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Egg Cuber

The Egg Cuber is a square egg maker that allows you to transform your oval-shaped hard boiled eggs into square eggs.


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What is this?

Cube Eggs

written by Matias Zakrisson, 14/04/11

Clearly fun to surprise their guests with cubist eggs! Looks more fun dishes in front of me ... tuna salad with kubägg, shrimp sandwich with kubägg ...

written by lusse, 14/04/11

cool product but does not work with smaller eggs. but if you're medium-sized eggs or larger, it can be really fun, especially if you invite children to them;)

it is absolutely great!

written by Fairytale, 21/04/11

I love it! every time I now cook eggs, I use it. let the man lie ii about a minute, the slightly rounder corners and are ovum in the "cub" a little longer the corners more ... edgy! - Of cou... Read more

ova incubated

written by anna, 23/04/11

A fun thing that makes friends thoughtful.!

Cubic eggs

written by Tomas, 02/05/11

Works surprisingly well! Bought it as a fun thing and had probably no greater förväntningsr but was pleasantly surprised. Seems actually quite sturdy too. Only problem is that the form and the eggs mu... Read more

it works damn!

written by Lee, 09/05/11

this was even a gift for father's old man's birthday. I never thought it would actually work, but it does! everyone at the party felt it was an absolutely fantastic invention, and all wanted t... Read more

Ingenious part

written by Joel - cookedbyjoel, 26/05/11

I have tested the great thing immediately after the delivery and was pleasantly surprised. The service is super easy. However, when the first time I had a somewhat colder egg inserted and then got out... Read more

Egg Cuber

written by Fannie Redner, 19/06/11

It was a funny thing, that worked as it should and made egg Square, as it was :) I (and friend I gave it to) are really satisfied! Fast delivery was also good!

Egg fit now for the rye bread

written by , 30/09/11

I used this egg forms for the first time on the same day that I got it. It is super easy to use and makes fine square eggs. However, I think that the stick on the toiling egg down well could have been... Read more

written by Elin, 26/10/11

Positive: Funny product that allows guests to get a smile when they see the square eggs. Negative: You need large eggs to the egg completely be printed out at the edges and get the nice square shape w... Read more

Just awesome!

written by Toby, 27/10/11

When I saw the 4eckige egg I had to think when they come into the country immediately 4eck the story of Donald Duck. There is everything 4eckig. The chickens, eggs, soap bubbles, everything. Thus, I h... Read more

Egg Cuber

written by Anne, 03/11/11

An egg cubes are not necessary, but it's a fun thing to have if you want to serve eggs shaped like a cube. It is very easy to use and when the egg is pushed cube is much easier to slice, since the... Read more

written by , 09/11/11

gesucht- Had long after works, is fun and a gues gift.

I'm square

written by Fredrik Nord, 15/11/11

Now do not roll the eggs away on talriken. And they really pull the eyes to themselves when developing äggmackan and it is square eggs on toast.

written by , 18/11/11

Funny gift!


written by Nicole, 21/11/11

It works ... is really funny. Especially if you the kids eggs with a difference presse Animal T. Even grandparents have never seen such eggs and were very impressed. It's fun with others so surpri... Read more


written by Arvid, 23/11/11

worked as described, and got square eggs. Eggs must be medium / little big for best effect / be most square. fun with square egg (have not found a hold of square hens in former Donald stripes :))

Egg Cuber

written by chris, 23/12/11

It lived up to expectations! Large eggs applicable, for a while in the fridge and voila! A square eggs.

fun ideas

written by Fattern, 26/12/11

It worked great! Funny antics, just remember to let the eggs be bailed :-)

Man can not live without !!

written by Kirsten Bach, 27/12/11

In a country where everyone eats bread, it is incomprehensible that we can put up with egg-shaped eggs. "Egg cubes" is a fun product. Kirsten.

egg shapes

written by viver, 27/12/11

it is as fun ... and it works!

egg Cuber

written by Prozpeca, 27/12/11

wonderfully simple and fun. working properly. easy to clean!


written by Simone, 29/12/11

Very fine as a fun gift :-) Would however wish that / it should not stand in the refrigerator for 2 hours ..


written by Bacon, 30/12/11

Bought a "Egg cubes" to my 12-year-old son. He felt it was really fun, easy to use - and it works very well!

