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Darth Vader Bathrobe

The attractive Darth Vader robe is made of 100% polyester and is an official Star Wars product. Therefore there is no risk of Boba Fett or a legion of Stormtroopers charging into your apartment and accusing you of having a pirated robe.

Darth Vader Bathrobe - Darth Vader Bathrobe
Darth Vader Bathrobe
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Darth Vader Bathrobe - Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 38-41
Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 38-41
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Darth Vader Bathrobe - Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 42-45
Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 42-45
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Robe for your dark side.

written by Vrik, 24/05/11

Beautiful, spacious and great bathrobe reminiscent of Palpatine's clothing in The Empire Strikes Back. Long, wide sleeves, generous in all dimensions except maybe the length, but it's not ever... Read more

About bathrobe

written by Mathias, 25/05/11

The robe is the robe over par. Is it again after a bit exaggerated night light sensitive, easily draws you look at the large hood in the face and is good. Since everything is cut loose on the jacket, ... Read more


written by Nightfae, 26/05/11

The bathrobe is recommended by cutting her especially for big people, the robes look and wide sleeves, too little can be pushed together. Qualitatively I would have liked something heavy and thicker t... Read more

clock Fair

written by sandrower, 08/08/11

Really good product, sjyst fabric, large and comfortable, you can sit on the couch and stare at a roll without feeling chilled to the bones :) The Force is strong in this one!

Darth Vader Bathrobe

written by Deatha, 15/08/11

Seen jacket, ordered (and 10 € cheaper than usual on the net), total fixed shipping! The jacket is super soft, is top handles and was packed 1a. Even to the delivery was made on account! Small downer ... Read more

I have a new favorite garment ..

written by Beva, 16/08/11

Got home my robe today, and I am completely in love with it already! It is abundant in most dimensions can imagine. It is very large in width, almost ridiculously wide sleeves and a deep hood. The len... Read more

gives power

written by King Fisher, 31/10/11

So now I'm the star in the sauna. The best places to be vacated in my favor when I enter the rest room. I considered the purchase of a laser sword to expel stubborn contemporaries, but that is not... Read more

Star Wars bathrobe review

written by BluGadgets, 31/10/11

Although the Jedi / Darth Vader bathrobe could be a little cheaper, you get a well-made, licensed Star Wars bathrobe for his money. Especially in the Jedi variant looks very authentic and is similar t... Read more


written by nicodemus, 02/11/11

Very lavish, super comfortable. Everyone who tried it here at home just have to buy too!

May the Force be with you, young Padawan!

written by rehfant, 07/11/11

Likewise, I had imagined the bathrobe. Is intended as a gift and I already know that these are the best gift of all is.

Cool and cozy

written by Kettner, 22/12/11

Was pleasantly surprised at how cool it was. Would fit perfectly in an amateur video in which to imitate Palpatine. And the size is really oversized. You have to be really big in stature so as not to ... Read more

genuinely convenient

written by JM, 26/12/11

I'm quite tall (188 cm) and has been in this robe found the first that feels long, something I appreciate with bathrobes. It is not a full-length on me but almost down to the ankles. Maybe you cou... Read more

written by starlight, 29/12/11

Good product, funny has been well received. Very nice gift

Sith son loved!

written by Tim D. Morand, 29/12/11

Authenticity (official Lucasfilm) and quality is very important to me! It's just a big bathrobe with Imperialist embroidery. A great gift idea, and ensures conversation piece! It is not cheap, but... Read more

pure pleasure

written by , 30/12/11

The bathrobe is nice and soft and fortunately (despite unit size) can also be worn for very tall people. Even a pregnancy belly fits purely ;-).


written by Sith, 01/01/12

Extremely pleased with the product.

