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KitchPro Chocolate Fountain

Taste the words: Chocolate fountain. Mmmmm.... Even Willy Wonka would be jealous. It warms your chocolate and lets it run over the things you want to coat in chocolate.

KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Small EU Plug
Small EU Plug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Large EU Plug
Large EU Plug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Small UK Plug
Small UK Plug
45 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Large UK Plug
Large UK Plug
44 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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246 reviews

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What is this?

written by Susanne L, 14/06/09

Great Fountain of what Addictive Excess chocolate can be used to advantage in a game of brownies afterwards.

written by Lone, 22/06/09

I think the instructions could be better, fuller around the difference between chocolate types, quantities and especially texture. I could only occasionally get the chocolate to flow smoothly all the ... Read more

written by Tina Hammershøi, 22/06/09

Super good stuff just works as it should with this the best recommendations :-)

written by Robin, 01/07/09

Works really well if you pour down some milk while the chocolate runs.

Chocolate fountains

written by Illvif, 15/07/09

Good thing, a little difficult to get a good consistency of the chocolate as it floats on which the little films they saw. However, it is easy once you have found a good chocolate and get the extra oi... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by Eva Zelander, 14/08/09

Works fine. However, would have liked recipe for Chocolate with the manual. The ones I have downloaded from Google have contained extra cream and they were for Chocolate Fondue. I have doubts whether ... Read more


written by , 21/08/09

Works perfectly, funny as hell that the way forward for fondue or sweets table at a wedding or just as dessert at the dinner anytime. Not difficult to clean since taking it apart. Sture Ängermark Wasa... Read more

written by Anna Rasmussen, 19/11/09

I ordered a chocolate fountain. Very fast delivery - it was lovely. The fountain was to be used as a gift, and immediately came into use. All our guests had the pleasure to try Fountain. It was a fun,... Read more

Increased the lead!

written by Marre, 20/11/09

I totally lyrical about this machine, and recommend it heartily. I ordered it for my mom's 65-year celebration. It was really lift your spirits and it was awesome visitors' reactions and comme... Read more

Danish Sheets

written by Gitte, 24/11/09

It comes not a Danish manual where do I get one?

chocolate fountain

written by Per, 30/11/09

Chocolate fountain did not work the engine is not strong enough, slightly acidic to stand with 35 people and a machine that does not work, but all may well be made in a pan, so the money I assess whic... Read more

tasteful fountain

written by , 07/12/09

I am very pleased with chocolate fountain, when I saw it over the cool stuff I thought it was great in 30 cm high, fda I saw it was significantly large, I was overaket but happy :) delivery on the goo... Read more

written by Gitte, 09/12/09

Very nice machine, heater, however, too little so the chocolate hardens, we mixed a little milk in it went again.

Works as intended ...

written by Sara Bøttcher, 10/12/09

If it does not work because it is to be added to vegetable oil to the hot chocolate until the consistency is right. This is in manual. Cream is also something which has traditionally been used as a di... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by lee, 29/12/09

Hey! The idea of ​​a choklasfontän is really super fun but would be good if it says how great it is. Thought it was less, about 30% less. There I was on Coolstuff was to my liking. Easy to order, easy... Read more

written by Bosse o Pernilla, 04/01/10

A clear favorite on New Year's party !!! Only problem is to get the right consistency of the chocolate, but when it's done so it is an unbeatable partyhöjare !!


written by Olle, 04/01/10

Over expectations! A Christmas present for his girlfriend who was very pleased with it! Used the first evening, as soon as it arrived, melted down a total of 600g chocolate dipped fruits like kiwi, pi... Read more

A really cool gift choice!

written by Wee-man, 12/01/10

This product is definitely one of my favorites from One tip is to read the instructions on how chocolate should be done carefully!

kitchen Things

written by Per Langelund, 25/01/10

No probelmer, chocolate fountain works perfectly and live up to what we expected!

"Chocolate fountain"

written by Stefan, 24/02/10

Delivery and cruel order went smoothly. Not that Hellstigen worries. Chocolate Fountain works without problems. It can be a bit difficult in the beginning was to get the right consistency of the choco... Read more

written by Søren, 08/04/10

Had liked to have had a more powerful engine, otherwise fine

Chocolate fountain!

written by Lena, 24/04/10

Wow! What it was appreciated when I had a girl dinner. A big topic of conversation around the table. One of the most pleasant nights we've had in a long time because of a chocolate fountain. Thank... Read more

written by Helle, 10/05/10

A funny detail for a confirmation, we drove two fountains, one white and one dark. the dark we were diluted too much, so it was not running perfectly. The White drove impeccably.

chocolate fountain

written by Mette, 05/08/10

It works perfectly and looks like the picture. However, only when we got a new one rather than the first, which was in pieces. And it's super service.