Egg Cuber

written by Dinglan, 31/12/11

Fun to make square eggs but you have to think about buying large eggs otherwise it will be difficult to make them. Got many happy faces on Christmas Eve when eggs were served.

Funny thing!

written by Petter, 01/01/12

This funka! Here it becomes rectangular eggs for breakfast ahead! Fast delivery and ....

Source of great wonder!

written by Mas, 02/01/12

Great to see children and adults wonder about a square egg ;-) - especially theories about how the poor hen has been subject to such an egg.

A need that was not

written by Cookie, 04/01/12

I have no need of a thing like this but it's an insane satisfaction when making their first eggs. Goes pretty fast too. Let the egg to be in shape for 3-5 minutes and then kept it in shape. That s... Read more

cool case

written by hegepus, 04/01/12

this got my husband for Christmas. Totally unnecessary but quite funny if you read Donald story square eggs. Note that the egg not be cooked in the mold, but must first be in the shape after it is coo... Read more

great gadget

written by margalit leeraar plas, 08/01/12

This egg cubes are a great gadget. It works and it is convenient that the egg is better suited to the bread. Also a great gift idea. You should be aware of the timing when the egg, two hours in the re... Read more

The eye-catcher at every breakfast table!

written by Johannes, 08/01/12

How arrived here, the "Egg Cuber" was further away immediately. Since me the entire family of the recipient has already showered repeatedly impressed with you! The egg shaper works perfectly... Read more

Great, square egg !!

written by Malin, 11/01/12

Egg Cuber works certainly giving you square eggs during peak 2 hours. You just have to make sure to buy large eggs when to use it, otherwise they are perfectly square. Very funny thing that attracted ... Read more

I got what I ordered, neither more nor less

written by Britt, 23/01/12

Nice fast delivery, everything was easy and straightforward. However, it is some "bolster" envelopes, plain. bubble envelopes would be preferable :)

Egg Cuber

written by Samira, 23/01/12

Good buy :)


written by , 26/01/12

Fun with square egg ..... or how! :-) Easy as pie. The larger the egg, the easier to get them square!


written by Malin, 30/01/12

Bigger than I expected. My eggs were too small for it, so they were not completely square. Next time I will buy more eggs.

written by harald, 06/02/12

The ,, Eierformer''ist the idea for unusual cold buffet's -and- succeeds perfectly with fresh, hard-boiled eggs.

Eggs are more fun now!

written by Stina, 10/02/12

I bought two of these Egg Cuber and I have recently used them and the result was perfect and as expected. Yay: D I bought two at once, which is not completely stupid, if you have more eggs to be squar... Read more

Super cool.

written by glnielsen, 20/02/12

Visually it is fun, arouses great joy and amusement as a gift. Highly recommended.


written by Synnøve, 09/03/12

Funny gadget that does what it should be! Especially fun is maybe for those who have read Eggmysteriet by Carl Barks.

eggs in the cube

written by Ubian, 06/04/12

Worked outstandingly. Funny that serve square eggs. Easy to use and great results. Very fast delivery of the order.

So brilliant!

written by Vita A, 10/04/12

Egg Cuber was probably the thing I was most happy when I bestillte at Cool Stuff! it's just so fun, and all our guests were so impressed when they see our square eggs. I give it five because it is... Read more


written by HildePilde, 14/04/12

Extremely funny and entertaining gizmo, impresses friends galore with my breakfast :) Very easy to use, works every time!

egg shaper

written by Anja, 16/04/12

Funny invention. Works well, but unfortunately, it takes a long time, so not many eggs can be prepared, for several guests. It is then stop only a gag-egg and the rest is normal.