The slackening day after Christmas and New Year .. Perfect

written by Glimos, 02/01/12

Bought this for myself and two friends for Christmas. Extremely comfortable and content heat well. Which pulls down slightly is well that I have a little tiny body construction areas; I am 170 tall an... Read more

A must!!!

written by Marion, 02/01/12

I had bought the robe as a Christmas gift for a man. This is a self-confessed Star Wars fan and the joy was visibly large. The robe comes out very well. It fits every man between 180 and 200 cm tall a... Read more

Too long

written by Nevermind, 03/01/12

The robe is beautiful and super soft to wear, but it seems he is much too long. For little people he is therefore not very suitable! But I miss not would like him anyway because his purpose he met oth... Read more


written by Andrearth Plagueis, 04/01/12

The jacket is in short dufte. Five stars, more is not so. The choice to order the mantle of the dark side, found it very easy, because me the Jedi variant is more reminiscent of a rain cape from a Cam... Read more

A requirement for any Star Wars fan

written by Zombie_Owl, 04/01/12

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. A HUGE success! He is a huge Star Wars fan and fairing fell definitely in good soil. It is spacious, but fits him still fine (A size M in blouses) The mat... Read more

Raw bathrobe!

written by Tommy, 05/01/12

This dressing gown is completely raw! Possibly most of us who are big Star Wars fans. Looking at the not hesitate!

cool bathrobe

written by PumaOnline, 05/01/12

The boyfriend really loved dressing gown and thought it was very cool. I appreciate, however, not all the fluff I have to vacuum up where he has gone even though we've tried to wash and tumble dry... Read more


written by Mads, 07/01/12

Gift for my brother, he uses it every day. Big enough for real men too :)


written by Sara, 09/01/12

Perfect Christmas gift for my brother! Has its own self, it is a bit big for me (has 38-40) but who cares? :) Very nice quality!

Super bathrobe

written by Eva Haberland, 10/01/12

Great quality and incredibly comfortable - the perfect gift! Super fast delivery!

written by JH, 10/01/12

Big hit for a Star Wars geek! One piece. girlfriend is happy. The quality is fine, and the length is perfect, and it warms super good!

Good fit and thinner substance

written by Paul Kuhn, 17/01/12

Beautiful fit (am 1,83 m tall), beautiful color. Hood and wide sleeves are the highlight. The material is adequate, but should be a little thicker; Unfortunately, the embroidery curl after the first w... Read more

written by Christel, 19/01/12

Beautiful robe, which certainly lives up to the description. My only complaint is that velouren well could be a little better quality - it is not particularly close. But in all, a really nice and good... Read more

recommended for Star Wars fans

written by LaLila, 19/01/12

The robe is a real fun for Star Wars fans. He is big and comfortable and just a fun alternative to normal bathrobe. The only downer: The terry cloth could be thicker and fluffier at this price.

Too cool!

written by Katrine, 20/01/12

My boyfriend had long enjoyed look at Darth Vader bathrobe, and I think it would be a great gift ... ... and I was right! Usually gowns be a bit grandpa-ish, but this one is fun and bold and the man l... Read more

Good product

written by Thorsten Rother, 23/01/12

I as a Star Wars fan'm thrilled with the bathrobe. he has survived his first test sauna. The material is not thick and therefore particularly suitable for those sauna visits. Who is on the over-le... Read more

Delicious bathrobe

written by Lt. Raziel, 24/01/12

Mega cozy bathrobe. Only thing I could find in my size that goes under my knees. And Empire logo are just only a plus ^^

Top product

written by RED, 31/01/12

impeccable quality, LOGO is embroidered not ironed or flaked. I am very pleased.

Darth Vader Bathrobe

written by Lover, 07/02/12

cool rock, the hood was a disappointment, not big enough, you notice some lint from his coat on the floor, hair, etc. but it sure is cozy and comfortable. hood had been bigger it would have been perfe... Read more

Great Wardrobe ...

written by Zaitsev Jr., 20/02/12

Having seen the Jedi version in beige and brown, this one is awesome black. Quality is great, looks great, feels great. Good job. :)

delicious bathrobe

written by Giveren, 21/02/12

Birthday boy was very happy - and proud! Hard to find a bathrobe that is long enough for a man of 198 cm.

