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Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is the slime you use to clean your computer keyboard. Or why not your vinyl records or those hard-to-reach recess in the car? Just about any place that is yucky and inaccessible.

Cyber Clean - Cyber Clean
Cyber Clean
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Cyber Clean - Cyber Clean Car
Cyber Clean Car
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

140 reviews

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What is this?

Awesome good product

written by Oscar, 09/07/09

Have tried my Cyber ​​Clean a few weeks now and am very satisfied. It does not slide as easily between the keys that you get the impression in the ads, but with little manual intervention to get a goo... Read more

written by Nina, 11/08/09

A super cool slime that really works well. My partner got the gifts, so in addition to that he has fixed the keyboards on our computers so used slime actually in the car, too, it is namely perfect to ... Read more

Cyber ​​clean

written by eva, 01/09/09

The mass clean the easy keyboard and mouse. Nothing good to the screen, however,

Cyber ​​Slow

written by HAnna, 05/09/09

I did not clean my cyber much. Vist it did clean the phone and keyboard, but slowly it went. Additionally went stubborn stains are not removed, only dust. You have to get into the technology with its ... Read more

written by Lillian Jønsson, 30/09/09

Nice fast delivery. Delivered within two days. It could be many other learn. So thumbs up ..... Can only be recommended ....

Cyber ​​clean

written by Agneta, 17/10/09

Small funny thing to clean my computers. It smells good and feels fresh to use so far. Bought one for her daughter with but I know at this moment is not what she thinks.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by dodo, 12/11/09

Tried to wash the keyboard. Were not visibly cleaner. Disappointing.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by Zizzi, 17/11/09

The neon glowing slime blob was just as I thought / that others had written about it, funny and great! It was even better than what I thought was that it came in every single run and caught up shit, s... Read more

written by Lasse Nielsen, 01/12/09

It works fine, must be pressed a bit down hard on the keyboard before it gets the full effect. Is rather good.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by MS, 14/12/09

Fun toys but not as effective as promised.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by kling, 27/12/09

This became a real favorite, used it in a Christmas play, where the rest of became very interested in this product, the person who won it felt it worked out great. My teen got it for Christmas and was... Read more

Smell good

written by mamman, 03/01/10

Incredibly product with a very nice smell. It's nice to grab the keyboard Hygen. Hope to see many use the insertion area.


written by Johanna, 26/02/10

Ok, works reasonably well. However, there are better cleaning products for the purpose. But clearly a fun gift for a computer guy!

really good!

written by malin, 16/04/10

Bought this for my keyboard to avoid seeing all the dirt that lies between the keys. As soon as I had used the cyber clean so everything was gone. works really well o smoothly that it changes color wh... Read more

Good product to come into the corners

written by Lars Rasmussen, 03/05/10

The product is easy to work with as long as you have the patience to let the product 'falling off' in all the cracks and crevices.

Cyber ​​"Fix Computer"

written by Nilla59, 21/06/10

A top product that not only cleaned the computer but also fixed it. The image was frozen on the desktop and could not cook. We would simply need to submit it to the expensive money. When I cleaned it ... Read more

Cyber ​​clean ...

written by Anki, 18/08/10

I do not think the product was especially good. Maybe it's because I have a computer keyboard sits very tightly. It removes the junk that crumbs dust and hairs but not smudge. It may be a toy for ... Read more

funny thing

written by , 14/09/10

Fun materials. It was not super clean between the keys, but it felt a little fresher, much to smell a little detergent. =) Even washed all the boxes and mobile.


written by Kenval, 18/10/10

It seems the only 100% as promised: P

Best to phone

written by Marie, 15/11/10

The product can definitely recommended, but works best on my phone where it will not be so far down between the keys - slimy simply is not 'thin' or 'slimy' enough to run down between ... Read more

written by JoHaNNa, 29/11/10

I actually thought nothing about this product. Just thought that they could huh worthwhile to try this product when I got free offer. But it was super good! Clean very good and smell good for germicid... Read more

written by Claes, 02/12/10

Sure, it's fun to play with. But it was not very good at cleaning the keyboard. I do not know how big the gap between the keys on the have but on my keyboard (test 4) that reaches the... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean

written by Jossan, 06/12/10

For a good price you get a good product that does its job! Worth every penny!

