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Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Your wine is precious, so we think that for safety's sake, you should take care of it with both a chain and an illusion!

Chain Wine Bottle Holder - Chain Wine Bottle Holder
Chain Wine Bottle Holder
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review on kedjevinställ

written by E.J, 08/06/09

It came out really quickly, it was great! However, one could told that the hole where vinhalsen be set not suitable for all wine bottles. I thought I bought a fairly ordinary bottle that I gave away i... Read more

Stylish and exciting

written by The Stig, 24/06/09

I bought two wine rack and gave away gifts as a student. In both cases, they were renowned as the finest gift. Quite right level of class, personal touch and ingenuity. To get full marks, I would want... Read more


written by FS, 29/06/09

Ingenious product that lifts up the room and make it more interesting. Fungerera on almost all flaskrör (wine) - fun gift to give away.

Super satisfied!

written by tonton, 04/07/09

Bought a chain rack to my dad and it came the very next day :) it worked perfectly and was in good condition. Was very cool to see hu bottle almost hovering, we have had guests and they have believed ... Read more

Completely satisfied !!

written by Krukan, 10/08/09

A great and fun thing to give away, and the delivery was very fast! A popular gift as such suits those who have some kinds of alcoholic beverages as an ornamental in such shelf in the living room. I a... Read more

written by , 10/08/09

This wine rack is super beautiful and really pleasing to the eye. All spectators wondering and always get a smile. Bought it as a gift, but also even want me one at a later date. However, too bad that... Read more

Wine rack

written by gumman, 10/08/09

Wine rack has been successful. In part. stylish design and fancy soldering but also the apparently floating chain. Top gift for someone who has everything.


written by emelie, 11/08/09

gave it away as a wedding gift to my parents been married for 20 years, they were very pleased and I thought it was a good price and it looked like I had imagined, the box it was in did it look a litt... Read more

cruel gift

written by ReijcerKizzen, 14/08/09

perfect gift with good "price / coolness relationship". worth the money :)


written by Johanna, 22/08/09

Bought the wine rack to the guy, but he got it when I was not there, and could guess what it was. He thanked for the work of art. :) When he realized it was a wine rack, he was pleasantly surprised. I... Read more

50-year gift

written by Lena, 23/08/09

Hello, a gift that was successful. To get the right bottle I brought instead to the liquor store. Many people were interested in it. In the young people at the party were the 1:10 pointers. Thanks for... Read more


written by Tufserufs, 07/09/09

Found a perfect gift for "one who has everything" ... Cannon! Fit directly with the first bottle that was stopped and the floating effect was nothing wrong ...


written by kicki, 11/09/09

think this will be a perfect gift for my little brother. He will love this vinställt. it is like him ... supperballt !!!!


written by Frida, 17/12/09

Tough shit! But less than what I had expected, but it will probably be good anyway.


written by , 25/12/09

It became a very popular Christmas gift, you must order one for myself too. Would also thank you for the quick delivery, only plus from me.

written by gkp, 01/01/10

reliable fast delivery and before Christmas, thank you !!!


written by Rickard, 01/01/10

I learn to admit I was skeptical at first, but it actually works! And it is really steady with, in spite of the "slim" design. The finish is impeccable, smooth and fine in chrome! Do I even ... Read more

written by , 02/01/10

Cannon gift, the recipient of the one I bought was very happy and was admired and received many positive comments from our guests on New Year's party :)

Fully Cannon!

written by Rob, 04/01/10

It was totally awesome! Gave it to my mom for Christmas and she absolutely could not even figure out what they were! Looks really leaking out of the wine bottle!


written by Frida, 04/01/10

Is super happy with the wine rack! Gave it away as a Christmas gift to my brother and wife. Very appreciated! Very good gift!

written by ZeQe, 05/01/10

It looks quite like the picture, no disappointment there, but just the one I received pours the bottle a little bit. So is the bottle is not completely horizontal. I can not tell whether you can corre... Read more

A super cool wine rack!

written by Lollo, 05/01/10

This was a gift that was really appreciated !! A cool and different design that resonates most. Would this product. Rating 5 out of 5.


written by korken, 06/01/10

Would give away a kedjevinställ to my älskling.Visade the Family o close friends first. Everyone thought it was so awesome o wondered where I bought det.Min sweetheart who is very sure that everything... Read more


written by Kalle, 06/01/10

I gave this wine rack and when I came home to those who received instead was the head with a wine bottle in. Very, very cool. Fantastic gift. I wish for such a stand.