Darth Vader Bathrobe - cult !!!

written by natter, 29/02/12

One thing first: 100 percent there to never. For this product, I'm at about 90%, and these are my worth five stars. What makes the points deduction? Initially the product fluff still striking and ... Read more

Nice as hell ...

written by Tommy, 05/03/12

have searched a large morning coat long because it is so-called plus size ... and damn it is as big as currently ..... I'm 192 cm and about 120 boilers and there is room for half the woman oxå ...... Read more


written by HATEMSTER, 06/03/12

I've finally found the ultimate dressing gown, has been looking and searching anything similar for a long time .. It is cool, comfortable, tough and cocky as hell .. robe is my fave garments at ho... Read more


written by Nobel, 14/03/12

Great robes. Soft and delicious, nice long. Only two negative things: The sleeves are very long and the strap is very low. I am 178 cm and have normal arm length robe After all, definitely recommended... Read more

Join the dark side, it's very comfortable

written by Alexander Reumert, 28/03/12

Lovely robes, soft, warm, spacious, stylish fabrics. I can not say other than that I've got it out of it as I wanted. Lovely!

morning mys

written by Peter, 09/04/12

Large, hot on the go. unfortunately it was a tear in the back that old lady discovered after a couple of days, but nothing that I fought for. Fast deliveries

"Fair Trade"

written by K.F., 05/07/12

I needed a gift for my son, and chose this gown. With the above headline allow me to judge the whole experience, ordering, purchase and delivery of one comb. I have nothing, and reiterates absolutely ... Read more


written by Johnsen, 13/07/12

This was death cool, incredibly comfortable and very .. yes. Cool. Absolutely worth every penny. Awesome!

A suitable gift for a child even for a large

written by tupu, 19/08/12

A properly fitting gift to son for more than 30 years, is Jola everything. The last child a gift. In fact, he is now becoming a father, so of play time is over. But when the Star Ward fanittaja olsui ... Read more


written by Niklas, 27/09/12

Awesome comfortable bathrobe that is how roomy anywhere. It is slightly shorter than I thought from the image, possibly so, it contracted slightly when I washed / dryer tumbled it but it reaches still... Read more

Soft and cozy!

written by Quid, 14/11/12

Morning coat is soft, cozy, large and spacious even for me carrying around a few extra pounds. My length ~ 170cm also seems to be perfect for his coat when it hangs just above the floor when I wear it... Read more

Recommended ..

written by LilleMy, 03/12/12

Morning cover is soft and delicious, are highly recommended, very popular gift for Star Wars fans ..

Long and spacious

written by sax, 24/12/12

Not much star wars over it (except imperial logo), but good if you are just looking for a great beautiful robe. Large drops to your feet if you are 187 long and it has a big hood. Hard to find a cheap... Read more

Asskön bathrobe.

written by Sophia, 26/12/12

Asgrym, Cool quality and good size. I is 1.67 tall and my brother who is closer to 1.88, both could have it even if it might put more on him. It was great for me was the only positive I think.


written by Kirkenhoffer, 31/12/12

I hadde Jedi version before but it burst at the seams all the time so I guess the quality of this is about the same. But except for that, it's the most wonderful dressing gown I have ever owned.


written by M, 01/01/13

Best Christmas present for my son became robe from Coolstuff. He utilizes the hour. Very soft and comfortable it was.

awesome relay

written by Micke, 08/01/13

just a great product fan and comfortable, not osais to live without it anymore and fun candy box collector, I got stuff quickly and vaivatomasti .Olen very satisfied, thank you

darthvader robes

written by henny, 04/02/13

ææælsker my dressing gown - correspond to the description and to my expectations. as usual, the delivery function quickly and precisely

Come to the dark side of the Force

written by Lelli, 07/02/13

Super Bathrobe my son finds him great. And after 1x Wash at 40 ° C, it also does not moult. He falls nicely from far. I have heard from the carrier only positive comments. He also does not color in th... Read more

the mightiest empire of the sauna jacket

written by Ommik, 11/02/13

The dark side of the softest and warmest fabric. A picture is worth a thousand words:

a big grin

written by Tirk, 14/02/13

Bought this for my brother. He refuses to take it off again ... Good quality if somewhat short on a 195cm guy. Should be washed before you give it away, the person will probably not want to take it of... Read more

Digg slåbrokk

written by Darth David, 19/02/13

Good quality, easy and just not too big to me (is 1.76). If your girlfriend is not impressed by you sitting in this front PC then you have the wrong woman!

really good value for money

written by Claes Larsen, 19/02/13

I use the bathrobe almost every day and is fully satisfied with the product as it retains heat well and it is possible to relax with this form-made carpet

