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EasyCAP Video Grabber

EasyCAP is a clever gadget that allows you to digitize your video cassettes. Smoothly transfer your old home videos or bought vhs to dvd or the computer's hard drive!

EasyCAP Video Grabber - EasyCAP Video Grabber
EasyCAP Video Grabber
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What is this?

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Thomas, 18/08/09

Has already brought over 10 pieces 3tim.videoband to DVD in a week and are satisfied with the quality that was on dvd, n, although vhsbanden was somewhat worn. Also, I think the program was easy to un... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Erik Andreasen, 21/08/09

A quick service, a good product, which is just to go to, I would only get hold of a s-video cabel, that it worked, I'm very satisfied with this shop. Erik Andreasen

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Mia, 01/09/09

Super Easy to use, an inexpensive solution that allows you to dub or edit your old footage / video tapes.

written by Puta, 02/09/09

Works perfect but it takes quite a long time from recording to burned DVD

written by Per Møller Jensen, 06/09/09

Everything was just perfect, advertising, ordering, professional packaging, the product without injuries of any kind, nothing was missing, great FLAP .. Sincerely Per Moller Jensen

written by Jonas, 08/09/09

If you plan it can record in very good quality, tar're wrong. When you order, you get the Silver / White.

Very good

written by Tobbe, 09/09/09

Very simple and easy. Image quality is also not possible to complain about. Does exactly what it promises.


written by Mette Bundgaard, 21/09/09

Since I'm not quite as tekninsk brought I should have help to get the sound with too ;-) But when it was running so wild it easily and really cool to have all his old VHS movies onto a computer. G... Read more

written by , 06/10/09

Right intricacies. Taking huge space on HD, so you need an external hard drive if you want to save a standard VHS movie.


written by Marianne, 06/10/09

Have tried it and works fine, so happy I found this device and decent price too. Would highly recommend it

written by , 21/10/09

Works really well to video. We intend to try to Vinyl records too. Hope it works as well.

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Anne, 22/10/09

Lovely. Now I finally got rid of my rickety old VHS tapes. The product is very easy to use and inspires it to further use.

written by Ole, 02/11/09

I am happy with the product and delivery. However, I miss the instructions for using the program itself (the screen). The setup went fine and everything works as it should.

Easy cap video capture

written by sirjhp, 03/11/09

All informed me that it is not impossible since transferring directly from VHS (analog) to the laptop (exctern hard drive) but it works

Easy Cap

written by Ti, 13/11/09

A very good option if you want to put into their old VHS movies on your computer. Very easy to use. The quality is clearly approved given that the films' original quality is not the best.

Very good propyl

written by Torleif, 16/11/09

It has worked perfectly with EasyCAP Video Capture. I have saved several old videos to your computer now :). The only negative was that I think it is not clear on the website that you have to buy a pr... Read more

Where did the manual way?

written by Aarno, 16/11/09

OK, instalationsmanualen were of course, but where did the manual editing program go? Must guess functions. Not so fun.

written by Søren Højbjerre, 23/11/09

I had high hopes for the product. But have to revise my opinion of it is just to do so. dd. I have yet to be able to connect between player and computer. I'm probably need to be ha'fat in tech... Read more

EasyCap works great and is easy to use

written by mankan-pankan, 25/11/09

Must say I was very surprised when I test the widget. It was not only easy to install, except also easy to use and works at a time once you start it up. Plug in any game or application and see everyth... Read more

Simple to use

written by Lasse O, 01/12/09

In the only test used it but my impression so far is that the transfer program is easy to understand. I would only wish that it was possible to get a higher resolution of the DivX file is created.

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Nicolaj Arp, 02/12/09

If you are going to transfer your VHS tapes to my computer? it was my case. I bought EasyCAP Video Capture here with cool stuff and just super happy. supplied with all the cables you need! as well as ... Read more


written by Norrland, 16/12/09

Think it has worked both good and bad. The films take up incredibly much space on your computer and it takes time. But once you get the hang of how to do so, I think the result was surprisingly good. ... Read more

written by , 04/01/10

The product works super fine


written by Guzze, 08/01/10

Small and handy gadget that does its job. The installation is not the easiest thing regarding drivers, this may well be partially blamed on a certain Bill Gates, but shame on giving up.

EasyCap Lättatt use.

written by Johan, 18/01/10

Is very happy with the product. Relatively easy to use. Good results. The outdated takes quite a large place.