Good gift!

written by L, 07/01/10

Kedjevinstället works perfectly and is really nice in real life! I bought it as a gift and would love to get a self-gift! Wine rack had been happy to have been in more colors especially black!

Very nice!

written by Mona H, 07/01/10

Estimated wine rack on the table, will be a conversation point directly .. All starting to examine how it really works ... Fun.


written by Apparaten, 08/01/10

A really nice and appreciated gift was. Cool and different!


written by Camilla, 10/02/10

Seems it is real! It looks super fat out of your living room; b


written by Vindrickare, 01/03/10

Clearly a fun gadget that so far through its unusualness arouses surprise and attention and create discussions at the dinner table.

Cool and delicious!

written by , 04/03/10

Wine rack is really skithäftigt! It is stylish delicious and different :) was skeptical at first, thinking that they will really stabilize the wine bottle? But they do it! Bought the 20-birthday prese... Read more

Fantastic gift!

written by Tobbe, 12/03/10

Wine rack 20åriga was given to my sister as a housewarming present. I bought no wine bottle to when I reckoned that any of her not so resourceful friends would go for it, and I was so right. Wine bott... Read more


written by zmaj88, 17/05/10

Have picked it out of the package and tested it, it seems to do it properly anyway but now once you have stayed in it, you realize that it really is just a welded chain in a nice package as well. Oh w... Read more

Wine rack

written by Pixie, 02/08/10

I bought kedjevinställ a gift to my mother o her partner, they liked it quite a lot opch I been surprised how nice it actually was. Just perfect to have standing with a bottle of wine, but it felt a l... Read more

funny gift

written by Jossan, 01/09/10

Gave it to my mother as a present, and both she and my dad were impressed. A fun conversation and a surprising gift. They already looked forward to using it with guests. Very pleased. Highly recommend... Read more

Oh my God!

written by A, 13/09/10

... Thinks each time you look it in the eye. It looks so strange out with something as (seemingly) defying gravity. Estimated present for my boyfriend!


written by NilssonPettersson, 19/10/10

An awesome idea! Tough, smart and eye-catching. You get a lot of comments like "where did you find it", "what is the cheeky" etc ...! Seems to be very durable as well, a plus in th... Read more

great gift idea

written by Mille Randløv, 03/11/10

aroused huge admiration of all 60 guests to the 50th day, Fed gadget for anyone who likes to present his best bottle on a very cool way (wine, shots, beer or similar with same bottle neck, can be used... Read more


written by Smulan, 29/11/10

Awesome wine rack which became an appreciated gift.


written by Päris, 03/12/10

Really cool! Looks just like the picture on the website. Cool effect.

written by David, 20/12/10

Really neat wine rack. Definitely worth the money!

Everything great

written by Lehmac, 21/12/10

It all worked out fine, forget a part, however, forwarded by mail immediately .... always happy, thank you and a great party

very funny

written by Simpa, 23/12/10

I am very pleased with this. A great Christmas present for my mom who likes a little "odd" things that are also stylish and spot on. She will use this all the time because she drinks wine qu... Read more

Grim stuff for vinare!

written by Falutompa, 24/12/10

Even if one happens to have more than 1-2 bottles of wine so doing, these wine rack clearly in everyone's accommodation at the right place. They are so eye-catching and everyone wonders how curren... Read more

Almost ridiculously good.

written by mbjorkhem, 24/12/10

Kjedjevinstället is ingenious in its simplicity. Stylish, decorative and thoughtful.

Looked very good!

written by Erik, 25/12/10

Actually looks really good. Well made and durable. Worth every penny.

written by Marina, 25/12/10

Fun Christmas gift for the person who has everything. Steady and good with wine bottle in.


written by Carolin, 25/12/10

Kedjevinstället is as awesome in verklighen, gave it as a Christmas present for my brother who seemed to appreciate it too. It's easy to stick into a bottle and place it in the desired location. I... Read more

written by , 25/12/10

very stylish and cool! just a bit stupid that it can not stand without a bottle.

For those who "have everything"

written by BG, 26/12/10

Kedjevinstället brought both surprise, amusement and especially estimate. Perfect gift for those who "have everything".

strange gadget

written by Kosken, 27/12/10

Yes, I do not know what to say, it is a little different. Very nicely done gadget, and no fake stuff that holds it. Good price, good gadget.


written by Freitag, A., 27/12/10

The delivery was a bit slow, but was not on Cool Stuff, but the pre-Christmas stress of DHL. The bottle holder looks precipitated out, is very stable and was the recipient of very good.

