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Clothes Folding Board

Fold your shirts and tops simply and quickly with the Clothes Folding Board. With the clothes folder, all it takes is one fold to the right, one to the left and one from below - that's all there is to it!


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What is this?

Sheldon, ask my husband!

written by Mariamosh, 10/10/11

After seeing Sheldon use this Big Bang Theory was no turning back. Fold your shirts and socks (!) As Sheldonprincipen for perfectly folded clothes. Genius!!!


written by Kikki, 11/10/11

Yep, cult cubed in the closet, it is now indeed. Really well too. It has never been more fun to fold clothes!


written by Janne, 13/10/11

Did this product in a TV advertising in Spain for about 5 years ago. Have since tried to find "klädvikaren", but without result. Then Coolstuff had it so I bought immediately. It is absolute... Read more

High Geek Factor

written by Anna, 13/10/11

I bought this for my boyfriend because he folds his shirt roughly 500 times before he gets them he wants them otherwise. He was delighted and folds Now all of this (except type sheets ..) and it will ... Read more

Absolutely superb !!!

written by Hanna, 13/10/11

Have never had so fine straight piles my töjor / shirts, full control of all the shelves, as soon as you open the closet door. Highly recommended !!! Christmas presents are saved. The entire family ca... Read more

Became a hit

written by Jazerine, 17/10/11

Ordered klädvikaren because I thought it seemed ingenious, either it becomes a hit or a fun gift to some friend. The price was quite clear affordable. Have tried a couple of times and I actually think... Read more

Super fast and easy

written by Steeeelen, 18/10/11

"Klädvikaren" was originally a pik / joke gift for my partner. First, sees his part of the closet like a bombshell, and second we have together watching the TV series "The Big Bang Theo... Read more

To Fy f ** n!

written by OiK, 31/10/11

I'm a guy who has not always had it so confidently in the wardrobe - but now that problem away. shirts, t-shirt, sweaters, hoodie mm are now folded the same way every time so that you can utilize ... Read more

Smooth as hell

written by JB, 31/10/11

One of them best stuff I've bought from Coolstuff. Folding the laundry is the most boring thing to do in my opinion. But with klädvikaren is quick and laundry is nicely weight. Much easier to get ... Read more


written by Nørgaard, 25/11/11

Super fun for those who have seen tøjfolderen when the Big Bang Theory. It works as intended and it does it really well. A tøjsælger could not do better;)

Tøjfolder and customer service

written by Andreas, 29/11/11

This is a great gift for the looks Big Bang Theory. They know what it is. Moreover, it is a very funny gift, because it is fun and very user friendly. I bought two, and one was unfortunately broken, o... Read more

The perfect Christmas gift!

written by Pixie, 29/11/11

My partner always has an excuse why he should not be washed, he can not fold clothes. Now there is no excuse anymore!

Fun to unfold :)

written by Mona, 30/11/11

With this simplified board heater (promoted by Sheldon Cooper) goes folding like a breeze. Perfect count edge every time and you can fold the shirts and pants. Recommended.


written by Hege, 01/12/11

This is the only laugh :) Suitable someone who has everything and who need a laugh :-D

,, Laundry - Butler "

written by Christine Kern, 05/12/11

I find this Laundry - Butler very good.

Dry boards

written by Marianne, 07/12/11

Very happy with the product. Now it will be tidy and more space in closets and drawers. Simple and use.

Incredibly handsome invention

written by wilja, 07/12/11

Now go clothes-folding like a game :) Very happy.

Great tool for 11-year-old!

written by , 08/12/11

Now she can fold t-shirts, towels, sweatshirts so we do not need to fold them over. It's nice to fold clothes.


written by Lilly, 10/12/11

Now it's become easier to fold t-shirts, jumpers and sweaters neatly together.

Funny and ingenious

written by Organisatorn, 16/12/11

It makes klesbretting to be fun and something embarking on before anyone has time to complain! :) Not that the folds 1000% perfect so that stripping is a thing of the past, but let me impress upon how... Read more


written by Tor Erik, 19/12/11

This is one of the smartest I have spent money on some anger. Now it looks very good in the wardrobe. Recommended for both bachelors and housewives.


written by pepsiheidi, 19/12/11

Like it ... It is not of top quality, but it is functional personable and nice. Fun to fold clothes with this!

spot julkalapp

written by Andy_S, 20/12/11

Was awarded the (early) Christmas present, was very appreciated! Clothes went off to be tested directly. Have yourself organized T-shirt drawer to new heights of neatness! Had received top marks unles... Read more


written by simon stabben, 26/12/11

works like a dream.

written by Adis, 27/12/11

Tøjfolderen is a good tool if you are not so godtil putting tøjsammen. It helps me till to keep the clothes beautifully folded and we recommend it to all. A real time saver

Tøjfolderen is a hit!

written by VH, 29/12/11

Inspired by Sheldon from Big Bang Theory I found this tøjfolder which is super good to fold t-shirts easily and painlessly. Recommendable!