Cyber ​​Clean

written by Leko, 08/12/10

Much promised and none of it is true. Just out the window a waste of money. The only thing disappeared after cleaning with this "miracle cleaner" of the keyboard was dust. All patches, Krümm... Read more

Great product!

written by Mattias, 13/12/10

Cyber ​​Clean, tweaked really work, it got away a lot of dirt, and it was clearly much more fun to play with slime when cleaned than just shake the keyboard, though it's pretty fun it;) I am very ... Read more


written by annkyr, 14/12/10

Funny thing that I did not know I needed. But it works great, is super happy with the product.

Cyber ​​clean

written by Maggan, 18/12/10

Do not think that I understand how to do even though it's so simple. I did not think that either the cell phone or the keyboard looked so much fresher. but we make more effort !!

surprisingly effective

written by Locklyn, 18/12/10

Simple product I often thought that I need but never got the shots to purchase. Most worried I was when I saw how obviously much shit you seem to have in their keyboards. Seen a study from the hospita... Read more

Completely clean keyboard

written by Hanne, 21/12/10

Cyber ​​clean is sublime to remove dust, crumbs, etc.


written by Sarah, 23/12/10

Cyber ​​Clean is super good and can be used for all electrical products, from computer to one's mobile phone. It removes almost all dirty, and that's why I only give it 4 stars out of 5. When ... Read more

clean house

written by DR MUGG, 31/12/10

Works on just about everything, great stuff !!!


written by E, 03/01/11

Works unfortunately not as good as you think map cleaning ... However well as stress ball ;-)

it sucks

written by Mallis, 04/01/11

14-year-old daughter think it sucks. The cell phone was sticky, and you get dry afterwards and it still looked not clean out ...

Really excellent

written by Kristoffer, 07/01/11

Actually works just fine; it's scary so much MOG slime manage to pick up from the keyboard. After mashed around a bit among the keys to really notice how damn unhygienic husband had it.

written by Jonas, 19/01/11

Really excellent for cleaning up the keyboard - it takes with most things without any problem. Unfortunately, it may take a while for the mud to sink down firmly between the keys, even with constant p... Read more

: D

written by Joan, 24/01/11

It works as it should .. then recommended ..: D

Super Cyber ​​Clean

written by Ren, 16/02/11

Take slime blob and roll it over the keyboard on his phone, remote control or computer and then dirt is taken and it leaves no trace or residue. I think it's a really cool product and certainly so... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean keeps its promise

written by , 25/02/11

This really is a splendid invention looks like "Flubber" and society it with little effort phones or Fotoaperate to clean. Here no stain remains and the device looks like new. So super suite... Read more

Super Clean Cyber ​​Clean.

written by Magga, 04/03/11

Cyber ​​Clean could with "Kotzi" Compare (In former times, sometimes called slime). However, it is a little harder, and thus you can access it well. My Lap Top has become very clean and it a... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean

written by, 15/03/11

Keyboard cleaning that may be used for both keyboard, mobile camera and the like. Very fine as it is easy to get crumbs and dirt in between the keys. I am super happy with it! Who would not have clean... Read more


written by Jonna, 30/03/11

I'm very pleased with my cyber clean. It got very dirty after the first use. Did not appear on the keyboard but as cyber clean how much it took.


written by Glenn R., 30/03/11

I am very impressed with the small holes and cracks that Cyber ​​Clean comes down and clean. Now I finally have the chance to clean my keyboard, mobile phone, remote controls and more, which have not ... Read more


written by Katrine, 06/04/11

It works mighty and smells even fairly reliably. However, it can only pick up dust, and can not help if there fell a hair or less crumbs down.

