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DIY Straws

DIY Straws is one - or more - straws consisting of 40 interchangeable parts that you can shape in the way you want. Want to share your drinks with a friend or drink from several glasses at the same time? No problem!

DIY Straws - DIY Straws
DIY Straws
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What is this?

Gone inventor in you!

written by Rasmus, 14/07/09

Ever since I was little, I looked with envy at chemists in movies on TV with advanced pipe system in which different colored liquids flowing. Now I can build my own and additionally drink from them;) ... Read more

cool drinking straws, however wrong picture on the package

written by dixen, 30/11/09

suck eagles are tough, however, shows on the box that is included an adapter that can send liquid in 4 directions, this is not in the package can also be seen on the back of the box, but this makes it... Read more

Good craft !.

written by Xanna, 30/12/09

The baby brother first saw a little skeptical when she got the box with pipes and other parts, but once they were unpacked and there was no glass with drink on the table was the creativity going. We b... Read more

A fun gift

written by mamman, 03/01/10

Sonnen was satisfied. He was able to fix everything and found several different solutions. There are many parts to keep track of.

The ultimate straw

written by DIY-dude, 15/07/10

I am completely satisfied with the product! * Good quality * Really fun * Many parts * Perfect for different drinks without having to mix the ingredients in the glass Rating: 5/5


written by Bettina alexandra, 13/08/10

I found this was mega cool! it was taken to the tropical like everything else, and had a lot of fun: D

Bought as a reward to the child

written by Bjarke Aagaard Nielsen, 17/12/10

My daughter of 11 years should have a reward, because she was finished using the brace. She was very fond of straw and have been playing a lot with it. Her older sisters would also like to brace. The ... Read more

written by Per V., 31/12/10

Simple toys that allow children and young at heart something to play with. I feared that the collections would be leaky, and there would be a worse mess. But I was wrong! Soft. dense paints / sleeves,... Read more

written by b, 15/02/11

great to look at, makes super on my bar. A real eye-catcher

DIY Straws

written by SunSpring, 21/06/11

They were very cool. The various parts are forkskjellige plastic bags. This makes it easy to care for. The straws are tight and easy to build. But the first few times tasting water (drink drinking) pr... Read more


written by imme, 12/09/11

After two days was peodukterne in my mailbox. go quality.

Fun for Kids

written by Sven, 12/09/11

the kids who have fun while tinkering by various drinking figures had, the only drawback, on the packaging part (4p crossing) is depicted, that's not it.

Rigitg good "toys"

written by Birthe Schmidt, 31/10/11

It was a really good day for my granddaughter 4½ when we built straws. The suction tube was so high that he had to stand on the table and suck up from four glasses. The trick with a little to soak up ... Read more

Perfect gift for young and old

written by Karik, 01/12/11

These straws are brilliant, great to give to kids early in the company or on Christmas morning, they have a little tinkering with rather than bored. It is also the perfect accompaniment to wine or cha... Read more

plastic Odor

written by Maetes, 19/12/11

Funny thing, OK quality material and workmanship. Big minus for strong plastic smell that first allowed himself to remove after three days in Zalo resolution.

After being

written by Ina Kristine, 28/12/11

Simple and insofar cheap fun :) The straws are dense and continuous, plastic taste disappears after a quick rinse. Some get parts if there are more children who will make straws, but fine for one pers... Read more

Mega fun straws

written by Lotte Hyllested, 15/07/12

Our boy of 12 howled in delight :-) and quickly assembled almost all pipes in an indescribable chaos, which seemed :-) smoke good enough something sodas that day and before we reached the curb, he had... Read more

A cool straws

written by Johanne, 26/11/12

I have just got an incredibly cool straws in the mail from coolstuff. It is incredibly tough. They go on and build their own straw. And it is sick many parts. I built a giant long straw and I did not ... Read more

Crazy good service!

written by Alexander Brännström, 25/12/12

Ordered to my smallest brother and because I live in another city sent it directly to him and when it came up missing three parts. But my father had just email and explain how things were, and two day... Read more


written by palver, 01/01/13

It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave, it brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. It brought joy to my niece, who was in julergave. ... Read more

Some Mess with these.

written by Anita, 26/03/13

These straws were just spills and curling off. They were a little fun, but for a job washing. Was removed quickly.


written by Regine, Germany 07/02/14

Have these crazy straws given my 7 year old grandson u. He had a great fun with it! Has immediately started a pipeline to build two drinks with a compound mixed etc. In the summer certainly meaningful... Read more

fun entertainment

written by DesCant, Denmark 17/04/14

Fun idea for the kids and you can not help yourself having to build some beautiful and incredible constructions. One who drinks several glasses at the same time to blend the flavors, or two drinking f... Read more

fun Christmas gift

written by Katten, Sweden 01/12/14

Have bought these kinds of straw before to my brother (24 years) who had them to the beer ...;) he thought they were helroliga, so he wanted more. They where very popular at home party, so they work e... Read more

Very fine

written by Pernille , Denmark 24/02/15

Really good toy for the little engineer. My son loves the toy. There are many options.

DIY Straws

written by karin, Germany 04/05/15

The straws are super arrived at my Enkel.Er has immediately begun to build different versions and testen.Super reward gift for good grades.

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