Thumbs up for klädvikaren

written by Anders, 30/12/11

Where was this when I left home for ~ 20 years ago, quickly easily o fold laundry


written by Poul Kallesø, 02/01/12

Was familiar with its existence via TV2's Go 'weekend where Ulla Therkildsen was interviewed. The product "Tøjfolderen" can be described in a few words. If one is in favor of order i... Read more

Simple and ingenious

written by , 02/01/12

Thought it was a time Bilka bras. But must say that my clothes never made nicer in the closet after I bought this. Are you MAN and bad to put clothes together ... so buy this. Peace of cake to operate... Read more

A good laugh for Big Bang fans. And useful.

written by , 03/01/12

T-shirts, boxer shorts and sweaters are now absurd velfoldede. But the best was the smile on his son's face when he opened the package on Christmas Eve.

written by she-girl, 04/01/12

Bought for my girlfriend for Christmas because he did not bother to fold their clothes themselves. He bothered often not folding their clothes themselves, so thought that simplified board crack could ... Read more


written by B Andersen, 06/01/12

The idea is really good and it works also probably. You just have to be fairly accurate, if not the clothes have to end up being completely wrinkled and therefore it takes just as long to use tøjfolde... Read more

Genial !!

written by Siggypop, 06/01/12

Have seen Sheldon fold t-shirts its in 'The Big Bang Theory' several times and had just fancy a way every time. Finally, it has been okay in my closet! : D


written by Brian, 08/01/12

Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas a little fun, but it turns out that it is actually super easy and mega fast to use. What is really nice about it, it's that you get everything folded in ... Read more

Spot on!

written by Malin, 09/01/12

Bought klädvikaren half jokingly to my girlfriend for Christmas. But it just did not feel cool to use, it goes wonderfully fast too! Folding the 20st ordinary T-shirts does not feel like one long torm... Read more

I love it!

written by Giovanni Palusa, 23/01/12

Klädvikaren is the best thing that happened since housework was invented. It's so boring to fold the laundry, this will be perfectly folded piles. In my ore-dresser from IKEA, it is in exactly thr... Read more


written by Bo, 01/03/12

I travel a lot both professionally and privately. It is always difficult to fit all the clothes without creasing. Many times it has been ironed his clothes carefully but then when you unpack them, the... Read more

Do as Sheldon in BBT

written by Frederik S, 05/03/12

Quite ingenious product for those who want a more orderly closet :) Brett guy is very simply designed, but creating a professional board with counting edge on all t-shirts and shirts. Requires little ... Read more

Not as good as homemade!

written by Per Grunditz, 05/03/12

I have made myself at home in a cardboard box, on the instructions available online. Then thought that this factory-made variant would be the straw sharper, but no! One gets for each garment "cor... Read more


written by Malle, 05/03/12

Absolutely super thing! Finally we get to count edges on clothes ... ;-) Very easy to use - and fun! Even 10-year-old likes to tuck clothes now.


written by KKO, 06/03/12


Super good precent

written by Robotgirl, 06/03/12

Köppte this to my husband in födelsedagsprecent, he thought it was great fun and demonstrated the smooth for all our guests, all the guests wanted to know where I köppt it when it was a top good prece... Read more

Fun to fold

written by Tiny, 07/03/12

I look forward now to fold clothes. Now it's just fun and nice to see Wardrobes so tidy. I've even mine recommended this strong longer be able work with my colleagues.

Overall unnecessary but fight smart :)

written by Grethe, 09/03/12

This was bought on impulse, and boy am I glad it :) This is one thing that really is totally unnecessary (who could not folding sweaters and t-shirts?), But it proved to be very useful so. I went thro... Read more


written by MasterBofSweden, 12/03/12

If you have OCD as I know it's own writing is written CDO o the same thing with the wardrobe, everything should be in order! This is the miracle minimalistverktyget that fixes steak, if you want t... Read more

Works as project designed

written by Aquinas, 12/03/12

All clothes are folded to the same size, quickly and easily. Makes it almost funny to fold clothes.


written by Serahjay, 13/03/12

At the risk of sounding like a bad advertising cash on TVShop I must praise this product. Klädvikaren is very simple to use and for those who can not fold clothes, this is a very good tool. Not only t... Read more


written by MariP, 13/03/12

This is ingenious. Bought this for my girlfriend, and as he says "it's almost fun to fold shirts": p So now he's no longer an excuse not to tuck his shirts.

