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Constructive Eating Plate

Construction site and plate at the same time! Transporting food to the final destination, the mouth, in the most fun way possible!

Constructive Eating Plate - Plate
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Constructive Eating Plate - Plate + Cutlery
Plate + Cutlery
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

just awesome !!!!!!!

written by N. Schütz, 08/10/12

Hello, the plate is simply brilliant, because the adults are even envious. Had first silverware which our son has eaten (3 years) already thrilled with, together with the plate makes him the food even... Read more


written by Ingrid, 22/01/13

Plate is on hold until the birthday, so it has not been tested yet, but I wish it had a different color. The orange color did I actually wondered if I should just order the cutlery ....


written by Anita, Norway 09/07/13

I should have a gift for my dear granddaughter of 4 years and this was just great. He ate like a "man" and thought it was extra attention with so cool plate and cutlery - A PROPER WINNER.

Kjempefin gift for 3-year-old!

written by Liv, Norway 05/01/15

It's a bit uncertain how much food that ended up in the stomach, but the boy sat at least quiet at the table during the entire Christmas dinner. And cutlery seems to be of good quality, so this wa... Read more

Bright children's eyes

written by bine0473, Germany 21/04/15

Have given away along with the cutlery to my little nephew the plate. Since the food is twice as much fun! Material stable, fast shipping.

Remember cutlery

written by Camilla, Denmark 29/06/15

Fun good if one has the cutlery thereto.

But not too young

written by Martin, Germany 13/12/15

Somehow all that is such a thing can no longer give a 7 year old. The 7-year-old did not care, anyway was very happy. With cutlery a great gift.

perfect gift

written by KH, Germany 28/12/15

The child's plate was a gift with the matching cutlery and was a complete success. The plate does not slip and the cutlery not only looks good, but is also functional. Highly Recommended.

great dish

written by Julia, Norway 02/02/16

Yes, it may not be missing when we ordered cutlery. It's nice that there are several "departments" of the dish.

Super plate

written by E.S., Germany 02/03/16

The dish is made clean and looks great aus.und is made quite massive (heavy for plastic).

Top Must have

written by Noni, Germany 21/06/16

Just great with the matching cutlery! Toll also dishwasher safe ..da our son will spend a few minutes longer

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