have to lie down the coins just right (for smaller bissi more direction "opening") then it works a point to deliver be... Read more

Funny little thing.

written by Random-Element, 19/12/11

This little life savings is really fun to use, and it is also very easy to use. There is no case to place the batteries, and opening / closing the opening below. I bought cat-Verson, and the only thin... Read more

written by , 21/12/11

just awesome

Funny Stuff!

written by Felicia, 26/12/11

Really cute piggy bank, but it was a big disappointment that the engine was so loud. But it was a gift for a friend and she loved it and did not care at all about the engine sounded so much. But it&#3... Read more

full cute

written by Olja, 26/12/11

The idea is great and the money box full cute, but I find it a pity that the full mechanism is too loud when triggered :(


written by Bobbi, 27/12/11

This is a fine thing and made my niece (the recipient) and also all present fun.


written by Aboud, 27/12/11

The idea is good! but it is not at all practical .. it sounds very (motors and stuff) and there is too little space for the coins in the box.

Money box with scratching

written by Bergie, 28/12/11

Bought money box to my cousin who is 4 years. It was a real treat for Christmas. Through all the adults began to take up the little money they wanted to see again and again and again. Saw in a comment... Read more

written by Steffi, 28/12/11

I am disappointed by the processing for this price. This article works as described. Otherwise, everything i. O.


written by Funkelfink, 03/01/12

For those who are on plastic deer in the front yard and Kunsstoffostereier at the forsythia, you can enmpfehlen the money grabbing kittens. Money on it, paw comes out and when it is placed far enough ... Read more

Everything great

written by King Kong, 11/01/12

My daughter has been glad. class

Super !! nice and super fast

written by Tiffany, 17/02/12

Order was very urgent as a gift, and Yomoy initiated the settlement super fast across the stage, so I had the delivery on time. Kindly, was even asked if everything worked. CONCLUSION: Super cute and ... Read more

well with bite!

written by johnny, 04/03/12

This moneybox been a real treat! Bought it as a gift for my niece and it quickly became favorite gift :) The engine driving the cat heard very clearly but the details of the case and that the animal i... Read more


written by Alexandra, 05/04/12

Bought this to a girl friend who loves cats. And it was appreciated very much! For it was how cute as hällst and very different! Perfect gift for those who want something different;)


written by fgs, 12/06/12

Working properly, but the sound quality is not so good, and the engine of the arm makes a lot of noise. Otherwise thank the friendly for himself, and takes the coin :)


written by Jeannette, 25/06/12

I love it! This money box is so cute, the magic of the little kitten you can not escape easily. So much cash you have not normally how you would like to give the little ones. As sweet as she looks out... Read more


written by Momo, 29/06/12

super gift idea! Highly recommended for any cat fan :) Shipping has also worked out great!


written by fAier, 05/07/12

Funny moneybox that illuminates save life, only the rump is the engine that drives the cat arm noisy part.

Funny gift

written by Evaschnefa, 16/07/12

Funny part. Unfortunately, our cat was not interested. And somehow the battery was exhausted quickly. But a funny gadget!


written by Christoph Bories, 16/07/12

simply the hammer !!! simply the hammer !!! simply the hammer !!! simply the hammer !!! simply the hammer !!!

The greatest savings can the world

written by Zaphiraw, 10/11/12

this Moneybox is so sweet that I threw my whole change within 10 minutes. The kitten is so cute and the sounds are great too - thus saving makes fun!


written by STRYKER, 26/11/12

Very small pieces of money are not always drafted by the paw, the Miau-sounds are tinny, but very clear from the very noisy mechanics (loud transmission) are still drowned. What the technical quality ... Read more


written by JENNYPENNY, 28/11/12

I think this was very classy! But Gans small and in addition makes it very much sound, and you realize just what it says. Otherwise, I recommend this, cool to have if you love to save money :)


written by planet.sonja, 14/12/12

Totally cool!!! Impeccable and as desired !!! Goods state, and delivery and payment are optimal and not to complain about!