Sheldon's working on it!

written by Sandra, 14/03/12

After seeing the ringed first ggn in a movie, and a few years later in "The Big Bang Theory" I was soo hungry and have been looking a long time - and this is it! I'm very happy with it, ... Read more


written by Ostis, 18/03/12

Klädvikaren think that was easy to use and clean, it was in the closet but it is a bit too short. but you have to fold up the t-shirt: a if it is of L in size.

Dry boards works

written by Binders, 19/03/12

Heard that this was a good product from a friend. And that was it! Daughter at 8 seem sudden it's fun to fold laundry! And stuff it with this board crack .... Worth the money!

Geeky BUT OO as efficiently

written by Icemann, 19/03/12

Now one would have been in defense again. DA should Sarge seen tellekanter then !!! Aside from just that, so now I have two piles of clothes next to each other and not BEHIND each other as before. Muc... Read more

A must in every home

written by bh, 26/03/12

This is a must in any home, easy to use and fold clothes in no time ... so get yourself a walk-ringed one that does not disappoint.

Klädvikaren 5/5

written by lisa, 27/03/12

Ritigt fun thing, very useful even if it is a bit unnecessary. But I'm really happy !!! Will really nice piles of boxes. Buy it if you do not have it!

Dry boards - from "The Big Bang Theory"

written by Madeleine, 29/03/12

I think this dress folding fans were incredibly cool since I've seen it on "The big bang theory"! When I got it home was the much larger than I had expected, but it did nothing for the v... Read more

Kanon well

written by andreast, 29/03/12

I can only recommend this product to anyone. It goes fast and it does not take anything to be stored. It meets all requirements and it is quite fun to put clothes together !!

independently declining

written by Lotta!!, 02/04/12

An excellent way to independently fold their clothes !! My son has a disability and by using this as he folded himself their T-shirts and was very proud of it!


written by Mjako, 09/04/12

Was a gift for my boyfriend who wanted such clothes ringed the 20-year gift. He spent quite pleased with it and would recommend it to people who do not want to spend time to fold his clothes but still... Read more

incredibly convenient

written by Anfield, 16/04/12

My closet now looks absolutely perfect. Has demonstrated it for several friends and tipped them about the site. Competitor sells an the same board crack for £ 249, -

Do the laundry so much easier!

written by Xan, 18/04/12

Earlier when there was laundry day so I hated the way (my apartment does not have closets with clothes rail), but now it is both easy and it looks great! However, it can be a bit clumsy with larger it... Read more

Poor quality

written by Tobbejw, 11/05/12

Klädvikaren do klädvikningen much more fun, which is a big plus. But the quality is poor when the "hinges" are plastic so it will be worn out quickly and folding plates break and detach. We ... Read more

really practical

written by SB, 12/06/12

It is not rocket science, and possible a bit clumsy - but it works. My shirts and shirts certainly look less wrinkled after the flight. The same can probably get by folding themselves in the manner in... Read more

Sheldon are right :-)

written by husan, 13/06/12

Do not know how I could live without sheet shows excellent helper, neat, fast, easy and gives more room in the office. Recommended to all.


written by Dagaz, 20/06/12

With us it has been a perpetual diskusion on piles of clothes, we did not clothes alike together and piles toppled, looked like a mess and so on. After we initiations resulted in Tøjfolderen that I pe... Read more

Dry boards

written by Mikro, 25/06/12

An amazing invention. So the use of the Big Bang Theory, and just had to have: o) Do you have a bunch of t-shirts is this really the thing. Run and buy!


written by Hempa, 28/06/12

Really easy to get to the fold of the normal and large clothes. With smaller clothing size XS etc. it does not work quite so well. I have not seen many different sizes of klädvikaren.

Quite well

written by Tanja U., 04/07/12

The butler is good in itself, but it was totally stupid on packaged and bent. The plastic had bright spots from bending ...


written by Emil, 12/07/12

Klädvikaren is simply amazing. Easy to use .. If you want to get as fine folded clothes as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, one should definitely buy this product. You can also fold the other clothing ... Read more

Sheldon gizmo

written by Katja, 16/07/12

Saw this on TV when Sheldon Big Bang Theory Folded clothes o it looked so easy. It works great but you need a large area to hold on to. I'm pleased anyway and have never packed so easy or so enjoy... Read more


written by MortenST, 26/07/12

TØjfolderen, a simple, smart, easy and handy thing to have in his home. If, like me miserable to put clothes together, it can do great works! Folder everything together gently so it looks like you are... Read more


written by Frankieboy, 27/07/12

HALLELULJA !! My closet might as well be a store. Fold the clothes after they ironed, so it becomes like snärtigast. Very happy customer !!!