Easy Cap Video Capture

written by SA, 22/01/10

Has now run this program one time. Has not the "right" video card, but it will in a few days. This (?) Causes the system to reboot, probably by rendering. Positive: The program seems to be g... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Tomajo, 28/02/10

Works well. You lose only a bit of sharpness when you burn VHS video directly to DVD or put it onto the hard drive from which you can then burn the VHS movie on DVD several times.

written by Thomas Ipsen, 27/04/10

The audio "stutters" as much the product is ubrugligt. Unfortunately.


written by HH, 03/05/10

OK for the price. Not super quality, yet easy to use.

Easy cap video capture

written by jo6123, 03/06/10

A quick expedition, and it works fine. Have some teething problems with the record, but it's my own fault because it just had to be set and started. Must just give me time to fnd manual, but becau... Read more

written by Knud Jørgensen, 23/06/10

It surprises me that you want me to rate and review EasyCAP Video Capture when I know previous inquiries have not been able to get A professional response from the "customer service"! As I p... Read more

handy tool

written by doon, 17/08/10

I'm quite happy with the product. the only thing I'm missing is any type of information regarding the program that you get with, so you do not test their way and maybe save a few hours

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Nulkommanix, 19/08/10

Works great, but it takes a long time.

Video to DV

written by Mats, 13/09/10

One device that works splendidly. Very pleased

I can not figure out how to use it

written by , 27/09/10

The instructions are too difficult and I gave up when I think I'm missing a wire? I am once again confirmed that these materials are for IT geeks and not user-friendly guides for ordinary people, ... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Bjarne Bentzen, 28/09/10

Excellent product - Software and hardware work with the same ease. Fast shipping and good service.

Convert VHS to DVD or hard drive with EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Sollan, 04/10/10

Bought this widget from Cool Stuff. It was very affordable. Many tens cheaper than other I have seen. The product arrived quickly and my son helped me install the software. It was easy, he said, just ... Read more

perfect delivery

written by , 13/10/10

perfect and very fast levering.100% total in order. Best recommendation mvh vibeke

Eazy Cap is Eazy Cap

written by Christina Valente, 16/10/10

There were two three simple keystrokes, I saved the old memories on the computer !! Very satisfied, saves money and time on this little magic gizmo !! Also works with 1.60 GHz processor though it is a... Read more

Works very well

written by kent, 20/10/10

It is unfortunately quite large files (about 12 MB per minute). But work for the rest cleanly. However, beware of the audio input from USB (check box) must be selected each time you start the program ... Read more

I am well pleased

written by Georg, 25/10/10

I bought it to play old video tapes onto the PC to save them for posterity. It works fine. The quality is okay (the old band was not good in advance) and it's easy to use. Overall, this correspond... Read more

EasyCAP works!

written by Kai, 26/10/10

Is very happy with the product and the support

Good product, good price.

written by , 01/11/10

Have tried EasyCAP against several different hårdvaraor, video, DVD. Camcorder, Boxerbox with hd. Everything works clearly satisfactory, especially considering the price of the product. Recommended.

Copy VHS tape to a PC hard drive

written by pensionär, 02/11/10

The adapter is very easy to install on your computer and then just ebkel to connect with my "old" Sony video recorders. What settings to wear for the transfer, video tapes from the early 80s... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by mix, 15/11/10

A little tricky to install the program on your computer. But once I got started, it was quite easy to use product. I was hugely impressed by the sound and picture quality. It will be used extensively,... Read more

Hardware useless - Service to TOP

written by thue123, 16/11/10

I installed a myriad of software updates and tried 4 different video editing software, but I was never solved the problem of choppy sound. I am running Win 7 Cool Stuff has been very helpful and sent ... Read more

Giant Poor quality

written by Andersson, 19/11/10

It does well what it should do, but it's unfortunately really bad quality film. (Sure, it's already very poor quality of VHS movies, but this quality is really lousy). Moreover, it will not wo... Read more

Buy it

written by Michael Wulff, 22/11/10

The product just does not, a waste of money

Works well

written by Olle, 24/11/10

Tested Ezcap with some movies and it works without problems. Run the Win7 64 bit. The only hassle was that at first I did not get the sound of the saved video. It worked out got to go into recording d... Read more

written by , 25/11/10

Works really well to the surveillance camera can run them directly into the laptop now

EasyCap Video Capture

written by Lurch, 29/11/10

The quality of the finished DVD was not what I expected. However, I have not had time to carry over more than a videotape yet. Next time I will try to shorten the length of the clip (= higher quality)... Read more

Sound? What is needed to be able to play on the computer.

written by Peter, 03/12/10

Be the first so glad this little contraption. La a weekend to get the VHS to the computer. There was then no sound ... Did everything - thought I got with audio and burned to DVD. When I tried to play... Read more

written by Pegon, 03/12/10

Quite ok for the cheap money it costs

written by Leo, 06/12/10

It seems to be working as expected, but lacks final testing.

