Chess Drinking Game

Exclusive chess game where each piece consists of a shot glass that must be emptied when it has been captured. Ingenious!

Chess Drinking Game - Chess Drinking Game
Chess Drinking Game
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What is this?

it is'mega fat!

written by Lasse Kaasgaard, 22/06/09

this game you just have to own in his closet for any celebration! you get so pissed about 20min :-) love it it must be owned!

written by , 17/12/09

I bought the drinking chess as a gift for a friend. At first I had a concern that the glass could be damaged during transport, but the glasses were firmly embedded in polystyrene. Everything came to h... Read more

Really neat!

written by Svinto, 03/01/10

this product is very stylish in the whole, good glasses to drink from. fun at the pre-party or just leave it in the room for sight sake, it's really neat! really worth the price I think. Top Ratin... Read more


written by WBK, 11/01/10

Was pleasantly surprised when I took the ball out of the box. The game is not only fun to play but is also a feast for the eyes! Works perfectly before going out and making the city unsafe. A good tip... Read more

drink chess

written by viwi, 15/01/10

an elegant chess set of glass. it looks nice and exciting to play, one thing is sure you see who won .. the one that is full load probably have won

drinking Chess

written by Carl Valentin, 28/01/10

Good: Great game, good idea and it will be good stiff! :) Bad: The signs of gassene are very similar, it is eg quite hard to tell the difference between peasants and runners. The tubes are quite easil... Read more

Game nice !!

written by Rune Foss-Madsen, 22/03/10

Firstly it is the cheapest 32 shot glasses I could find on the net. Secondly, it is a wild bold idea and a serious party left. And last but not least is almost guaranteed to be drunk after one or two ... Read more

Beautiful, but with deficiencies

written by Jens Ravn, 01/05/10

Really nice set, and inexpensive when you consider how many shot glasses to get to, and must surely good enough to say you have torn some shots down by a single game :) but unfortunately it is very ha... Read more

drink Chess

written by Mattias, 27/08/10

Drickschacket is a wonderful thing that I bought as a present for my friend on his birthday, he was surprised and happy and it made our evening simply said, I highly highly recommend it!

drinking Chess

written by Lene Juul Christiansen, 02/11/10

This product is lived fully up to our expectations when we had to use a board made of glass and black - we should not use The glass into something them, our children enjoy when they move from home - I... Read more


written by Amandalyn, 29/11/10

The product was exactly as the pictures showed, and the description of the product were fully. The game is widely used, and all my friends love the game. Have with me at parties, to fight almost for p... Read more

written by Jenny, 27/12/10

Actually, I am quite satisfied. Have only one problem. The product is incomplete and I'm waiting now for a week on the rest. Very poor service !!!!

Super cool

written by Armaelion, 05/01/11

For anyone who wants to intoxicate even the most remote corners of his brain with alcohol. One can fill the glasses with the same Flüsigkeit. but I advise rather to value the figure to adjust the volu... Read more

drinking Chess

written by Wiebke Frandsen, 06/01/11

Apparently everything was in order. The gift came on time, but I have not even seen it. Best regards Ms Frandsen

drink Chess

written by Jannika Bertilsson, 15/02/11

Hey! A few weeks ago so I ordered a chess game with the associated shot glass of cool stuff, the whole game is made of glass and is really neat! I bought it as a present for my boyfriend who loves gam... Read more


written by , 03/06/11

we have tried flash 5min not rekomendrea but longer portions ok otherwise vulture neck directly dependent on the strength of the alcohol, Jäger can be recommended ..

Funny thing, but wears light

written by Conny, 23/06/11

I bought Drink Checkers to a mate's birthday. We played the game in the evening and it was really fun, it was a successful gift. Unfortunately, you can not run them in the dishwasher, the images o... Read more

Too cool!

written by Kamma, 06/02/12

Chess game is great! and megaa fat! the webbing me and my friend stiff at least

Good weekend pleasure

written by Donny, 17/02/12

Fun chess game with solid shot glass / plays. Note that they are not going to mask Indian!

Chess is fun!

written by Erlend, 22/02/12

I'm no good chess player and has never really been so fascinated by it! But with this board, the chess suddenly much more interesting! Should not many games to (the water in the glass so clear) be... Read more

Super drinking game, unfortunately only for two

written by My, 10/07/12

Sure, playing chess only one against the other takes, 16 shot glasses for a (in the worst case !!) is quite a lot. But I must say, the game board, made of glass, I really like very good, also looks cl... Read more

Ideal as a fun gift

written by Emelie, 12/11/12

I ordered this as a gift to a friend. The game seems great fun and if another one can have it as a stylish ornament.

drinking Chess

written by Runa, 31/12/12

Have used this again now, but it was clearly successful. It may soon become a little sticky on the board, but it can easily be removed. It is very funny for those who play, but of course it's not ... Read more


written by Julenissen, 02/01/13

Bought this as a gift to my girlfriend who was very pleased. Have not tried it myself but he's more willing now to teach me that. Everything arrived perfectly and was fine wrapped.

Christmas present

written by leveltre, 02/01/13

Ordered this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend when we were starting to play chess and I thought it would be a cool thing. The delivery went very quickly and when I got home so I packed up to ch... Read more

Super fun!

written by Mads, 16/01/13

To give 250 kr. For 32 shots and chess-glass + delivery is a super deal! It's definitely worth it if you're looking for a good experience before taking the city.

Good buy

written by jugi, 18/01/13

Easy and fast way to buy. The product is Coolstuff hyvälaatuinen.valikoima is a comprehensive birthday party, Why just the cat's christening.

Fun, but!

written by Køber, Denmark 18/09/13

"Drinking Chess" is effective, it is undoubtedly in a good mood after just one game. But I met a couple of problems with the product, some undoubtedly well could have been avoided. First the... Read more

Fast, safe and cheap!

written by Ellen, Norway 30/09/13

Is very pleased with the product, it did not cost too much, the delivery was very quick and the product was of good quality. Bravo!

Funny thing to have

written by hegedm, Norway 26/12/13

There is a half liters on each side, so think about the alcohol content of what is served. Do not use dark beverage on the black pieces, it was almost impossible to see what the black pieces was with ... Read more

drink in Chess

written by Qtset, Finland 30/12/13

Real fun gift for a friend though! I ordered a Christmas gift to a friend. Although shakille would often use can put even a garnish. Well packed. Plus I give the product description and more pictures.... Read more


written by Ole, Norway 04/02/14

Pros: - Many glass at a great price - Nice board - Well wrapped Cons: - The glasses must be washed by hand, since the various chess figures not machine washable. But very time consuming, it is not, th... Read more


written by Barbie, Sweden 17/02/14

Cool gadget, but can not really use, much waste! But always goes to pour up after the play has gone out :)

Drinkschak review (Y)

written by Helena Olsson , Sweden 19/10/14

I am very pleased with the order and the coolstuff's page itself. Would give it as a gift, and really had no idea what the first one would give it away, but with personality investigation did the ... Read more

Super birthday gift

written by Lisa, Germany 04/11/14

For a buddy bought Birthday, arrived super good! even if he can not play chess;) I would recommend it again and again and also give myself again!

Good goods

written by Blomaul, Germany 31/12/15

Very good idea and good goods. If you times not think of anything then all events on this page go.

Two-sided printing & real glass!

written by vickycitah, Germany 15/02/16

The important thing was that the glasses are printed on both sides, so that both players know at any time about which figures are, even if they are filled. This version I can find only on Read more

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