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Don't Break The Bottle

Lock your wine bottle in this puzzle consisting of wood and string and give it as a gift! Everything comes to a halt while the host struggles to get the ball through the hole so that she can move the wooden plate upwards to release the string and let through the wooden block which ...

Don't Break The Bottle - Don't Break The Bottle
Don't Break The Bottle
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What is this?

40-year gift

written by moster, 20/06/09

It took a while before I solved the assembly of the bottle puzzle, mounting description could be a little clearer. Otherwise, it was a fun thing to give away and appreciated to get ...


written by Antartica, 22/06/09

Very good way to make a rather boring gift like a wine bottle is often something helfestligt. Can be used for both regular wine bottles but also slightly longer liquor bottles. what I know, my poor fr... Read more

Perfect gift for the elderly with leksinnet left!

written by Sebastian, 18/07/09

This must have been one of the most appreciated gifts I ever gave anyone, we had so much fun any time to solve the puzzle and it involved all the partygoers ^^ Highly recommended when the puzzle is ne... Read more

Estimated gift

written by , 20/07/09

Appreciated gift that attracted many laughs. However, a bit difficult to interpret instructions.

clever but cruel fun

written by caroline, 20/07/09

Was a bit tricky to put together the evening before but with instructions that it went pretty well. The description is very extensively described. To think of is to make a knot in the cord that holds ... Read more

Fun puzzle!

written by mk, 10/08/09

We bought it to his son as a gift and had fun Puzzla into the bottle. Lucky that the wine can store! It employed many of the party and is not open yet! Great fun thing!


written by Britt-Inger, 11/08/09

We gave it away as a gift, and it was very appreciated by the party and the object of all the guests who asked where we had got hold of it. it was a little awkward to get in place the first time, but ... Read more


written by Svängbjörn, 12/08/09

very tricky. took 3 days to get tangled up.

Fun going-away gift

written by Cicci, 14/08/09

Fun and tricky thing which can be used again and again. Funny as going-away gift, instead of just the classic bottle of wine ...


written by veronika, 14/09/09

What to buy for someone who has everything? Then had coolstuff answer. We bought a Dont Break The Bottle was of high quality and that was our expectation. We bought a bottle of wine and mounted. And s... Read more

The instructions

written by Julia, 23/11/09

The gadget is great. But the instructions could have been better. Very small pictures, could have been larger. But it's the only thing I have to object and therefore got this gadget 4 out of 5.

Ingenious and funny!

written by Maria, 03/12/09

First you get a challenge when to put in the bottle, then the recipient will receive a fun surprise. Very tricky.

written by jossan, 08/12/09

was a perfect Christmas gift for Dad who likes to get involved. a bit tricky to put together the images of the instruction was a little too small and indistinct, but it went

fun headaches

written by Pelle, 10/12/09

Much appreciated puzzle. Also suitable for whiskey bottles and other varieties. The cord is adjustable neck holder where there is a knot on the inside so the size does not mean anything for once. Nice... Read more

A success

written by jim, 21/12/09

There is plenty about a week after he got it, and he still has not received it, we still have as much fun when we see him sitting there and trying to get it up.

funny thing

written by Veronica, 21/12/09

Very fun gift, but a little difficult instructions on how to put it together. But with much cunning and a little patience you can. :)

Great Christmas gift!

written by RC1293, 21/12/09

I bought this as a Christmas present for my father. He is not so fond of wine, but it was good to put down a bottle of whiskey in it too, you just had to shorten the rope little else went there to lif... Read more

Great success!

written by Johnman, 21/12/09

This was spot on. Stylish design and the smell of wood when I opened the package, I learned very fast solution with the description and tore the bad quickly after I learned it. Was intended as a gift ... Read more

Defective product

written by , 23/12/09

Got home a defective puzzle when I ordered this thing, but delivery was very quick and painless. The hole should be on the "cap" to the bottle does not exist, all the "cap" is soli... Read more

written by , 24/12/09

Fun grej- but we did not fix to assemble it! The instruction should be made more tylig!


written by varian, 25/12/09

A really fun thing, created headaches on Christmas Eve, many laughs before the issue was resolved. One thing that's fun to give away with a bottle of wine instead of just one bag. Will order one t... Read more

guessing game

written by Strohhalm, 25/12/09

This is as a Party Pass really super .For us the men were inspired by ambition, because the solution has found a woman very quickly. So if you like solving puzzles, it is recommended!