Chocolate fountains

written by Josefin, 16/08/10

It works as it should, but you need at least 7 chocolate bars .. gets the throw a lot afterwards =) but it were really good!

Chocolate fountain!

written by Lellan, 23/08/10

I bought a chocolate fountain for my friend's wedding September 4th. We tested it yesterday on my birthday and we were more than satisfied, very incredible how chocolate can fit!

Wow it was a hit .....!

written by Wittendorff, 27/08/10

It is seriously one of the best purchases I have long done ... the 30 guests we had were completely WILD with it and hold the k *** where it is really a beautiful dessert. It runs SUPER-beautiful if w... Read more

Fell on good soil

written by Ann, 06/09/10

We were getting married and seemed as chocolate fountains was an awfully good idea ... We had bought 2 and it worked really well, however, went one cold when we made the replenishment after the first ... Read more


written by Majje12, 07/10/10

Incredibly appreciated both the girl hit and dessert at birthdays.

More robust than I thought

written by JFK, 09/10/10

For the price it was definitely a fun and stylish gadget.

chocolate Fountain

written by Carina, 20/10/10

Absolutely top with chocolate fountain, was great success, strawberries and champagne as an accessory was icing on i`en :-) Could be a little bit quieter, but was quickly drowned and forgotten, tasted... Read more

Chocolate Fountain!

written by Evy, 20/10/10

Chocolate Fountain worked great! I got it quickly and there were no problems! : D

Much pleasure

written by Stefan Persson, 21/10/10

A nice and mood-enhancing product.


written by M, 26/10/10

This works wonderfully well !!! :) Had it at a party the other day, and it became a huge hit for both large and small. Some minus for some noise ...

Fun and games

written by brilleleif, 11/11/10

The chocolate fountain is easy to assemble. Should probably just washed before use. It may be advantageous to have a bottle brush by the hand. The pump works with an auger that transports the liquid c... Read more

Better than expected ...

written by Robin, 11/11/10

The reactions from friends and family when I took up this incredibly fun thing in the dinner party was surprisingly positive. The kids were the ones who really had the most fun with it, they doped eve... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Kirstine, 14/11/10

I'm very happy with my purchase. The delivery was very quick and the product certainly lived up to expectations!


written by Adrian, 19/11/10

A decent chocolate fountain at the price. Noisy little .. Take regular milk chocolate and mix with delfiafett, so it works really found!

written by Xiao Nielsen, 23/11/10

as a gift, it's great

written by Alexander, 24/11/10

Stopped working after 30 minutes.

Andmeldelse the Chocolate Fountain!

written by Karina Olsen, 25/11/10

Must say it was above my expectations good, simple to use, and had an otherwise nice design. Besides, the chocolate fountain is used for so many things, in addition to its simplicity and pick apart an... Read more

Chocolate Euphoria

written by Emelie, 26/11/10

Really liked the size of the small fountain, just in time for a parmiddag or pre-party. Needed, however, lots of chocolate for it to get a nice flow. 400 grams is enough minimum. Cleaned conveniently ... Read more

Chocolate fountain small

written by Isabell, 26/11/10

I think that this fountain was in good size, just right for 4-5 people :) really nice color! looks like the pictures! but .. it sounds some, unfortunately, not so little either .. but perfect to have ... Read more

The chocolate fountain!

written by SK, 29/11/10

I ordered the chocolate fountain, and I just love it! Like everyone else in my family. Order it. :-) You will not be disappointed, I promise! This is something for all ages. :-)

Chocolate Fountain - small

written by Ina Maria, 06/12/10

It's great to see a chocolate fountain at a price you can actually grasp! It weighs almost nothing and is extremely easy to assemble and handle. However, it is said that it takes a long time for F... Read more


written by merethe, 06/12/10

Very satisfied! A delightful product for sjoklade lovers!

chocolate Fountain

written by Anne, 13/12/10

Chocolate fountain is absolutely super! Noisy little and a little muddy to wash, but it does not matter. Perfect for a small company and a fun dessert for large and small. 2 large chocolate bars are f... Read more

Chocolate Delight!

