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Envelope iPad Case

A smart, discreet case for your tablet. On the outside: an old, useless envelope. On the inside: a soft, protective case.

Envelope iPad Case - Envelope iPad Case
Envelope iPad Case
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What is this?

written by Frederik, 14/12/11

Super checked. also smart to gardens in school when you do not feel afraid of others stealing an old letter.

written by Frederik, 14/12/11

However, a little bit too big

Good service

written by Morten, 12/03/12

It was just cannon service. Got item Levert really fast. I like to go cover. Have up to several friends who just thought I walked around with an old envelope :)


written by Kunde, 17/06/12

Excellent product. You get what you are promised, and I have received lots of positive feedback on it. Just a shame that you get the invoice on a small crumpled note at the bottom of the envelope wher... Read more

cool yo!

written by lovis, 09/07/12

I had been the case earlier, tominnan I obtained my iPad !! It was then a while before I realized that case it would be good to have. In the Cool Cool side fick.jag sight of it again! Incredibly braze... Read more

Hides and protects the iPad well ....

written by bj, 03/08/12

Protects good, the envelope is välpolstrat and the material seems very durable, closed with a hefty velcro. The case certainly looks like a battered mail bag. There is just enough room for my iPad 2; ... Read more

iPad Cover Envelope

written by Tilda, 20/08/12

IPad Envelope is a perfect starting material and protects the iPad well (of course I also fold-down screen protection, which will become the platform if necessary). Rowdier inside the red tikkitoppavu... Read more


written by Katrine G, 25/09/12

Super fast delivery! Case is super fat, and a perfect match for my iPad. A large 5 numbers from me;)

poorly executed

written by Nina, 27/09/12

The case could be thicker lining as protection was better. The "envelope" is very similar to plain paper, unfortunately destroys the false stamps, stamp and the printed address the overall i... Read more


written by McWin, 19/10/12

Certainly looks like an envelope when the pad is located under the coffee table. Lurking children and mother in law anyway. Could have been a bit more padding in the case. As it is, stop it, no shock ... Read more


written by Amalie Damsgaard, 26/11/12

Super cool case for the iPad. It is protected from scratches and bumps and also appears snug cool! Many stops me in the street to ask where I'm from :)

Great stuff

written by Dennis Hilmar, 30/11/12

My mother had wanted a leather case for his ipad, but was super surprised when I handed her an envelope :) She loves it! and all subsequent Indians get to see it every time there is someone over :)

Gladly again!

written by Jg, 17/12/12

Very prompt and timely delivery, product corresponds exactly to the description and is both functional and fun! Gladly again!


written by Runar, 24/12/12

Naturally the product: Are layers of durable material, and know very realistic. Feels like you're actually EiT letter: p Feel that my iPad is well protected against theft and against minor damage.... Read more

Unique case!

written by nitram, 03/01/13

Very awesome unique case that is different from the crowd, but to stand out and flaunt your treasure!

Oh what cool!

written by Tobias, 07/01/13

I got the cover for Christmas and think it's super cool. I will definitely use my iPad a lot more now that I can show my friends what fat case I have. Thumbs up and five stars from me.

Smart cover

written by Birg, 12/03/13

It is a cool cover that inspires among his colleagues. it looks as if you come with a worn envelope

Stealth iPad Cover

written by S Jørgensen, Denmark 22/04/13

Stealth iPad Cover / Case is an amazing product which appears in a completely different way than other covers do, with its unique Feel and appearance, sensor's and it looks like a large letter env... Read more

Genial !!

written by Kirstine, Denmark 30/05/13

It's so smart !! Comfortable materials and looks like really the real thing, but much more durable !! The only drawback is that every one should use it's inside, you get the not 'used'... Read more

great value for money

written by anonym, Germany 20/06/13

The idea is great and at first glance looks the envelope from genuine. But the feel and also the printing on the envelope is not so nice. All in all a good value for money and a good stable quality!


written by david, Sweden 27/06/13

the case is just that, a case. It does its job and works well as a camouflage for ipadden but do not think it protects against any cases and hard knocks. I keep my iPad in this and so far has not rece... Read more

Smart stealth case

written by gyda, Denmark 22/07/13

Very light and takes up little space, perfect in size to the iPad. I am very satisfied. Very good buy.


written by Fredrik, Norway 15/09/13

Kjempefornøyd! Very similar to a package, very many bites on! Space for cover and keyboard if needed, and difficult to destroy. Recommended!


written by Dr. Jens Meisinger, Germany 30/09/13

The protective sleeve is processed very valuable and looks sensational. I'm very often asked about the "envelope". The fit is perfect for 10 "tablet. Highly recommended.

Great part!

written by Pet, Germany 24/02/14

The cover is of good quality and is of a normal envelope hard to distinguish. The delivery was fast and reliable!

Delivers what it says.

written by KingOfBacon, Norway 12/05/14

As the name implies, then get this iPad / tablet to see little exciting. Looks like a medium worn padded envelope containing anything but a tablet. ie unless one takes a closer look at the package, fo... Read more

ipad case

written by fag, Norway 20/08/14

A fun case for Ipad, as well is meant to hide to hide the contents. Seems like shockproof as other Ipad cases.

perfect trade

written by Birgitte, Denmark 14/04/15

Good product - good service - fast delivery. Everything was as it should be - I can highly recommend Cool Stuff


written by Arvostelija, Finland 14/12/15

It's nice special suojuspussi and one disadvantage is a bit small size a normal tablet.

cool case

written by ThOne, Sweden 03/01/16

A good gift for those who want to stand out slightly. Do many good reactions to the case. Odd, I like and that's it.

Love it!

written by Elise, Norway 22/01/16

Having previously used pouch for PC, but switched to Macbook 2015 (the little sweet). And it gets right place in iPadcoveret! The cover is of very good quality, and super nice.

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