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Constructive Eating Utensils

Clearly the kids should eat their food with a fork-lift truck fork, a wheel-loader spoon and a bulldozer scoop - all with easy to grip handles to fit small hands!

Constructive Eating Utensils  - Constructive Eating Utensils
Constructive Eating Utensils
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Constructive Eating Utensils  - Constructive Eating Utensils + Plate
Constructive Eating Utensils + Plate
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

162 reviews

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What is this?

Grease set

written by Karsten, 10/06/09

A really good special, comfortable grip. The kid is really happy about it and eat now more food as it's been fun.

constructive Eating

written by Rosie, 05/10/09

Good measurement tools.


written by Frida, 12/10/09

My godson fullkomligen love their new cutlery ... Brumm Brumm toot toot here will Moffa tractor gape stooooort has a new grasp! #dje day he asked as the VAF time for the food for the tractor and ate a... Read more

wonderful product!

written by v-ås, 04/12/09

Really cozy and "cool" product! No more bored kids who fight and say they do not want to eat!

Perfect Christmas gift for my 3 year old son

written by Jag, 20/12/09

My son is tokintresserad of tractors, dump trucks and other industrial vehicles which will facilitate the supply of him, the times he does not want to eat yourself. Saw this article in a magazine call... Read more

Christmas - Constructive Eating

written by Anders, 01/01/10

My son of 2.5 years got these for Christmas, it has become a favorite thing for him. If he is happy, I am happy.

Funny thing!

written by rlarssson, 01/01/10

That said fun thing to a 2.5 year old who like "Big Machine". But a little difficult to eat with :)


written by Kajsa, 06/01/10

Constructive Eating got the guy to voluntarily eat with silverware for the first time - is not it good enough so I do not know what is good enough ... :-)

For the discerning

written by Annelie, 11/01/10

Fantastic cutlery loved by the matkräsne baby!

Grandiose food culture

written by Katja R., 19/01/10

At first I was a bit skeptical. Well maybe look funny, but bstimmt in use impractical to clean bad and cheapest processing. AAAAB, I was taught in all points better. 1.The processing is super.Die hand... Read more

The joy of giving

written by Sara, 05/04/10

Gave this to my boyfriend's nephew. Now he is only 10 months, he commented not. Men'det is the finest grade that I saw in his eyes. And parents also seemed impressed. Where do you find that? Y... Read more

Cutlery or toy?

written by , 23/04/10

3 -year-old did not think this was something to eat - and I'm inclined to agree. Any spoon was not well? This is a hard to place the toy in age, I can understand, and the price was a little high f... Read more

Eat better - better give

written by Katrin, 06/05/10

I did not buy this children's set for my children - are namely UNFORTUNATELY too old for it. I have given it away and I have to say it came to super. I have been told that the child now even eatin... Read more


written by Hanna, 14/09/10

Really Cool utensils that fit well into the age!

The world's coolest cutlery

written by Tina, 22/09/10

Gave away the 1 birthday present to our best friends' children living on the farm. It was a success. Children of all ages who were at the party wanted to test these cool kids cutlery.

Yellow and cool!

written by Ellen, 19/10/10

Have not seen it in action yet, but the cutlery with spoon, fork and shovel look equally stylish in package like the picture. Looking forward to the little boys open it on Christmas Eve! :)

Just as I was hoping for!

written by Lena, 22/11/10

My stepbrother had a son and 1-year his day ordered I Constructive Eating and forwarded to England. He was very happy, and I found out later that I paid akkkurat the same as if I had bought it at the ... Read more


written by Nina (Ephelides), 29/11/10

On my blog I have reported here but I would also like to say nor my opinion about the great cutlery. It is super processed and in no case made of thin plastic. The wheels can not move but are rubberiz... Read more

Giant Sweet!

written by Agnieszka, 03/12/10

Giant Sweet cutlery! The son loves everything to do with tractors and vehicles to do so he big dig these! Might be some very play at the table, but what does it matter as long as the kid is happy :)

Very cool!

written by Tess, 14/12/10

Perfect Christmas gift to a small motor crazy guy - was so sweet that you almost wanted bahålla them myself :) Very nice!

good grip

written by mikkelzzz2, 28/12/10

the child has a good grip, but not very pædogogisk if you vl teach a child that you do not play in the food ....