written by Annbjørg, 13/12/10

Delivery is quick and I got exactly what I asked for :) Sjokoladefontena works perfectly, and a favorite for dad covering maripankulene their chocolate for Christmas! Very satisfied customer: D


written by G.R, 14/12/10

This is incredibly fun, and perfect for those who love chocolate and have always wanted a form of a fountain in the house.

chocolate Fountain

written by Coolman, 16/12/10

Worked very well once we got momentum on chocolate. Began to melt in the micro but first attempt went badly when chocolate was burning up. Next attempt we fit very on and got melted chocolate. Then we... Read more

Good but messy

written by, 20/12/10

The chocolate fountain is a fun thing for both large and small. Little appears that it does not manage to melt the chocolate itself (this is done in the microwave / plate). Keeps hot chocolate indefin... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by Frida, 20/12/10

I bought chocolate fountain from its website. I first tried with regular milk chocolate, but it did not work so well, but now I have a chocolate with more cocoa in. It worked brillian... Read more

written by christine, 20/12/10

Good and fast trade

Not very good

written by Susanne, 22/12/10

Incredibly bad to keep the chocolate warm. Is actually useless.


written by , 25/12/10

very easy to use, easy to clean .... and just super although with liquid chocolate !!!!

chocolate Fountain

written by Leni, 25/12/10

Sjokoladefontena was really cool !! used the birthday party my and all the guests enjoyed it! not hard and use at all. I highly recommend this !! It is cheap and good! Compared to other places costing... Read more

Chocolate fountain (large)

written by Rimol, 26/12/10

I bought a huge chocolate fountain for my mom for Christmas. The fountain was great, friendly and fight fair. The downside is that you have to pre-melt the chocolate, but I guess you have it on all ch... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Al-S, 27/12/10

Perfect as a gift, then it is very unique. Very smooth with the mail, came after two days so that they promised. A little less than the size shown by the ad, however, it is the only negative.

Chocolate fountain.

written by BOA, 27/12/10

Dear Cool Stuff. I have not even had the pleasure to try "chocolate fountain" when it was commissioned and given as a gift. But I have only heard positive and happy expressions on the gift, ... Read more

super !!!

written by Bertram Møbius, 28/12/10

I purchased a chocolate fountain, super fast delivery, good and cheap product! All in all it has been a good experience shopping with you, with the other 2 products that I bought with fountain!

chocolate fountain

written by , 28/12/10

We bought chocolate fountain for Christmas Eve as an extra fun thing and it was highly appreciated by alla.Vi dipped in various fruits, fresh fruits, but also koncerverade fruits canned pears and such... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by ronnie gyrished, 29/12/10

Bought a chocolate fountain as a Christmas gift to her partner. But you have to use a lot of chocolate to make it work. Then it was delicious to dip marshmallows in it.


written by Litago75, 30/12/10

Worked perfectly, but a little difficult to clean.

Christmas present for girlfriend

written by David, 30/12/10

Bought the little chocolate fountain for my girlfriend as she is crazy to eat things dipped in melted chocolate. The gift was very appreciated. However, it was very difficult to get a good chocolate, ... Read more

small fountain

written by frank, 30/12/10

I had problems at the first test run. The engine was extremely slow and had no torque, stayed almost in spite of warm and light liquid chocolate. Thought complain about it, but as tests I ran after cl... Read more

a festive treat

written by sussi, 02/01/11

Bought a chocolate fountain for my 19 year old daughter for Christmas, it was much appreciated. We tried the course and it was a pleasant and delightful feature of the familiar Christmas traditions. T... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Pontus Berg, 03/01/11

I bought a chocolate fountain (small model) as a gift to the hosts where we celebrated the New Year. It was warmly appreciated, and together with chocolate suited for the task as we had a given desser... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Agneta , 03/01/11

Met all expectations! A huge good response on contact when live. went wrong. Have never seen a better attitude !! :-))


written by Kim J, 03/01/11

It works perfectly when you find just the right amount of chocolate to but it is a bit noisy :)

Chocolate fountains

written by Astrid, 04/01/11

Chocolate Fountain a Christmas present for my son who loves sweets and chocolate in particular. He was overjoyed and invited his friends on New Year's Eve, among others fruit dipped in chocolate. ... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by MIG, 04/01/11

Little chocolate fountain works well, easy to clean, but sounds pretty much. Incredibly popular with everyone and plenty will be. Best suited to mingle parties because of the noise level.