Show Biz DVD 2

written by , 07/12/10

Easy to install Easy to use Less: important file did not exist on the disc. The program did not work without the (USB EMP Audio Device). I had to search for it online and pay extra for it. Help Sectio... Read more

written by Preben, 16/12/10

Super quick operation and the product delivers what it promises Mvh Preben

Simple and easy!

written by Tobbe, 22/12/10

Install, restart your computer and then you just start to rip the old VHS tapes that gathered dust in storage since the beginning ... =)


written by Lise-lotte, 28/12/10

Very good, easy to get over their VHS tapes :)


written by noname, 30/12/10

The product is easy to install and easy to use, empty. my dad (55+) could use EasyCap, and bundled software without problems. We were both pleasantly surprised by the image quality of the end result. ... Read more

Kovertering of VHS

written by Erik Kragelund, 05/01/11

I have 2 laps used this product in the conversion of my old VHS tapes to DVD. At first, the product performed to transfer approximately 5 hours of VHS before it "burned together." I was prom... Read more


written by Susanna, 07/01/11

I let myself be fooled by all the positive reviews here on Coolstuff and ordered home a EasyCap without reading what people on other sites had to say. Once I got it, I was, to put it mildly, disappoin... Read more

difficult to use

written by jose, 10/01/11

no information on the Swedish hard to use a newer version of the window that is not pasar producter or

Simple and easy

written by Roffe, 12/01/11

I started very quickly. Easy to understand. Missed the first that for every new project you have to check in a little box to get with the sound, so the first films I do if. Video editing program was k... Read more

Video Transfer S-VHS camera to DVD

written by RGL, 14/01/11

Easy to install software, no problem storing MPEG files and edit them (bildkvalitéten was good), but the attempt to create DVD as the final step came message: "Can not write record!" - Nothi... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Magnus, 14/01/11

EasyCAP Video Capture is easy to use in the Windows environment. The following disc was quick and good to install and you will quickly begin working with the movies you have. Scart connection was too ... Read more

Just after the book!

written by , 16/01/11

Everything ran like clockwork, and the food was promoting before I had expected it.

written by henning bjerg, 19/01/11

I have hft major problems with ezcap, however, I have been through picture but no sound. but I do hope that everything will succeed for me with time.

EasyCAP Video Capture "

written by , 07/02/11

Must have new PC before I can get used product. Did not have enough hard disk space to be able to post the software.


written by //MG, 09/02/11

The fix it properly, neither more nor less. It is only now, when you've had in your old VHS / home video tapes into your computer you realize what a lousy quality, it really is on them! And it&#39... Read more


written by joey, 10/02/11

The product is easy to hook up, works great, but I miss manual in paper form. (In Norwegian) Recommended. The first VHS cassette is already transferred. :-)


written by ARVID KVAM, 13/02/11

Have ordered this product after saw it advertised in EiT technical magazine. It looked very simple and really look out, so I losing out on the website and ordered it there. Is has pr.dato not been tes... Read more

Easy to use!

written by Bittan, 14/02/11

What a thing, it is easy to install and use. In just a few minutes so I could see my old videos. Even I who do not have too great knowledge in this. Then make a DVD that we could see on television I h... Read more

Not what I thought, I bought

written by Anne-Lise Petersen, 14/02/11

1 or 5 best on the scale? It bought is not what I thought I had bought. I think I had assured me that the equipment was to Windows 7, but it was for XP or Vista. I can not get it to work, but I also d... Read more

EasyCap Video Capture

written by , 18/02/11

Totally smooth working with the program that is easy to navigate. It took me max. Fifteen minutes to set it all up and get started transferring the first videotape to PC.


written by oddhb, 18/02/11

Still have not gotten it to work. Having difficulty to recoup Video from VCR. Cable Transfer I get errors. Is this because of Windows 2007 will try to delete the program and add it again

Very good but a little knotete

written by Geir, 26/02/11

Great product that pretty much do what I want - namely getting VHSene onto DVD. Installation was simple. Great that all cables came with. Not always so easy to understand how to use the software (is p... Read more

written by hanne bach, 28/02/11

certainly an excellent product, but something is missing user manual in Danish, and tells the application

excellent hardware

written by Frede Sloth, 02/03/11

Excellent hardware, but less thrilled with the supplied software. The hardware can be easily used with other programs.

