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Chef'n Strawberry Huller

A wonderful, smooth little strawberry stem remover that really works. Easy to use with perfect results.

Chef'n Strawberry Huller - Chef'n Strawberry Huller
Chef'n Strawberry Huller
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What is this?

Jorgubbssnopparen with scratching

written by Ecvator, 14/06/10

The obvious product for my mother and Mother's Day! The small but really stable Willie author gives a holistic impression of quality and function! Really nice to serve strawberries as they are and... Read more

funny thing

written by Lennart, 30/07/10

Troubled fun and unnecessary gadget = an excellent gift


written by Annika, 20/08/10

For one who has everything! Great trägårdsintresse this person and I know they've had lots of strawberries this year.

thank you very much

written by Tanni, 30/11/10

... For a free copy of the strawberry-polish machine under your Christmas gifts Tester action. That part is super funny, unfortunately, we can try it until wenn's reproduces fresh strawberries. Gr... Read more

Indispensable in every kitchen

written by , 04/07/11

Anyone who loves strawberries can not be without a strawberry bumps!

Small and handy

written by Natasia, 07/08/11

Super fun and convenient. It is effective and does not take up much in the kitchen drawer. It also saves a lot of time;)


written by snuppern, 26/09/11

Bought jordbærsnupperen and is delighted! It is small and practical, easy to use and very easy to clean. Snupperen allows the berries look as nice after you've Snuppa it and making it therefore an... Read more

For someone who has everything

written by Mabe, 22/12/11

I love little gizmos that nobody knows what is, but that is actually quite convenient. Creates a lot of fun birthdays and other when you remove the packaging and will find out what it is! Amazingly qu... Read more


written by Line, 08/01/12

This gift aroused happiness, just because of the appearance. However, a test showed that it also works.

That's just great!

written by Lisa, 14/06/12

Did yesterday finally brought fresh strawberries from the field and tried like my new Entsieler. I can only say he is just great !! Whether large or small strawberries, he removed the stalk in all siz... Read more

snuppa MIN

written by AstrologenKari, 20/06/12

Jordbærsnupperen is top notch. Today I Snuppa three baskets strawberries in no time. Besides, it is fun to clean strawberries with a strawberry bumps. Simple, easy and cleanly with minimal loss of jui... Read more

works flawlessly

written by Mette, 17/07/12

Seems like it should be - easy to get the top of without too much wastage. Though a bit difficult to clean "hooks" inside.

Perfect! <3

written by Christine, 05/08/12

I love this Jordbærsnupperen. I used it yesterday. I think I spent less than 10 minutes, maybe 5, to purge all the strawberries in from the basket. I would really recommend this to all strawberry love... Read more

Effectively clearing the strawberries

written by jordgubben, 12/10/12

Saving incredible time when you have 20 liters of strawberries to rensas.Min two ring could help HULL of old men.

Works great good

written by Cecilia, Sweden 13/05/13

Quickly o smoothly can snoppra off the green on the strawberry, nice not having to dig your nails or cut off the top half of the strawberry.

happy :)

written by M, Sweden 20/05/13

Have at least one year going to buy strawberry dick successor, last year was the stock before the season, it was a bit pricey too. I had high expectations, it was a little smaller than I thought (but ... Read more


written by Philip, Sweden 04/07/13

Very nice little gizmo. Works with large and small strawberries as "seaweed" is bent and expands depending on how hard you press. Just pushing, twisting and pulling. The man caught easily th... Read more

stylish men

written by Annika, Sweden 23/07/13

Very easy to use - the job is not faster but more fun !! And fingers are cleaner afterwards. And so it will be nice strawberries


written by Heidi, Denmark 16/09/13

YES, JO .. There is not much to write to it, other than that it is a fine idea to have it all :)


written by Silje, Norway 07/07/14

This is a product you did not know you needed. Incredibly easy to Snuppa tassel of strawberries. It goes fast, snupperen is not hard to depress and it becomes minimal waste.

Very handsome!

written by Janne, Norway 07/05/15

This was very cute and works great! Making it all a breeze :) Did the Inga much faster and it was much more enjoyable :)

Fun and easy to use

written by Adrian, Norway 17/09/15

I am very pleased with Jordbærsnupperen I bought. It is easy to use, and remove the back part of the strawberry as a game.

sååå smooth

written by Lilluttern, Sweden 27/11/15

For those of us who love strawberries and eat several liters each summer, this is a damn good tool. And even my son at 5 think it's fun and he can do it splendidly without the mess of this.

Best unnecessary purchase!

written by L, Sweden 17/06/16

I love strawberries and usually do not have any problem to "open" them, as I have long nails. But cut them and realized how difficult it was, so did this unnecessary purchases against my hus... Read more

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