Fiiine dressing gown

written by Rune, 25/02/13

Fits well, although I am a little over average large. (1.90, 110 kg). Comfortable, stylish, seems okay anguish silent. I should mention something negative, the sleeves are a little too wide, so the ru... Read more

slightly large

written by The big girl, 28/02/13

I am a little girl in height and a big girl in width. Is 166cm high (approximately) and uses a size 48 in pants and L-XL in t-shits and I think it is great. It can reach about one-half revolutions aro... Read more

Large and good

written by Road, 22/03/13

Finally a product that fits us even a little longer, is quite long and broad-shouldered, and most of what is done is so damned small, it's really nice to finally come across a product that also su... Read more

good & warm bathrobe

written by annika, 25/03/13

Please bathrobe, warm and dries quickly. the only small negative is that if you're a little clammy using bathrobes so the skin is a moment full of little black dots, myself, although not interfere... Read more

I'm your father

written by Pau, 29/03/13

Fast delivery, product description corresponded well. Bathrobe user is satisfied and the kids jealous. Ear Store!


written by Darth Raven, 09/04/13

Stylish and comfortable bathrobe absolutely wonderful on those chilly evenings. Really big hood on me, which I really liked was that Emperor Palpatine hood. This works well on us girls too. In short, ... Read more


written by krull, Norway 18/04/13

The type was certainly incredibly happy. It is long enough for a guy at 188cm and comfortable to wear, even when coming straight out of the shower :)

I love it.

written by Nemesis, Norway 25/04/13

It's really digg and fluffy AND has a hood in case you want to hide a jalla-shower / tomorrow tract. I use it every day, when I have just gotten up and not bear dressed me before I've made cof... Read more

Better than expected

written by Ralf, Germany 30/04/13

Some reviews had me confused regarding the Fusselproblems. Property me then nevertheless decided to buy and I have to say it was the right decision. The jacket is luxuriously and cultish. Yes, looking... Read more

cool bathrobe

written by bjorkis, Sweden 02/05/13

Tore open the package when it arrived. And I every did not disappoint. The suit me even though I'm bigger model of the stomach. Sitting cannon is really cozy. If one can use the word cozy in a rev... Read more

Clearly satisfied.

written by joonsson, Sweden 31/05/13

Just what I expected. It's big, soft, comfortable and stylish. Combined with a lightsaber is perfect.

Empire kylpypäivä

written by atte, Finland 18/07/13

Darth Vader bathrobe was fine. Order and delivery was quick and straight forward. I can recommend this.

Birthday gift

written by Arja, Finland 19/08/13

My husband wanted this my birthday and was pleasantly surprised when you opened the package. It is liked bathrobe! :) For everyday behavior brings nykyää is.

It is both warm and great

written by Frederik, Denmark 03/09/13

Important that it came to the time when it should be used for a wedding ... And it did! The fairing is after one-size fit all quite large, but if you like to swim in a bathrobe on the cold mornings an... Read more


written by Ullis, Sweden 16/12/13

Absolutely perfect! Spacious and stylish crap! Buy it, you will not be disappointed! The fabric was vigorously and very good quality, I am very pleasantly surprised. Good price for good quality!

Darth Vader robes

written by Mary-Ann, Denmark 30/12/13

Darth Vader bathrobe is worth the money! The quality is delicious, and the bathrobe is a real "tuck in" thing. However, it is a bit inconvenient with the big sleeves, the sleeves are long. W... Read more


written by duracelpupu, Finland 30/12/13

a couple of times he had to wash apart from that there is no longer a black lint left ,, otherwise quite a high-quality feel to it 3/5

Big in size

written by Dottie, Sweden 01/01/14

It is very large in size so it would probably fit more Large and up. My partner is S / M so it was Patok too big for him. However, it is cozy materials, lovely large hood and pockets. Would absolutely... Read more

Nice bathrobe.

written by Torhin, Norway 06/02/14

Bathrobes are Kjempefin. It is ideal for tall people because of the length. The only thing I have to say on it is that I was disappointed that the material was different Jedi robe. I expected that thi... Read more

Bathrobe dark side

written by Matti, Finland 03/03/14

Free toiletries are gorgeous and comfortable to the touch material. The only minus comes the practicality of the wide sleeves. Are undeniably handsome, but get in the way almost all hand-making. I do ... Read more


written by Ipe, Finland 04/03/14

Material Synthetic always be something which has no absorbency. Size really a big bathrobe.