Funny going away gift

written by Arne, 26/12/09

A fun gift go away and of course you put the bottle in it before giving it away. Amused young and old alike even the youngest was less interested in the bottle. A very robust construction and very aff... Read more

As described

written by Zethraeus, 28/12/09

At first I was a little worried that it would be too easy because he got it is a really Tips & tricks buff. But it was not as easy as I thought. Really ingenious. An extra pluss was the quality of... Read more


written by Emelie, 28/12/09

Perfect gift to the wine lover. Really neat design that enhances the appearance of a dull wine bottle. The band that holds the puzzle to the bottle is long, so it can adjust to both small and large (l... Read more

top doller

written by k.b.hejlesen, 28/12/09

I've only had good experiences with the purchase of cool stuff. certainly will not complain too because if you submit ordering a little early in the day so you have them usually the crew day. so t... Read more

Don't break the bottle

written by Lena, 28/12/09

Fun thing. Easy to assemble. For easy to take apart, if the person is good at ingenious devices!


written by Sickan, 29/12/09

An absolutely fun gift for someone who has everything, and who also like to have a glass of wine sometime sometimes. Since we gave it away as a present we do not know if they managed to fix the puzzle... Read more

Fun, but not impossible!

written by Anonym, 30/12/09

Giving this as a gift along with a wine bottle. You may attach a separate knot to the bottle should remain firmly fixed - but it was very easy. It went well to follow the instructions to lock the bott... Read more


written by Caz, 01/01/10

Gave away this kind to friends and imagine my surprise and delight when after two weeks begged that I would give them the solution (maintained course it yourself!) Even more fun was that I was actuall... Read more

Clever tricky!

written by Alma, 01/01/10

Very funny and good !!!

There you go

written by Åsa, 02/01/10

Funny thing, but the rope was not properly attached to the upper part so I had to glue and cook before the present could be handed over.

Dont`Break The Bottle

written by B.J, 02/01/10

Very trvlig and fun thing that interested many. Since we are locked into a bottle of fine whiskey in this.

provides tastefully intryk

written by joasia, 02/01/10

Together with a nice bottle of wine, a variety that can be stored is a super nice present.

festival highlight

written by edla, 03/01/10

Don't break the bottle, was a very fun gift that drew all eyes to him! It was, however, solve a little too easy.

written by M, 04/01/10

Fantastic fun gift for the party. More difficult than you might think! About the society during times they solve the puzzle drink alcoholic beverages, it may take a very long time to solve ... Minus p... Read more


written by , 04/01/10

Helfestligt gadget. Perfect for the tricky ..

Horribly (ot) fun

written by krossaren?, 04/01/10

was almost as much fun to figure on the bottle to see the recipients try to figure it up, Christmas, and now 11 days after Christmas are still unopened (perhaps time to give the instruction manual, ha... Read more

written by Jette Madsen, 04/01/10

Awesome host / hostess gift that awakens joy. Brilliant! Highly recommended.


written by Andras, 04/01/10

Previous reviews were right ang. fast delivery. And the product was a huge success. Truly a great Christmas gift or birthday present! / a

written by Tina, 04/01/10

An absolutely wonderful gadget that works to give as accurate all times. The line was too long for a standard wine bottle (IAF on the one I ordered) so be sure to buy a bottle that is long enough.

The top gift!

written by Frida, 04/01/10

Was really good Christmas present for my parents who have everything. However, it became a problem only to find a bottle that was long so it was not possible to cheat. But there is, just measure it fi... Read more

Excellent gift !!

written by Sussan, 04/01/10

Gave my husband a whiskey bottle stuck in this, and he had to work looong time to get it loose. Very fun gift !!!

Very interesting products

written by p20k09, 05/01/10

Products purchased at Cool Stuff meet all my expectations and the descriptions are very interesting and have been accepted as gifts happy.

"Do not Break The Bottle"

written by Kennet, 05/01/10

Very nice gift. Solid and well made. Easy to adapt to different bottles. Best of all: Really ingenious! Can highly recommended!

Dont break the bottle

written by Anja, 05/01/10

It was a popular present some became frustrated when they could not solve the problem but on the other hand, the other funny about it =) - Less is that I myself was a little frustrated when I would pu... Read more

cannon Gadget

written by Belåten, 05/01/10

Great fun to be definitely held on to power in-law to the madness of Christmas. Nice finish, ingenious - and worth every penny (especially when I think of father-expletives on Christmas Day, before th... Read more

Challenges also for the klurige

written by Ann-Sofie, 07/01/10

I bought this for my sister, along with a fine wine for Christmas. I was afraid that she would solve it a little too quickly, as she is talented and like sånna these puzzling things. But it is still u... Read more

Don't break the bottle

written by lfh, 11/01/10

Nice gift, which was appreciated. It gives a little extra tip to the wine bottle as a gift.