written by Linda, 03/01/11

Gave this as a gift for my nephew at eighteen months. He LOVED it! The rest of the evening was spent listening "rrrrrrrr ..." while he "ran" around with cutlery :-) In addition, it... Read more

a breeze to eat

written by kejserinden, 03/01/11

my boys love their "gra-koo" cutlery. So much so that the oldest of 2½år will only eat breakfast with "gra-spoon". so it's good we bought 2 sets ... And especially the sounds m... Read more

Fun flatware

written by Maj-britt, 24/01/11

A little fun things that are good as a gift. My 5 year old son thinks it was fun, but it lends itself probably best for younger children


written by , 24/02/11

The cutlery is designed high quality, lovingly. A real screamer.


written by maria, 04/04/11

It's brilliant. Son is super happy for them.

Cannon Cutlery!

written by Jessica, 22/06/11

The cutlery was a success! Bought a set for our daughter, and a little birthday boy. Both kids do not want to eat with other cutlery than just them - so, yes, it was a mega hit! : D

written by Alex, 12/08/11

Have a boyfriend that is totally tractor crazy! Perfect gift for him when he sometimes behaves like a five year old at the table, especially when served ice cream :)


written by Nicole, 21/11/11

We have three Minnis (2.5, 1.5, 1.5 years), all three have real fun with the cutlery and even Dad is a child again when the food brings his offspring playful at. Would it at any time to buy again beca... Read more

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecht niiiiiiiiedlich

written by madleen, 21/11/11

The cutlery is really cute .... child-friendly .... especially the non-slip handles are super ... my grandson she gets for Christmas and can not wait .... always some gifts then what is anyway in the ... Read more

Gøyalt meal :)

written by Hege, 01/12/11

This is just bought, and therefore not tested yet, but I have certainly received it and set it 'live', and it looks super out :-) I doubt not that this makes it easier for the mother to get fo... Read more


written by anette, 02/12/11

blast for little kids, but than must be prepared grapsing :)

Looks good

written by Stine, 05/12/11

To be given the gift so not tested. Now consider fine and durable out, no such "cheap plastic" as one might fear.

Really cool!

written by Tilje, 05/12/11

These children cutlery I fell for right away. Maybe not quite hygienic to have cutlery with many small details (if you wash by hand), but it can be done by that it can be washed in a dishwasher. Bough... Read more

Perfect for young children

written by Lone, 07/12/11

Very stylish dining set for small children, the only thing that was a little pity was that the cutlery is so big that I do not know whether a two-year old manage to eat with it. Either a cool gift tha... Read more

written by , 21/12/11

Super Cult cutlery for tough guys

Incredibly cool cutlery!

written by M, 22/12/11

This is the Christmas gift I am most pleased with this year. The silverware is incredibly fun, and a nice size for a little boy soon 2. The delivery happened quickly and easily - after the goods had e... Read more

written by Heidi, 26/12/11

This appealed

Very satisfied!

written by Morten Brændstrup Kristensen, 26/12/11

Quick delivery and easy and manageable. The cutlery is a hit.

Great success

written by Elisabeth, 26/12/11

"Constructive eating" was a gift for Aunt my baby who is 1 and a half years, and is very concerned about cars, trucks, trakorer, really everything that runs on wheels. he was very pleased an... Read more


written by gurime, 28/12/11

I work in construction and guess whether these were poplulære with my male colleagues with young sons! I need to order more after Christmas ..... this I bought my boss, he also has a new son. We have ... Read more

Fun at the dining table

written by Anders Dalmose, 29/12/11

Cool Stuff did everything right. A good catalog, but the operating and perfect delivery. Warmest recommendations!

Christmas hit # 1

written by Onkel Anders, 02/01/12

I gave my youngest nephew 2 years old this eating set for Christmas. His older brothers were slightly envious of not having been given such a one as a Christmas present when they were small. Now the f... Read more

Constructive Eating

written by H, 03/01/12

This cutlery is nicer in person than in the pictures! Parents were also equally enthusiastic, if not more excited than the child himself :) Recommended!


written by Trollet, 04/01/12

Bought cutlery to my 3åring and it was an instant success! recommended :-)

Constructive dining.

written by Jette, 04/01/12

Bought knife, fork and spoon performed as Dumper - forklift and backhoe, they brought great happiness!