Now we have cookies!

written by Sinned, Sweden 09/03/14

Great hot. When considering the big arms and you have more respect for the dark side that fails to get tangled up in them. Cozy hood, good fit. The quality does not feel super durable, but should work... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Peter Spange, Denmark 13/03/14

A super pleasure to patronize bathrobe is really bold, soft and comfortable to wear :) It's a bit long, but very little! Thank you for the super service!

Soft as clouds in Cloud City

written by Hans, Denmark 09/04/14

This both robe / robes not only makes the snooze time watching TV what more cozy, but it is also soft as Anakin-bum. A good advice is enough to be a little aware of the (very) wide sleeves around the ... Read more

The Force is strong with this one!

written by Christian V, Denmark 01/05/14

It feels nice and is plenty big, even on a big guy like me. It came soon after the order was placed and the service has been top notch. And last, but certainly most importantly: you feel like a galact... Read more

Fine bathrobe

written by J, Sweden 19/06/14

When I picked up the package at the post office so I thought it must be wrong delivery, when the package was so easy to be a bathrobe. But it sure was right:) ... And the robe is incredibly comfortabl... Read more

Nothing less than amazing!

written by Martin, Denmark 09/11/14

It is the best gift I've ever given myself! It is super comfortable to wear, and use it every day if I can get to it. Cool fabrics and beautiful soft. Highly recommended! :)


written by Anders, Denmark 20/11/14

The fairing is wonderfully comfortable, and can easily be used as dressing up for Halloween and the like. The gear-like Imperial insignia is not done in good quality - the seams which it is composed i... Read more

He LOVES it !! : D

written by Tiina, Denmark 30/12/14

It has a good size although it is a one size. And the man loves it. It is nice and warm and it's also quite nice :)

I really felt the Force

written by Tyttöystävä, Finland 01/01/15

I bought my boyfriend a Christmas present Dart Vader bathrobe. The material was charged in relation to a really good, I said style. Appears sustainable and is also suitable for further man (192cm).

Star Wars bathrobe

written by Arne, Germany 01/01/15

If as described clean, packaged, arrived on time! ! My son loves his new Star Wars bathrobe.


written by Lacrima, Germany 06/01/15

The bathrobe was one of the Christmas gifts for my friend who was thrilled about it! He wears a bathrobe almost only when he is at home. The coat does not moult and even if one slips in the bath robe ... Read more

cool bathrobe

written by Brita svensson, Sweden 14/02/15

It is the nicest robe I ever had

soft and comfortable

written by Ande, Sweden 19/03/15

Very nice bath / dressing gown. Personally have not noticed much lint on the floor of the: P Can be difficult to prepare the food with it on when the arms are quite big;)

Dressing gown with feather!

written by Nisse, Sweden 14/12/15

Have had this a couple of years now and it is quite ok. Size wise it is absolutely perfect and I like the fit. The only negative is that the material is free cloth slightly insane. This even after sev... Read more

Beautiful, stylish and tough

written by Åsa, Sweden 25/12/15

Perfect Christmas gift for my 13 year old who loves Star Wars and lives his life in a bathrobe. But this is not a Darth Vader bathrobe, I have been taught. It is Emperor Palpatine who is dressed as. I... Read more


written by Mette, Denmark 26/12/15

Super fast delivery and great product. It is good quality and they have a wide selection. Very good service.

dude bathrobe

written by R, Finland 01/01/16

Pleasant material, warm and a good size. Minus the fact that the bathrobe the inside of lint comes off. The hood plus.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bathrobe

written by Susanna, Sweden 04/01/16

Big in size, fit enough most. Soft and comfortable in quality, have not tried washing it yet but guess it pretty much fluff. It became a very popular Christmas gift for Star Wars fanatic home. :)

bathrobe Star Wars

written by joana, Sweden 06/01/16

Really nice bathrobe. Soft, cozy and very good price. Recommended for Star Wars fans. Solution to a cool gift.

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