So geeky fun ....

written by DRL, 30/07/12

... Folding laundry that no less than Scheldon in The Big Bang Theory. Works awfully good although kinesvikartrixet of course is much faster. All geeks should have one of these! It does not matter tha... Read more

Klädvikaren - As seen on TV

written by Flarran, 30/07/12

Just as the Sheldon uses the first episode of the second season. Folding of socks, optional. Joking aside, the result is perfect! Folded shirts fit just right in my closet!


written by DrNashvile, 31/07/12

Folding shirts after washing is not me as especially good at. The practical, to throw in the shirts in the closet, I practice. After looking around a bit online about folding shirts, there was a tröjv... Read more


written by Lisa52, 05/08/12

Very användbar.Använder it every time when I'll fold kläder.Mycket satisfied with varan.Har the front, so that it is easily accessible!


written by Hannu30, 13/08/12

Works very good. Fun. Time-efficient. But is it necessary for a person's private laundry? It's a completely different question ...

Love it!

written by Amiamay, 15/08/12

I absolutely love the little klädvikaren. It is absolutely superb. Sheldon Cooper Thank you for using it in TV.

Brilliant good housewarming

written by Tova, 16/08/12

It does not get much better than this. My brother has recently moved away from home and, as his little sister wanted to give him the ultimate gift. He has already received a lot of boring, but oh nece... Read more


written by kenneth, 20/08/12

Boyfriend was very pleased with this simplified board crack most because sheldon cooper in the big bang theory.

Better than you think

written by Luise, 28/08/12

I had seen it on television and bought it for fun in the gift, it was a huge hit for the young man who was about to leave home. Have successors nuisance bought it for myself, clothes take up less spac... Read more


written by Syrran, 30/08/12

A very clever product for the bachelor. My son wanted one of these when he moved to his own, and did one of those and he is thrilled. But the question is how long does it in the joints when used frequ... Read more

Fan-fucking-tastisk !!

written by MH, 03/09/12

On a trip to the US in 2010, I saw some use it in a store and had been looking for it ever since. So too at a fair price. Bought it because my clothes, frankly, was thrown into the closet. It was hard... Read more


written by lc, 03/09/12

After ways advertising from TV series, we thought it looked easy out that it was also, never has it been easier to fold clothes after washing them. NOTE: The only thing is that if you have great cloth... Read more

very happy

written by EI, 03/09/12

Is a unkar for 20 years who was tired of folding laundry, I thought victim not .. was very pleased with the prod function as expected ..


written by Kristie, 05/09/12

Completely crazy good! Where much easier to fit the clothes in the drawers of this. Recommend this to all!


written by KHM, 05/09/12

Finally something that helps ten thumb-me fold clothes! I have felt so clumsy before, been embarrassed! But finally I can also tuck clothes. It is neat and great in cabinets mine now. And my husband i... Read more

ingenious product

written by Knud Hansen, 05/09/12

Was sold when I saw this before lay the clothes almost just in a pile in the closet, but now there is complete control over it :)


written by Xfirm, 10/09/12

Got it as agreed and nicely wrapped. Easy and quick to use, so it's a really good invention of us who have been in store.


written by jero, 14/09/12

I purchased a tøjfolder, and it lives up to my expectations. Now it's suddenly easy to put t-shirts and shirts together and in the same size so they are easy to stack.

very handy

written by Frostevarg, 15/09/12

Sure, you can build your own with the board, but this is more robust.Med given the price, it's really nothing to think about. It is really practical. The clothes are neatly folded and takes up les... Read more

funny :)

written by Anette, 19/09/12

An upper layer is perfect, and clearly in the closet now, and it is directly amusing when the result will be perfect every time :) But folding the pants seems I was not anything special, each case not... Read more


written by Jane, 01/10/12

No dumm invention. When the shirts are neatly folded it also saves space and tidy, it will be in the closet !!!

My wife is more than happy!

written by Myrthue, 02/10/12

Bought this for my wife after she saw it in The Big Bang Theory and now folds her for dear life. My T-Shirts've never put so nice :-)

Clothes Ringed

written by Allan, 03/10/12

It's fun and practical to use. It has become the order o find klädhyllan.Vad can wish for more?

works well when you're handicapped

written by kiwi, 04/10/12

I have only one functioning hand, now I can get all the shirts really nicely folded. easy to handle with one hand.

according to expectation

written by Mikhed, 08/10/12

Nothing strange, just do it properly, good instructions to follow for different tper of garments. The quality seems to be like that, but it'll probably keep a few thousand folds anyway :)

The best solution to lie clothes together, 2 sec.

written by Daniel, 08/10/12

The reason I ordered it here, because I saw on the video how quickly and well he might be clothing along by it. Design: It's actually not as ugly as I had expected, its blue color is nice. It look... Read more


written by Jojo, 16/10/12

Now it was suddenly fun to fold laundry! asking warm as fun gift for someone !!!!!!