written by , 12/01/10

Great product, great to have that "gift". However, inept description of how it is handled mm. AND, at the request no thereon to the so-called customer service to have the answer to an order ... Read more

Do not Break The Bottle

written by Molle, 13/01/10

Very tricky thing. One must keep in awhile to access the wine bottle at the dinner party, or the party. Once they've given up, you can run the solution out of his pocket. recommended +++++++++

Fun July ....

written by johnny, 14/01/10

... It was with this product that occupied most of the evening, it took three days before anyone solved it ..

funny thing

written by Trötter, 02/02/10

Though I gave it away, and a plugged vinare birthday present to a person that I usually hang out with every 10 years. So I do not know if it was (will be?) Tricky for him to get up the puzzle. The ins... Read more

"Do not Break The Bottle"

written by AO, 03/02/10

Nice ornament, creating headaches, good workmanship, very nice to give away as gifts simple and clean.

written by , 09/02/10

A different kind of gift to give bort.Bara one has time to dissolve all the knots

Perfect dinner gift

written by Faister, 11/02/10

Relatively easy to install, one tip is to check the knot in "cap" before so the length fits the bottle. Fun gift for a wine lover. It's been a week, they have not solved the mystery yet ... Read more


written by , 20/03/10

Completely useless description of how to put together this thing. The film shows not a bit better. What fun to give away something that can not be put together.

fun gift

written by anonym, 01/04/10

I bought this product as a present to my father two weeks ago. He still has not managed to open it. Once he has managed to solve the "puzzle", it will not be a debris object either, but it f... Read more

Fun gift!

written by Hasse, 23/04/10

We bought three pieces of "Do not break the bottle" to be presented (with a bottle)! and they were a success. On each occasion, all the guests sitting with a good moment to try to figure out... Read more

Brilliant gift idea for him to have everything :-)

written by Sus, 21/06/10

In short, a brilliant gift idea for the man who has everything and who never want anything :-) Incidentally distinguished service with overnight delivery.

Super gift idea

written by Katja, 02/07/10

... Is a prima Geschenk..schon alone is assemble a challenge (which I failed bin..hab's then left my husband) ;-)

Cool pastime!

written by Grannen, 06/07/10

Violent thing that was appreciated gift for the hosts. Occupied us even in the small hours when we tried to get back "lock" again ...

Clock Fair in double-vintage !! :))

written by AM, 29/07/10

First, give it away "puzzle" as a birthday present. Then you can give the description of julklapp..haha! The description was ok but had to take the help of the little video here to complete.... Read more

"Do not break your brain"

written by Alex, 30/07/10

Very fun and appreciated gift for my mother; She had to sit and fuss good long before it happened something, despite my clues. Once you know how to do it is a fairly simple puzzle, but if you do not h... Read more

A sensation!

written by Lisu74, 05/08/10

I am very pleased with this product. Incredibly nice, tricky and fun! It led to many laughs. Fine woods and felt luxurious to give away. A real "cool cool"! Even Super fast delivery!

It perks up the bottle

written by Redhead63, 13/08/10

A very lovely and popular thing to put around the bottle you want to give away to make it a little roligare..Jag have used it both to wine and whiskey (measuring flask)

Simply Super.

written by , 04/09/10

The order arrived on time and in einwandreiem state. Very satisfied. Gladly again.

* * The wing Sore

written by SvartePetter, 04/10/10

This cool puzzle called "Do not Break The Bottle" was an absolutely great gift for a 60+ are! Bought two pieces so the next will also be a good gift. Would highly recommend this funny thing.... Read more

50th birthday

written by berit, 05/10/10

Hey! This product was highly appreciated !!! A tricky teh a very fun element at the party!

Fun going-away gift

written by AP, 08/10/10

A bit different and fun wrapping standardgåbortpresenten. Something that kept the hosts and other guests busy for a while. :-) However, had problems with the ropes were too loosely tied so that it was... Read more

Perfect gift!

written by Nina, 30/10/10

This was fighting tough and totally hærlig as a gift for someone who has everything!

Perfect = -D

written by Toloneus*, 05/11/10

I bought the "bottle holder" to a mathematician / ölfantast. So I gave it a birthday present .. It's been a week and he still has his beer locked ^^ It worked perfectly to lock in the be... Read more

written by marie , 10/11/10

can only say that good a gift for him who has everything and loves wine

Do not break the bottle

written by Fredrik, 19/11/10

It was almost as difficult to build up that I would think that it is dismantled. Thought the instruction was a bit illogical otherwise there is nothing to complain about.

Vink Luring

written by Marjana, 22/11/10

Good quality! Much appreciated!