It works

written by Anne Sofle, 21/04/11

It is a very good product, it is effective and fun to work with. Cyber ​​Clean I would like to recommend to others. VH AS

Effective in inaccessible places

written by Fredrik, 23/04/11

Cyber ​​Clean is noticeable that it is particularly effective in places where it is difficult to access. I tested it in the keyboard and where did it effectively up all the dirt accumulated between th... Read more

Works great!

written by Ziggy, 24/06/11

Cyber ​​Clean works perfectly! My computer penetrated well enough to be cleaned down between the keys. Can be recommended!


written by ØL, 12/08/11

Ingenious product. Have tried a lot of things to clean keyboard and everything I've tried has every little bob-bob .. But with CC went this as a game .. removes ALL of shit on your keyboard. No wa... Read more

worth buying

written by , 20/08/11

Cyber ​​CLEEN did clean the keyboard .I thought it was so good so I ordered the five to. I gave one to my son who is very critical and he found it good.


written by , 03/10/11

Well by actual ik huh ska writing, visual ovdrhovedet ik it works properly used on my iPhone 4 and it was ik clean, but then you can always use it as the mucus in the old days as a little entertainmen... Read more

Works fine

written by Line, 18/10/11

Cyber ​​clean works as it should, and is easy to handle.

awesome stuff

written by , 28/10/11

has incredible cleaning power for even with heavy soiling, also still smells interesting and is also still a toy. Can also share and use in smaller amounts, comes in almost every crack, should be deep... Read more

Fun to clean your laptop!

written by , 28/10/11

Much better to clean something is not than this. Being able to play with slime while actually useful - certainly to like. Seems very fine on laptop keyboard and remote controls, at least, that's t... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean

written by guestling, 07/11/11

I tested the Cyber ​​Clean for fun. I started to clean a keyboard that had all sorts of candy lying between the keys. If you want to achieve a good result you should flatten Cyber ​​Clean slime to abo... Read more

Absolutely unbelievable, but true!

written by Ine Therese, 11/11/11

Had to be tried, because I do not believe in sånr, but it actually works! Used it in the keyboard on PC and mobile, and it works! Is absolutely amazing, and takes away all the dirt and dirt between th... Read more


written by SvaNtaS, 15/11/11

Extremely practical product to clean the controls and keyboard! You will of course not at all, but still takes quite a lot.

written by Jeco, 15/11/11

It was above my expectations! really really good and fun way to clean electronics gadgets with! : D However, this only 4 stars because the retired too early. (Comment from my mother, and I quote, &quo... Read more


written by , 03/12/11

The smell of the Cyber ​​Clean has convinced me. It reminded me of the Orbit chewing gum Lemon of time. The Cyber ​​Clean is good in the interstices of the keyboards and convinced me. I only wonder ho... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean

written by , 12/12/11

I ordered home two cyber clean a while ago, one for myself and one for my boyfriend. It felt fresh to use the keyboard and I felt right results! However, my keyboard apparently very full of crumbs and... Read more

This was fun

written by Sissel, 15/12/11

Have used it for keyboard, mouse and remote controls. I notice particular improvement on mice and remotes. Spotlessly clean and free of grease, dirt and grime. The keyboard was probably not so dirty a... Read more

written by , 15/12/11

Very good for cleaning the keyboard, super happy :)

Cyber ​​Clean

written by SunSpring, 19/12/11

It is smaller than first thought, and does not fill the box. In return the useful and perfect to purge keyboard. Rank 4!