A (cho) Merry Christmas!

written by Sectoidzor, 04/01/11

I received the goods I bought just in time for Christmas, including the chocolate fountain. It was my girlfriend who is not pestered about anything else since she got them. The chocolate fountain was ... Read more

Great gift for a family with children

written by mara, 05/01/11

Giving it to the family with many children, thinking that the whole family would enjoy this completely unnecessary but delicious product, it said that it would be high-quality chocolate, but 72% each ... Read more

perfect gift

written by Åse, 05/01/11

The chocolate fountain is really a perfect gift or Christmas gift for the person who has everything! A fun and festive thing as embellish everyday life or become the party absolute highlight!

Small Chocolate Fountain

written by Chokladälskare, 07/01/11

Ordered this as the larger model was sold out. La ordering only a few days before Christmas and doubted that get it before Christmas, but I did! :) Fast delivery!! Bought the "good" milk cho... Read more

Did not work well

written by Jessica, 21/01/11

The chocolate fountain is certainly a hit if you would know what kind of chocolate that works to use it. For us, it was a flat case.

chocolate fountain

written by , 10/03/11

We tried the chocolate fountain and was very excited about it. However, we think that the reported infor about how much oil you have to get the chocolate was wrong as it was necessary to dilute it mor... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by Christina, 10/03/11

Chocolate fountain was amazing. Got your mouth water just looking at the delicious chocolate running down the fountain. Yum! Everything was positive except for one small thing; the noisy little bit, b... Read more

written by Ingela, 11/03/11

My God what grej.det va so damn good, mixed fruit and sweets, also mixed chocolate, so damn good it was, all right nöjda.säger just to all. BUY IT: D

written by , 22/03/11

Missing instructions in Swedish, otherwise it was a well-functioning product that was much appreciated. We used 5 pc 200g chocolate bars, mixed out of these by about 1 ½ cup of cooking oil and warmed ... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by niklas, 05/04/11

wish it had been a note on the Swedish regarding the oil and what things you can invest into this fountain. really nice prized thing to give as gift

written by , 06/04/11

Bought this chocolate fountain in connection with a wedding, and the couple were very happy for it. However, they have not tried it yet, but it will definitely be at the apartment. But in general I am... Read more

Chocolate Bliss!

written by sissel, 16/04/11

Bought a chocolate fountain to 450 million and took it with the company a cabin. Made lots of sliced ​​fruit; Orange, pineapple, kiwi, mango, strawberry, banana and of course I had maesmellows. It was... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Petra, 26/04/11

A wonderful invention good, very easy to use and to clean. The best part is that it will be delicious with fruits.


written by Flickvännen, 28/04/11

Bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday and it was truly a success! We inaugurated the day after and it met all the requirements and expectations I had. Used the regular marabou chocolate and the ... Read more

written by -e-, 14/05/11

Some signs of "plastic fantastic", but decent enough for smaller teams. Creates enthusiasm and excitement among the younger company

chocolate fountain

written by Tina, 18/05/11

Now I have not even been tested Fountain yet, but it has my friend at her daughter's confirmation. The feedback I got was that it was like flypaper. They have bought 50 trays strawberries, and the... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Tias, 19/05/11

Nothing that exceeded my expectations. But I'm very happy with the product. Works great and is relatively easy to clean. But the delivery time get extra +. Giant Fast delivery!


written by Farah, 19/05/11

Hey! I am so happy with my chockladfontän. Had really big party two weeks ago and the guests ba wow. It was a success. Have used it three times then when I got it. First, I ordered the small and it lo... Read more

Super-delicious chocolate fountain.

written by Janni, 19/05/11

I bought recently the huge chocolate fountain, and I am very satisfied! It is cozy and useful in many situations. When using the mess it a little, but it's not something that makes something. It i... Read more

chocolate Fest

written by Ane, 22/05/11

Super good product. Should you throw a party, is this chocolate fountain just brilliant. It creates just wild jubilation among all chocolate lovers. It can be a little hard to figure out the right amo... Read more

great success

written by Ole, 23/05/11

The fountain was a surprising success for my daughter's confirmation party.

chocolate fountain

written by RH, 23/05/11

Needed a fun wedding and stumbled upon this chocolate fountain at your website. It fell on good soil, they were super excited for it.