Very straightforward!

written by Jenny A., 03/03/11

I bought this to get old family videos to DVD and it has worked perfectly :-) Program and driver included, just follow the instructions and start to record on blank DVD discs. The bundled software Sho... Read more

well satisfied

written by Erik Ingemann Dahl, 04/03/11

Hello. I had first ordered Video Saver judgment I grievances with approximately 3 days and incidentally also a somewhat confused approach to support, but the product kunnr JRG not get to work so I sen... Read more


written by FNO, 07/03/11

can be said simply and easily Everything was as it should be and super fast delivery!


written by Niklas Pedersen, 08/03/11

Get it first then the CD software expired and ask for license ?? And it says nothing about?

Review of EasyCAP Video Capture

written by OM, 08/03/11

works perfectly. - Very easy to install and set up. Simple and inexpensive product works.

From VHS to Computer / CD

written by Bia, 10/03/11

I bought EZCap to transfer my old VHS to computer, but I could not believe it would work so well and easily. Good stuff simply.

Not satisfied / very satisfied

written by Jørgen Kristensen, 13/03/11

"Not happy" I ordered a EasyCAP Video Capture that came as promised, but unfortunately it was not working when I got well into the program, getting the computer to slow down, the clock stopp... Read more

written by , 22/03/11

Easy to use but disappointed with the result. The quality was rejected, alas.

Good buy

written by Håkan, 28/03/11

It gives the okay results from VHS recordings. Better, one can not expect from analogy. I catch the video signal in 640X480 resolution, and the interlaced mode should always be used when prisoners fro... Read more

Very good

written by gunnnar, 06/04/11

EasyCAP Video Capture is a rimlig yet very useful tool for transferring VHS to PC / DVD. The software that comes with making it possible to edit the footage after they are transferred to the PC, and b... Read more

Subject. your product

written by Henning Pedersen, 13/04/11

it is not yet manage to activate it on your computer. there is not a manual or report on how to get it activated. courtesy Henning Pedersen


written by MD, 27/04/11

I am happy with the product and the good and fast service :-)

written by , 28/04/11

We have a lot of old cartoons on bought VHS tapes, which we wanted to ensure by transferring them to your PC, but unfortunately there were copyright on them, so it was not successful

Very good service

written by Erik, 28/04/11

The product arrived quickly after ordering. Could not be used, hence it was returned. Unfortunately, there was a delay in the return (must be via Copenhagen to Sweden). The company returned but the mo... Read more

EasdyCap is top-notch

written by Erik, 28/04/11

After a short acclimatization is EasyCap an excellent tool for converting analog video to MPEG1 and MPEG2. I have not tested the included editing application.


written by Steen Mouritsen, 12/05/11

I was very excited when I ordered gizmo as notifications on the page range from completely useless to fantastically well. I think that it is a super product that is very easy to install and use and pr... Read more


written by anita, 21/05/11

was very easy to set up, easy to use. Very good


written by kve, 27/05/11

Mounted all of 5 minutes, then it was only to initiate. Seems as described in the advertisement. (Runs on W7 OS) Need some time to put in place editing, but practice makes well champion. Recommended.

Super Easy.

written by Anette Jønsson, 31/05/11

Although I can transfer from video to computer ... when I can - can ALL Super good product.


written by PoulM, 07/06/11

EzCap works quite smoothly!

written by morten poulsen, 08/06/11

ordered the Saturday and it came in the mail Tuesday so there's nothing to put the finger on

VHS machines terminated.

written by Joelsi, 18/06/11

Bought EasyCAP Video Capture that I had a whole bunch of old VHS tapes lying and dusted, but with the right key minnnen on. Then got told about this Video Capture. A really great product that does exa... Read more

Fullträff for EasyCap

written by Maggan G, 10/07/11

This great little moj doing magnificently. I like the "old school" computer and gadget-crazy is very happy: have lots of filmed events grandfather for 90 years, first grandchild, crayfish -7... Read more

great delivery

written by nbi, 11/07/11

Lived up to my expectations. beautiful

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Mickis_89, 15/07/11

When I would buy this product (EasyCAP Video Capture) so I was a little worried, partly because I previously purchased a similar product that I could never get to work properly and partly to some ... ... Read more