Not only play with your food

written by jem, 05/01/12

It started when my barefooted children, girl almost 3 years are very concerned tractors, excavators and otherwise things humming. I told this to a colleague who said that I just had to go onto coolstu... Read more


written by daniel, 28/02/12

..war a quite cheap looking net it looked much better.

cool cutlery

written by kimmy, 02/03/12

only was att black color disappears gradually.

Great, but many spills

written by Heidi, 12/03/12

Bought this cutlery to get little man (3.5 years) to sit quietly and eat. He was all over themselves with excitement, and started to run and "construct" immediately. He has not completely th... Read more

children cutlery

written by Henning, 13/03/12

this product, is highly recommended if children will not sit quietly at the table or will eat.There is to be fun when kids can play and eat with this product, it must only be tried, my 2 boys aged 3 a... Read more

Fun design, but not so friendly

written by Synnøve, 26/03/12

I bought this cutlery to my son who is almost 3 years. He loves it, but more to play than to eat off. The fork is not sharp enough and tags are too thick. The food adheres therefore not too lightly. T... Read more

All grab bars dream!

written by Riskok, 18/04/12

The kid was absolutely delighted and it's a great product. So all of you who are thinking of a perfect gift for any little guy to buy them here.


written by Malcolm Lansiquot, 16/06/12

Very convenient and fun product. Sma Kids Love to use and product works as it should !! Very good and use for rehearsal for bigger cutlery later in life.


written by Hedda, 18/06/12

It seemed as if this were a popular gift for a 2 year old who is very fond of vehicles! Were played with once the package was opened.

Graver Cutlery

written by Steph, 20/06/12

The child of 3 years who received it was super happy and set to play with it during the whole birthday over much else. Parents also think D was a nice thing to entice him to sit longer at the table.

Looks good...

written by Cammi, 26/06/12

This was a popular gift. Have given it to some friends, and I think they are very happy:) !!!!!!!

the gag is great

written by rh, 26/06/12

the young man who got the silverware was overjoyed eat now takes slightly longer, which is now in the process play factor


written by LilleTrille, 30/06/12

Yet unopened (present) but it speaks to the product's advantage that it is certified non-toxic and dishwasher safe :-)


written by Danny, 10/07/12

My son is 3 years and think those were really fun. But it's a little tricky to get in the food, oh, it can become a little too much play. We usually begin meals with these utensils but switches to... Read more


written by Mike, 12/07/12

Ogroligt good quality. But unfortunately they are poorly built. That is the wrong angle and fork tips nothing and stages are so flat that it can hardly andvända. Actual price should be 39 -

Loved by my son!

written by Annika, 14/07/12

Bought cutlery to my son's fourth birthday and he was overjoyed! Now he can eat anything, but he gets his cutlery :)

festive thing for toddlers

written by mormor Kerstin, 13/08/12

Bought them for my 3 year old grandson who loves tractors and stuff and think it is a good luck getting run them on the plate 1

Fun to eat

written by cathrine, 22/08/12

Oh how much fun it was to eat now with these cutlery :) They are easy to grip for small hands. Very funny product.

constructive Eating

written by kickan, 24/08/12

Very good barnbestick.Dock a small error that I want to point out about. The fork is a little edgy in spetsen.Inte as appropriate given the children to tuck it in munnen.Borde perhaps stood on the pac... Read more

Fun to eat

written by Sirius, 27/08/12

The product was as expected, and the recipient was very happy :-) Fun to combine food with some simple game to get the food in at a decent manner.


written by Thomas, 18/09/12

Cutlery fell 100% to the taste of my son of 3.5 years. Now he wants to use it for every meal. Rubber handles make good hold. Only minus is that the fork release easily in among others sausage bits. Sk... Read more

Suitable for all!

written by Laane, 19/09/12

What gives you a well-grown man of 47 years really has everything? "Constructive Eating Cutlery" really fits all! Fell well in taste even there. The silverware in itself was good to hold, ly... Read more

wonderful fun

written by Ida, 29/10/12

My 29 year old boyfriend got them a week ago. So sometimes he gets to play with the food :-) thought that they would be a little bigger;) but the fun any time, on the achieved success on the barbecue!... Read more

Fine cutlery

written by Jannice, 12/11/12

Fina o make it more fun for kids to learn to eat with cutlery :) Fine quality o much appreciated :)

My son loves the cutlery!

written by Jörgen, 18/11/12

It immediately became a lot more fun to have thought my 5 year old son. To completely plötligt play with the food but still be good o Ate Up! :)

No two year old eat now what about anywhere!

written by Tony, 19/11/12

Leo 2 years love the cutlery! With the help of the excavator he fills stages even with brockoli and devour it! Brum, Brumm ....