written by mayer, 16/12/12

cute toy that I have seen in shopping queen on vox. also works and makes vile fun


written by katja, 17/12/12

super cute money box ... I'm excited :-) ideal wichtel or christmas ..... mmmiiiiaaaaaaauuuuuuu

pfötchen money box

written by tupti, 17/12/12

very funny product, makes my kids a lot of fun and has not any quibble a defective socket completely unproblematic, a calling, and two days later a new, functioning dose!


written by ubsim, 17/12/12

after a simple and quick ordering and delivery the gift was handed over to the grandchildren. I have rarely seen someone so rejoiced that money disappears :) Pretty thing! Everything works as it shoul... Read more

Everything great!

written by Tibu, 17/12/12

I ordered the Pfötchenspardose to give it to a friend's birthday. The shipment has worked very quickly and the package was safely packaged. The money box is also very beautiful, the only slightly ... Read more


written by susahs, 18/12/12

Hello dear team, unfortunately I'm very disappointed. that was bestellgut a gift for birthday and should at 6:12. to be present. Unfortunately you have missed by a week the target. I found then pr... Read more

Big Mist

written by Dana, 18/12/12

The sound is very mechanical, almost a mewing is to hear. And the money does not come out at the opening provided. One can shake out of the opening it with difficulty up again. My opinion: too expensi... Read more


written by Allegrina, 19/12/12

I can only say that I was completely satisfied. The box arrived on time and worked well right away, the perfect! Will certainly more order in the future, something at you! :)


written by Ute, 19/12/12

Very nice product, the money box was a gift for my little niece. She was thrilled and it makes it unlikely a lot of fun, money she gets to plug directly into their moneybox. This product I can only re... Read more

A great gag for every occasion

written by liiieselottchen, 20/12/12

The money box is a real highlight. Everyone who sees it has, laughing and happy. Although it is a bit noisy, but the design and the cuddle factor make this again wet. I am very satisfied and would rec... Read more


written by Hf, 24/12/12

The money box was all the rage as a gift. It is not just for the "little ones", and each cat owner is begeistert.Ich forgive her several times recommended and hope the orders go soon in Cool... Read more

Super sweet

written by Sushi, 25/12/12

gave away the money box at Christmas, even grown men found the Moneybox sweetly and have fed them diligently. :-)

very disappointed with paw-Moneybox

written by Regina, 26/12/12

Was very disappointed! Have 2 purchased from the paw-Spardosen for my grandchildren. Was totally disappointed after unpacking. Only a cheap plastic products from China. I would spend it no 3 euros and... Read more

a dream for little princesses

written by erbsensuppe89, 26/12/12

the box got my 5 year old niece for Christmas. she was very happy and also makes day later still like it. it works perfectly and looks good, but the sounds that are the toy of be loud for very small c... Read more


written by Ivi, 27/12/12

Is an absolutely cute gift and provides a lot of joy. But you should put right front edge the coin else can the small Katzenpfote not grasp properly, but otherwise everything supi.

The fun and money box

written by korgler, 30/12/12

Funny money box with "meow" and "Thank you!". Unfortunately, the space inside is more filled with the mechanics as intended for saving money so that you. The Moneybox often empty, ... Read more

Gift was very well

written by Andrea, 30/12/12

The money box is made with young and old for a lot of fun and has the new owner also introduced some Euros because each his change has woks for the fun.

Funny alternative to Hello Kitty

written by Manuel, 31/12/12

The money box has arrived super and was a hit under the Christmas tree! We "play" all the time in order and if this continues, we will soon have saved a small fortune together! :)

Sooooooo süüüüüüüß !!!!

written by Katrin, 02/01/13

The money box is just cuddly and sweet. A perfect gift for cat lovers! It is just great! The paws engages very supple to the coin, very authentic. Our cats were thrilled.

