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Drinking Straw Glasses

Let drinking become fun. Consume any liquid through a festive glasses straw. Naturally.

Drinking Straw Glasses - Drinking Straw Glasses
Drinking Straw Glasses
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What is this?

written by Tina Stevns, 22/06/09

Super service from your side. I had 9 birthday with 10 boys. All the boy was henrygte and not least because they could get them home - so they live up to all our expectations

drinking glasses

written by lena wulf, 05/10/09

Was appreciated as a gift for a guy who turned 10 years, thought they were a fun element at the party.

Best gift for kids 4-8 years

written by mimmi, 28/10/09

Best gift to take on kids. Affordable and different!


written by Lisa, 06/11/09

These will be gifts for my småkusiner at 4 and 7 years respectively. They will love them, consists precisely of what they paid to be. Good description of the cool stuff. :) However, I think it was a b... Read more

written by Chelle, 09/11/09

A very ingenious invention that makes smile on many people's lips.

Very funny!

written by Brieman, 15/12/09

It's a good party starts ... But it's hard to take shots with them ...


written by Emma, 16/12/09

Bought a pair for myself and a couple of the brother of 7years to get for Christmas. Did they corresponded well with the description, and they are really fun. Partyhöjare!

funny glass

written by Kirstine Knudsen, 28/12/09

It's no fun glass which act as ordinary glass, also can eat them after. A fun gift for the wild shots-drink with a sweet tooth (: The glass must be transported carefully, for they break in the col... Read more

written by "Drinking Glasses"-Verschenker, 30/12/09

At Christmas this Drinking Glasses donated by me to a Freuding that seemed initially suspicious about this strange-looking glasses. After briefly explaining the operation, this had to be tested immedi... Read more


written by Frida, 02/01/10

my 6-year-old cousin was a fun gadget but a little difficult o get to sit on. but he had fun with them for a while anyway.

Great straw fun!

written by marie, 05/01/10

It looks absolutely wonderful wacky when you drink something!


written by eva, 15/09/10

a super gift for a party! the glasses arrived the bomb! also for children a great gift idea! I am very pleased


written by Johanna, 26/09/10

Straw glasses were a fun thing but all drank out of them tasted very much plas!


written by hallojlinnea, 29/11/10

Really funny "drinking glasses", perfect to give as a gift or why not buy a pair for yourself and friends coming to the party! Suitable for small children as well as adolescents. A fun party... Read more

Super funny!

written by pinky, 17/12/10

I have the spectacle of course immediately tried the firecracker! one notices right as the liquid passes the eye and my opponent could barely keep from laughing! But be careful, you swallowed easily :... Read more

Totaler fun

written by Magic Martin, 27/12/10

The "Drinking Glasses" are a hit. A great gag for the intake of beverages to really crazy way! Power great fun!


written by Ann-Catrin, 27/12/10

I have the "Drinking Glasses" ordered in the assumption that this will be a super funny gag for Carnival, Parties or funny evenings with friends. And the assumption has been confirmed in any... Read more


written by Sarasala, 31/12/10

I found that those drinking glasses were a little funny joke to my sister who drink basically everything with a straw. Too bad they were difficult to keep in place, leaked if you have not tightened si... Read more


written by Rieke, 03/01/11

As such, the spectacle is really cool and was also an eye on New Years Eve. However, one has easily swallowed, because you have to suck only so long and then when you get tired had it, they built the ... Read more


written by Nicole, 21/11/11

Our Grand have a lot of fun with the drinking glasses. They find it very funny, come the liquid only to the eyes and the mouth. You are missing sometimes annoying ... for the kids, a huge large Gaudi ... Read more

Very funny

written by , 05/12/11

Super-fast delivery, good quality products we ordered. Is very pleased with purchase!

written by , 16/12/11

My son was thrilled.

Dring King glasses

written by Louise500, 30/12/11

A fun gift idea that many will think is cool just when they've got them! My little sister on 4 soon as five years, was ecstatic with them, but after a while they lay just on the shelf and was not ... Read more


written by JENNYPENNY, 28/11/12

I think these glasses were spessielt cool, and they recommended! They are very funny and my vennine liked them very much.

Quick delivery

written by Laila, 04/12/12

Ordered Drinking Glasses with cool stuff like a calendar presents to the children. Fundamentally, a long straw that one must wear like glasses for drinking, fighting popular and fun gift! Decent quali... Read more

fun !!!

written by millan , 08/01/13

Giving them for Christmas. Much appreciated! Did ashäftigt out! Thumbs up! Barna used them to julmust o laugh!


written by Naga, 13/04/13

It was a fast delivery and the item is as described on the page :) It is really a cool stuff and great to have the product :)

Very good!!

written by Eline, Norway 19/09/13

I love your glasses! They are giant bullet. Nothing negative to say :-) Did me just not on the first, but then it came out.

Good for adults and children

written by Evelina, Sweden 25/12/13

Both my 6 year old pretending sister and my friend on 18years appreciated them. Even my father had great joy thereof, for fun, and very affordable!


written by Inas, Sweden 19/06/14

Nothing to say more than that they are durable and works perfectly. Bought for young children and they do not drink those without. :)

Glasses in which the drink passes

written by Luftgitarr, Sweden 23/06/14

Fun thing for kids or the crazy party, easy to install and fun flow of drinking that goes around in the face of his straw to then come to the mouth, rinse them thoroughly after each meal so they last ... Read more


written by Nettan, Sweden 10/07/14

Bought this as a gift to a 7 year old, he was very happy and thought they were fun to drink from.

drinking Glasses

written by bente-50, Norway 18/12/14

Drinking glasses look good, but it's Christmas gifts, so it remains to be seen :-) Perhaps I keep one yourself too! A bit boring that there must be over 100 characters to describe your purchase :-... Read more


written by Smilllan_, Sweden 01/01/15

I think they're really fun

totally raw

written by Camilla, Norway 05/01/15

real cool, loved them. no issues. Funny and have a party. Very happy :-) Good service and quick delivery, oh as it should be !! NO thing to complain about, tiptop happy :-)


written by Nettan, Sweden 27/04/15

Va disappointed that shipping time eh so long o you took away the freight on the next order, that you should have deleted this invoice.

just great !!!

written by Bussi, Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

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