Map and seamlessly order and live competition course

written by , 15/07/11

Map and seamlessly order and live competition course

Easy to use - Good Quality

written by Jøran, 27/07/11

I and my siblings planned to use old family movies to hang out our sister and entertain guests with old family movies from childhood. This product did see the full possible for us, because now we coul... Read more

Exactly what I was looking

written by Sophia Christina, 04/08/11

I searched a connector that could lead my old homemade VHS tape islands on my comp. so I could make them to DVD and edit them ... This product was easy and did exactly what I wanted


written by André, 14/08/11

Works great, simple and very smooth. Insert the disc into your computer, install programs. Then plug EasyCAP Video Capture between your computer and your video. Start to convert! Was a bit worried giv... Read more

EasyCAP per se

written by Thomas, 19/09/11

EasyCAP itself is super but the program that is not something to boast about can only koiper 3.5 although there is more space on the disc and you must burn onto DVD with the same if I try to lie it do... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Linus, 10/10/11

The product works fine, but it should be fairly computer-literate to successfully install it.


written by Erik Hansen, 15/10/11

I need a full manual - preferably in Danish - on the use of the product - such as purpose and how in practice. It is in my view not enough with information, and especially when they are only written i... Read more

Wrong information on the product

written by Jan-Iver, 17/11/11

The product works only from VHS camera, anyway it could not find three different VHS machines then we would make DVDs of old material for a customer.

EasyCap Video Capture

written by PB, 18/11/11

EasyCap works for windows XP.Har spent a lot of time to get it to work for windows 7. It is only the sound is ok, the video signal is green baggrund.Har downloaded driver to win 7 works still do not n... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by , 21/11/11

Do not know if it's the product or my PC which is problem.I have at least one problem with that product can not find the signal from videospilleren.Når I however go out USB connector and plug it i... Read more


written by Klaus Hare, 28/11/11

It works but can fall out.

From video to pc

written by Lars, 10/12/11

Was very ready to get your order in my video recording, so great was his annoyance when I could not install cd. New CD was sent from Cool Stuff, but the same problem with the installation occurred. No... Read more

Always room for improvement

written by Lars Horn, 20/12/11

It was quick delivery and the product worked as it should. The only thing I could have wished was that I should not at the post office to pick up the package. The other suppliers clear, for the same p... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture ..

written by rölink, 27/12/11

I just finished transferring 211 paragraph VHS-c band. And highly recommend the product. No problems, easy to instalere, easy to use, it works bare.:D

Easy ordering and fast delivery

written by Wednie, 09/01/12

The product works fine and the deal went very planned. Only small detail was that was wrong postal code of the post office where the goods were delivered.

Gift to intermarry

written by Firemonkey, 11/01/12

He was satisfied with this and, it seems good that :-)

Super fine product

written by K.F., 23/01/12

Good to perpetuate the same old VHS and Betamax and Video2000 band, very easy software once you have familiarized themselves with the various functions

Just what I needed ...

written by Arne, 07/02/12

to start on my project: Transfer old video to DVD. Albeit Although the instructions that came not the most extensive, there is lot of help available online.

It seemed so simple, but it was not.

written by Anneki, 28/02/12

Finally a gadget that seemed so simple to use that even I could manage to make sense of my old video tapes. The program was installed on my relatively new PC with Windows 7. After some plundring with ... Read more

I did not try it yet, I'm busy

written by Ezcap, usbVideo Grabber, 09/03/12

I have not tried it yet I'm so busy I'll bedsked when I have time Sincerely Jacob Petersen

Good with patience

written by Nadia, 16/03/12

I am actually quite pleased with EzCAP, although I must have some patience to get it to work with Windows 7. If you have the patience, is EzCAP be alright means of preserving the old videotape :)


written by Pontus, 19/03/12

is the quality of VHS transmitted via this EasyCap very poor. It ended up that I was playing the VHS tape on the TV and filmed it with a digital camera instead.