Super Sweet Thing!

written by cassis, 03/01/13

So I have the money box ordered as a gift and have thus made total the mark. The handling is very simple: batteries in, turn back and go. The little cat inside is just super cute, and your sounds (meo... Read more

This can bring the world peace!

written by Ta, 22/01/13

I gave away the money box to someone. She was very happy when the paws collected the money. Buy Absolutely!


written by Rebecca, Sweden 01/05/13

It's really sweet and were fully consistent with the description. Have not had time to try it than when it is a birthday gift to a close. Long to see it running. Unless that is the host full ratin... Read more


written by shanah, Germany 04/05/13

I have the money box previously seen on TV and thought she was silent, but she makes a sound like a very old mechanical toys, and there are also some linguistic acoustics, but you do not versteht- pit... Read more


written by Kitty , Germany 05/05/13

The Pfötchenspardose is a funny money box! The cat thanks to Chinese English with "Thank you" sounds funny;). Einzigstes flaw I find, because does not fit so much money pure; not at all) and... Read more


written by Borky, Germany 28/05/13

Absolutely cute must-have :) recommended for everyone who stands on cute games travel

Super sweet

written by Binchen, Germany 03/06/13

The paw-Moneybox is super sweet. Works well. Is but rather be seen as funny pastime, and not as a practical Moneybox. Although it has rauszuholen an opening in the bottom about the money, but the many... Read more


written by schaulekatze, Germany 18/06/13

Toller Spaß.Soll be a gift and works after testing ausgezeichnet.So makes fun save.

Okay thing

written by Johan, Sweden 11/07/13

Bought this for my girlfriend piggy bank. She loved it! But the engine sound very loud. You get tired after a while, but it's fun thing to have at home.

Super sweet

written by jj, Germany 29/07/13

total toll for large and small children. To make saving fun. Super quality and very funny idea.

funny moneybox

written by Nicole P., Germany 05/08/13

quick and easy purchase; for children a funny thing; going very well, but a bit noisy

Super gift for children of all ages

written by Anna, Germany 30/09/13

I ordered three times the Pfötchenspardose. 1. Little Sister (early twenties), 2. Best Friend (30) 3. godson (11) For all the cute Kätzen arrived super. Recommendation for all young, young at heart an... Read more


written by xxx, Germany 02/10/13

Power really good mood! To make saving fun. Something loud mechanics, but the fun factor is predominant. For small and large cats friends recommended.

Order Had the same two

written by jolly 603, Germany 14/10/13

I have seen this Moneybox times on TV and wanted as an even necessarily have. In Cool Stuff I found it then. I'm also very happy with the money box and find them very cute. She came with me in the... Read more

great part

written by senta1967, Germany 12/11/13

The part I accidentally saw on television and decided that it is a super gift. The packaging was a little depressed when it arrived but everything was still. Works great with Überaschungseffekt.Ideal ... Read more

an eye-catcher!

written by egal, Germany 04/12/13

T he money box makes capricious and is a great gift! :) Would have kept the cute cat liked himself. Highly recommended!

Pig little money

written by Kettu88, Finland 27/12/13

A cat can dupe! Just by pressing a cup of cat compared with the ability of money, no catch. This, however, can do as a cat as the user's sad. :( I do not think that the Sub in pork can hold a lot ... Read more

A suses kittens like my Cindy

written by Nurcan, Germany 03/01/14

I am always happy when I give this my kittens euro, something beautifull, there is in this world is not so go get this money, you will not regret ...


written by Ina, Germany 07/01/14

Exactly what I wanted. fun and everybody smiles about it. And because I now have to write more, annoys me the rate already!

best pressent to all

written by ali, Sweden 08/01/14

very funny and good presents true and many like empty baby so I am very happy to find it in you,


written by Fabienne, Germany 14/01/14

the money box is really cute and the joy was huge, it was a pity that the box is quite small and the lid sometimes not to go

Super performance

written by ehenni, Germany 18/01/14

We are thrilled with the money box. Our granddaughter leads before each guest and asks to put a coin on the feed plate of the cat, so she can show off the cat. Then it points out that the cat's fo... Read more

so cute

written by Rosa, Denmark 21/01/14

I bought it really as a gift, but it's just too cute! Will have to buy one for myself


written by Mjau, Norway 24/01/14

Life savings with soar in, hehe this was a new twist. Can take what is negative about it first. The noisy VERY much, it can not accommodate so much money and it hangs up occasionally up. What is posit... Read more

poor product

written by kam, Sweden 03/02/14

piggy bank acted immediately after arrival, but stopped working when it was given away to our grandchildren. Badly!