Top class

written by , 29/05/11

It just need the character top class, and so for the price !!!!! Can not believe we ever do without it :) It helped to make our wedding to noger special. ;)

chocolate fountain

written by ANM, 29/05/11

I'm happy with my new little chokoladefortæne (23 cm). It fits well for 4-6 people around a table. It is nice to use it to serve a dessert - consisting of small pieces of fruit, marzipan, small pa... Read more

Super fast coating of cream puffs

written by Alice Raunsbæk, 29/05/11

I ordered this in the hope of not having to brushing my cream puffs (which takes a relatively long time) and I have found out that it works excellently. It runs fine with 70% chocolate (without oil), ... Read more

completely okay

written by Rose-Møller, 29/05/11

Thanks a lot for the help. The chocolate was to enrich and sweeten our communions and brought much joy. We hope to enjoy it often and much. With chocolate happy greetings


written by chokladmonstret, 03/06/11

A really lovely additions to a party with a chocolate fountain where you could dip lot of goodies. keep in mind that the big is very big and it takes a lot of chocolate to fill it up

chocolate fountain

written by , 06/06/11

right size, lättplacerad.Fungerar great.

chocolate Fountain

written by Trude, 17/06/11

This is the most popular purchase I made. I bought this for graduation so that we should have something a little fun at the fruit table. The kids loved it and the adults were like kids again. Absoulut... Read more

written by Henning, 17/06/11

The chocolate does not run quite as tight as in the picture, but almost. It works perfectly well above all expectations, definitely worth buying.

It was a hit!

written by ao1981, 23/06/11

I had ordered the chocolate fountain for a summer reception, and we used both strawberries, marshmallows and other fruits to it. There was not much else to the reception, but it was the big draw! With... Read more


written by ps, 27/06/11

Hello Cool Stuff Fountain is first applied to the student party, the machine works 100% as expected. Recommendable. MVH PS


written by Hanne B., 28/06/11

A great success. Easy to use and just as easy to clean as described. Highly recommended. At our party drove it for 4 hours in a row without problems (standing outdoors on a picnic table in the sun), r... Read more

Sweets are good

written by Hans, 01/07/11

I tried the large chocolate fountain. It worked brilliantly. It was very good with chocolate dipped apricots, strawberries and bananas. It became much chocolate left in the unit after the completion o... Read more


written by lonni, 04/07/11

Easy to use and great success for student bill. A bit pricey in chocolate and not the easiest to clean, but it was all worth it :-)

fantastic fun

written by Tracey, 05/07/11

We had a great celebration, both children and adult seems chocolate fountain was sjøvt. easy to use, fast delivery 5 star from us.


written by milla, 05/07/11

Chocolate fountain is something everyone wants. Us. We tested it out first with a mixture of three sorts of caramel sauce and oil, worked bangs. Tried later with chocolate and it worked extremely also... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by caro, 11/07/11

Bought the fountain to the sister who turned 22, she was delighted. Would have like to have one. Thinking of a great but took a little, and the little one is just right. They needed about 1½-2 chocola... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by Rahiima, 19/07/11

I've always wanted a chocolate fountain, but this chocolate fountain of cool stuff was not like I expected and imagined. It goes a little too slow, you have to have patience. I hoped that it was a... Read more

Bright spirit with this!

written by mads, 01/08/11

A definite being noticed. I have used strawberry and melon with great success. Grill sticks to piercing impact of fruit can be bought in all well-stocked grocery stores. In the instructions it says th... Read more

written by S, 04/08/11

We are very pleased with the fountains we bought for our wedding. We had a little grape seed oil in chocolate and it worked very well. Only con is that they are so easy to clean. Was not that fun to s... Read more

written by Poul Erik, 23/08/11

super easy trade and fast delivery. there had been a Danish instructions I had given 5. Trade safely here. Regards Poul Erik

Yummy at the wedding

written by Annelie, 21/09/11

Became very popular on the wedding! It formed a long queue!

Easy to use and clean

written by Dan, 01/10/11

A fine thing for those who thought they had all electrical appliances for the kitchen. When you start, it is convenient to remember that a cup is 2.4 dl!

chocolate Fountain

written by , 04/10/11

Chocolate fountain lasted ein great success at a party! Not many people have seen this previously, so it lasted ein happening! This is still ein "widgets" that are unlikely to be used widely... Read more

A hate gift ???

written by Regitze, 11/10/11

So on television that it was named a hateful gift, how it ??? Was agree with myself that perhaps it was a hate gift for a lonely man without friends, you start it's not just up a person when it ta... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by trine, 03/11/11

This was a hit in this huset.barna loved it and so did mom too :-) made some noise, but it did not destroy cosiness for us ... I used milk chocolate + little delfiafett.namnam :-)

written by N, 14/11/11

We had to pour the cooking oil to the chocolate would flow. Stood in manu allen, not healthy but eating it 2-3 nerdränkta strawberries so.