Now I can get future-proof my VHS videos

written by Flemming, 20/03/12

After a somewhat difficult start (I had a little trouble finding out what the supplied software could actually and how it worked) I can only recommend "EasyCab video Caputre". For every vide... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Axel, 20/03/12

Possible to digitize to your PC but directly to DVD provides files that I do not understand. Burns instead to DVD from your computer. Meföljande programs Showbiz I do not understand


written by Gunnar, 20/03/12

Hey, miss a good hands-on instruction how to edit video in the program. Furthermore, how to choose the compression before burning to CD. Sincerely Gunnar Wickström

Probably not so good

written by Peter, 22/03/12

It has been very difficult to get the program to find the video. Has good capacity of the computer and tried with two different video devices. Once recording has started, so close the program itself s... Read more

Works fine with correct settings

written by Werner, 11/04/12

for those who have problems with picture / sound is gone, check the link here: I got sound and not pictures, and changed to NTSC settings, everything works!

Do not buy it

written by Tomas, 20/04/12

When I got home EasyCAP video capture software did not work, kontktade customer service and got a new album when I got started the program of la hardware, it heats up and loses video signal, have trie... Read more

From VHS to Digital.

written by Hanne, 26/06/12

Works according to plan. Kvalitenen naturally depends on the quality of VHS tape. Fun. Good satisfied.

EasyCAP Video Capture.

written by Winnie, 18/07/12

It is a product that is easy to use and it just works. The first one I was sent was defective, but no problem, I called Cool Stuff, and the next day I had a new one, and the first I just had to throw ... Read more

EasyCap Video Capture does not work

written by Bo Ganslandt, 01/08/12

An old project would now be realized, transfer VHS to the computer to be able to stream to TV via Boxee Box. Had previously purchased a similar AGK USB Capture, but could not find the software CD. Aft... Read more

Delivering value for money

written by Carsten Jensen, 06/08/12

Easy to install, easy to use. Works completely as intended and provide some very useful digital copies of my analog HI 8 holiday film. Both image and sound are ok .It's amazing what it can, especi... Read more

poor quality

written by John, 16/08/12

After the video transmission gets a poor image quality, so it comes, I do not to use practice ------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------


written by seve, 17/08/12

The first thing you sent was not ok but the second funger good and it came after 2 days we called and asked for a new one.

Affordable and easy.

written by Dydan, 21/09/12

Easy and quick to install in your computer. In a few moments and you have begun to start their copying.

"Grab" action in connection with an 8 mm video.

written by Oiva Haka, 09/10/12

I bought it mainly to other win 8 and Hi8 videos to digital format. Muuntaaminen Hi8 tapes and VHS tapes to be successful, but the ordinary 8-mm tapes transfer the result is not satisfactory. The qual... Read more


written by Per, 15/10/12

Concerns with the software upon delivery. But a very attentive customer service quickly fixed that. Now works perfectly.

As a miracle

written by yvonne, 18/10/12

Incredibly easy to use. After I had written out and learned from the topics I feel like a pro in editing. Now the image and sound of my expectations. I am so happy now that my VHS tapes since 1991 wil... Read more

Now the old VHS movies on DVD

written by Majbrit, 24/10/12

Shower Authorisation is not Danish. which is not so smart. has transferred one film which was great film but has also been initiated with a where the finished version is sound. Surt since it takes som... Read more

video to DVD

written by jørn brenøe, 29/10/12

There are three problems: It lacked a male-male connector so you can connect S-VHS, that I had to buy extra. Included software has not formats for S-VHS, so the transfer comes in black and white, ther... Read more

Easy Cap

written by Per-Åke, 09/11/12

Hi, I bought the gadgets mentioned above, has not begun to test it yet, mebn the buy-in was smooth and fast delivery! Thanks once again.

EZCAP USB Video Grabber

written by Satsuki, 16/11/12

After initial teething problems (due to Swedish manual), the program worked flawlessly and it offers numerous additional options such as editing the video. I can really recommend it, because we all kn... Read more


written by BerntMgn, 22/11/12

Included disc with the program is not for win7 After a lot of tricks and Drivers o Applications from Fling as it works reasonably well. So no gadget for data amateurs.

Very happy.

written by Ellen, 06/12/12

The only negative is that it does not work for mac so I had to borrow her boyfriend's PC. But I'm super happy with the product itself, the first time I ordered home something technical that wo... Read more


written by js, 10/12/12

It was just okay. Fast transport. Software that worked, good indpakning.god price. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

purchased hardware

written by Svend Aage Poulsen, 13/12/12

For poor image quality when vhs tape transferred to DVD. So I could not use. But if there is a better hardware, I might buy it.