Super fun to eat

written by Susanne, 29/11/12

Top Cutlery bilgalna children. Fun to eat vegetables and shoot the food. Maybe a little expensive but still worth their money because they are different.


written by snop, 03/12/12

Bought 4 pieces Christmas pres song. They looked funny out, and thus would I give them away. Eska seems to bear little resistance, lollypops is not yet test power, so then we wait for Christmas with t... Read more

Looks good

written by Stan da man, 03/12/12

Seems to be good quality and look funny out. A hit for a two-year old with hyperactive :-)

clock clean cutlery.

written by tobbe, 10/12/12

Perfect cutlery to get the way of food bearing children to enjoy dinner is a fun event each day instead of a nuisance. The quality feels solid and they can be machine washed. had received five stars i... Read more

Christmas present

written by ts, 17/12/12

Now I have not used the product yourself since it was not Christmas, but the delivery was fast. Sadly, only that there came a text message but rather a late slip. But when the right products are lande... Read more


written by smichelsen, 18/12/12

The Constructive Eating Children cutlery was super at my little nephew, so the food was fun. Especially with the nice plates to. Great idea.


written by Björn, 19/12/12

Dear Cool Stuff team, our little one loves his new cutlery! It may of course only be used this - normal cutlery is of course not desirable!

Cutlery for children

written by xxx, 19/12/12

Funny idea, sporty kitsch, but he came in the child very well, with parents less. Can be recommended.

written by Joe, 24/12/12

For unexplained reasons, the children fight suddenly while eating !!! This was not predictable!


written by Louise, 24/12/12

I bought two paragraphs to a few boys who are raving trucks, pulled tore etc. This cutlery is absolutely perfect for them and helps them want to sit and eat their food. It can definitely recommended -... Read more


written by Maxe, 26/12/12

A super fun not only while eating the small. Even without eating the excavators and bulldozers are constantly in use. like eating the little now only yet alone. Fast delivery, always gladly again.

cult cutlery

written by gand, 27/12/12

Make eating fun for kids who like machine vehicle and not so fond of eating. This was as stylish as it looked.

bulldozer cutlery

written by Lene, 28/12/12

Given to my nephew of 14 months. And it is very well received. He loves cars and has had trouble eating dinner, so it has helped him a bit making it a little more fun :-)


written by Mark, 28/12/12

The cutlery and the plate was a great success - my nephew absolutely love it, he did not just eat with cutlery but also play with it ..


written by OlavG, 01/01/13

I ordered a fun cutlery for children, considering that it would be fun to have dinner in a company. It was given as a Christmas gift to a boy of 3 years before dinner Christmas Eve. The dinner was suc... Read more


written by Renate , 02/01/13

Very nice and funny children cutlery, quick shipment, arrived within a few days. Matched the description.

Cutlery in tractor styles

written by Tina Sindahl, 02/01/13

Great so little it takes to impress our boy girl of 2 years. It is a huge success to see her eat and actually nice to sit and eat together. Before, it was a hell to eat together and not at all cozy, b... Read more

So cool...

written by Dummywommy, 02/01/13

Bought it as a little gift for my son at 2, and he was really happy about it ... It's a really good idea for little boys ...

Funny Christmas gift

written by CharLie, 02/01/13

Present to age two who need to be activated in meal. Very popular! The order was despatched quickly and packet came in few days.


written by Andreas, 03/01/13

Bestik gave them to my friend's son in 4 years, entire crazy machines and trucks. He was delighted in them.

excavator cutlery

written by trude, 03/01/13

Both boys got this of me, two brothers in ages 1 and 5 years, loved it! :) Was afraid it was too childish for my five year old, but I did not have to upset me;) Recommended!