Wine Bottle Puzzle

written by Bjørn, 25/11/10

Excellent gift idea in sturdy and robust design.


written by fega, 27/11/10

Very appreciated gift, moderately difficult to resolve.

written by MiaZee, 01/12/10

Really fun but make sure the bottle is not too small (gave it away along with a liquor bottle that was anything less than a wine bottle). However, much appreciated.


written by , 04/12/10

Gave it as a present for my partner along with a wine bottle. It was no problem at all for me to put it together with the description. I had to shorten the cord a little so that the bottle would fit, ... Read more

Best housewarming gift

written by Faister , 06/12/10

How fun anytime and difficult to solve. The couple had spent the weekend with a weekend to try to solve it. They finally gave up and accepted it as a nice interior detail instead. The wine stands and ... Read more

written by Jossan, 06/12/10

Clever and funny,

written by Olga, 14/12/10

Very popular at the party when it broke the ice between strangers :)

Don't break the bottle

written by Maggan, 18/12/10

A super thing !! It was a true pleasure to give away a wine bottle with this invention on. There was a moment's niggling spirit before we develop the solution. Guaranteed success. I have ordered t... Read more

Kanon Tough !!

written by Susanne, 20/12/10

It was a bit of a hassle to wrap the bottle in the "do not break the bottle," but after I found out that one could only shorten the rope in the cap, it became much easier! I had to try me a ... Read more

Anti opener

written by Elin, 20/12/10

The perfect Christmas gift, bought a whiskey bottle which fitted perfectly and gave it away to my brother. But the instructions retained as a Christmas present for next year if he does not get it up b... Read more

really fun thing + stylish wine rack!

written by Fredde, 20/12/10

fun and ingenious gift / Christmas gift that can be purchased at all! I bought it in the Father's Day gift in dad o the right real fun o see he was struggling with it. It took a while before he o ... Read more

Don't Break The Bottle

written by Peter, 20/12/10

It was a bit tricky to fix everything so the bottle was locked but in the end it was rigged. Fun Christmas gift that takes a while to figure uy and you can enjoy the wine.

Really fun thing

written by Daniel, 21/12/10

It also works with other types of bottles. You may need to shorten the rope a little but it's very easy (a knot on the inside of the cap moves down).

fun gift

written by Björn, 21/12/10

Properly built, except that it could accompany the extra base plates for bottles in other sizes.

Brilliantly annoying!

written by Shandi, 21/12/10

Super way to get an otherwise dull wine bottle to be both a fun and super annoying gift. Very pleased with the design of the product =)


written by Oy, 23/12/10

It's perfect - However, even a little challenging to get on the bottle; o)


written by Leila, 23/12/10

Fun gift for thirsty people. Especially when one must struggle to get out the bottle. Followers good laugh and great annoyance for those who fail "knot"

Cool combo gift

written by , 24/12/10

Gift for pal who likes puzzles. Combining with a bottle of ikke child-friendly content made "knock" even better!


written by Noralf, 26/12/10

It looks at first glance very vanskli out and Open site plan, but if someone isisterer to unravel it runs fine. It looks pretty good.

I might have two break the bottle ....

written by Sara, 27/12/10

Absolutely amazing! My dad is crazy about that kind of thing, but every time I give him something like this, so he solves it very quickly. He is still going on with this, and nowhere at the moment !!!... Read more

funny thing

written by , 27/12/10

Fun way to give a wine bottle. Went well to assemble.

great product

written by Villy Christiansen, 28/12/10

Good gift for playful adults. We used it as a Christmas gift and it took almost all the attention from the other gifts.

crazy grandma

written by Rickard, 28/12/10

Gave this with a bottle of vintage wine to Grandma for Christmas. She has not yet received it and are really mad at me now, which of course is damn good! I had to put some cardboard in the bottom of t... Read more

funny Christmas

written by Micke, 28/12/10

This kit + a bottle of wine and you have a perfect Christmas gift. Was appreciated. The product was what I expected.