Funny slime wad!

written by Silje , 21/12/11

Visual Cyber ​​Clean funka fight fair to both play and clean solution :) smell a bit like smirnoff, but it s the not wrong. Gave the calendar gift for my boyfriend - he thinks it va blast; D

Well ...

written by , 02/01/12

hard to judge when you usually have no opportunity to measure cleanliness after cuberclean use ... It has a certain smell of something sterile, so maybe it actually works ... I do not know - but as to... Read more

Effectively and fascinating!

written by Maiken, 05/01/12

I bought this most "for fun", but ended up being very pleasantly surprised! Not only is it an effective way to clean the keyboard, but it is also very funny and fascinating! The other day I ... Read more

A good thing

written by Anni, 05/01/12

I myself have one and gave my grandmother of 75 in Christmas. when she found out what it was she was very fond of it. and have got the message that she had to have had several years ago .. :-)

Does the job but

written by -Slamp, 06/01/12

Cyber ​​Clean absolutely does the job, but it makes it a little harder than I had hoped for. Was bought primarily to be used on the keyboard, both at home and at work. On the pictures it illustrated t... Read more

Works, but could have been better

written by Minna, 07/01/12

It picks up dirt admittedly, but it germinated fixed slips not really. So it works really well on the partner's bread-crumb-filled keyboards, but less well on my computer, which is only more or le... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean

written by Cathrine, 08/01/12

Kann is not recommended. Smells chemical and does not clean a keyboard

Cool Stuff;)

written by Andy, 09/01/12

It is to finally get awesome times the dirt out of the cracks and fun it was for the recipient, as it prevents also produce funny sounds.

Not enough stickiness

written by SH, 31/01/12

Bought cyber clean to clean keyboards and so on. It was quite loose and it was perfectly easy to press down the keys, but it was not very sticky so you had to keep for a long time and roll and tinkeri... Read more

Seems like it should

written by Michele, 16/02/12

Enough said, it takes the dirt and grime of the keyboard just as it must. The keyboard also works less "fat" after use.

works great

written by Mr. Nobody, 23/02/12

The product makes such as it is advertised. I have an Asus N55SF laptop and found including some dust in the built-in speakers. Mouse PC is also clean now. Only minus is that the product must be repla... Read more


written by Benny Waidtløw, 07/03/12

I was recommended this product to my daughter and must say it is very easy to use and has a good effect

It is good enough.

written by Caroline Levén, 15/03/12

It is well worth the money. It does not get all the dirt on the first try, but it takes part. The question is whether a dish cloth or vacuum cleaner could do the same job. It is also not sufficiently ... Read more

Smart product

written by Jaa, 19/03/12

Smart product to an otherwise difficult cleaning tasks. easier and better it will not clean the keyboard, etc.

Super cool idea meeen

written by Sarah E, 04/04/12

It does its job. But it's a bit long-winded and if you really must be careful sitting mucus stuck in the edges. Bold enough product, but it is not something I spend much of, and it will probably b... Read more


written by Therran, 10/04/12

Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He is pleased. It removes dirt from both the screen on the phone to the keyboard. In addition, it smells pretty good. This product is highly recommended.... Read more

Strong fragrance.

written by Molly L, 15/06/12

Extremely comfortable to hold on to, I got almost feel like (after I cleaned my own keyboard) to call on in somebody next door and ask if they had any keyboard that I could get clean, just wanted to c... Read more


written by Kettner, 06/07/12

The absolute best way to clean the keyboard on! little småkladdigt to keep the lump, but the knowledge that it also cleans your fingers while cleaning the other changes your attitude to it. BTW! I won... Read more


written by MadMa, 23/07/12

The funka insanely good, it felt a little strange when I first used it. Was somehow so sticky, but funka that bugger. Everything was pure! Recommended!

Cyber ​​Clean, real-Clean

written by dajana, 23/07/12

I was försvånad yourself how good it cleaned my tagentbort after having had so much crumbs and dust and a lot of dirt between all tagenter and to sit with a toothpick made matters only worse and did n... Read more

Cyber ​​Clean is a great product

written by Tupu, 02/08/12

Cyber ​​Clen smells effective and it took quite a pile of crumbs from the depths of a keyboard. Really good product. I recommend to all users of the computer, especially if you Näppis otherwise is dif... Read more

Super invention!