Very tough cutlery

written by Camilla , 08/01/13

Kjempekult cutlery which makes food fun to eat. Was in better quality than I had guessed, so was very happy :)


written by Ingrid, 22/01/13

Fun design. Have not tested product. There are birthday gift for grandchildren, and must be left on hold for a few weeks. But cool design and absolutely sure that it's going to appeal. Where funct... Read more

Appreciated by the minor.

written by Evelina, 22/01/13

Minimum cousin who is two years got these for Christmas and thought they were very funny. Do not just make the meals more enjoyable but also used extensively on the floor, both before and after mealti... Read more

Perfect gift!

written by Maja, 31/01/13

Bought a cutlery set for my 2 year old and he really likes them! However, he is in the smallest team in order to exploit them to the full, would recommend a slightly older children. The great thing ab... Read more

fun cutlery

written by Marina Gram, 01/02/13

The cutlery has along with the plate, made the bastard to eat in our home. Two chicks sitting across from each other and eat with excavator, bull doses and forklifts. However, it is difficult to stick... Read more

great cutlery!

written by michelle, 08/02/13

We have now given away for the first birthday and it came to super. first we doubted because of the material, but it is is slip in hand! Our son is three and will also get to easter! one often plays s... Read more

cool cutlery

written by mamma, 11/02/13

This cutlery was a big Sukses for our three year old! Now he manages almost to sit quietly to eat .. It was maybe a little more playing with the food, but it is easier to control than to get him to si... Read more

My son thinks its a good idea

written by Andrew J. Bende, 11/02/13

When we opened the set to my son, he spurte us om it was small tractors and play toys ... then we customs sky theywere the seriously his new eating set. He simply smilled and spurte for food så han ka... Read more

children's Cutlery

written by Bine18, 18/03/13

The Constructive eating KinderbesteckDas and the right plate of the same brand are the absolute Hammer.wir have at home what we learn a greatly beinträchtigtes child feed himself. Our little much fun ... Read more

children's Cutlery

written by Bine18, 18/03/13

The Constructive eating KinderbesteckDas and the right plate of the same brand are the absolute Hammer.wir have at home what we learn a greatly beinträchtigtes child feed himself. Our little much fun ... Read more


written by Muskat, 25/03/13

Great fun cutlery, here skyffles food in your mouth :) great success for both 2- and 4-year-old boy and girl.

Good product, but a bit too expensive ...

written by Kath, Norway 22/04/13

Have just had the cutlery in a few weeks, but it is very popular with three-year-and seems like it is of good quality. A bit expensive for plastic cutlery is my only objection ...

4 weeks have passed and the package has still not arrived.

written by I "väntans" tider, Sweden 06/06/13

Ordered by Coolstuff for 4-5 weeks ago and the package has still not arrived. Unbelievably bad considering that the amount has been deducted from my account. It is unfortunately the last time I order ... Read more

COOL stuff is just initial

written by Anita, Norway 09/07/13

I should have a gift for my dear granddaughter of 4 years and this was just great. He ate like a "man" and thought it was extra attention with so cool plate and cutlery - A PROPER WINNER. Be... Read more

Surprise was a success

written by bjoern, Germany 20/08/13

was a birthday for a 5-year, arrived super! I can only recommend it!


written by Lizzie, Denmark 20/08/13

It was very successful. I do not know if the parents were so excited, like all of us. But we thought at any rate it was well made up. And so they can be washed in the dishwasher. Then you know that it... Read more

Good but expensive

written by Elin, Sweden 20/09/13

The cutlery was appreciated by my son and he plays with them even outside the meals. But with shipping, they were a bit too expensive.

Super Funny Part

written by Corinna, Germany 17/10/13

Super Article - my grandson was completely thrilled and even the adults had fun watching him eat and try it!

I like it.

written by Mädelmaus, Germany 23/11/13

I bought the product as a Christmas present for my 3 year old nephew and therefore naturally Rate No ratings. But as for the supply and service I can only positive things. Personally, I find the cutle... Read more

Popular for both boys and girls.

written by Ingrid, Norway 10/12/13

Bought these bribes to my little sister, they were popular when we eat. Now I have purchased them again to my aunt-young (boy of 3 years). He will also play with the outside kitchen ... They were very... Read more

very happy

written by Emma, Norway 13/12/13

Very happy! Ordered both cutlery and plate. The product was ready for pick up at my local supermarket the day after I ordered. My nephew is going to be very happy with this gift :) Recommended !!