Employment for the whole family

written by Gabi, 28/12/10

Do not break the bottle I bought for my brother for Christmas. The whole extended family had gathered for Christmas dinner, has tried it; during the afternoon, it has not managed to figure out the bot... Read more

The whiskey was difficult to open

written by Nella, 28/12/10

Bought a bottle of whiskey to the man of the house for Christmas, and I have rarely had such a fun Christmas Eve! My husband was extremely close to go get the scissors to cut the cord! :-D In the end,... Read more

super funny-great gift

written by mani, 28/12/10

A wonderful gift for people who like to wrinkle or even for some who like to overestimate their own times ... the user can manja supply later in utter despair :)

Don't break the bottle

written by Anki, 29/12/10

Cannon Funny gadget to give to someone as a Christmas gift or present! A little tricky to get together, but it was the end!


written by Emelie, 29/12/10

Really fun thing! Popular gift! Easy to assemble. The line was a little too far so the bottle that I bought was going to take, but to cut the rope (and burn the end) was no problem. Good if you want t... Read more

Christmas gift with a little twist!

written by Ramin, 29/12/10

A really good gift for Christmas, housewarming and birthday. In addition to this you must purchase a wine bottle. Tie a knot and see how the long- term it takes the recipient to solve the "puzzle... Read more

Coolest vintillbehöret

written by Gabbe, 30/12/10

Really cool puzzle, gave it a Christmas present and offered $ 100 if he did it would be able to solve it in 20 minutes but it seems quite awkward if you do not know how to do it. Great fun thing anywa... Read more

good gift idea

written by Jan O, 30/12/10

The product looked fine on the website. The exciting thing is always how it appears "live" when you receive it. Therefore, it was great to find that it lived up fully to expectations. It is ... Read more

Amazingly jest

written by vbp, 30/12/10

Bought two pieces like this vinpussel Christmas. It was incredibly appreciated Christmas presents! Can the asking! Just be sure to lock in a really good bottle of wine :)

Appreciated gift!

written by Martin, 30/12/10

Bought two pieces to give a wine bottle in each. It became a very appreciated gift. The whole party sat down and tried to get up knåpet which barely cope despite some guidance. Simple instructions wer... Read more

incredibly appreciated - by övr.gäster ...

written by myrakel, 30/12/10

Excellent gift for those who already have everything! much laughter from NS. guests.

Best juklappen

written by Fia, 31/12/10

A great Christmas gift that I used a bottle of whiskey. The hunt for the golden drops underway fortrarande because I kept puzzles instruction itself :) The puzzle is not easy and requires a lot of tho... Read more

written by Malin, 31/12/10

Gave it away for Christmas and every much appreciated by all! Not just the one that got it! Can the asking!

Kanonbra gift!

written by Macke64, 03/01/11

Bought a "don't break the bottle" to my sister and her husband for Christmas with accompanying wine bottle (obviously assembled and without instructions). At first glance, they realized ... Read more


written by Victor, 04/01/11

My father got this for Christmas and it filled its purpose well. He sat for a while every day for a week, finally, he got up and was glad there were in the good wine :)

perfect Christmas gift for Christmas game

written by steven, 04/01/11

Very clever product and fine design! Nothing to complain about the perfect Christmas present and birthday present! Fun for everyone who is present would try to open it! REK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Break The Bottle

written by Amy, 05/01/11

Bought them for my sonhustruar for Christmas, they were not the solution, did not have that yet either, have not managed to open the Ann. It was appreciated, only problem was that it could be lifted o... Read more

Awesome good gift

written by Jocke, 05/01/11

A very appreciated gift. Did exactly what it was supposed to do, ie created a greater need for a lösnong. * Took me about 10 minutes to assemble with the help of the instruction that came with it. * H... Read more

written by Annika, 06/01/11

Best gift instead of a dull flower. I promise to make it so the party gets an exciting början..Ingen can drop it without wanting to solve to bring up the "Do not break the bottle&q... Read more


written by Skj, 06/01/11

Do not break the bottle is a safe time waster for cozy gatherings. It is fun and entertaining. I have given them away as gifts and they were received with enthusiasm. Thank you to the committee with s... Read more

written by , 06/01/11

very nice part makes, optically like much and I had some trouble to create the part. was interessan that my mother (absolute anti technician) has freed the bottle in a very short time, just not the wa... Read more

Quality with fast delivery!

written by Richard Lindahl, 07/01/11

Ordered the few days before Christmas and got it before. The delivery was quick and the package was very well wrapped in plastic. Very good quality "do not break the bottle" that can be reus... Read more

fun case

written by Sigbjørn, 07/01/11

Having already been tried it out in the "field" and it was a big hit. Highly recommended both for someone who has everything, and the one that might be a little smarter.


written by Passeye, 07/01/11

I put in a whiskey bottle in the puzzle instead of a wine bottle, Dad was happy at first but then he had to work a long time to get out the bottle.

Funny gift recommended

written by Jocke, 08/01/11

Bought this as a Christmas present for my dad. Was very pleased. It took him about 1 hour to solve. For people who like tricks o niggling this is a very fun gift. The delivery was fast and good.

