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Environmentally friendly, practical and fantastic! Dig a hole into the lawn, fill your Cool-Well with drinks, lower it into the ground and let the earth keep your drinks cold. Just right for the cottage and the garden! Holds 24 cans and one bottle of wine.

Cool-Well - Cool-Well
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Cool-well kylbrunn

written by tyld, 23/11/15

Thought the quality looked good, but it was a pity that we were not told that it was not held large cans (50cl) all the way, but most 33cl this holistic pulls down the grade.

Cooling well.

written by Pia Moeskær., 01/12/15

We have not started using yet, but we do when it gets sommer.Jorden is tough now because winter. But it looks fine, and we look forward to it live.


written by Sassa, 25/12/15

Since it was a gift, it has not been tested yet. It will certainly be used extensively in the summer.


written by ingela, 10/05/16

Easy to lift, bury o have always cool drinks, a gift ideas that will be appreciated, good for parties, celebrations odyl.


written by Martin, 14/05/16

Very good :) fast delivery :)

Fast delivery

written by Larse, 17/05/16

Fun stuff, the first time I acted but it was a good experience ..................... ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ... .... ,,,

Good on the smooth pliable soil

written by Andreas, 25/05/16

Real cool gadget that work great when you want to impress people, have not tested but perhaps go for 2 bottles of wine on hand 24 33 cl well chilled, I buried my longer with floors built on wooden cov... Read more


written by Camilla, 08/06/16

It lives 100% up to the unions. Super good and quick delivery. It's definitely not the last time we act on

Very satisfied

written by Anja, 20/06/16

The delivery went fast and the product is effective. It's great that this instruction was so humorous.

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