Chocolate Fountain

written by Dorte Viborg, 21/11/11

We have used chocolate fountain for children and adults birthday. It brought wide grin to both large and small! Easy to use and easy to clean :-)

chocolate Fontaine

written by Line, 25/11/11

Great invention, all love the chocolate .... A huge hit at the party :)

Super fantastic

written by Svend - Erik Jensen, 28/11/11

just got it home today on 28 / 11-11 and have tried it with the wife and it was just super can only anbefæle the other and with respect to the oil to be in the chocolate then came about 2 dl. rapeseed... Read more

written by Kristine , 04/12/11

Sjokoladefonten works well and is easy to deal with. Bearing little noise, but not so that it becomes very troublesome. Perfect for girl evenings, birthdays, confirmations, etc .. It is highly recomme... Read more

Very good:):):))::)

written by Edyta, 09/12/11

Ver foroyd from Chocolate fountain :)) :) :) :)

Fast delivery

written by Hanne, 13/12/11

I ordered chokoladefontainen Sunday and arrived at the post office Tuesday - I think that's really fast. The freight for such a big thing was cheap

Great quick to delivery

written by Susanne, 20/12/11

I had to throw a party Saturday. and found impulsively on that I wanted a chocolate fountain Wednesday evening late Thursday .... I called cool stuff Denmark and spoke with a very sweet girl - who pro... Read more

Great Christmas gift!

written by Anna, 26/12/11

I gave the little chocolate fountain for my eight year old brother for Christmas this year. He was very happy and nagged all day if we could turn it on and we did. The fountain works well, but you mus... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Malou Nielsen , 26/12/11

Always quick delivery and easy to patronize cool stuff

Full marks from me!

written by Paulina, 27/12/11

We inaugurated our new chocolate fountain (the smaller) yesterday and what everyday! Read the instructions and then set. Everything worked without problems except that it was a bit difficult to find a... Read more


written by , 30/12/11

The machine is weak and has difficulty getting up all the chocolate. Will not run better with cooking oil. Refrain from buying. Really lousy and sticky machine. With regards Philip :( disappointed.

written by Charlotte, 03/01/12

Chocolate Fountain lived unfortunately not up to my expectations. Although chocolate was dark, 70% and melted and warm when we hælte it in Fountain, could barely run, sometimes it stopped completely a... Read more

Super-duper product

written by Karen, 04/01/12

I must admit that I was not thrilled when my 12-year-old would order another silly thing, but I was pleasantly surprised; I and the kids made the most delicious confections for 4-5 hours because of th... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by Monica, 05/01/12

Having only just used it once but it was a success! I am most impressed with is the rapid delivery even if there were a very few days before Christmas :)

chocolate Fountains

written by Fam. i Andeby, 05/01/12

Bought 2 fountains, intended for a confirmation party in the spring of 2012, and chose to test them with New Year's Eve. Great success !. By now, it is appropriate with approx 1 cup oil 1 kg choco... Read more

super - back again

written by Søren Pedersen, 06/01/12

Once again a good buy at Cool Stuff. Delivery is accurate and goods are in the described condition. So I continue to act on Cool Stuff in the future


written by kristin solberg, 09/01/12

Has written a blog post about the fountain here: have with a lot of pictures etc. You recommend and buy!

Awesome fun

written by Jonas, 12/01/12

Bought it as a gift and the right very appreciated. chocolate high cocoa content, but it will be best to

Super cozy

written by Heidi Grønning, 07/02/12

I had read anmeldser in advance and was told that this would be a little noisy, I chuckled when I got it for the whining actually a bit, but when we were ready for dessert and put this in the middle o... Read more

written by , 19/02/12

The product approval was not at all. It did not work as it should, resulting in a big disappointment as I had intended to use it to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Fountain stuck all the time a... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Linnea, 28/02/12

The only negative is that it sounds a buzzing sound. Otherwise, I see how happy any time! Great fountain and a tablespoon of oil in the chocolate so it runs perfectly!