Sweet, but poor quality

written by Femnerd, Germany 25/02/14

Qualitätiv the moneybox is very cheap and that makes them also acoustically noticeable is probably more suited to Asia. In particular, considering the quality of the speakers with which a distorted &q... Read more


written by mutzelbutz, Germany 14/03/14

A really good idea with a high fun factor for kids and cat lovers and dog lovers there are the dog.


written by fourxxx, Germany 14/05/14

Zuckersüße Moneybox in Japan style. Great design, absolutely plush functional sequence. The Reinziehen the coins is working properly - even with 2 coins simultaneously. The little girl has the kitten ... Read more

Ingenious gift

written by stocki, Germany 11/12/14

This product is firstly very funny, secondly, it encourages the owners, but perhaps to give this or that coin to the kitten.


written by Moni, Germany 12/12/14

I think the money box very funny. I will give away Christmas and hope that will encourage them to save a lot, because it's funny to see how the money is drawn.

really "cool stuff"

written by Stephan F., Germany 15/12/14

Very fast shipping, top commodity, I can only recommend! Since then, if we save up our pocket money meows ... ;-)


written by Marilena, Norway 15/12/14

Incredibly sweet and perfect moneybox for cat lovers! Work excellent and fun for all ages. Provides truly want to save.

Lovers to watch, but with deficiencies

written by Spielratz, Germany 15/12/14

Of the four ordered paw-Spardosen have two does not work and had to be exchanged. One of them had to be "reworked", otherwise the function would not have been available. My suggestion: The q... Read more


written by Felicia G, Sweden 15/12/14

Really cute and funny little money box, Buddy was really happy for her new money box / Christmas gift, however, so rattled it very much as it was in action, but it does well all the robots ...

Great gift that you want to keep for yourself!

written by Jessi, Germany 16/12/14

Fast shipping and money boxes are just super cult. One can not stop it to push and to throw money out! :-)

Adorable moneybox

written by Kati, Finland 26/12/14

This cute cat coin bank ve yes quite frankly our hearts. The idea is really funny. The cat inside the box and grab the coin maukaisee "praise". We got excited and we tested the euro coins bu... Read more

Saving cat

written by Helena, Sweden 02/01/15

A bit noisy engine when the "start" but otherwise no problems with it. Got a manual about how the thought but only in Japanese or German and it felt after a bit strange. Luckily, it was easy... Read more

Everything OK

written by Shab, Norway 05/01/15

The trade went as it should, given the item after 3 days, well packed, got exactly what was described. Recommended from me +++


written by Steven T., Germany 05/01/15

I long wondered if I should bring it to me after I've read a lot of negative in the comments and I must say my mind were totally unfounded. Have it away for Christmas and must say came to super, e... Read more


written by Inger, Sweden 07/01/15

Christmas gift for kids, 6 and 10 years. they were very pleased and thought it was exciting. 6-year-old wanted to switch to the dogs instead of cats but gave up fairly quickly when I said it was not c... Read more

written by Pählke, Germany 28/01/15

Super sweet but quite noisy.


written by tamino, Germany 16/02/15

better not go. fast, reliable, all items I ordered were just super are simply extraordinary items have also very nice and above all practical and good quality.


written by tamino, Germany 18/02/15

SÜSSSSSS The spardorse was as described, simply sweet adorable. My cat friends they want all and I also. sweet gift

Money box with scratching

written by Morsan, Sweden 04/05/15

Not matched expectations ...... First, it sounds way too high. And second, it will take the money is not as easy as you might think. A purchase I regret ....... :(


written by RH, Germany 05/06/15

Fleet timely delivery, always happy. Product my idea. Could achieve great joy with my nephew and his friends.