written by kickan, 17/10/12

cool o good product, useful !!! washing becomes thinner weight, amazing week in the drawers ... go - Sheldon Cooper!


written by Christian, 23/10/12

Has become mega surprised by this mega good invention: D so for the boys out there look to get you drill one it's too cool

folding clothes

written by lise, 29/10/12

with tøjfolderen it a breeze to put clothes together. it is a pleasure to see on the shelves with the beautifully folded clothes. before I bought tøjfolderen, my blouses quite curly, just after having... Read more

What I did not know I was missing!

written by AG, 30/10/12

I had no idea that I lacked this superb gadget before I bought it. Easy to fold laundry and it gets nicely in boxes / suitcases and saves space.

very good

written by astahansen, 31/10/12

when I have a bad hand are failing to be really blouses together, now I can lie them so they do not take up so much and not curl asta


written by Ellie, 31/10/12

At last, my guy no excuses to keep their drawers in order. Pedantens best friend! Very pleased :)

Very good

written by oX, 03/11/12

Great Content, and finally, all the clothes equal size after folding! I have now folded 4 machines with clothes only when using this and have not found anything negative with it so far! -oX

Just as seen in the Big Bang Theory!

written by Alex, 05/11/12

My girlfriend is a big fan of Sheldon Cooper from BBT, and the joy was infinitely large as tøjfolderen came in the mail and was completely identical to the one we had seen on television. Tøjfolderen w... Read more


written by Leif O Wittusen, 05/11/12

It is the best purchase I've made in a long time. Now is my Tops, Blouses, and Shirts in neat order as never before. Klädvikaren is simple and easy to work with. And it will be neat.

Dry Brett guy

written by Ulvo, 06/11/12

Works Great! It feel a bit like Sheldon makes clothes folding becomes a bit more enjoyable. And my dear mother was dying of laughter when I turned it off!


written by sonny´s, 06/11/12

simply practical for all hate the merge. it is easy, fast and helpful. However, it is not so convenient if one is very large because the clothing then overlapped below. but it would still buy at any t... Read more


written by Helle Christiansen, 07/11/12

my husband now puts even his shirts / blouses along discretion not :) so that we are happy and although he got the


written by Skoglund , 12/11/12

Both looks fun and is fun girl loves it !!! Can not help with the laundry anymore. Fast delivery!! 10 stockings of 10 possible


written by christian, 12/11/12

A very handy thing. It is practical because it saves time and it will be much easier and more fun! Thoroughly recommended !!

Clothes Ringed

written by Thorild, 12/11/12

I was recommended klädvikaren by an acquaintance who praised it. I ordered it immediately himself and used it as soon as I received it. You learn very quickly to use klädvikaren and it gives good resu... Read more

Cannon cannon!

written by Sandra E., 17/11/12

Works perfectly and the fiance who is completely in love with Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory, so of course this a natural gift! ;) Got a happy man at home anyway, and now he has fun when he turns int... Read more


written by magnus, 19/11/12

Here is the product for you or people you know are struggling to tuck products. A great gift or you swlv recommended !!

Klädvikaren from TV

written by Retep, 21/11/12

Have been using it now for a couple of weeks and just love it, it becomes so much more space now in the drawers. That you will be happy and giggles like a schoolgirl every time you use it does not mak... Read more

almost perfect

written by Fredde, 22/11/12

Unfortunately, it is a little too short and narrow in my opinion. One must fold in the lower part of the sweater to make it fit, creating an extra ugly cove-edge Then it is a bit too narrow. On T-Shir... Read more

funny product

written by Filosofus, 22/11/12

Dry board is aware of the TV show Big Bang Theory, many recognize this and it is an excellent Christmas present for a housekeeper or husfar of slightly geeky art that otherwise has everything. The pro... Read more


written by Arild Svensgam, 22/11/12

A must for Sheldon and the gang saved. Headphones: Go to bed! Klädvikaren is this year's Christmas. Thanks for the super fast liver consider.

Klädvikaren No. 1 !!!

written by PDarkness, 24/11/12

This is a product that is very good for those who want every piece of clothing / towels properly folded. The only thing it does is to fold itself = / How to get help ringed with it. With klädvikaren a... Read more


written by Jacob, 25/11/12

A perfect tool that allows both klädvikningen fun and fancy! Great for lazy teenage boys! Recommended!

Very good

written by Gittan, 26/11/12

Awesome :), getting great order in the wardrobe with it here! Helps you to fold T-shirts, sweaters and shirts!