Very clever and elegant

written by Daniel, 08/01/11

The rating 4/5 because it is only a puzzle that surrounds a bottle, it had been built wine opener or similar so maybe it would have a 5a. But I am absolutely thrilled with it, a perfect little "e... Read more

Once again thanks :-)

written by ROL, 13/01/11

Thank you for another satisfactory product supplied. I've only had good experiences with this company, 1000 thank you for it :-) mvh ROL

For long string = S

written by Toffie, 15/01/11

Me and my partner bought this for my partner's wine-loving mother. When we would mount the bottle in the puzzle we discovered that the line was too long so we shortened it down a little by hitting... Read more

Don`t break the bottle

written by Hilde, 25/01/11

If you want to create a little headache and frustration as this thing. The experience is many hours of entertainment. So close, yet so distant. Puzzles are not to be despised. Enjoyable to give away t... Read more

Very funny gift

written by Silvia, 27/01/11

Hi, I Copt gift for a man who turned 40 and he was so happy, everyone would try it.


written by tota00, 14/02/11

Cannon Quality! Very stylish and good solid wood! Just great good in severity to solve (almost impossible if you do not know ...) The easiest way to mount and dismount is if you visit YouTube on the w... Read more

Very good

written by Egil Dommersnes, 18/02/11

Do not have løysningen, the fight is difficult.


written by Le, 22/02/11

Ingenious and beautiful wine holder. Just remember that the string attached to the cork is a bit far so you may need to stop there anything that you can not pull off.

...... bottle

written by Eivor, 24/02/11

It was the second time I bought ..... bottle "as a gift to one who has everything, appreciated gift, but I do not know why they have not received it yet. But .... I buy it enough again when the o... Read more

written by , 28/02/11

Funny thing! Fun to assemble and to give away.


written by cgiertz, 07/03/11

Traded this as a gift for a 40 year old. Much appreciated by everyone at the party! It took a while to meander into the bottle in all stages, but once it was stuck so sat on really solid. However, it ... Read more


written by Tezzan82, 14/03/11

Really fast delivery! Impressed! I tested the product before I gave it away and it is right almost to the point eh somewhat tricky to open it up to put in the right bottle to give away .. I have not h... Read more

Fun and different!

written by Lena, 20/03/11

Bought several that are good to have on the "stock" because it is a fun surprise and snackis to bring on dinners!

really cool

written by die Bia, 22/03/11

A really cool gimmick. Can I recommend anyone looking looking into another packaging for a bottle of wine. Gift came really well with my boss !!

The perfect gift!

written by Claes., 24/03/11

To give away a bottle finwiskey in the 29-anniversary gift is always nice, but if you give away a finwiskey locked in a marvelous puzzle of rope and living materials have been friends for life. -If So... Read more

cannon Gift

written by Svärmor, 13/04/11

Bought the gift for a 40 year old, who likes whiskey. Instead of wine bottle we locked into a whiskey bottle. The success was total. We are very pleased with both the execution and timely delivery.


written by Matton, 28/04/11

Be the first afraid it might be too easy to solve. But it was spot !, held birthday old man busy in the hours before knåpet was solved. And there was a great deal of it, the whole evening trying to so... Read more

Just as expected

written by Moi, 20/05/11

It was just as expected. Really good! No figured out how to get it without seeing how it was done, and the people became obsessed with it. You can probably get tie the knot to get the cord completely ... Read more

Cruel graduation gift!

written by sponza, 19/06/11

gave a friend a bottle of "absolute vodka" in the "Do not Break The Bottle" when he graduated and can only report that there were many who arrived and tried to figure it out! very ... Read more


written by Sofia-lill, 23/06/11

A good laugh furthers the life's length. It took two people 40 minutes of uninterrupted cursing and tangled before they finally managed to get the gift. We others who watched the set course and la... Read more


written by Vinälskare, 28/06/11

They trapped the wine bottles was really popular at a farewell. Solid execution, thus no "Smack". I received several inquiries about where I bought the "puzzles", also from the sta... Read more

Good spice on a vingave

written by Søren, 18/07/11

Fun and severe nursing job in quality fabrics, which provides entertainment for the whole company and whistles an otherwise slightly dull vingave up. Furthermore, there are "two gifts in a" ... Read more

succse at feast

written by Ann, 20/07/11

Bought two pieces. One for my 30 year old son's birthday, the other had Buddy on his 61 birthday. We had fun when we could wrap up the bottles. A little trickery on niggling, but delightfully fun.... Read more

written by , 25/07/11

Power true sense a lot of fun when man tries to apply the thing so Become evt. Again purchase.

written by , 25/07/11

Power true sense a lot of fun when man tries to apply the thing so Become evt. Again purchase.