The product meets expectations

written by Johnny, 03/01/13

But no more. It would be desirable if the quality of the dubbed videos were slightly higher. Therefore, only 4 sjerner


written by Leif, 04/01/13

Cable and software works just fine! Easy to install and easy to use. The resolution is in itself not 100, but it is probably because the old video tapes. It will probably be as good as it can be.

Copy Guard Problem

written by Audun, 06/01/13

Booked this to digitize old Hi8 videos. Does the job but very noisy compared to the price. But accompanying software to convert videos do not work. After a few minutes (slightly varying length) is an ... Read more

Osadig blunt image

written by Roger, 21/01/13

I had no information about the resolution that works best when transferring between the video camera and computer with S-VHS Compact. The image is poor. MVH Roger Geyer


written by Lessie, 26/01/13

Awesome, can not be easier to transfer VHS to your computer. With this you can with a few simple steps to fix the transmission.

Delay of sound

written by Waldehorn, 27/01/13

Instalationen went well, problems with sound transmission. Delay of the sound when I play transfer to your computer. Is there anything I can do to adjust this ???????

works great

written by tt, 29/01/13

I have now played all of the bands on the computer and it worked really well. I had no major problems with putting it all, but my mother could not quite grasp it. If you have little flair for electron... Read more

Operating instructions

written by Anders, 06/02/13

There is no manual! Only installation instructions for the program. Should not be sold without instructions how to cut and paste in the movies. There is no problem using. Computer Restriction mm.

It does not work

written by Mona, 12/02/13

I think I played the video right to your computer, and I also think I burned down the right to a DVD. But it can not play the DVD in the player. It says that it can not be read. I wish there was a bet... Read more


written by Burre Burell, 18/02/13

InstallPerfect software and connected. It worked from the first minute. Have digitized all my video VHS cassettes.

Useless accompanying soft care

written by Roger N, 20/02/13

Microsoft XP. EasyCap worked perfectly. Seemed at once using the Scart connector. Only option I had at my VHS player. Instead, use Windows Movie Maker, a supplied software. It is so bereft that there ... Read more

user Guide

written by Mogens Nonbo, 22/02/13

We do not question the quality, but for not experienced users would be desirable with a more detailed user guide, and in a language that even older people can understand.


written by Anders, 08/03/13

Very pleased with EzCap, video grabber. Unlike a similar, Movistar 210 video grabber that I previously purchased from elsewhere, this is extremely easy to work with. A manual in Swedish that came with... Read more

Easy Cap Video Capture

written by WenKen, 13/03/13

It wasnt as good as I had hoped. The sound was a problem going on That took Google to fix. Plus I still havent figured out how to edit the film. It uploads the movie good enough, but if there is an Ea... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by Rolf Petersson, 15/03/13

So disappointed in this product, imperfect information in the manual about which format to choose, among other things Övverföringen gave very bad image to DVD disc, even though I requested AVI DIVX. L... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture

written by lagmonto, 03/04/13

Easy to install and easy to use. However, it is easy to forget to check the box for audio. I forgot unfortunately on some clips, and then there is not much else to do than to "charge" if. Wo... Read more

EasyCap - easy!

written by VHS till DVD, Sweden 25/04/13

Easy Cap works very well, after some hassle with the license number. It is very easy to use with the supplied software. Considering how much it costs to order a transfer from VHS to DVD or USB, the pr... Read more


written by stenen, Sweden 14/06/13

Very nice and works perfectly. This manual does not really reality, but no problem.

Super easy and fast delivery

written by Lise , Denmark 01/08/13

It all went super, easy to order, fast delivery, ... no complaints here. Can definitely recommend to buy from cool stuff.


written by kb, Denmark 05/09/13

I am an elderly gentleman whose children were all Disney's classics in the 90s. Now the children are adults and maybe there will be grandchildren. When they come, they must have the same experienc... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture - from VHS to DVD

written by AH, Denmark 14/10/13

Good product, and easy to install and use. Very but way to digitize your old video recordings.