written by Elin, 24/08/12

Cyber ​​Clean evokes memories of the old days when we were playing with slime on the tin. It is nasty to the touch, but the world for an effective product! A game with this keyboard produces a result ... Read more

never disappoints

written by √-1, 28/08/12

I have repeatedly bought and bay cyber-clean and I have never been disappointed. It draws well and remove dirt and grime. It can remove all, if it is otherwise dry and free scratched with a needle or ... Read more

good quality

written by ihygum, 05/10/12

Cyber ​​Clean is in a really good size, which is suitable for use for iPad and iPhone and in a nice blue color. The fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch and certainly not too smooth, as some ... Read more

Great product.

written by Ladefoged, 08/10/12

I had long been tired of my tastetur was not properly cleaned with a standard cloth, then searched the web if there was something for just that. Did the Cyber ​​clean as promised well. And should cert... Read more

The product is excellent - BUT

written by Jette Markmann, 29/10/12

To whom it may concern The product is fine, but many do not like to touch it. They think it's disgusting. The problem is also that we use it every day and it comes quickly to look dirty / messy ou... Read more


written by Hanna, 02/11/12

It works exactly as the description says! Removes dirt effectively between the keys and the like. Super good! Have bought a Christmas gift for our annual raffle too;)

cyber clean

written by Andrea, 05/11/12

cyber clean is a fun "contraption". It is good to use because it molds itself to what it used to. It is easy to use, and smells clean, even after multiple use. It is also a good training too... Read more

Finally a racerbra cleaning News

written by Gnuggelignugg, 15/11/12

Why has no chemist previously come to bind cleaning chemicals in the gel? This solves all the previous problems with getting dirt gone from moisture sensitive things. MORE CYBER CLEAN THE BIG PACKS !!... Read more

fun gadget

written by Tammy, 23/11/12

It removed the crumbs and more from keyboards, remote controls, phones, etc. as promised. Smudge takes not deleted. Will ate at newborns spaces! Have a little stronger scent in the beginning, but it b... Read more

very good

written by ik, 10/12/12

Very fine keyboard for example. Taking crumbs and dust very well, but not fingerprints and greasy dirt. That I did not expect either. Ingenious to have it in the car!

good but

written by Cyberrymden till iphone , 11/12/12

Good but not of all time .... I thought that it would be much better. It was slimig in the beginning but after a while it became pretty hard ...

clever thing

written by Charlott, 11/12/12

Very efterängtad thing in our home. Has made clean both keyboard and remote controls, it was a little harder in texture than I had expected, I had to push a little to get it down. It has a pleasant le... Read more

"Cyber ​​Clean"

written by Ullis, 12/12/12

The son is deeply impressed think it was really cool and efficient ...... even mess after Coca Coke seemed to disappear ... :)

Seems like it says

written by Troels Holm, 17/12/12

As I read about cyber clean on cool stuff, there were many who wrote it did not work. But this is nonsense. It works just as well. I clean immediately made my PC, my speakers and my remote. They shone... Read more


written by Suse, 24/12/12

One looks in vain for something bringing dust and crumbs can be removed, with this brilliant stuff goes that easy. We are thrilled, especially shine tapped keyboards like new !!!

Funny gift

written by Luisa, 26/12/12

The Cyber ​​Clean has arrived super, it can do what it promises, but above all it is fun!


written by Naddel, 26/12/12

Funny product that works well. Only dry solid stains can of course not be replaced, but you need to be a damp cloth or similar .. If the ground is dirty, then it is in my opinion not possible to clean... Read more

Love it

written by Charlotte W, 03/01/13

Love how easy it is to remove disgusting dust and shit from the keyboard, the Xbox controller and yes .. That's what I've been trying it on .. And slime brings forth childhood memories! : &#39... Read more


written by Starchild, 14/01/13

Bought this to test the LEGO mocs. Sublime! The hotter, the more liquid. It also uses the fabric cover. Takes absolutely everything :) so, now may even father embark on dust :)

Keeping almost everything it promises.