to one that has everything

written by manne, 01/08/11

bought an expensive bottle of wine and put it in a gatgets of cool stuff ... very popular, frustrating and I do not know if the bottle is still there !!! fun

written by Gea, 08/08/11

I bought a standard wine bottle, yet it went to the puzzle of the "little willingness". I had wished that the cord had been a little shorter so that they could not take it without solving th... Read more

great fun

written by , 09/08/11

I can to play himself say there is definitely the first half hour gerettet.Netter pastime and it's fun to watch it, as people rack their brains. Well, if you have the manual or know how it works. ... Read more


written by Andersson, 19/08/11

Took a while before the receiver got off his bottle out of the nasty puzzle grip. Now it feels plötligt ok to give away a vinare again.

tricky but not as sustainable

written by gofo, 15/09/11

Hann only use it once at a dinner. do not know if the wood was bad but it cracked and broke in one of the parts that you work with to solve the problem.

Do not Break The Bottle-Puzzle

written by Katrin Möller, 28/09/11

The game has arrived super. At the party were for a long time all busy and we had a great mood. Three it wanted to buy the same.


written by U. Lucas, 05/11/11

The puzzle was a gift and is now great.


written by dick, 16/11/11

bought it to a colleague who turned 50 at the weekend. He likes to sit and work with puzzles, that he had a whiskey in the bargain they made the whole thing just better for him. there he took a about ... Read more


written by Jakob Hjaltason, 17/11/11

The gift was fantastic. There was a lot of fun out of it so it can certainly be recommended.

challenge for even the wisest

written by kari yderstræde, 28/11/11

Don't breake the bottle, is simply a great invention. My son sat messing with the job for over an hour, and had to abandon his enterprise and his comment was: who it is bored so that you can find ... Read more

I love these funny gifts

written by grethe aakjær, 06/12/11

hey have test driven it and we have amused us tremendously now we are pleased to see them pack the skafotlignende object out. the friendliest greetings and Merry Christmas

written by Y, 10/12/11

This is the successful gift for our boss. The threading is zeimlich simply with the description that Zurückfädeln is for those who get it but a real food for thought! I'm looking forward now to th... Read more

Funny married two dealer.

written by Eva, 12/12/11

The "do not break the bottle" was a funny married two dealer. The party was entertained for quite a while with trying to 'get in there'.

Perfect for the person who has everything!

written by Katt, 13/12/11

I gave this with a bottle of good wine inside to my father who has everything! The rest of the family enjoyed a long while watching him struggle terribly to get it up. Something he either failed = P I... Read more

Very funny

written by Maya, 14/12/11

60åringen liked the gift, I also. Several of the guests asked where we had bought this and they think it was fun and imagine burstagsbarnet should have fancy a bottle of wine and could this without cu... Read more

written by , 16/12/11

fun idea, but it is not suitable for wine bottles! There is so much space that you can take out the bottle and open the "Code"


written by tqila, 19/12/11

this was really good. bought a bottle of Amarone and put in this, however, was the line too far, which I did not notice until I was stuck everywhere, so had to take it all back and tie on the line in ... Read more

Great Christmas gift!

written by Linda, 20/12/11

Bought three "Do not Break The Bottle" products, and it must be the funniest Christmas gift I've ever bought! can not wait to see my grandfather expressed when the wine bott... Read more

successful gift

written by Shemesan, 22/12/11

Great job, when donee, Great idea and great gift

written by L, 22/12/11

Had hoped that this would be better and you really had to think a bit to get it off. However, the ropes were so slack that it could only be tilted right of the top of the bottle. Was very disappointed... Read more

Looks very good

written by Mikael, 23/12/11

The stand actually looks quite good and can stand in the shelf with bottle without spoiling. The stand can be easily customized bottles of different heights, so you can not take out short bottles with... Read more

Very funny

written by Joe Cool, 23/12/11

A great gift, I can only recommend :-) Looks very elegant and fun

funny gift

written by Anders, 26/12/11

Funny gift that is nice to give away, relatively simple yet enjoyable than a single wine bottle

Fantastic frustration!

written by Tania, 26/12/11

I gave this a Christmas present for my mom and dad, and they did not really understand what this was before I put it together and asked them to solve the puzzle! There was a lot of frustration in the ... Read more

written by Kristine, 27/12/11

It was fight tough. Regret not at all that I bought it. :)

Have fun

written by Old Mary, 27/12/11

The gift was a great success, we have to "liberate" a good laugh about the futile efforts of the recipient, the wine bottle. That worked until the assembly instructions "backwards"... Read more

super as gift for wine drinker

written by , 27/12/11

I have in-laws don`t break the bottle for my who like to drink even a bottle of wine purchased for Christmas and must say that it has arrived with great enthusiasm. on the same night to several relate... Read more

written by Nøtteknekker'n, 28/12/11

Very funny. Easy to put on, incredibly difficult to solve. Many hours of fun with this.