Christmas present

written by wahnsinn, 27/12/10

Violent and decorative gadget. What I was disappointed with was that the chain on the copy I received was welded entirely plain sailing between the surface standing on the table and "tied". ... Read more

written by , 27/12/10

I was unfortunately a bit disappointed because the wine rack only suitable for bottles with narrow necks.


written by Vinarn, 28/12/10

Really attractive and very appreciated! However, only fit some wine bottles in it, the cork should not be too big!


written by , 28/12/10

Nice giveaway. Gave my to my wife who seems as pleased as I (the donor).

Wine rack

written by TL, 29/12/10

Bought a Kedjevinställ to my sister for Christmas. Once she understood what it was that she thought it was pretty cool :)


written by Kavi, 29/12/10

Actually, I did not believe really that it would work, but behold, it did! Caused great hilarity! Ettmycket unusual way to store a bottle on!

stylish wine holder

written by Gabbe, 30/12/10

This vinhållaren was stylish and cool at the same time and fits most, gave it for Christmas and went home pretty good. While affordable, enjoyable an otherwise clean and original or a wine cooler.


written by Cicce, 30/12/10

Stylish and cool kedjevinställ that worked very well!

Chain Wine Bottle Holder

written by birgit k, 30/12/10

Unfortunately, the wine bottle holders were not well made. The welds were so strong to see that the chain no longer worked chains and unfortunately had to be returned by us again.


written by , 02/01/11

despite the Christmas Day everything went smoothly, the consignment is as ordered, arrived on time, arrived in super good-described condition is. I would not hesitate to order again. Thank you very mu... Read more

fun thing.

written by Natalie, 02/01/11

When I saw the wine rack online so they looked fiercely at first, but then I thought that maybe they do not e so awesome and that they might see the weld very clearly. But it was really well done! the... Read more

written by Emma, 02/01/11

I saw this product at a friend once, and I could not drag his eyes away because it looked so strange, how can a chain holding up a bottle of wine ?? .. but I make of course, so I found this here and I... Read more

written by Jenny, 03/01/11

Looks very acrimonious out with a wine bottle in. Now graces a shelf and everyone who sees it wants to know how it works =)

written by Lindila, 03/01/11

Bought it as a gift to my parents and it became a big hit. Violent illusion and not at all bulky.

written by , 03/01/11

purest verarsche, largest scrap ever


written by Ann, 03/01/11

Bought it for my slightly picky boyfriend. He was super happy o satisfied! It looks really escaping, rather than cool .. :) However, made of a much larger "chain" than what one might think o... Read more

Does not at all

written by Mille, 03/01/11

No more to say about the case - tested and thrown out :-(

Just a cool stuff !!!

written by Mille, 03/01/11

The first bought, had much nicer solder joints than the last received ... there is a little lacking quality control

Christmas present for mom

written by Stolth, 03/01/11

I bought this wine rack for my mom for Christmas and now it is a floating bottle on top of our cupboard in the living room. When family or friends come to visit, they have stood in wonder, and looked ... Read more


written by Ewny, 04/01/11

The wine rack was as neat when you have a bottle in, looks really cool out! But unfortunately, it can not stand by itself without a bottle in ... I personally think is a pity: / But otherwise I'm ... Read more

Everything great!

written by Nintscha, 04/01/11

Fast delivery, good product, and the price is also ok.


written by Ekorren, 05/01/11

I'm only 15 years and bought a wine rack those kinds of things here for my friend's mother when we celebrated Christmas in Branäs. She was thrilled and thought it was really funny, because it ... Read more

"Chain Weinflaschenhaler"

written by , 05/01/11

Definitely a looker - nix to suspend !!!


written by Dicte, 05/01/11

Looks great when placed on a shelf. Can hold various types of bottles with different amounts of content ☺

The part rocks: o)

written by Sylvia, 05/01/11

The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is just something else, looks great and is a nice gift. The bottle holder consists of individual chain links, but is not difficult, so that it can not stand alone, but onl... Read more


written by Emmpan, 06/01/11

Chain or wine rack? All in one, as they say! This was a good Christmas present for mother, or the wine and gadget lovers anywhere! I am satisfied with the result, soon time to buy your own.