Great success!

written by Julie, 27/11/12

My little brother is slightly disabled and can not use his right hand as well, so this one tøjfolder help him much, it is really good for him and we have others use it too much, because it is much fas... Read more

Dry boards

written by @jensottar, 27/11/12

Dry Brett guy is just like the Sheldon uses in The Big Bang Theory. I'm very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone who folds clothes! Read more in my review here: http://lunchprat.wordpress.c... Read more

Super fine and fast delivery

written by Gitte, 28/11/12

I think that this tøjfolder is a small fun gift for my brother who does not have the best order in the closet. The service and delivery have been high. And the little link that belong to the actual &q... Read more


written by PerS, 28/11/12

Stupidly simple but works, it will be good, made only to fold but it is easier when it's good and it gets!

Fun gift for the man

written by Hanna, 29/11/12

Work really well. The man would like folding clothes, and so it definitely looks so nice out inside the cabinet that everything is the same size. Can only be recommended.


written by KurtKonrad, 30/11/12

Klädvikaren is absolutely fantastic! The only thing it can not do is to wash your clothes! Add the shirt and fold 1,2,3 times and POW! Finished. Always happy when it comes to coolstuff's products.... Read more


written by Em, 03/12/12

Very easy to use and looks tidy closet out. Very pleased with my purchase and delivery was fast!

good helper

written by Johansson, 04/12/12

Facilitates very worthy, a good invention. Is much more fun to fold laundry now and is much faster with.

Got what I ordered

written by Maria, 05/12/12

Lay on Sunday morning in bed with the phone and ordered 2 pieces blouse leaflets. One for the gift and to put the man's t-shirts neatly with. A few days later, they could be picked up at the post ... Read more

Very nice

written by KS, 05/12/12

Very good produkt...............................................................................................................................................


written by Fjedur, 06/12/12

A clear success. The T-shirt is fine in the box. Better than it looks. Have bought one. A fine Julkapp.

Clothes Ringed

written by Kalle, 07/12/12

Very happy with the product very easy and smooth to use and the best part is that it is an exact copy of the Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory using.


written by Helene i gbg, 07/12/12

I've only had time to try it briefly, but think it's great. Let teens try and they also thought it was good. It's more fun and so nice. When it is slightly larger garment I put just as muc... Read more


written by Ulrika79, 07/12/12

A wonderful blue gears is a fun and fair way to fold the shirts perfect in so they fit in the cupboard or drawers. The boyfriend loves it and has lifted the otherwise tedious laundry moment to new hei... Read more

Perfect for the lazy!

written by Johan D, 10/12/12

When I saw this product I knew straight away that this is a perfect thing to that which is both lazy and at the same time want to get nicely in their dresser or closet ;-) It is so easy and smooth as ... Read more


written by Packo, 10/12/12

Best purchase I've made in a long time! use it every day, bought some extras to hand out for Christmas

Known from the "Big Bang Theory"

written by Gunilla, 10/12/12

We had the "Little Christmas Eve" with the Games and Win Tables and Klädvikaren to one of the most popular things on the table. Tested immediately by those who chose Klädvikaren. Very practi... Read more


written by Ronny, 10/12/12

Yes, if you are one of those who has a lump of clothing in Wardrobes, this is something for you. Folding clothes becomes fun and you get to count edge on all garments. Looks like a pro have cleaned up... Read more


written by jonki, 11/12/12

Bought klädvikaren to my sister when she e as slow to fold laundry on e very carefully. So she got klädvikaren of me on her love on the now more fun to fold laundry.

Christmas present

written by Ullis, 12/12/12

Have not tried it yet, the reason for that is that they will be a Christmas gift for a guy who just moved away from home ..... :)

bought a tøjfolder

written by kristina , 13/12/12

seemed to be in were quick to send the package .... have not tried by the ennu as it was a Christmas gift from the dog. but otherwise a good behanling here from home to viddre .... mvh kristina

super bold young

written by Gitte, 14/12/12

super young, all his clothes are perfectly fine in the closet now !! Unfortunately, there is a part of broken so now it's a little hard to use !!


written by Sajberpekka , 17/12/12

Really simple o .... great invention, saw the Big Bang theory for the first time. Fold clothes is now a simple o quick task ..... .... ............ ............................


written by Lisa, 19/12/12

Now it's finally fun to fold clothes and it will neatly in the cupboard with! Thanks and goats!

