Ducti Duct Tape Wallet

Wallets don't have to be ugly and boring or loud and childish. They can be cool, too. Just like this wallet made from duct tape! A wallet with pride. A wallet you can depend on. A wallet worthy of carrying valuable items.

Ducti Duct Tape Wallet - Ducti Duct Tape Wallet
Ducti Duct Tape Wallet
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Ducti Wallet Hybrid bifold

written by SantamariaTexmex, 22/06/09

A very good wallet for those who do not use out of the really obese notes .. as five hundred patch, because it stands out 1-2 centimeters above the wallet that I discovered the other day. Otherwise, i... Read more

written by Anne, 21/12/09

A bit disappointed to only the outside was of duct tape, but it is fun and of good quality. Good service and fast delivery.

silver dollar purse

written by amria, 28/12/09

negative with this wallet is that there is smth zipped compartment for small change!

Adequate replacement!

written by Axel, 31/12/09

I definitely think this product is an adequate substitute for a regular wallet. Unless otherwise perfect icebreaker, "have you seen like expensive duct tape sometime."

Ducti Wallet

written by B, 06/01/10

This wallet is good in so many ways! It is water resistant, takes no more space than a regular wallet, is durable, and very good to boast of coils with. Negative is that currency unions are relatively... Read more


written by skåningen, 02/06/10

bought ducti wallet with black stripes ... it's a very cheeky wallet that has a unique look ... handmade silver tape with black lining ... love ... kommmer always keep it ... good size ...

Increased the lead! :)

written by Sebbe, 05/09/10

Does it fit perfectly and if it is the most short-needed course no coin pocket. Seems right durable too :)

perfect ++++

written by Arne Sjøholm, 13/09/10

Beautiful purse ++++ fast delivery ++++

Very good buy!

written by Tore, 25/10/10

It does not take all sorts of space in your pocket, but has, however, room for the most part. And just to make everything much better then it is made from duct tape! Fantastic! Really liked that it ca... Read more

Stylish Shit!

written by Agnieszka, 03/12/10

My partner was really in need of a new wallet are super happy with this! His old was so broken so it was repaired with duct tape but fell apart anyways :) This liked a lot!

The ultimate geek purse!

written by Bitten, 06/12/10

Simply the perfect gift for a man who is either geek or do-it-yourself-like. The purse is of really good quality and fits neatly into any pocket. I have the impression that it can handle a bit of ever... Read more

Good and fast delivery

written by Rosita, 20/12/10

Bought purse for my girlfriend for Christmas. and were extremely pleased with the price and quality. it is really cool. and hear two overlapping pieces for when it becomes worn. bought production thro... Read more

All well and good, but .... where I do my coins go?!?!

written by Niraneth, 27/12/10

So it is smart yes, the wallet. There is even an extra tape with it, just in case should seize what :). Everything is fine. Until I opened the wallet. It is NOT coin available! As I previously only kn... Read more


written by Jacqueslin, 09/03/11

Hi I bought this purse for my girlfriend (17 years) and he was very fond of it. Super fun thought (:

Gaffa purse which smells of duct!

written by Simon Larsen, 16/03/11

duct tape wallet I received in the mail about 2dage to order, the perfect passport form in the back pocket, it fits your hand and give positive attention, with a humorous approach. however, the scrotu... Read more

Good quality

written by Magnus, 21/03/11

It's really bad quality of this wallet. You feel when you hold in that it will last. Of course, only time can determine that. The only downside is that it is a bit difficult to stop down notes in ... Read more

written by Christian, 16/05/11

I am very pleased with the product I purchased, and it did not take so long before I got my item :) I'm happy and satisfied to act on CoolStudd so far :)

written by Andreas, 27/07/11

A small, sleek and durable wallet. The only thing missing is a small coin pocket.

Duct tape

written by Laura, 12/10/11

A perfect gift for the duct tape-loving, and (he thinks) handy man, he who believes that everything can be mended with duct tape. Or, as he says, "it is not going to fix with duct tape simply can... Read more


written by Ulla, 23/12/11

fun idea

Ducti Wallet

written by MLA, 26/12/11

Toppenfin product, the only bad thing is that there is no coin pocket, but in today's society is mostly used cards so it is not a major problem.

tough wallet

written by Mari, 10/01/12

Very tough and originel, no leather quality right, but will do just fine as a present for her boyfriend / kill his friend. And it came with an extra piece of tape just in case you need to cook it was ... Read more

Good purse.

written by Willmarstµ, 20/02/12

Ducti scrotum is good and suits my needs. - A fun, good things that belonged to was a strip of the same kind of tape as the scrotum, which can be cut to etc, if your wallet is broken, ie you can patch... Read more

Excelent purse

written by MachineMaster, 18/06/12

I bought the purse with the two black stripes and was soon along with some other things. The purse is only Duct tape outside and are imitation leather inside. Unfortunately no room tilsmåmynter for sh... Read more


written by Eva, 20/06/12

Bought it as a gift to my partner when he turned. The wallet was big and nice. Great place for banknotes and compartments for driving license. However, I would like it to be more compartments for card... Read more

Cool wallet!

written by Janous, 18/08/12

Hard to find good budget, I think. Most are far too common and similar in many ways. Watched Coolstuff a routine and found ducti, a different wallet. Who also was looking! Have Anant it in a few weeks... Read more


written by us, 14/01/13

I think it would have been good with a coin pocket with zipper otherwise I'm pleased it looks great :)

Really cruel wallet

written by Ronny, 25/03/13

Went from a broken 'Bad Motherfucker' to this. And I'm very happy! Same cleana up. 2 note compartments and a pair of compartments for cards. No nonsense. A plus is that it is something &qu... Read more

Ducti purse - small

written by Dan R., Denmark 28/05/13

Purse made of duct tape. Inside, however, it made what feels like leather. A little shame it is not made of 100% duct, but it's still a fat wallet in fine quality for the price. I plan to get to u... Read more

4 well

written by Lene Michelsen, Denmark 02/01/14

Very smart wallet, modern and stylish duct material. There is no space for coins in the purse.

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