The measure up!

written by Jeebus, 29/04/12

Works well. The eggs will keep its shape when cooled even if you take them out. It requires large eggs for them to get good shape.

rapturous chickens

written by Lilledi, 24/07/12

It was easy to create square egg, once you had the shell on the hot, hard-boiled eggs. The first egg was a bit small so it got a little more rounded than the others. Our kids (chickens) were thrilled ... Read more

rectangular eggs

written by udo, 31/07/12

geraet very z one can bedaenkenlos witersmpfehlen.ufrieden with the ware. have much fun had it.

Cult eggs!

written by Jonas, 09/08/12

It will be very fun as square. Different. But I wish it did not take as long as one could do several at a time or atleast a little faster. I have not had time to test it as much but you might not need... Read more

fun with square egg

written by mormor Kerstin, 13/08/12

My cooking interested grandchildren think of everything that can make some special dishes, such as square äggskivor. But it will be best with large eggs understood to fill the square.


written by Peter, 16/08/12

Bought Egg Cuber about a month ago out of sheer curiosity and have to admit it is simply brilliant ... and a huge success vs. The children's lunches. Waiting anxiously for whether or not there wil... Read more

Eggs: square, practical, good

written by Angelica Langley, 27/08/12

Eggs are oval ... that's boring. Our eggs are now squarely. Thanks "Egg Cuber - egg shaper" that's no problem. Already the first attempt was convincing. The product works fine, and t... Read more

Are often used!

written by Else Marie, 10/09/12

Appealed here at home. So we use it enough with the others scrambled forms we bought! Very simple, works for both large and small eggs.

square egg

written by Baldur Led, 10/12/12

Is quite a fun little things to laugh about in everyday life ...! This little gadget is something that makes you smile ..!


written by sabine, 12/12/12

have so many surprises with the würfeleier.sehr good for birthdays and party's.eine severe birth for the poor chickens (eggs cube)

Little great!

written by KlaraTussan, 18/12/12

Have not tested the product myself, but when I got it saw little big. Otherwise, it is pretty hefty and clean so it's probably not hard to fit in the kitchen. A very good and fun gift it anyway!


written by Jonas Hjelmagerf, 24/12/12

Egg Cuber, is not worth the money. quality similar to something you can buy in Tiger. The product itself works, but you can max reach scoring 3 eggs 4 angular. When the eggs next when being cold insid... Read more

Cool and side of Ocean

written by VK, 24/12/12

Visually it was very good, the square eggs are going a little depends on size of the egg and the technique to use, but it is certainly no matter flat enough on one side that it is silent on platter :)... Read more


written by Erica, 26/12/12

Works great! But as many have said, you have to have large eggs else fill it out properly. I had very small eggs first and got almost down 2 pc.

everything perfect

written by seestern, 28/12/12

Item is as described - I have not tested it, but it looks stable and safe it works well with it to form egg cubes. I'm curious. Super fast delivery completes the order.

user shortage

written by cuber, 31/12/12

It had been estimated an instruction in either English or Swedish, and not just in German (?) And French (?)

Egg Cuber

written by Vätte , 01/01/13

An unnecessary thing. But fun to decorate such sandwich cake mm.Men it is too small with just en.Det would be at least 4x stuck together.

square eggs

written by Georg, 01/01/13

This kind of square eggs, is a very fun thing. The grandkids love when we get square egg slices on food.

a good gift for dinner parties

written by Malin Backner, 02/01/13

An incredibly cruel fun product, önsade however, that there was a manual, but it is easy to google up. Öggen was very nice and the people who ate it did not understand that it was an egg from the begi... Read more


written by mamman, 02/01/13

One for me, one for Single copy, one to the son who left home for Christmas. Was a success at the breakfast table. Easy to do - just remember to peel the eggs warm, pressing them into the container an... Read more

Ingenious gadget.

written by Vips, 07/01/13

Part of the fun, I have to date purchased from Cool Stuff. So simple and yet so effective. The only drawback is that it will not do to eggs in size. Small because they can not get adequate pressure. V... Read more