fingered piggy bank

written by Anneli Haataja, Finland 21/08/15

I am very happy with your activities and the products have been the grandchildren very pleasing. Grandma's bag the rest coins in no time. Nauru is the smallest been on the surface when he has been... Read more


written by Dieter Werner, Germany 25/09/15

The product was exactly as beschrieben--. For the price you should accept the whole from plastic. Was a birthday gift for a cat lover who has everything so far, wanted to give anything foolish, when I... Read more

Pfötchenspardose as a gag birthday

written by adregreztinsch, Germany 13/10/15

Super arrived, receiver is a cat friend. Rarely laughed so much, our children would have liked it, but was intended as a gift for someone. Thank you for fast prompt delivery.

Does what it promises.

written by KeX, Germany 28/10/15

As mentioned in the title, it does what it promises. Like many others I can complain about this also sounds engine noise from the electronics before me. Also can the move to violent (eg when shaking w... Read more

nice present,

written by peter, Germany 11/11/15

excellent processing a complaint, like buy again at euch.die money box is a nice gift for my granddaughter.

as expected :-)

written by KK, Denmark 16/12/15

The savings box was as expected, easy to use and to the delight of a little girl, there certainly seems to save, fun :-)

4D Puzzle Moneybox

written by Silke, Germany 30/12/15

Top Service ... anytime .... great commodity .... very nice customer service ..... great product ....................... ...

Did not work, and looked worn out.

written by Sara, Sweden 30/12/15

Bought this as a Christmas present and hoped that it would become a big shot. But the key looked worn when the paint was half gone and it did not work at all. Just the sound that sounded. Really bad t... Read more

Tip and Top!

written by Baldur, Germany 01/01/16

Successful transaction! Quick get and gehändelt easily without any problem. Product is properly and had the desired effect.


written by AJ, Sweden 01/01/16

Not at all what I expected. Jamandet sounds barely, engine sound too much and, moreover, where a Japanese voice that ruins the whole experience. Not recommended.


written by brihu, Germany 01/01/16

Hi, the paw-Moneybox is presented until the end of January on a birthday girl. But I am already sure that it is very well received! LG and Happy New Year


written by zoe, Germany 05/01/16

Was the Julklapp cubes an absolutely coveted part! And to the delight of everyone involved works part as promised.


written by Kaschka, Germany 10/01/16

Very sweet, if a little noisy. The box in which the money box arrived, was already open and the batteries fehlten- could probably use someone well. The product itself sweet and makes a lot of joy, for... Read more


written by Petra, Germany 15/01/16

A friend got the money box gift that is super. That's why I bought it for a friend of mine!


written by Elin, Sweden 29/03/16

Yes engine sound sounds a deal but think it does not matter. A fun and appreciated gift for my daughter who turned 5 years

Simply golden

written by Sabrina , Germany 01/04/16

We are absolute Katzenfans and this Moneybox was a really great idea for the Easter Baskets. My husband thought it was so cute that directly landed the odd Euro in the carton. I can as a gag for cat l... Read more

Game sweet and fun

written by Anne, Denmark 08/04/16

The Bank was a gift for a 10 year old and it is a total hit! Also in adults. Only problem is that there can not be many coins. Otherwise, we are really satisfied.

money box with claws

written by Annette Hardman, Denmark 04/05/16

My daughter finds it very funny, made of solid material, but the speech when the cat takes the coin is slightly slurred.

Money Box with claws

written by Bolethe , Denmark 18/05/16

Something be cheap crap, certainly not worth the money !!! It is noisy and works ku occasionally also the mega tiny !!! the image seemed the large and noisy not!

Fun saving cat

written by Anon, Finland 21/09/16

Funny and always make us laugh savings (bank) cat. Works flawlessly, and the cat is moving smoothly. Cats moving the engine sound is quite loud, and at that time kolikonnappaisun belongs to someone bl... Read more

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