Wine holder

written by Sara, 06/01/11

Kædevinreolen gives the illusion that your wine hangs in the air. It's a fun thing to pull out at parties and arouses great admiration, not to say amazement. The wine holder is stable, so do not b... Read more

Everything was great

written by UB, 06/01/11

Great product, incl. Shipping cheaper than in the store. Very fast delivery. Thank you so much!


written by K, 07/01/11

Wine rack was a very Estimated gift! We chose to provide a nice bottle of wine for that final touch. Can warmly recommend it to both girls and boys.


written by Monika, 10/01/11

Very stylish and cool product, thrilled! Has also received praise for those who have seen it. Has placed the finest wine I have in it =)


written by Mattey, 12/01/11

There was a king stand that seemed completely top to fit very well into the "liquor cabinet" my !! Thanks! :)


written by Måhadet, 17/01/11

Stylish case examined immediately by those who see it. And nice gift idea that most have not yet :)

Speedy delivery

written by , 18/01/11

The product was exactly as expected and delivery without problems.

Awesome stylish wine rack !!

written by Jessica, 26/01/11

It looks cool on camera, but is even cooler in reality !! A real ornament on the table or bookshelf. A given gift to the wine lover Coole. Awesome good o fast delivery too!

written by stephanie, 26/01/11

This product truly deserves the word COOL! Never thought it would look like the picture, but it did. I gave it away as a housewarming gift and the person in question eh super happy with it :)

chain stand

written by sisselina, 02/02/11

This chain stand was really unusual and fun. It's going to be a nice birthday gift for a friend, and I will buy one for myself, this I just have! Like cases not everyone ...

Funny and nice rack

written by Sindre, 10/02/11

A product we used to style up your house for a party we had. People kept going up to them and looked at them, and was "cheated" at first glance.


written by Ronja, 21/02/11

I bought this as a gift for a friend, the very upskattad each and everyone who was there felt it was really tough. different yet stylish, and very funny how much it tricks the eye. a very good product... Read more


written by Monika, 22/02/11

Fuck Nice and different. People react when they see it and comment on how awesome it looks. Very satisfied!


written by Louise, 22/02/11


Wine holder

written by Matias, 24/02/11

This is one of the coolest gadgets I've purchased. When you wrap it up and put a bottle of wine in it convinces everyone who looks at it. The only drawback is that it can not be left without a bot... Read more

written by Anna, 08/03/11

Ordered the wine rack to the little sister who was super happy! A "must have" gadget :) The only downside was that all bottles are unfortunately did not fit in "the hole" ..

Cool case, works fine

written by , 11/03/11

This case is as expected, it keeps most bottles stable, and are of good quality (steel). It is perhaps not so difficult to see that it is rigid as one might expect, but at first, and probably second g... Read more

elegant wine rack

written by Tobbe, 11/03/11

Stylish and elegant wine rack at great price! Perfect to give for Christmas or birthday.

Coooolt wine rack

written by gill_san, 30/03/11

Saw the ad on kedjevinstället on Facebook and was completely sold on it. Sent after that I wanted to give it as a housewarming gift for a friend. Was very pleased when I unpacked it, how good any time... Read more

written by , 20/04/11

looks really cool, though, so shines the chain a little too much for my taste, which gives an impression of something plastigt. but the cool thing and I recommend it for those who like impulse buy / d... Read more

Chain wine rack

written by Trollet, 20/04/11

Superb "optical illusion" where it almost looks as if the wine bottle floats. Attracts attention and brings smiles! And even more to talk about! Highly recommended!

Tough as hell.

written by Christer, 03/05/11

Increases really first impression barhyllan with a whole bottle of vodka hovering in a chain: D

fat design

written by Kongen, 23/05/11

Love the design, but I was somewhat disappointed when I found out that the holder tipping if you take the bottle out of it .. Then it cool a bit of it .. Should still be a 4 out of 5 :)

written by arman aka wusel, 27/05/11

arrived super and looks just like in the photo :)


written by Nertgi, 09/06/11

No one can help but comment that the wine is in the air. :-D Disadvantage is that because the wine is considering a part, must instead be tyngere around vinhalsen. This means that instead can not stan... Read more


written by Lars Bøgeholm Hansen, 16/06/11

I used this chain as a father's day gift and it works absolutely fantastic and there was fast delivery.

good gift

written by katti, 19/06/11

Bought it as a gift for the 60th birthday party. Mighty nice and special gift but the thought of all wine bottles do not fit, then buy the bottle and test first if you are going to give it away with t... Read more

written by Anonymt, 21/06/11

This was a bargain! Looks exactly like what you see in the picture and it's a little different than other plain. embellish things your parents or similar have at home (;