Good product!

written by Lena, Denmark 15/10/13

EasyCap is a very good product, just when you get to know it and find out how to operate it. However, it says in the manual that you have to use the S-video cable if there is such a in its VHS player.... Read more

Question to those who have tried the product! :)

written by ma, Norway 31/10/13

Have purchased the product, but not tested it because it will be a Christmas gift. Have found that we do not have so many tapes anyhow, but recording on film rolls which is in the camcorder, these fil... Read more


written by Lykke, Denmark 01/11/13

When I received the video capture'n and had to try it, I was disappointed. The instructions and "reality" was not the same. So I spent some time writing back and forth with Cool Stuff (t... Read more

Actually works better than expected!

written by Per, Sweden 11/11/13

Bought this thing despite the dubious reviews online but fourth after I unpacked it, I was running. Works perfectly with what I should have it, to digitize my old VHS tapes.

video grabber

written by Dorthe , Denmark 08/01/14

It works perfectly has made three dubbing, and it works fine the software is fairly easy to work with so all in all a good buy greeting Dorthe

EasyCAP - as it sounds

written by MoaBe, Sweden 20/01/14

Very easy to use and easy to understand directly. What I thought was particularly good with this product is that it comes with editing software on the disc. With it, you can cut away the parts you wan... Read more

It does exactly what it promises

written by daniel, Norway 04/03/14

This I can confidently recommend you. It's easy to straightforward to use without a lot of settings to conquer. Race to acquisition

Unable to use

written by Trultebass, Norway 26/03/14

Because, for old PC I could not use the product. But it is certainly a good product if you have good enough PC.

"Can not record video. News content is copy-protected"

written by Zeke, Sweden 27/03/14

Ordered package 10/3 -14. The instructions were sketchy and then I think of the software. But finally I got it together (lucky you are very technical). Got a good picture and good sound to end. Starte... Read more


written by Agnes, Sweden 12/05/14

Very happy with the product. Easy to use and good price. Now I have brought over a lot of VHS to computer, and it's really fun, on knowing that you have saved it in a safer way. If you google, you... Read more

Works like a charm

written by SmileyFace, Denmark 05/08/14

It does exactly what it should, and the accompanying program is easy, even though we feel that it is a stripped down version. But it works just fine for dubbing videotape. I've only used the red /... Read more

Very easy to use

written by Suberkrub, Denmark 29/08/14

Unpack and set the player with your computer using the included connectors and cables. After installing the driver and the user program can come loose. The program is very easy to find out if it is no... Read more

Simply VHS to DVD

written by E, N-T, Norway 27/10/14

Bought this to digitize VHS cassettes. Works quite well. and easy to use. Editor supplied needed some knoting before I understood it completely, but now sits fine. I have a gripe, and it's when th... Read more


written by Linda J, Sweden 05/12/14

Bought this product even though we were a little hesitant about it is simple to use and it works. We are super happy !! So funny that there is such a solution so that you can watch his old movies agai... Read more

Clear and concise

written by thomasprh, Norway 08/12/14

Compared to previous tips on digitizing old VHS movies (or other format of elderly stroke) this is almost raining for "plug and play". The quality is good!

Finally a product that just works !!!

written by Jonas Søborg, Denmark 08/12/14

I have tried many different products to translate the old family videos on VHS and over to the computer. - All the past would not work, either there was no sound on the recording or there was no recor... Read more

Quick delivery: o)

written by Hansen, Denmark 02/01/15

Very quick delivery and the person who received the product in gift'm very happy for it and is in the process of using it: o)

Fast delivery

written by Carsten K, Denmark 05/01/15

I ordered this EasyCAP Video Capture on Thursday and had it delivered by GLS to my workplace on Friday 19 December. As the Christmas holidays were rescued, and I have been transferred 21 C VHS tape to... Read more

Copy Protected VHS ????

written by Christer, Sweden 10/01/15

Can the acceptable image and sound without any major problems. Started recording ... After a while, the recording stops. An error message comes up "Can not record video. News content is copy-prot... Read more

Works as promised

written by Oda, Norway 17/01/15

Was quite unsure if this product would work, but thought it was worth a try (rather than pay 300kr per VHS in a "professional"). Now I've got catching up 4 VHSer so far, and both audio a... Read more

Missing sound or work fine

written by Mette, Denmark 18/01/15

Can get fine picture / movie to run, but the sound just will not :( think I've tried everything. Huh I do here ??

For that memories never disappear.

written by Björn, Sweden 26/01/15

Hello, I'm super happy with the hardware, works smoothly and is easy to install. As for the software, I had wished for a slightly more advanced program. But the stuff is expensive, I know! So for ... Read more


written by janne, Sweden 31/01/15

Fully suveränt.blixtleverans.sedan scart was broken so I called, no problems, came a new day. Cannon .Högsta rating.