My opinion about Chocolate Fountain

written by Beate, 01/03/12

When we got home our awaited chocolate fountain. Very pleasantly surprised we were ang. Delivery time. Thumbs up!! :-) We ordered this fountain to have our wedding, so had to test it first. Unfortunat... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by sskonse, 12/03/12

Provides grade 5 for this item, although I have not tried it. Bought it to give it away as a birthday gift for a friend. But giving 5 stars because of the great service from coolstuff and because the ... Read more

Chocolate Fountain Happiness

written by LineD, 19/03/12

We are super happy with the fountain and have used it 2 times already! The only minus must be that it could have been a little more specific recipe, but we managed fine using Google and information ma... Read more

rough and noisy

written by a, 27/03/12

The chocolate came out on one side of the fountain just as we had to sit on the same side, although I had a little soy oil in the oil, and the racket a great deal.

Super duper nice

written by Christina, 10/04/12

40 guests, many of them children, about love chocolate fountain, it was a fun and delicious touch. Easy to make and works immediately. Promt envoy and on the whole perfectly. Thank you very much!


written by Agnes, 14/06/12

It became a real hit to give away chocolate fountain birthday. I did not hit it. However, I put it on the table at the birthday couple, cut up fruits and poured in melted chocolate. It was a really su... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by mamma, 15/06/12

Easy to use. Can fit approximately 300 grams of chocolate. The yelling more than I thought when it was announced that it was quiet.

chocolate Fountain

written by Sjokoladefontene, 25/06/12

I'm very satisfied with the chocolate fountain. It came very quickly, payment was easy and is communication was super. 100% recommended!

Small chocolate fountain

written by Zuzzi, 26/06/12

Easy to understand, easy to disassemble o wash. Lovely surprise for the guests, and delicious! Everything therefore top.

chocolate fountain

written by Mor til student, 27/06/12

Both children and adults were wild and were eating a lot of strawberries with chocolate. So everyone got tried to drip chocolate on jordbærene.

The guests were ecstatic :-)

written by Mia, 30/06/12

We tried this fine chocolate fountain yesterday, and I must say that I am surprised. It seemed perfect and our guests were ecstatic. Cleaning was no problem. Highly recommend it. It is a HIT

chocolate Fountain

written by Julia, 14/07/12

Fun for the whole family, fountain was as expected. Remember, that you need quite a lot of chocolate. It's best to use was strawberries; o)

chocolate fountain

written by tove, 17/07/12

it is a fine machine. but it does not fully effective it would be really good if there was a recipe so you could get the right consistency of the chocolate either white or dark, or else it can Buges t... Read more

Cool gizmo!

written by Krissa, 31/07/12

Chocolate fountain is a "must have" product if you like chocolate. Cool both to party for adults and a successful children's party!


written by nw, 31/07/12

A little less of what I expected but a really good product thrilled! .................................... .....................

Chocolate fountain small

written by Marimba, 20/08/12

Great success at the first attempt, then we used Lindt dark chocolate with a little oil in. No problem. The second time we tested regular chocolate for baking and it was a disaster, thick and clumsy.

Chocolate Fountain

written by Charlotte D., 20/08/12

Super service. Super fountain. Everyone was just loved it, and wanted to know where it was purchased. Highly recommended

Webbing great joy

written by bjar01m, 27/08/12

There was great joy when the "machine" came the dessert table. The day there and it should be cleaned, however, it was not so exciting. Thinking that you have to take it apart, while the cho... Read more

Super surprise for your party

written by Tanja, 27/08/12

I surprised my guests at my party via two fountains. It became a huge success and is only recommended

great product

written by Yvonne Seibt, 12/09/12

We had to use chocolate fountain for our dessert table for our wedding. It worked perfectly to dip the fresh fruit into the hurrying chocolate. And all guests vændvej impressed by the sight of chocola... Read more

Small chocolate fountain

written by Chokladmumsarna, 13/09/12

Easy to use, melted 200 grams (400gr when we were many) Marabou chocolate and had about 1 teaspoon cooking oil (it does not say that you should have it to this, but have used it before), it says in th... Read more

Chocolate Fountain - one støjrig pleasure.

written by Jacob W, 14/09/12

The chocolate fountain works in that a drill in the center of the fountain comes, whereby the chocolate is coming up to the top and flows down over the two plateaus. Fountain therefore acts as a start... Read more

Original wedding

written by Bernhard, 19/09/12

I highly recommend dettte product, especially if the man wants something a little out of the ordinary. As a wedding gift, it is super. Bernhard

chocolate fountain

written by linma, 21/09/12

Is quite satisfied with the product, but was slightly misinformed by SPC. It said that chocolate could be melted in a fountain. Something I looked for when I booked the fountain, but when I got it wor... Read more