Funny thing with imperfections

written by TM, 09/07/11

Seems this was a fun product that plays well received by the recipient and other partygoers. The problem - at least with the two I bought - was that hole to the bottleneck was a little too small so it... Read more


written by Kathrine O., 21/07/11

I've just been looking forward to a day that should have it here standing in my home. So last year, I think the store on Strøget. To my mother's boyfriend's birthday I thought that it was ... Read more

written by , 25/07/11

The wine bottle holder was very well, the joke is that it falls down when no wine bottle's turn.


written by Alyila, 17/08/11

Became a great gift! Fun to give something odd. 4/5 To: The only negative I can give is the hole that huh little too small. Or just me being bought by the large wine bottle. So check that it fits befo... Read more

Something different

written by coco, 18/08/11

This "Wine Bottle Holder" is just something else. Cool idea, orginell and ideal for those who actually have everything already! Good price, which can be increased either comes with a special... Read more


written by Susana, 19/08/11

Hello Cool Stuff. I bought kædevinreolen as a gift and was excited about the now lived up to expectations. It looks very fancy out while standing on a table with a bottle of wine, a good and fun way t... Read more


written by welden, 22/08/11

looks super class and really works, super gift

written by Signe, 22/08/11

Super cool


written by Christina , 12/09/11

Kædevinreolen looks really great. Exactly as in the picture. Cool Stuff deliver quickly and seamlessly, just as they promise and accurately as usual.


written by Veninden, 27/09/11

I've been really happy with bestiling and delivery. I get super happy that the goods were already there the day after my post office, I saw the day after only download the package. Kædevinreol was... Read more


written by D.P., 13/10/11

It works SQU: D Great ...


written by , 20/10/11

A really nice wine rack, if but for a little retro look.

Works and looks as described

written by Nerthus, 24/10/11

vinholderen is exactly like the picture, is stable with wine bottle in and looks pretty cool :) Satisfied!

written by Cathrine, 15/11/11

The stand is sturdy, pretty heavily and stand firmly with wine bottle in. The part that hangs down from the neck is loose chain rings that can be moved and gives an impression of real chain. The stand... Read more

Different rack!

written by Anna, 26/11/11

I am really pleased! Wine rack looked like the picture. However, I had no wine bottle at home, so I tried to bust a bottle of Malibu and a bottle of Bacardi, both took great! :)


written by Hege, 01/12/11

Freaking awesome and works! A fun gift for those who have everything. And suitable for the vast majority. Cool gift :)

Large and fine

written by Trine, 02/12/11

I bought a cake stamp that I was going to give for Christmas. The first thing that struck me was that it was so large, the image on Coolstuff so it is not soo big out. But I was pleasantly surprised, ... Read more


written by Trine, 02/12/11

Since I was going to give the stand to someone who does not like wine, so I tried it with a Julebruskongens bottle of glass, it worked equally well. :) So they get a cool rail + ei Julebruskongens bot... Read more

Some "flaws" but fun wine rack

written by Sofia, 05/12/11

Some of the "joints" is not as fancy and no bottle is rather not good but it is a fun wine rack that I think the young couple I bought it will appreciate. A fun gift and you get absolutely c... Read more

written by Inger, 05/12/11

This was so nice that I took it myself. Was really an intended Christmas present! Nice and Incredibly Stylish wine rack! Excellent nice decoration.


written by Peter Danielsen, 16/12/11

Super cool. Living up to expectations

cool wine rack

written by Thomas, 19/12/11

Fat design for a wine rack.

Good idea, terrible exports

written by O.H, 19/12/11

It looks great on the bill Funds and the idea is good, but it is welded together by an amateur. One can easily see, even from a reasonable distance that it is welded together because sitting large met... Read more

Funny .... :)

written by Morho, 20/12/11

Wondering if this could look as lifelike as the picture ... but it did. Fight Tough !!


written by Poletten, 20/12/11

A perfect Christmas gift / birthday idea for the vinglade a little boy robbed.

cool Wine holder

written by Ingvill, 20/12/11

Super cool Wine holder who worked 100%! Very satisfied

Does not work on all wine bottles

written by Mikael, 23/12/11

Looks ok, but be aware that it can only be used by wine bottles with narrow neck, many bottles have thick neck and does not go into the holder.


written by Mette, 26/12/11

Well the title speaks for itself .. Vin chain came two days after ordering, for collection at the post office .. And the food was as expected .. Very fun wine rack, at the same time also decorates ...... Read more