cool case

written by Øyvind, 28/12/11

Funny thing that always strikes depends on party

written by , 28/12/11

The product was starting fun, but did not work in practice. The wine bottle was too low and we have to build up inside the box. Anyway managed receiver lifting the lid so that it was not necessary to ... Read more

It's a winner

written by Arne, 29/12/11

Hello Was very pleased with the "Do not Break The Bottle". Two receivers struggled, one bit, the other veeery much. Slightly pull down the cord is a little too stretchy, very possible to pus... Read more


written by Dead Meat, 02/01/12

I bought 2 pieces "Do not Break The Bottle" as a fun gimmick on two bottles of wine I would give as a gift, and both recipients liked the idea. In one there was a contest to see who managed ... Read more

Fun gift with entertainment value!

written by Mon, 02/01/12

I gave this as a gift attached to a wine bottle, and it was a hit! I followed the instructions carefully when I put it together, and recipient of the gift did not get instructions at once, so they got... Read more


written by tatjana, 02/01/12

"Do not Break The Bottle-Puzzle" is super gift. I have "Do not Break The Bottle-Puzzle" for christmas bought for my brother in law. All were thrilled. Great!!!

Good employment!

written by Annimaus, 03/01/12

This is really a great game and nich easy to solve but the really busy every young or old. Great idea!!


written by Thorbjørn Bro, 03/01/12

It works really well, but do be sure you buy the right bottle! ... Bought a bottle that was too short: /

written by , 04/01/12

It arrived super and took a lot of fun and annoy ...

`` Don`t Break The Bottle``

written by vivianne, 06/01/12

Hello bought two Don`t break the bottle one for my husband for Christmas and one for my uncle in the 70 years of the gift. Both of them each had a whiskey and thought it was really fun thing would com... Read more

Great Christmas gift!

written by Siggypop, 06/01/12

It was just like I thought it would be, and if not as difficult to solve as it was difficult! I gave away one for Christmas, and all who sat in the living room HAD try. Very cool stuff!


written by Gyrid, 09/01/12

The gift that fits perfectly when a bottle of wine is not correct enough, but one does not know what else you can buy .. My parents were seated throughout the evening and work on the puzzle, and has s... Read more


written by Malin, 29/02/12

What a cool thing! A much appreciated gift to give away. No one had seen anything like it before and everyone was curious how it would be resolved. Will be ordering another one.

Görbra =)

written by knäckehäxan, 08/03/12

Fun, tricky thing ...... perfa for birthdays, weddings etc. Fun to fill the bottle with any other premium content and sealing of this puzzle =)

good gift

written by törstig, 03/04/12

Think this was very funny, gave it to my sisters would have pre-party, but they had not been able to open it. We'll figure still !!

Want wine ??????

written by GOTHIA, 20/04/12

Certainly a top gift with a bottle of wine, fun for a 50 to have a taste evening. Fun for more; o)

Perfect for those who hate puzzles

written by Kimpa, 29/05/12

Bought it for my grandmother who absolutely can not put a puzzle and it was exactly the desired effect!

clever thing

written by Fatsy, 21/06/12

Much appreciated gift to one who has "everything". The whole party had great fun with figuring out how it would be resolved so that the man came to the coveted wine bottle.

PERFECT gift idea

written by Camilla, 29/06/12

The gifts are super! Instead of just giving a bottle of red wine does one party more fun by adding this "Do not breake the bottle." It got MANY praise when I give it. The only thing is proba... Read more


written by knut, 03/07/12

Very funny thing. Relatively hard to solve. I ordered two and got different rope. That one was a bit raw and quickly became slipshod using. recommended


written by Aa, 04/07/12

It was a fun thing to give when you go away. Have left "instruction" at home. So pass them not to get up so they can contact me. Hi Hi

Dont break the bottle

written by Leilo, 10/07/12

A very affordable product / gift for a tricky person who has everything. It took a while before the person came to a solution. A perfect gift and much appreciated. Solid construction with a fine wood.... Read more

Inventive and fun!

written by Carro, 11/07/12

A very good gift to give to someone you do not feel so good, and of course also to those you know. A good wine fits always presented but with this as wrapping will be icing on the cake. There were sev... Read more


written by Monica, 14/07/12

VERY fast delivery. However, it is reasonable hopeless when to give it as a gift on Sunday and get it the day before and it does not follow with manual !!