Everything worked super

written by SU, Germany 21/12/13

My little nephew (2 years) is a very fussy eater but a "giant" Car Fan.Deshalb I immediately thought that this colle children cutlery certainly a great Christmas gift would be ... I hope thi... Read more

Great idea

written by Sebastian, Germany 30/12/13

The cutlery has arrived totally good. Looks satbil out, first wash in the dishwasher survived. My son is excited.


written by mari, Denmark 23/01/14

Super nice cutlery .. I also bought plate and both did great joy. Maybe a little expensive: -) .........

children's Cutlery

written by Jojo, Germany 28/01/14

everything supiiiiiiiiiii great for the child :)) I can only recommend many thanks super fast delivery

fun gadget

written by json, Sweden 11/02/14

Alfred, 2 years, with the "Large equipment" as favorite TV programs, was of course thrilled at these! IOF used not so much in the dietary intake jewel we had hoped for - but maybe it will! A... Read more

It should be fun to eat!

written by Jojo, Sweden 13/02/14

Much appreciated by my son! I myself think that it is not only my son gives additional interest to eat, but also that he is practicing fine motor skills where he gets the best of everything, let your ... Read more

Constructive Eating Children Cutlery

written by Matka, Germany 26/02/14

Since our 3 year son is very fond of excavators, lorries and Co. and we often have to lure him to eat, this cutlery was as called for him! He loves it and wants since only eat it! Besides, he also use... Read more

Constructive Eating utensils

written by Linda, Denmark 15/03/14

SUPER DISHES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. It is designed as small workstations with a handle to hold on when children should eat. It's fun and different. It just makes great happiness in eating situations.... Read more

Plate and cutlery

written by Helbos, Sweden 20/03/14

These products, I gave away the christening o was estimated at 100% They are not tested yet because the baby is too small yet. But really fun idea


written by Anette, Norway 12/05/14

Great fun cutlery which became an instant hit with 2 year old! Also bought dish to, which was also a success. Recommended.

Appreciated gift to his son

written by Alexanders mamma, Sweden 14/05/14

Constructive eating utensils are highly appreciated by our 19 month old son. It is a bit difficult to eat with them, but it is fun and inviting to eat. No meal without constructive eating utensils!

cool cutlery

written by Suss, Sweden 23/06/14

The cutlery was my granddaughter who is completely crazy about anything that has wheels and right now it is very fronlastare, dumpers and the like. I got a movie from my son when he opened the package... Read more

Cool for the little ones

written by Jane, Norway 06/11/14

Cult cutlery for children, everything was good to eat;) So you have young children themselves, or aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, ran to buy


written by Uvoo, Germany 21/11/14

A product of higher quality. Dishwasher Good. For food the children even foods that have previously not been touched. Great gift!

Just right for boys

written by Katja, Germany 01/12/14

A great eye-catcher for boys, vehicular or construction site fans, so the food will make the little fun, function not checked

Very popular

written by Sonnichsen, Denmark 02/12/14

Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery.


written by wotan2000, Germany 11/12/14

Goods and delivery were fully satisfactory. Great idea for small, tech-savvy boys. Even the matching plate is awesome.

Poor quality for the price, children makes it fun

written by Eric E., Germany 28/12/14

Fully Plated price for this quality. The children makes it fun! So it comes to no more boredom at the table. Reminiscent cheapest chinaware.

just an eye-catcher!

written by sabine, Germany 05/01/15

Very nice! Super fast! Prima, the products are as described! The delivery was quick and easy!


written by Sabine, Germany 08/01/15

Very good quality. The price is so neat, but eventually it can use the kids every day. Beautiful gift, even if it should be something to play.


written by BootcampEllen, Sweden 12/03/15

Kids eat everything with these cutlery. It will be fun for them to try skoopa up peas, spetta broccoli, carrots and spoon in the mouth. Fun for both 1-year-old and 4-year-old.