written by Ole-Morten, 20/02/13

It disinfects and removes loose dirt, but dirt does not remove it ... Crumbs, dust and grease stains from fingers and beverages will be gone! But dirt and grime and stuff that sits slightly will not d... Read more


written by Mumin, 25/02/13

It works fine, but the area is clean is a bit small, a couple of keys at a time only. Contains obviously someone citrusterpen, which is volatile, the room was filled with the scent of lemon and I got ... Read more

Nekelt and effectively

written by Grumbledock, 28/02/13

A really good product, arrived at between the keys on my laptop and was really clean. No problems with sticking keys or can not be pushed down further. Good bonuses that Cyber ​​Clean is biodegradable... Read more

Cyber ​​Clan Mömmö

written by Pappa, 12/03/13

I was initially skeptical but it works surprisingly well. Grandchild cleaned up the laptop keyboard and was very content with expressing the result. I had to buy a child a child of their own. Grandpa.... Read more

Ingenious product?

written by captain clean!, Norway 22/07/13

It is very much possible that removes bacteria, but dirt is left. We see no difference. The only thing we notice is that it smells like soap.! But it is absolutely superb to remove bread crumbs and le... Read more


written by cc, Denmark 12/08/13

It is a good and easy product apart from that it is also fun. We have many animals and it is also super good, to get the hair of clothes with.


written by Silje, Norway 25/08/13

Cyber ​​Clean is my favorite product when it comes to clean the keyboard! It takes in the all the dirt that lies and lurker down keys, and it smells fresh and good as well. The only thing I want to cl... Read more


written by Linda, Sweden 26/08/13

Stuff that is both fun and useful, perfect to give to someone. On its way down between tanjenterna as the promise


written by CN, Sweden 09/10/13

Great to pick up dust and access the things that have come under the keys on the computer. In addition, it's fun to get involved with! Me and my friend sat and took it and had great fun haha. And ... Read more

Stood not to hype

written by BK, Norway 06/12/13

Decent, but was not to hype. Does not so much "shit" from keyboard it claims it will unravel.

Good of dust, but not on the ingrained shit

written by Bengt Bedrup, Sweden 20/12/13

Quickly and efficiently remove dust, but are not as good at it more ingrained. Will not be the most effective between the keys. Works great on the dust of the ports on the computer.


written by Jenny, Sweden 02/01/14

Cyber ​​Clean actually works! Is an active gamer then went loose on both my own and her boyfriend's keyboard and mouse, and they both saw and felt fresher. Will buy more times! Meadow. delivery so... Read more

Yellow blast that cleans

written by Siw-Åse F., Norway 07/01/14

Good way to clean the keyboard on, just hang up and push out the dirt =) Can obviously used omattatte too =)


written by Bitte, Sweden 07/01/14

Good product that works as expected. A plus that it is antiseptic and fresh. Have used it on my mobile and all our boxes to the TV and other technical devices with good results.

Cyber ​​Clean - Future cleaning tools?

written by MoaBe, Sweden 20/01/14

The first thought before I bought this product was of "slime" Stuck, where you're clean, for example, between the key tops. So far, there has not been a problem for me. Easy to take with... Read more

Good as always

written by Åge, Norway 23/01/14

Can not say that I'm a germ free `` freak`` but this product is smart to have people who sit for more than 2-3 hours each day in front of computer. (Gaming or office use). Can of course be used to... Read more

Effective, but not over one

written by Arne, Sweden 03/02/14

This little thing is incredibly effective, but unfortunately not very just over. Therefore, the only four stars. However, ordering some to for the handing over everything I need it and could use it fo... Read more

An excellent article that has much benefit

written by minna, Sweden 10/03/14

This was, I'm really happy with the keyboard is really clean and nice also avoid those nasty germs that easily attach to the keys when many people are using it. Thank you for being distinctive.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by silvana, Germany 27/03/14

super product never would have thought that it is so good and especially it smells very well I would buy again

