Cat Pencil Sharpener

Insert the pencil ... er ... just below the tail and hear man's next best friend miaow sweetly while your pencil is sharpened.

Cat Pencil Sharpener - Cat Pencil Sharpener
Cat Pencil Sharpener
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What is this?

written by zhaho, 24/11/09

Works perfectly! Just pushing the pen at the specified location, and then sharpened it. :)

Untrustworthy sound.

written by Sofie, 01/12/09

I thought the cat was meowing little more angry because it causes the pencil pierced in the back, but it meows just as usual. A bit boring!

cats pencil pointy

written by ida kirkelund, 14/09/10

sweet and funny pencil sharpener with sound like a cat

Higher expectations ...

written by Blomman, 01/11/10

Do not know where I got it from, but I had imagined that it was electric, but that I should understand considering the price ... it would have been more fun ;-) it was also larger than I thought, and ... Read more

Jooo. , ,

written by kilia, 03/11/10

... Nothing for cat lovers (I'm still a ...), but very funny!

Cat Pencil Sharpener

written by PaulinePanther, 05/12/10

Actually a normal pencil sharpener, but with many advantages: -You can not sharpen pencils unnoticed because the cat meows while. -Anspitzer No longer need to search for in the desk, this is simply de... Read more

Cats Sharpener

written by Anette, 07/12/10

Super fun for kids

Unvoiced but Brauchbar

written by, 19/12/10

I was able to test the Anspitzerkatze and they've picked me because I thought the idea was super funny. Unfortunately, I was a little sad when I tried them. Sharpening it does just as well as any ... Read more

Perfect mandelgave

written by WPCL, 21/12/10

We used cat pencil sharpener for company almond gift, and it was an absolute hit! It's a fun and functional gift; highly recommended!

written by Vendelay, 27/12/10

Funny gift which was appreciated! The quality of the pennvässaren however, had been better, then it is still supposed to be able to sharpen the pencil with it. Cat mjauar sweet and is a fun plasticky ... Read more

Way too expensive

written by , 27/12/10

For 99 crowns, I had expected more of it. Had thought it would be electric, but in any case a little better "cat cry" and a little better done. Looked and sounded grotesque!

Spitz as neighbor Lumpi

written by verena, 27/12/10

The Puss has not only caused me great joy, but also with my gifted niece. The Black Cat in the house will also get used to it ;-)

good laugh

written by Kride, 01/01/11

Misser lived up to all expectations, but we are excited about how long the battery lasts for there is no means by which it can be opened ...

must buy it

written by denner, 03/01/11

You have a great deal and can only recommend everyone, here to look! Even super fast delivery and a very nice Team.Danke!


written by , 05/01/11

the pencil sharpener was a fun gift to a cat lover. She found the place where you pin for tips hinsteckt not great, but when Mauzgeräusch she could smile again.


written by Kattekjøper, 24/05/11

Super Fun! Nothing to draw down on this. The meow even when Sharpener Pencil, what more could one want?

Alletiders fun gift

written by Ida, 01/06/11

The product andkom quickly; was securely packed and I'm sure that the recipient will be happy for it. However, it has not passed yet.

Cats Sharpener

written by Ulla, 19/09/11

Cats Pencil sharpener is a fun little game, but it points not the pencils particularly well. It looks very cute on the shelf, and it is fun to use - I just do not think a school teacher will think it&... Read more

Fun widget

written by Ed, 19/12/11

Fast delivery. It is fun, but it will not continue to be so. However, a good purchase and dad some smile :)


written by yoyo, 26/12/11

Great sucsess on julafton! Meow when sharpener pencil :-)

written by MoniK, 30/12/11

the Katzenanspitzer is a funny gift idea, especially for people who, the gg disliked cats;.) He's from a mediocre plastic hergestellt- no quality goods, but also not a cheap scrap and quite satisf... Read more

written by Mia, 02/01/12

Hey, this thing is absolutely amazing! Was really so'n screamer gift. especially because of the fact that Kitty cries when you sharpened the pencil with her! nice nice nice. Thank you fine!

funny gift

written by Elina, 14/04/12

Gave this to a friend the birthday present and it broke out a big laugh! it was appreciated and it sounds when you sharpen the pencil!

Good sharpener with a little extra

written by Niklas, 17/08/12

A good and functional pencil sharpener is doing what it should and then some! Stick a pencil in the butt on the cat and the "mjauar" (of joy or fear?) Works great as prydnadmed.

Very funny gadget

written by Satsuki, 17/11/12

A wonderful gift or for yourself as a small eye) The design is indeed simple, but can spice yes, for example by painting. The cat is not bound to the "litter", so you can well over a dustbin... Read more

The Katzenaspitzer

written by Wichtel , 13/12/12

I ordered for my father the sharpener as a Christmas present and find the idea totally good. There is also almost nothing to complain about. Except for minor things that bother me a bit, for example, ... Read more


written by christiane tekgöz, 26/12/12

is sharpener a great gift for cat lovers ... a really successful gift ... I can only recommend it more ...

real cuddly - great service

written by Susi, 29/12/12

Have appointed as Wichtelgeschenk the cat. The cat is original packaging and genuine lustg! Unfortunately, it does not meows when acute :-( that was not so funny. When I complained about but which was... Read more

What the fuck?

written by Einar Stien, 02/01/13

The first thing I see when I open the package is a ferdigtygga gum stuck on plastembalasjen! Is this something you are sending with their package or thought you know I would be the one customer who wo... Read more


written by Hübi, 03/01/13

The Cat Pencil Sharpener is in my opinion the perfect gift for cat lovers, but also for people who would the 'Cats breeding "spank prefer the ass. I have the product to my father for Christma... Read more

The fun-sharpener for Cat Lovers

written by katze, 07/01/13

The Cat Pencil Sharpener pleased by an appealing appearance and a good size. Also, the sound effect is funny, but quickly repetitive. The production of cheap plastic is slightly disappointing, as is t... Read more

funny thing

written by Jenny, 21/01/13

The only thing that did not live up to my expectations was the weight, but it is insignificant. Kattpennvässaren was a gift for a good friend and was much appreciated.

acts fragile

written by paule, Germany 26/06/13

looks ok and funny but has a fragil- I'm curious how long will the thing. Why am I actually addressed here permanently with DU? I do not know that I ever met someone the employee or that someone h... Read more


written by EVA, Sweden 25/11/13

I BOUGHT KATTPENNVÄSSAREN as a fun gift for my ARBETSKAMRAT.DET was a great success !! FRIENDS FAMILY LAUGHED O O TRIED KATTEN.MÅNGA wondered where to get it. It starts JAMA clamor AS SOON AS THE PEN ... Read more

nearly animal cruelty

written by Cristina, Norway 03/12/14

Quite funny, but not for the cat. Could have been better if it was automatic, but it's still nice to have on your desk and scare cat people.


written by uli3, Germany 15/01/15

Actually a funny idea. I had presented him. Unfortunately, the first delivered has not tipped. I got but delivered without problems a replacement copy. Unfortunately, however, even with this the power... Read more

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