Chocolate fountains

written by Kickan, 25/09/12

This was to the full satisfaction and just as nice in real life as on the picture. Had wanted to have clear instructions and some advice. Have a coworker who bought this earlier and then got very good... Read more

Good and festive

written by ei, 02/10/12

Gave away to her partner as a gift, and it was appreciated by the whole family. Next time I'll take probably a little more oil so it flows a little easier. Encourages it really. Bought the little ... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by Clement, 08/10/12

Have now tested chocolate fountain 2 times and it works optimally. Different way to make dessert and guests opens her eyes, ti hi.

Chocolate fountains

written by Martina, 09/10/12

Bought this for my boyfriend when we celebrated three years together. Marabou just melted dark chocolate in the microwave with a little cream and then poured it into the fountain. Think that is great!... Read more

Cheerfully chocolate circus

written by TAG7373, 11/10/12

It is enjoyable and quirky playing with chocolate this way! Recommendation: Waxed or the like. on the table during - it drips with security a bit. After class birthday with this cousin to the rest of ... Read more

Gotti good good good!

written by camilla , 22/10/12

Works great and quite easy to clean. Melting o mix in a little oil, pour io dipping on. using about 400 g to obtain an even flow. But was perhaps 100g left. we were 5 to try. nägativa only thing was t... Read more

festive fountain!

written by Gabbie, 24/10/12

Real fun and festive! Bought the large chocolate fountain. Intend to use it to our upcoming Halloween party. Tested to melt white chocolate with a little milk and finished with red food coloring to ge... Read more

funny thing

written by oX, 03/11/12

Chocolate fountain is a very good product! It has two drawbacks then, you need an enormous amount of chocolate to get it to go as well and then the wastage enormously. and that it is very inconvenient... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by alc, 08/11/12

Super fast delivery! Leave your order at noon and the day after I received the sms from the Post to retrieve the package. The fountain was a HUGE hit the birthday party for children and voksne.Kjøpte ... Read more


written by Anette, 14/11/12

We were very pleased with the chocolate fountain, sometimes you have to let it rest for a minute it comes in the air but we are completely satisfied, even we who are not so fond of candy and sweet was... Read more

Works easy and there are plenty!

written by AT&T , 17/11/12

Easy to assemble. Heat just chocolate - which one - and dip the biscuits, fruit, marzipan - yes, it is available at home.


written by linn, 29/11/12

Looking exclusively out, stylish and nice gift for the globetrotter or whoever wants to be there?

Great success

written by Anita, 06/12/12

Works very well, positively of surprise that it did not whining more. Was a huge success in children's birthday! :-)

chocolate fountain

written by Anna, 20/12/12

Fountain worked super well. I had white chocolate and it looked great good. It takes some time before it flows perfectly OK. If you think it still does not slide nice enough, you have to add a little ... Read more

Brisk service!

written by Inder`n, 25/12/12

Fikk Product veldig short time setter at jeg bestilte it, DC jeg was break! Takk for good service :)

Better than expected

written by Lena, 27/12/12

I bought this as a Christmas present for my son ... as a funny thing :) Had expected something "junk" that does not work :) But this is something I recommend everyone to buy !!!! You do not ... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by stingray3, 31/12/12

The Schokobrunnnen is a real highlight, it is processed Neat and looks at a party super aus.Leider missing the manual.

works cannon

written by AG, 31/12/12

Remember to melt the chocolate really first. When the fountain works super. Cheap and good product ....

Fast lev

written by Daniel, 03/01/13

Quick delivery and good info on how long my order arrived. Really pleased and definitely order from here again.


written by Pyret, 04/01/13

Very nice and fun way to spruce up the Friday cosiness on. Appreciated by everyone in the family. Simple to both use and clean.

Chocolate fountain but also cheese

written by Mattias, 10/01/13

Tested using cheese and it was okay in the beginning. Probably had a little too grainy cheese and fountain did not have enough heat to clear a long time but anyway 10-15 which was enough for us.


written by Jakob, 14/01/13

the goods ordered Thursday between Christmas and New Year, and delivered the following day. fast and efficiently. Superior product also


written by sjoko, 05/02/13

I gave this fountain for birthday. They used it and come with good anberfalinger that it seemed absolutely perfect and they could not get enough of it.