Funny thing, but a little unsteady

written by Adde, 28/12/11

Funny thing absolutely. Looks great and keeps wine that wine should be stored. But it feels a little unsteady and weak. The links are failing part and I was expecting more weight than what it was. It ... Read more

It works!

written by Henriette, 29/12/11

I was a little unsure if it came to funke and whether it was steady - but it works and is steady :-)

magic wine rack

written by Jenny, 30/12/11

The magical effect really comes forward and beats well ann for us who like it unnatural. Those receiving the gift was very pleased. But we wonder if the designer wine drinkers themselves. There are on... Read more

Incredibly cool!

written by Anna, 02/01/12

Unfortunately, it does not fit all bottles. It was just them narrow the bottles, but it is not a major concern. It was a cool thing and my sister who got it was very happy so that's a huge plus!

A hit.

written by Jannie, 02/01/12

My girlfriend and I had decided not to spend so much money on each other's Christmas gifts. So when I found this wine rack and our wine at a good price, it was Christmas saved;) He was very fond o... Read more

fun, but does not fit all.

written by agf2413, 05/01/12

Super fun and good gift. Is it difficult part of wine bottles that do not fit ,.

super fast delivery

written by ims, 27/01/12

It's so cool to have standing. but you may see some places on the chain that it is welded together but is otherwise good and hurtg delivery.


written by Annemone, 28/01/12

Great fine things like host / hostess gift with a bottle. It creates smiles and attention.


written by Erlend, 22/02/12

I think this wine rack so very cool out before I bought it, and I was not disappointed! I gave it away as a gift, and the recipient was very happy! It looks stylishly out, and really fit in any home! ... Read more


written by Suzy, 27/02/12

It's really fancy and elegant at the same time. Modern, innovative and hugely attract attention. Definitely a purchase I'm very happy - and which was accepted with big eyes of the gift recipie... Read more


written by Severus, 08/04/12

Thrilled with my order Quick delivery and product were consistent with the description Thoroughly recommended !!

very tough

written by Henriette, 10/04/12

Very satisfied with chain rack. I ordered 2 pcs. Very tough to gift as well. Recommended really :)

very decorative

written by Anfield, 16/04/12

It has gained pride of place on the piano, and everyone who sees it must somehow away and examine it. A definite!


written by björne, 25/05/12

There is not much more to say. A classic. Given the wow effect. It is interesting to see how the people share in the two categories. 1. Those who are wondering how it is and must be kept away by force... Read more


written by Fia, 16/06/12

Awesome awesome wine rack, it is stylish and look good on the shelf! Great gift for all ages. Gave this to the manager when he stopped, he was super happy!

very nice girlfriend gift

written by Anna, 22/08/12

bought this for his girlfriend as * 1 month gift *. he loves it: D only minus is that it is only suitable for wine bottles that have very narrow spout, otherwise this nice gift: D

good gift

written by Felicia, 31/08/12

Bought this as a gift and it was a success! It looks very good and real. A pity, however, that it is not standing up without the wine bottle.

super fun

written by heidi, 06/09/12

great gaveide' .. I took the course out of the box and wrapped it as a gift .. and receiver saw something odd in the head and there was guessed a little of everything .. f. ex .. suspension for fl... Read more


written by Kristina, 17/09/12

kedjevinställ I bought was awesome giant cannon fun thing I'll give it away in the birthday gift everyone will probably talk about it at the party. Thanks to a cool thing. Sincerely Kristina

elegance for storing wine :)

written by lipittäjä :), 15/10/12

fast delivery and well packaged product! guys are admired very much the stand because they have seen here :) In addition to receiving the lowest, at least according to its own price comparison!


written by N, 16/10/12

Was worried it would look "cheap" out but it was really nice and cool! Wine bottle sitting steadily and well.

funny thing

written by Anki, 19/10/12

I have bought kedjevinstället as a gift and think it is very delicious. It was just like the picture and all my expectations were met.


written by M, 29/10/12

A really cool wine holder. I highly recommend this to others. It is good to have in the kitchen or elsewhere. Just one small problem o it is that it does not fit into any wine. Some way has little thi... Read more

Frant limited

written by Virre, 15/11/12

Really neat and pungent wine rack. Did unfortunately not that it can not be itself without bottle, and moreover it does not take the wine bottle anywhere. Only those with extra small cap / neck. Do no... Read more


written by Kessa, 19/11/12

What a sensation was the wine rack. Many had seen it but did not know where they would get it. The downside was well that when there is no bottle was in it so it falls over, but happy I am 100% in all... Read more


written by magnus, 19/11/12

This is a fun design that one can have where you want to lose and outdoor bar flasje, a nice gift product where you can just a with a bottle beside!

fun gift

written by Cols, 28/11/12

Fun gift that looks like it defies the laws of physics. Excellent as a Christmas gift with a bottle of wine. Suitable for ordinary wine bottles.

chain stand

written by gry, 30/11/12

Fantastic service, won the new rail when the first did not come in the original box. Got also retain the first. Very nice.