A pleasure

written by Panda, 19/12/12

Works great for what it is told to do. Nothing spectacular, pretty simple thing but have to admit that it gets really square and great piles of laundry :-)

Do it properly, but ..

written by m, 19/12/12

but really completely unnecessary. Can produce faster than folding manually when you have to fold the bottom when you put on the sweater klädvikaren so the total is four fold. 1 bay more than if you d... Read more

Dry Brett guy

written by Julie, 20/12/12

Ordered clothes dryer rising on a Monday and got it on Wednesday. Excellent product that works out and fight fast delivery! 5 stars from me!


written by Susanne, 20/12/12

This is the only pure genius! Being perfect board! Everytime! Desutten doing the laundry a breeze :) Undoing bit on that I bought two, when this goes to my mom:)

peak stuff

written by julnisse, 20/12/12

Imagine what fun it can be to fold shirts !! What a brilliant performance, was skeptical before but now I know that it works, really pleased. even a product you never knew you needed.


written by Stein, 20/12/12

Simply brilliant. Just like on the big bang theory. No go dress folds like a game;)


written by Alexandra, 21/12/12

It is just too good, I folded all my clothes in the closet with it, works perfectly and is tillochmed fun to use; D


written by Klädviksren, 21/12/12

A clever gadget that allows folding a pleasure. One thing that I can really recommend to anyone and everyone!

Christmas present

written by inte öppnat än, 21/12/12

come back with reviews after the weekend, when it sent the package is a Christmas present Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Best necessary unnecessary gadget I bought

written by R1ll0, 21/12/12

Gone from hating to fold clothes to love it! Turned on all my shirts, about 30 pieces, about 15 minutes. Then I folded my shirts. Since my pants. Everything looks so very neatly out now. The hope now ... Read more

Rarely ingenious

written by Rune Andersen, 24/12/12

Can well understand that Sheldon .. genius in Big Bang utilizes this. It is simply ingenious and provides folding edge on both t-shirts pants etc .. One welcome addition to the household. Have not had... Read more

Practical part ...

written by Lutz, 25/12/12

Those who do not necessarily expect crease resistance at its T-shirts, will be very excited about this little helpers. Works effectively and shorten the folding of the T-shirt (size M) but noticeably.... Read more


written by Thomas, 26/12/12

For me it is hopeless to be able to fold clothes, this is a perfect product to help me get nicely folded clothes that also saves space in the closet

Amazing gadget!

written by Daniel, 26/12/12

Klädvikaren was exactly the same as in The Big Bang Theory and I was incredibly pleased. Very easy to use and makes the folding extraordinarily!

Excellent clothing ringed

written by Farmor, 26/12/12

Watched a movie (2½ but) there klädvikaren appeared. It is absolutely superb, it is extremely fast and the fine will be. My grandson's T-shirts are now in neat piles.

As I was hoping ...

written by Suzanne, 26/12/12

so each recipient enormously happy :-D up off the couch and yelled: "Where did you get it" ??? In Coolstuff online :-) Missed however, that you have store in Malmo, (where I live) ...: - | S... Read more

works fine

written by G, 26/12/12

I used it on the ironing board for then sticks it out and makes it easier to fold. It was a very nice pile of T-shirts. Do not know how it works with other clothes.


written by Marie, 26/12/12

Great! Simple to use, it's fast and you can basically fold the garment at any time with a perfect score!

A must

written by Nisse, 27/12/12

Kanonbra thing, is not only fun, terrific hands. Now you can place more T-shirts on the shelves, and there will be snygt too!

Neat and tidy it gets!

written by Tom..., 27/12/12

Works good shit. Has wanted one since I saw it in "the big bang ..." underneath it "Sheldon" - so it works for me ...!


written by Bee, 27/12/12

Very cool board, easy to put away, and fun to use when everything is folded perfectly. Very easy to use. The man in the house was very happy about the extra nonsense gift.


written by Blixten, 27/12/12

Cannon good thing I have always dreaded me to fold the laundry, but now it is a pleasure to fold it, yes you long for the next wash is done.


written by Pia, 27/12/12

Bought the most just because I've seen it on the big bang theory, but it is actually just as ingenious as it seems. Clothing which heretofore have been tossed in the drawers when neatly folded and... Read more

A happy surprise

written by Heli, 28/12/12

Very easy to use and works really properly. My husband got it as a Christmas gift and it was probably the best knock. He turned on all their hundred hard rock shirts in a jiffy.

fantastic ~

written by Lena C., 28/12/12

This "tray bar" works perfectly well, and no one in the family regret the investment! It was easier and to some extent entertaining folding clothes, and it is very satisfying to see that all... Read more


written by Andreas, 28/12/12

Perfect gift for the Big Bang Theory nerd. Bought this for my father after I introduced him to TBBT (The Big Bang Theory), he was hooked. He laughed heartily at it, and was really happy.

klädvikaren - a direct hit as Christmas gift

written by Ingmari, 28/12/12

I have given away two pieces of clothing ringed a grandson and a grandson. Both of these young men, 18 and 20, is not very proper to themselves and often have piles of laundry to take care of. Both se... Read more


written by mikegnorp, 28/12/12

Fran and had to be tested as Sheldon Cooper in TBBT uses it often. Buy it! Folds t-shirts in 200

Help with the laundry

written by Yempa, 28/12/12

Now, not her husband away. Now he can fold their own laundry: o) This contraption will help you get to the neat folding clothes to put in your closet.