It served its purpose

written by K. Berger, Germany 06/06/14

Can not beschwehren me. It served its purpose, as you can see clearly to use the mucus.

incredibly good

written by Kmj, Norway 08/09/14

Very good product. acting on whatever removes most of SMUs. very good on keyboards and other things. did not like the one I got was very fluid flows very fast between his fingers almost. Was not as so... Read more

cyber clean very loose

written by kmj, Norway 17/09/14

Just the really good doing a good job but did not like that it is so very loose. Whoever I have tested for it was more permanent but only 5 grams less

Excellent Cool way to make men to clean!

written by Cristina, Norway 03/12/14

I was very impressed by the product. Cleaning of 0, swish. Bought it for my boyfriend as part of Advent Calendar (and partly because it was more bits and bobs in the keyboard of his one at a reuse sto... Read more

Finally clean

written by Gute Idee, Germany 31/12/14

Now that's a good idea to get dirty Tastatuen clean. My is sparkling! However, she was also filthy niht excessively. How would it look like, so I do not know.


written by Ragnhild, Norway 01/01/15

Cyber ​​clean smelled very fresh, and worked very well. Was perhaps a little too sticky to work on.

Clean good!

written by Johanna, Sweden 03/01/15

Incredibly good idea into a product, as it often accumulate a lot of dust and dirt between the keys on the keyboard to the computer. However, the smell was not the best .... But things can endure beca... Read more

Nice :)

written by Evy, Norway 19/01/15

My Mac looks almost new when I use cyber clean! It removes ruskan coming in to keyboard and stuff :) Love it :)


written by Knut, Norway 13/02/15

The product has lived up to expectations. Easy to get to with. Fresh scent without being nauseating. Recommended!

Smart and effective!

written by Terje, Norway 16/02/15

Finally both keys and key intervals clean the PC, as well as remote controls and landline. And it SEEM! Cyber ​​Clean heartily recommend!

Top product

written by Terje Wilhelmsen, Norway 26/02/15

It worked just great very happy with the product worked very well in the car work great for cleaning PC Ipad and mobile printers and keyboards

Works as intended!

written by Kari, Norway 09/03/15

Cool Stuff works - surely want to use before the dirt is far too ingrained. Used it on PC Tastura and landline - both were noticeably better afterwards.

Cyber ​​clean

written by Heidi, Norway 10/03/15

Simply brilliant, recommended virkeligt. Was skeptical when I received it in the mail, but it works absolutely.

Already bought the second time

written by dall, Germany 05/10/15

Cyber ​​Clean is a sharp stuff. I use it mainly to clean my little schäbbig designed laptop keyboard. Man pushing the mucus gently and precisely on top of the key and then shakes a little, so he hits ... Read more


written by s, Sweden 04/01/16

Very good product. Can be used for most of städväg, mobile, keyboard, guitar, remote control, etc., etc.


written by Nikolaj, Denmark 27/02/16

Have used it a few times by now and it has basically taken everything apart from very small things and dog hair that lay below the keyboard.

Very fond of Cyber ​​Clean

written by David, Norway 19/04/16

I've spent Cyber ​​clean for many years, very happy. Clean keyboard and various very good. There are unfortunately not many shops selling Cyber ​​Clean but Cool Stuff is one of the, so they have a... Read more

Ideal for keyboard or as a gift

written by Lumenator, Germany 26/04/16

Cyber ​​Clean has for several years a permanent place on my desk already. One can is enough for about 1-2 years - I use it every 2-3 months - it dries out nothing and there is nothing disgusting! Most... Read more

reasonable effectively

written by CF, Denmark 07/10/16

A reasonably good product that is primarily nice because it's disinfecting and takes care of dust on the edges of the keyboard individual keys.


written by HegeH, Norway 27/10/16

After long having erget me of a dirty laptop keyboard, it has finally become clean. Do not know how much bacteria or such is removed, but the dust and dirt is uhvertfall gone and I do not hide my lapt... Read more

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