An incredibly stylish object

written by Magnus, 09/12/12

A raw gift, or as a separate table decorations. Has received many glances directed at himself: D Highly recommended to those looking for a different subject.


written by grynet, 17/12/12

looks like an ordinary chain. stand firmly with bottle in, but guess when you take it out, is not so steady with less wine bottles.

Vädelös product

written by babsan, 18/12/12

How to advertise and send out such a useless product! can not stand or fits vinflaskhals, it does not go into the opening. Scandal!!!!! Have the phone directly complained to you and would keep the goo... Read more

Wine rack, hit

written by Heman, 22/12/12

Perfect surprise gift for vingillaren, private or corporate gift. The response exceeded all expectations, we promise!

clearly Cool

written by ecke, 27/12/12

Small footprint and "pre-show" today's wine in a cool way. I'll buy two! The bottle seems to float in the air (and the empty, for all wine should anyway "carafe served") !!... Read more

småkjipe stuff

written by kjell bekkelund, 28/12/12

Hated wrapped, really quite unkind total thing. Looks like something juggel from China and it is well just that there is too.

Which wine rack !!

written by Fatima, 31/12/12

Saw this very different wine rack in the picture ... thought it was fake and I was very curious. I bought it and am soo happy. It really works and now it's like a cool detail in my kitchen !!


written by lena, 31/12/12

perfect gift and much appreciated. With a good and stylish bottle will be the highlight of the party. Great price for a tough gift

Steady and different

written by Ebba, 02/01/13

Super fun idea that works. The place is relatively steady with a wine bottle in and it works for most types of wine bottles. A bit plasticky, but the illusion works anyway, and everyone was very amaze... Read more

Super fun gift idea

written by NN, 03/01/13

Super good gift idea for the person who has everything, especially a bachelor who holds many festivities. Great party trick and nice way to serve wine at.

A link to the alcohol

written by Kim J, 03/01/13

Wine rack was given to my lighter alcoholic father in law with a membership to the link. A little play on words which he took with a twinkle in the eye

Great as a gift or Christmas present!

written by Alexandra, 05/01/13

I bought 2 kedjevinställ Christmas present for 2 people in my family, and both every bit as appreciated! They are very stable, is very stylish and it's always fun to see people's faces when th... Read more


written by an, 05/01/13

An excellent gift, along with a bottle of wine, a wine lover who has everything. Decorates her room whether it's on the dining table or on the serving location. The construction raises concerns an... Read more

Class product

written by Cecilie H., 07/01/13

Perfect gift for vinelskeren. Super nice touch that looks great in any wine cellar or bookcase. Easy to set the bottle.


written by farmor, 28/01/13

gift was much appreciated. "Problem" was only that I had to buy a bottle of wine to the chain

Cracked chain

written by Vinsörplaren, 08/02/13

One of the links were cracked and therefore did not place at all. Do not know if it was something that happened at delivery ... With some tools and manpower went however to correct and then it worked ... Read more


written by cilla, 02/03/13

How cool! I bought it to me själv.Alla I have shown it to also think it.There is a cool gift if you want to give something different.


written by Mona, 11/03/13

Did not really believe it, but it's true, when a bottle in the result that its perfect and it looks a little blistered out.


written by Therese, 14/03/13

The lack of imagination to someone close to you but still do not know what it likes in design and execution, it became very popular wine rack on his 20th birthday !!! ;) Cannon !!!


written by Micka, 25/03/13

Really neat wine rack! Looks awesome when it is on the shelf. However, it is not up if there is no bottle. It is a little lower than I thought, but still really neat. Super satisfied!

Poorly fitting

written by RoA, 26/03/13

Suitable only some wine bottles, the opening is too small for the neck of the bottle. Too bad, fun design otherwise.

Calls to the party

written by Maggan, Sweden 22/04/13

Very fast delivery and we are very pleased with the wine rack. Many fun and curious comments from invited friends.