That brings children's eyes light

written by Bine0473 , Germany 21/04/15

I ordered for my little nephew the silverware including plates. Fast delivery, good quality and bright children's eyes. Everything was great!

cool children's cutlery

written by Diana, Germany 26/04/15

A great children's cutlery, super class. I bought it for my two sons, they are excited and want Hochauf only eat it. Great fun factor. The cutlery is light and easy to clean, the material, excelle... Read more

Easy, fun and painless

written by RB, Denmark 27/04/15

Cutlery kit I bought as a christening gift. The set brought smiles of the adults and the child's father just had to look twice on the set with an approving nod and blink of the eye;)


written by Camilla , Denmark 29/06/15

My daughter of 4 think it's really fun to eat with, and when she uses it, it is allowed to play with your food

Since older children have fun with

written by Chris, Germany 04/08/15

I bought the cutlery with dish for my 17monatigen nephew. He also wanted the same with play / eat. In the evening had to be the same 5-year-old brother so dinner. Plates and cutlery are not just there... Read more


written by Bussi, Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery

Just great !!!

written by Bussi, Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

Again and again

written by Oma, Germany 19/10/15

The product has just met the description. In addition, it comes from the US, so definitely no problem for children for the purpose of toxins in the material.

Funny idea

written by milos, Germany 23/10/15

Allet chic with the goods, the recipient has since also very happy about it, even though the child was just born again and will probably still eat for a while without cutlery ...

Super joyous reception

written by Pernille, Denmark 01/11/15

My nephew 3 years old found the cutlery to be the best in the world, so I regret not having bought the plate also

Too expensive

written by Epi, Finland 23/11/15

A nice and special gift to a beginner diners, but the money does not face. Became Evil purchased.

Fast, easy and cheap

written by Sara, Denmark 30/11/15

Did this amazing gadget gift for gudbarnet. Everything went quickly, easily and painlessly. No problems with payment and fast delivery, so now is the first Christmas in space! Thanks Cool Stuff


written by bine1110, Germany 11/12/15

"You do not play with food!" That is also my opinion. But if a child refuses knits certain foods (vegetables, ..) here and there, the caterpillar comes roaring up and "SUDDENLY" is... Read more

Funny Construction cutlery

written by Martha, Germany 11/12/15

The cutlery and the right plates are very well received by the grandchildren. The cutlery and plates can be easily cleaned. Is relatively expensive, but worth the price.

Cookbook mission

written by René Bonaria, Germany 14/12/15

Top service from Berlin! After a quantitative incorrect broadcast the remaining consignment was perfectly complements expeditiously and with apology. That's Seevice!

great gift idea

written by Stine , Denmark 25/12/15

Super cool gift for children who do not eat much and are happy for cars. Super cool combination! I bought them for my nephew for Christmas and he loved them

Super great

written by Max, Germany 23/01/16

Tolle Ware. My son will be thrilled, because he is an absolute fan excavators. Many thanks for everything

Fun o super appreciated

written by BM, Sweden 25/01/16

The cutlery has become a matter of course at the dinner table for my friend's children. Moreover, it is much more fun to eat.

Tut and run

written by Julia, Norway 02/02/16

This was a super thing! 4åringen mine is not heavy prompted anymore when it comes to dinner :-) It's actually fun to play with your food!


written by E.S., Germany 02/03/16

The child cutlery is manufactured super and is a real eye-catcher. Our little was thrilled.

A complete success

written by Raphi, Germany 10/03/16

This children's set is a hit on the table! Even the worst eaters wanted suddenly look! The purchase was a complete success! The fabric has convinced me! Absolute buy recommendation!

great success

written by Steff, Germany 21/03/16

the silverware was a gift for my nephew for his birthday. Had some concern whether it is with 5 possibly too old ... but was well received: even the evening Brotstulle eaten currently so =)

fun eating because make

written by Petra, Germany 14/04/16

Delivery was fast since. Plates and silverware came in the child as well as the very large child (Papi) to super :-)

great Cutlery

written by cigdem, Germany 17/04/16

This cutlery was very well received with my children. Qualiät and treated very well and dishwashers geeignet..ich kanns only friend.

Great gift idea

written by Yve, Germany 22/04/16

We were looking for a creative gift for a boy to be baptized. Although he can use it immediately, but the parents and the little visitors baptism the gift was very well received.

Finally fun food

written by Super toll, Germany 21/06/16

Our fidgety son will now remain a few minutes longer at the table and the food is fun again great product even dishwasher safe great fork is slightly thick so that the pick hard otherwise top


written by Jackie, Germany 18/08/16

As a gift to the 2nd birthday of the Pops! We ordered the cutlery with plates together and our son is soo excited. I also sink everything in the machine so far without problems :)

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