Enjoyable product, but impractical

written by Espen, 14/01/13

The result is as promised and the product is very easy to use. The major drawback is that the product, which takes one egg, must lie in the refrigerator (el) in the recommended 3 hours to retain the d... Read more

Yet a funny gadget!

written by Ulla, 24/01/13

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. It was a success. Additionally, it works well! The eggs give attention to both as "normal" boiled egg and square on a äggmacka. I, and especially... Read more

square egg

written by Marthe, 29/01/13

I bought this product as a gift and it absolutely fell in taste for the person who has everything. Fun to use when you begin designing your own egg-meal, but also when to serve and surprise others. Is... Read more

Real funny idea!

written by Curlie, 05/03/13

The Egg Cuber is totally easy to handle and the result has let my children be amazed. Eggs must also not as advertised 2 hours in the refrigerator (that would be impractical). Simply put Cuber with bo... Read more


written by mink, 21/03/13

Useful and funny !!!


written by Duna, 03/04/13

You can add only a year and a eggs and each egg should preferably be 2 hours in refrigerator. Then you must cook and share 12 eggs, you need 12 "Egg Cuber".

Square eggs - fun

written by Gitte, Denmark 22/08/13

I was a little suspicious, but it certainly was easy and nice to make a square egg and the result was perfect, exactly as I had hoped.

Egg Cuber

written by Tajo, Sweden 16/11/13

An amusing gift that can mostly go toward the small, but also the elderly can enjoy this. A good gift to give or buy for yourself if you want to spice it up a bit.

Egg Cuber

written by Kirsten, Denmark 12/12/13

A really fun idea! My granddaughter loves it even though he unfortunately must wait about 1 hour on that it comes with the great result.

Better instructions

written by Ollsibub, Sweden 27/12/13

The only thing I can complain about is that the instructions are only in German and French, I can neither of them. To have instructions in English or Swedish would have helped a lot when it was a Chri... Read more

Fun and simple - the whole egg

written by Odd, Norway 27/12/13

For Donaldister who remember the story of square eggs (which Coolstuff really SHOULD refer to the product text), this is the perfect for Sunday breakfast. You do not get completely cubical eggs but pe... Read more


written by AnnaA, Sweden 20/02/14

Works really well! Need to stand in the fridge for a while afterwards, but keeps its shape as well after it, perfect for the lunch boxes etc!

concerning. egg cubes

written by lykke hansen, Denmark 19/05/14

fine idè. It works ..... Funny to consider the environment when serving square eggs ........ like I said fine idè ------

Great stuff

written by Ttoften , Denmark 26/09/14

Really cool to be able to make square eggs, looks great on your lunch. And the separated easily by so it can be washed up.

Things the world does not need ....

written by Andreas, Germany 05/10/14

but ... I absolutely must have. The Egg Cuber is fully made of transparent plastic, looks very cool. Although the eggs are not completely square, a mega effect. I bought two, so I may as well bring se... Read more

funny eggs

written by Georg, Denmark 13/10/14

The grandkids think it's fun to make square eggs, so they are better suited to the square of rye bread.

A fun product, but unnecessary

written by redfox87, Finland 03/12/14

This is fun, but tricky product. included with the product did not come to any kind of instructions in English. The instructions were only in English and German, who were also in my opinion puutteelli... Read more

egg cuber

written by MK, Germany 05/01/15

good article Value square top Very nice for children eggs are funny delivery despite Weihnachtsstress absolutely fast gladly again


written by Markus.B, Germany 01/02/15

At last I have again the Egg Cuber from my childhood again: D And my daughter has also enjoyed. What should I say about it yet ?? Cool part the eggs will be the eye-catcher at the next party.

Without remark

written by Rolf Axel, Sweden 10/03/16

Works exactly as promised. Moreover buslätt washing dishes. Buy However, extra-large eggs (+ 73g), it is not good with standardägg (53-63g).

For a young couple

written by Dagobert, Germany 06/07/16

If you have a problem, you can also go unconventional ways to solve the problem; an example is the Egg Cuber.

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