Best companion.

written by SebT, Sweden 29/04/13

Was a gift to the parent. It became an instant hit and was appreciated enormously. Guests always praises now the "floating wine bottle" that is ahead.


written by Pierre, Sweden 13/05/13

Gave this set as a gift to my dad and it was much appreciated. the only negative I can come up with is that you must have a bottle of wine rather than for it to stand up.


written by VONKii, Sweden 02/08/13

Was a 25th birthday present for a friend. For that, we bought a nice bottle of wine as they can in the wine rack;) They were super happy!

Perfect to have on the shelf.

written by Tribbe, Sweden 02/09/13

Bought a place like this wine rack to my brother for Christmas and took myself liking for it so now it was time to think of a wedding gift, it was given with two like this and maybe it was one myself ... Read more

Nice to photo

written by PS, Sweden 11/09/13

It looks just as good in reality as on the picture. The only thing that pulls down the grade is that only bottles with the correct narrow neck that can be held by the wine rack. Had also been nice if ... Read more

really nice wine holder

written by Lojsan, Sweden 21/10/13

the product was stylish and looked just like the picture. however, took the course, not all bottles because the holder of the bottleneck is not possible to enlarge or reduce. otherwise, really satisfi... Read more


written by Amanda, Sweden 04/11/13

Shit really fun gift. Gave it to my grandmother on her birthday party and everyone was very impressed!

chain Stand

written by Linda Ødegård, Norway 03/12/13

Very elegant, not to mention cool wine rack. Looks very nice with a bottle. I am very pleased with this product and can safely recommend it.


written by kgjl, Sweden 30/12/13

Kedjevinstället does not take up a regular large wine bottle and inserting a small glass bottle is not in balance. Thought the place would stand up even if it had no bottle. Waste of money.

Christmas present

written by Tomtemor, Sweden 30/12/13

A much appreciated gift, fun to give and fun to receive. Good price range and it is absolutely worth the money :) It's a nice but different interior detail.

Neat but useless

written by MT, Sweden 01/01/14

Tested to get into 3 different wine bottles in the hole ... no fit !!!!! The hole is too small !!! I call that sunk

Excellent gift for people who "have it all"!

written by Therése, Sweden 08/01/14

Bought three wine rack to a crowd gadget mad wine lovers and were met by lyrical joy. Clearly fun and appreciated gift to many different audiences. Personally, I adapted the wine that was given at the... Read more

Fantastic idea

written by Gry, Denmark 27/06/14

we gave kædevinreolen as corporate gift for a wedding and there was great excitement about it .. Both of beneficiaries and of colleagues .. It is a super cool thing to have standing, it looks elegant,... Read more

More appealing image than in reality

written by Monika, Sweden 26/08/14

Was sadly disappointed. Looked fun on the island image of reality. In addition, I tried several different standard wine bottles and they did not fit the position. Will give as a gift to the first best... Read more

Can not keep the wine

written by Charlotte, Denmark 19/12/14

Have tried several wines, but the chain can not keep the wine. The idea is good, but really poorly executed

Super cool!

written by Janni, Denmark 24/12/14

It can keep a bottle of wine as it should, and it does look just super cool. :) It weighs almost nothing, so it is easy to move on.

Too small!

written by E.I.Olsen, Denmark 08/04/15

Chain bookcase is great, but it is not easy to get bottles with a slightly thick neck to sit properly on the chain.


written by Tomas, Sweden 25/05/15

A funny nice thing that makes itself clear good bookshelf. With a good vinare. A little tough but still has its beauty.

Monday Copy ??

written by Per, Sweden 08/12/15

1.Kedjan welded very unprofessional. 2.Går absolutely dead straight mennan "foot" and bottle holder. 3.Flaskhållaren fit not quite as paper around the neck was destroyed when it tried to get... Read more

Monday Copy ??

written by Per, Sweden 08/12/15

1.Kedjan welded very unprofessional. 2.Går absolutely dead straight mennan "foot" and bottle holder. 3.Flaskhållaren fit not quite as paper around the neck was destroyed when it tried to get... Read more


written by marita, Norway 11/12/15

Chain stand was really cool. Flaska stood firm in the stand, to the cool decoration on the bench. I'm very happy with my product :-)

There you go

written by Pontus, Sweden 26/09/16

Pretty cool, but a bit plasticky (although it is a chain) and it fits just for the standard size wine bottles, they are a little bigger on the neck, it is rather small

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