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Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Your wine is precious, so we think that for safety's sake, you should take care of it with both a chain and an illusion!

Chain Wine Bottle Holder - Chain Wine Bottle Holder
Chain Wine Bottle Holder
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Calls to the party

written by Maggan, 22/04/13

Very fast delivery and we are very pleased with the wine rack. Many fun and curious comments from invited friends.

Best companion.

written by SebT, 29/04/13

Was a gift to the parent. It became an instant hit and was appreciated enormously. Guests always praises now the "floating wine bottle" that is ahead.


written by Pierre, 13/05/13

Gave this set as a gift to my dad and it was much appreciated. the only negative I can come up with is that you must have a bottle of wine rather than for it to stand up.


written by VONKii, 02/08/13

Was a 25th birthday present for a friend. For that, we bought a nice bottle of wine as they can in the wine rack;) They were super happy!

Perfect to have on the shelf.

written by Tribbe, 02/09/13

Bought a place like this wine rack to my brother for Christmas and took myself liking for it so now it was time to think of a wedding gift, it was given with two like this and maybe it was one myself ... Read more

Nice to photo

written by PS, 11/09/13

It looks just as good in reality as on the picture. The only thing that pulls down the grade is that only bottles with the correct narrow neck that can be held by the wine rack. Had also been nice if ... Read more

really nice wine holder

written by Lojsan, 21/10/13

the product was stylish and looked just like the picture. however, took the course, not all bottles because the holder of the bottleneck is not possible to enlarge or reduce. otherwise, really satisfi... Read more


written by Amanda, 04/11/13

Shit really fun gift. Gave it to my grandmother on her birthday party and everyone was very impressed!

chain Stand

written by Linda Ødegård, 03/12/13

Very elegant, not to mention cool wine rack. Looks very nice with a bottle. I am very pleased with this product and can safely recommend it.


written by kgjl, 30/12/13

Kedjevinstället does not take up a regular large wine bottle and inserting a small glass bottle is not in balance. Thought the place would stand up even if it had no bottle. Waste of money.

Christmas present

written by Tomtemor, 30/12/13

A much appreciated gift, fun to give and fun to receive. Good price range and it is absolutely worth the money :) It's a nice but different interior detail.

Neat but useless

written by MT, 01/01/14

Tested to get into 3 different wine bottles in the hole ... no fit !!!!! The hole is too small !!! I call that sunk

Excellent gift for people who "have it all"!

written by Therése, 08/01/14

Bought three wine rack to a crowd gadget mad wine lovers and were met by lyrical joy. Clearly fun and appreciated gift to many different audiences. Personally, I adapted the wine that was given at the... Read more

Fantastic idea

written by Gry, 27/06/14

we gave kædevinreolen as corporate gift for a wedding and there was great excitement about it .. Both of beneficiaries and of colleagues .. It is a super cool thing to have standing, it looks elegant,... Read more

More appealing image than in reality

written by Monika, 26/08/14

Was sadly disappointed. Looked fun on the island image of reality. In addition, I tried several different standard wine bottles and they did not fit the position. Will give as a gift to the first best... Read more

Can not keep the wine

written by Charlotte, 19/12/14

Have tried several wines, but the chain can not keep the wine. The idea is good, but really poorly executed

Super cool!

written by Janni, 24/12/14

It can keep a bottle of wine as it should, and it does look just super cool. :) It weighs almost nothing, so it is easy to move on.

Too small!

written by E.I.Olsen, 08/04/15

Chain bookcase is great, but it is not easy to get bottles with a slightly thick neck to sit properly on the chain.


written by Tomas, 25/05/15

A funny nice thing that makes itself clear good bookshelf. With a good vinare. A little tough but still has its beauty.

Monday Copy ??

written by Per, 08/12/15

1.Kedjan welded very unprofessional. 2.Går absolutely dead straight mennan "foot" and bottle holder. 3.Flaskhållaren fit not quite as paper around the neck was destroyed when it tried to get... Read more

Monday Copy ??

written by Per, 08/12/15

1.Kedjan welded very unprofessional. 2.Går absolutely dead straight mennan "foot" and bottle holder. 3.Flaskhållaren fit not quite as paper around the neck was destroyed when it tried to get... Read more


written by marita, 11/12/15

Chain stand was really cool. Flaska stood firm in the stand, to the cool decoration on the bench. I'm very happy with my product :-)

There you go

written by Pontus, 26/09/16

Pretty cool, but a bit plasticky (although it is a chain) and it fits just for the standard size wine bottles, they are a little bigger on the neck, it is rather small

chain wine rack

written by Eva , 21/12/16

I am not satisfied with chain wine rack. Firstly, the opening where one would put in the wine bottle for smalt.Prøvde with several bottles. It happened when I finally got in place the wine bottle was ... Read more

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