Clothes Ringed

written by Blofeldt, 29/12/12

Bought the most as "a fun thing," but have been pleasantly surprised. After a few testvikningar I saw its potential and started to reorganize my closet with t-shirts and thin sweaters. From ... Read more


written by annie, 29/12/12

Oh my, I gave this to my boyfriend and his wardrobe has gone into a different dimension: everything looks so tidy! It takes almost no place to store and it is easy and Useful. Me like!


written by ap, 29/12/12

Perhaps the most special because Big Bang Theory connection, but it works well, fold your clothes neatly. Works durable.


written by monica, 30/12/12

Best Christmas gift, good hands and was received with joy after seeing television series in which it is used. Happy New Year

Great fun!

written by Elvstigen, 31/12/12

Oh, what fun gadget. Anyone who has seen The Big Bang Theory will find it is a fun gift. The one I bought will be well used as well, it has already given way both T-shirts and boxer shorts :)


written by Dag Rune, 31/12/12

Dorgeat, absolutely brilliant. This is something everyone should buy ... This I should have got myself a long time ago. It makes clothes folding both time-saving and especially space-saving ....

Fold clothes with style

written by Runa, 31/12/12

This I gave a Christmas present to some friends who were moving by themselves, while I buy one for myself. That folds is the exactly the way I expected. Handy when you need it, but it's not as eas... Read more


written by Morten, 31/12/12

Tøjfolderen is absolutely brilliant for a man like me who are not super to fold clothes themselves, but like the clothes are neatly in the closet. With tøjfolderen I can fold my t-shirts, sweaters and... Read more

Joke Full advantage

written by Arve, 01/01/13

Bought mistress only on skate - but now she sure is starting to use it too! Fun gimmick known ia from the TV series Big Bang Theory.

Clothes Ringed

written by Mia, 01/01/13

Be satisfied with the goods had seen it a few years ago but the price was too high. Have great use of the product in my företag.Jag fold the many garments daily.


written by D.I, 01/01/13

Klädvikaren works beyond expectations. Shirts skortor gets folded in klädbutikerna.Så they will be more space in the closet and byrolådorna. So I can recommend others to buy Klädvikaren.

Hard-working man

written by Laura, 01/01/13

As my husband always had difficulty with the ordinary folding the clothes I bought him for help. Folds wonderful and behold, hardworking he has become! Great thing!

Very fun gimmick

written by MissNexus, 02/01/13

I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend who is "Big Bang" fan, and although he has not used it even once, the good entertainment for our guests. It is fast and easy to use, however it is a l... Read more


written by Lena, 02/01/13

Had seen this product in a comedy series on TV and just thought it was a great thing if it works as it seemed to do in the TV. So when I saw it on CoolStuffs website so I had to order it, it was cheap... Read more

Super good product

written by mopsejer, 02/01/13

It is rather good, bought two, one for me and one for a friend and we both really happy for them, the good heavy plastic and they work as they should, the clothes are super nice put together and fill ... Read more


written by Sara, 02/01/13

It takes a little longer but so simple. The kids think it's fun actually o it's a perfect gift for those who have their first residents :-)

Just like on TV!

written by Mette L, 03/01/13

It works exactly as we have seen it on the video and the series The Big Bang Theory. It was a huge Manufacturer Info.


written by Awe, 03/01/13

Perfectly suited to his brother to unpack when he moves. Spot and decent smooth, fine weight, it will be anyway.

Orderliness in the closet

written by CJ, 03/01/13

The clothes are neat, perfectly folded. Orderliness in the closet. Now it's fun to fold clothes :)

just awesome

written by m.t., 07/01/13

Was a gift for my friend. He has great pleasure now he puts even volunteered together his shirts and T-shirt :)

Clothes Ringed

written by Sara, 09/01/13

A fun gift for someone who is a bit lazy, and especially to anyone who likes the TV series The Big Bang Theory

Thanks for the help!

written by M <3, 18/01/13

So user-friendly that even a guy can understand it. Now, not only do I fold laundry. Thanks!

Everyone should have a home.

written by Evelina, 22/01/13

Gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present. After receiving the fold of clothing has become much smoother, he thinks it is fun and is much faster. Always a big plus!


written by Monica, 23/01/13

Well there you Goy on the Vike clothing og mye bedre plass i alle acclaim og skuffer.Enkel on bruke + it is with a hvordan folding sweaters og trousers.

Thanks Sheldon!

written by Chris, 26/01/13

Wow! All my life, I hated to fold clothes. I quarreled with several girlfriends about how bad I folded my clothes ... I finally found the perfect solution ... for the first time in my life, I love fol... Read more